Kangal is Strong Enough to Kill a Bear!


Kangal is Strong Enough to Kill a Bear!


The Turkish Kangal is a dog so strong that it can defeat even a bear…

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13 Thoughts to “Kangal is Strong Enough to Kill a Bear!”

  1. Dukolli


  2. Omar Opqhe

    Thank you dude 🦮💘💞

  3. PatheDickAssFuck

    Pro tip, using brute force on a bear is not gonna do it.
    Especially for relatively scrawny animals, like canines or Pumas.

  4. Adis Hodzic

    The kangal is by far NOT the strongest dog breed on earth this is an true example of a person that dont have experience dont have knowledge about dogs dont have spoken with the most famous or the breeders with the strongest induviduals off the breed or even with dog experts this is an true example of a person like that persons like this read a bit on wikipedia and Google and listen to people thats why he thinks the kangal is the strongest dog breed om earth if you ask any breeder that isnt from turkey because the turks wil defend there national dog but ask any breeder or even people that have experience with dog fights everyone wil say that the kangal by far isnt the strongest dog breed on earth the real strongest dog breed is the alabai look at the real stats and facts look at dog fights you Wil clearly see that the alabai is the strongest dog breed on earth please do some reaserch and than make a conclusion

  5. Dk

    All my dogs they are all Corso and Rottweiler some dobermann they could kill a bear

  6. Khajiit Warrior

    One on one adult bear wins.
    But pack of kangal against one bear or young, old and sick bear it would be a different story.

  7. Tithi Das

    Plz can you make a video on gaurding capabilities of Dalmatian

  8. D 504

    A bear would make a Quick meal of a Kangal

  9. Neo

    A Kangal can only beat very small bear species like sun and sloth bears. Not big bears like Kodiak and Polar bears

  10. Suraj

    My favourite dog breed is Kangal seriously since 3 yrs

  11. Julian Graham Westmore

    Lol 😂 such a fool

  12. moha kanyostee

    Liar click bate

  13. Bharath rock

    Iam from. India and… Tamilnadu…

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