Labrador Retriever Collector Names: 250+ Names for Male and Female Labs

Finding Small Name of Labrador Retriever Dog It can be hard! If you d Proper dog name For your new family friend, don’t panic, because a list of 200+ should give you many ideas for naming your new Labrador puppet. Naming your lab can be difficult. You will spend time finding out in advance The perfect food for your Labrador and also Perfect Lab Aaron’s And The perfect game. Finding the full name can be time-consuming.

Known as the best domestic dog, Labrador collector It is an incredible addition to almost every family. Because of their great looks and friendly bits, there are many different ways you can take this into consideration when naming your Labrador. Naming based on color There is another popular way. Black, yellow, red, and chocolate labrador all have Special b looks hand features. Naming them after their personality or your own ethnic heritage may also appeal to you.

To help you with your puppy naming challenge, we’ve put together a list of the best Labrador dog names. This includes some very popular choices For this Famous family-friendly breed. If you want a gender-specific name or have a deeper meaning, there is someone to choose from on this list. Let’s get in!

Names of famous Labrador dogs

Here are some Labrador names that are more popular than others.

The male Labrador retriever is larger than their female counterparts, while the personality is more similar. Men’s labs are as loving, loyal, and affectionate as all labs, but they’re usually a bit better and less demanding than women of the breed. Be men’s labs Encouraged by food Easier than female. No matter how much they are fed, they should not be too stressed or strong.

Lady Labrador retrievers are often preferred for being slightly smaller in size than men. While personality varies greatly as a puppet in terms of race and treatment, women will You may want to pay more attention Than men. Females, even when lightened, are likely to be a little more grounded than males.

But, if you have a lot of dogs, you may find that females also grow faster. So, as you look with your new Labrador, consider what features it has. Maybe your feminine emergence Has a few bold features! Let’s see which of the names below can provide you with enough inspiration for your new boy or girl Labrador Retriever doll!







Gabe Friends آوا Jasmine
Shadow Jacks Luna Lola
Ted Valdo Duchess Hazel
Hungry Brutus Remy Bailey
Felix ځګی Gertrude Clinton
Hamilton Thief CD Lucy
Rocky Scooby Sweet Annabelle
Maximum Mauric Iggy Gifts
Duke Kodiak National Julien
Jackson Yukon Bella Phoebe
Harvey Winston Dixie Idea
Monte بنجي Iris Madam
Tatan Clifford Fiona From me
آنجو Bacter Molly Kiki
Oscar Milo Russian Lexi
Cooper Barkley Duchess Fan
Kaveh Bono Laurel Elsa
Goose Thor Mabel Messi
Milo Fonsi Abby Murley
Otis Cash Of Avery
ودر Onyx Go Shelley
Rex Dexter Patsy Tracy
Duke Zen Cheeka Maya
Ace Midas ایوی Maggie
Bo Frodo Ginger Nana
Murphy Beef Gypsy Hope

Chocolate Labrador names

Getting a Chocolate Labrador
Name your chocolate lab after coffee, or chocolate is popular with many Labrador owners.

Looking for the perfect name for your Chocolate Labrador? Name your chocolate lab after them Beautiful brown coat It’s a popular way to name your student! These male and female chocolate labrador names will help you make sure you have a descriptive name for your baby that matches their personality with their coat.







Muse Health Cinnimon Carmel
Everything Roll Starbucks Cocoa
Brown Mong Front Mars
Hungry Kodiak Carmel فاج
Choco Woody Bhutan Spreaders
Java Whiskey کالوه Ginger

Black Labrador Names

Black Labrador Puppet
The black lab is usually named after dark colors, such as cigarettes and shadows.

Black Labradors identified a little more independent compared to their yellow or chocolate cousin. Why doesn’t this independent personality compare to their jet black coats? Check out the names of the male and female Black Labrador Retriever below for some inspiration to name your new black-clad friend.







Angus Slater Indigo Corner
Black Basco But Licorice
Turkish T Black pepper beat it
Carbon Painter Raven Tax
ایش Shadow Stormy Velvet
Onyx Smoke Guy Ori

Yellow Labrador names

Yellow Labrador

Yellow Labradors are a bit more common when it comes to their color.

We will say that this is the happiest group. Most dog breeders will call it that Color is not important When it comes to personality. This doesn’t mean that there isn’t a perfect name for your Yellow Labrador male or female dog to damage their hanging personality with their coat color. Get some inspiration for your yellow-covered baby with the following names.







Apollo Dust Goldie Melina
Yeller Biscuits Flowers Honey
Midas Scotch the sun Lily
نوګټ Cookies the sun Coach
Eurovin Do Ivory first
Homer وافل Bondi Winter

Names of the Red Labrador

Red Labrador puppet
The red lab is often named after these rich red colors, including ruby ​​and cherry.

Laboratories have a distinctive red coat color. This is somewhat controversial. Red Labs One Yellow lab color change, So we’ll stand up to the red-skinned likes and interesting names! For both boy and girl labs, you can use many different names that will combine their beautiful red figures with their red coats.







Clifford Finch Rose Cainine
Red Fox Roya Cherry
The bell rang Obun Drury Ruby
Flynn Thief Perfection Phoenix
Orion رووان Amber Screws
Elmo Redford Cab Coral

Other male and female lab names

Now that we’ve covered the names of the famous male and female Labrador despite the colors, now is the time to check out the names of all the other types for your new Labrador retort puppet. These names abound in human names, movie-inspired dog names as well as other physical traits such as size. If you have a large laboratory, we recommend that d Dog name for a big dog. We’ve also included some less common names you may not hear whenever you are in a dog park.







Charlie Champ Charlie June
Echo Light نووا Rolly
بوز Jews Maxi Gizmo
نووا Kenya Dossier Casey
Soldiers Apollo Storm Intimacy
Chance Rolly Stella کرمه
Feng Hugo Star Zelda
Place Rapidish Comet ولو
Priesthood Goods Dallas Shiloh
کوجک Nike Kennedy Sam
Eddie Bernie Brain Dakota
Asuka Rascal Esen Jesse
Rooms Ari Jonah Leila
Gunner Aden Hyun Leila
Barrett Canal I am ری
Lowell Abbott Carina Independence
Rider Leo Scout Arma
Cad کانان Chase Athena
Ranger Oakley Eve Turtle

Labrador Retriever Dog Name Trends

If you’re hoping to pick a classic reunion name, then take a look at some of the most popular Labrador retort names. For women, names like Sidi, Molly, Bella, Luna, Coco, and Cassie aren’t very appealing, they’re said to be interesting, and suitable for a brand new dog. For men, names like Cooper, Charlie, Max, Body, and Beer are the best choices this year.

In addition, most people prefer to keep dog names to one or two syllables, as you may find yourself saying very little of that name. While one syllable is short and fast, two syllables allow you to remove the second when you call from the yard. Of course, you can always choose a long name and have a few short names in the provision!

Labrador Collection Naming Guidelines

You will call this name for the foreseeable future, so it is important that both you and your dog like the name you choose. However, here are some tips to help you choose:

1 Guide: Name for Color: Chocolate, Yellow, Black, and Red Labs

Chocolate labs, black labs, and gold labs are interesting for their shiny coat and very heavy color. Choosing a name to match your dog coat is sure to make it easy to remember, even for babies.

Tip 2: Use your dog’s story

Have you bought a dog from an animal shelter? Or, is this a treat dog for you? Perhaps, this is the first dog for many in the family. Whatever the case, choose a name that indicates everything the dog means to you, and what you mean to your new dog.

Tip 3: Test your dog’s names

Once you have your new doll in the yard, feel free to start saying it a few different names. Finally, someone might call your tongue an extra easy twist or your little one might follow and respond to another. Take a few days to make sure it’s appropriate before formalizing.

Tip 4: Avoid using a friend’s name

This may sound strange, but double-check the list of friends before naming the dog. This can be ridiculous if your friend Abby is finished and you have to sit or sit down with your dog, also known as Abby! Avoid this anonymous situation by choosing a name that is usually reserved for a dog or a band for a dog.

Tip 5: Use the name of the award-winning Labrador

The Labrador Retriever is an amazing dog, with many Won awards From different types of dogs. While naming your puppy after an award-winning dog may not magically train a puppet, it may just eliminate a few funny features if you’re lucky.

Last thoughts

If you’re stuck on a few preferences, it’s time to test them. Feel free for a few hours or days waiting for names, pseudonyms, or family votes at the end of the first week. The most important thing when choosing a name for your Labrador Retriever is that you like it and Your dog answered. After all, it depends on training and trafficking!

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