LA Sheriff K9 John Cook EP 91

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LA Sheriff K9 John Cook EP 91

Sergeant John Cook of the Los Angeles Sheriff Dept sat down with me last week for a great chat about police dogs, training, patrol work, and life in general. We talked about the tracking work that the Sergeants do, and what he has done with his bloodhound Ox.

He shared some pretty cool stories about finding suspects in some very unlikely places, the difference between LASD and LAPD directives and why neither one is better or worse than the other.

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I really enjoyed getting to know John ad his outlook on life, I think the last statement in this video is worth its weight in GOLD… What a great message and what a great guy!

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5 Thoughts to “LA Sheriff K9 John Cook EP 91”


    I’ve never understood the difference between a mal and DS, it’s just the recessive gene of the brindle color. When you breed a mal and DS you get one or the other, but are they mixed breeds? No, are they different now? The difference between a mal and DS is the same as the difference between a mal and another mal or vice versa, it’s the bloodline. These dogs all.derived from the Belgian sheepdog many years ago and when Europeans bred for size and other attributes for security work bred with pitfalls and other breeds where the mal got its recessive gene of brindle. So can two mals bred produce a DS? Or two DS produce a mal? Mals no, DS, absolutely! Not high percentages, but has happened before, I’ve had it happen twice. The bloodline/genetics is PARAMOUNT! Not necessarily the breed.

  2. *Dogs With Jobs*


  3. Cillin O'Donnell

    @11:00 Who judges who is doing a good job and who isn’t? If society produces a lot of dysfunctional people unable to follow simple rules and we have to rely on a bunch thugs with guns and dogs to try and keep order can we really say anybody is doing a good job?

  4. Jannell Meagher

    Absolutely fabulous! Hit that like and shared!!

  5. BJ Bumblebee

    It is unfortunate bite work is no longer allowed in many cities. Those dogs save officers and citizens lives

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