Kangal - The Strongest Dog In The World


Kangal – The Strongest Dog In The World

Kangal Dogs are a traditional and very old livestock guardian breed from Turkey. Noble in character and impressive in conformation, we believe Kangal Dogs combine the very best traits in a working livestock guardian, as well as a partner and companion dog.

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8 Thoughts to “Kangal – The Strongest Dog In The World”

  1. Toni Banana

    the king of dogs!

  2. D 504

    Superior to All other dog breeds in Every aspect. Just Facts

  3. Hiyasvee Sonowal

    Malaklisi dogs are stronger than kangal. It’s just that their bite force are not tested.

  4. KayceeGreer

    Every source I’ve ever looked at says these dogs do not herd. They are guardians of a herd, but they do not herd. Your videos says they herd. What’s up with that? Cite your source so I can check it out some more.

  5. _

    Boerboel is the strongest and supposedly has a bite force that’s more powerful but bite force is never accurate, the kangal supposedly has a bite force of 743psi but it was accurately tested and it wasn’t 743

  6. Jen Thomas

    Not the strongest in terms of physical strength but the strongest bit force of all the domestic dogs breeds but still is very strong physically.

  7. Menard Enconado

    Hmmm. Not the strongest but they’re ONE Of the MOST strongest dog breed.

  8. Lucas Enzo

    Not the strongest…the dog with the higher bite force scientificaly proved in the world

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