It’s OVER. EVERY SINGLE THING I Trained This Dog in 2 Weeks
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It’s OVER. EVERY SINGLE THING I Trained This Dog in 2 Weeks

What can you train a dog in two weeks? I’ll show you the most important things that I focused on during my time with Moira the German Shepherd.

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156 Thoughts to “It’s OVER. EVERY SINGLE THING I Trained This Dog in 2 Weeks”

  1. Roxana Lopez

    Good bye Moira! Thank you for showing us the reality vs perfect dog

  2. himynameisHat

    Thank you so much for this series Zak. I have an almost 3 year old GSD myself and I used your archive of videos to learn and create an amazing dog. I wish this series was around then! This was a great representation of what true dog training is, and a great reminder for all of us with high energy dogs that the training never stops.

    Most importantly, this series was able to shed such a great light on rescue dogs. They’re all good dogs, some just need more work then others! I look forward to the next series and what I can learn from it.

  3. ellen riddick

    My husband is so sick of me saying, “Zak wants us to to work on it this way”, but he is so happy it’s working! You and Moira have taught us so much. Your “fails” are important to show, it give us what we need to carry on! Thank you!

  4. C. S. F

    Awesome to watch this progress. What a beautiful dog.

  5. kay

    It was truly a pleasure watching this…. Love Moira and there was some very keen pivotal points .. thank you

  6. Maggie C

    I just rescued a medium sized (45lb) dog that has the exact same problem Moira had. Your videos have been SO helpful to me!! Sadie is doing fantastic with the techniques you’re teaching me. I wish I could link a video of Sadie watching Moira learn. It is SO cute. Again, thank you for all you’ve taught me.

  7. B

    Please train another reactive dog!!!!!


    Ohh so sad Moira is leaving but she find another loving family.. Guys I have also my mochi she’s so funny dog visit me sometimes. Have a great day. Keep safe every one. Thank you.

  9. Lo F.

    This was SO helpful to watch for my goldendoodle. I am having most of these common issues (jumping, reactions to other dogs etc). So excited to see the next pup!

  10. Elsie Monreal

    Watching Moira helped me a lot to understand my GSD. Thank you so much. I love this series! Best one yet.

  11. Lydia 1

    I would love to see how Zak decides what to train and how to build the day in a board and train situation

  12. Chris and Max

    Thank you for making this video series and helping her.i have always adopted rescue German Shepherds and a lot of the time we don’t know there past.these dogs are a special current girl is super high prey drive and dog reactive.more then any other dog I have had.your videos have helped so much in training my girl.

  13. Theuns Koch

    This was the first time i watched a dogs journey and what a journey it has been, she is one amazing dog and her new mom is going to enjoy her

  14. Tina Nieves

    I sure wish I could afford for you to train my pit mix but I know it would take more than 2 weeks to get it done.

  15. Mysterious U

    Zak, You did an amazing job with Moira. Any trainer would have had the same difficulty in training a hyper energetic dog like Moira. Your patience with and not yelling or screaming at Moira was a pleasure to watch. I am going to miss Moira and her lively personality. Wish her all the love, fun and much more with her new mom. Thanks for the wonderful series.

  16. Carmel O'Driscoll

    Aww a Happy ending 🤞 I will really miss Moire 😔 But looking forward to the next dog 🐶 😊

  17. Shaz Prior

    What a fantastic foundation Zak has given her, have a wonderful life Moira xx do Zak proud and be the best dog xx

  18. Barbara Kerecz

    Thank you Zak for helping those shelter dogs being more adoptable and setting them up for a long and happy family life 🙂

  19. Claudia Luksch

    I also will miss her!And gonna miss this training with her!Well done and gpod luck Myra!

  20. Kerry Kennedy

    Great series, my GSD just turned 6 months old and watching each episode was so beneficial. Thank you, Zak!!

  21. Kristen Johnson

    Not gonna lie, I got teary watching Moira run toward her new Mom 🙂 So so good. And DYING over the closeup of Moira tilting her head, such an intelligent lil face! Absolutely wonderful series, I learned so much and my lil Coonhound is the happy beneficiary. Thank you Zak and Moira!

  22. Cheonjae Min

    I’m gonna miss her so much 😭🐶💕

  23. Tam

    I hope that Moiras new mom will give us an update on how Moira is doing !

  24. Loviekinz

    Gonna miss you Moira 🙁

  25. Sara Moves!

    I really enjoyed your work but this Ceres in particular helped me with my rescue. She was a wild girl.

  26. meliafrancesca

    Your declaration of love for Moira was what makes you a great dog’s trainer. That’s the real connection 🤙🏻

  27. Haley Ruth

    Great video!!! Excellent information!!! 💜

  28. Supdudeimmagenie

    The only thing I love more about this series than itself, is your interaction with us. Those hearts let us know that you’ve read/appreciated and considered what we said, which is even mostly positive! Man. Everything about this channel is crazy good. This channel is magical. Never stop doing what you do man, most importantly your interactions with us, and asking questions. Really great work.

  29. Mary stickles

    Loved this series!!! Super pumped for the next one! Pibble Momma here and plan to use all I have and will learn with my baby girl. Thank you for always keeping it real and fun while training!

  30. Laura O'Reilly

    Amazing series. So proud of moira!

  31. Sandy H

    This series helped us so much with our TWO 9 mo male German Shepherd pups. Thank you so much!!

  32. Steve B

    Superb video once again Zac, a nice refresher for me with a new Samoyed pup and an adult Samoyed. First time with two dogs and finding it a challenge. All good fun though. My adult Sam is nice and quiet, the pup is living up to his breeds reputation! Be safe, from the UK.

  33. Alison Tabernor

    So pleased to hear Moira has a new owner and she’s doing so well with her training 😀


    Moira we’re going to miss her rambunctious behavior, but do you think you could do a pitbull maybe?

  35. Bhavana Shah

    Can you guys do a check in with Moira after some time and see how she is doing. At this point we are far too much invested in her story to let her go so soon 😁

  36. Diana A

    Thank you fo introducing us to Moira’s new Mom! I’m sure Moira will be in good hands and show off her new skills and good behaviors. Will there be a follow up “how they are doing now” video in a few months? Will miss Moira, but looking forward to meeting your new project! Thanks for doing these videos-and being so honest!

  37. Magnolia14

    So funny, the very first video you posted about Moira was posted just 2 days after I got my first puppy. I was in the throes of exhaustion and puppy blues. She is now settled in and thriving (although still a handful). This series couldn’t have started at a better time for me ☺️ We’ll miss you Moira!

  38. Jan Hankins

    I’m so glad to see Moira’s new mom is willing to continue to work with Moira and that she wasn’t “put off” the first time Moira jumped up on her. I wish Arina and Moira a long, happy life together!

  39. Hailey Welman

    You should definitely keep up with GSD’S!! They are harder to train, but they demonstrate a lot of common behaviors. Training adult dogs with aggression and reactivity would be great!

  40. Stu Frost

    I hope the new owner has the patience to deal with a full on young German shepherd , great work Zak I’m gonna miss Moira❤.

  41. Sapphiregriffin

    can I have some moar please?

  42. Jan Hankins

    I’m really bummed this series is at an end. It has been so helpful and been so “truthful” and “honest” on what it’s really like to take in a rescue dog and train one that truly isn’t already trained. To see the good, the bad, and the ugly. I’ll really miss this. I hope you’ll start another one soon. Would love to see you tackle a fearful dog or an itty-bitty dog.

  43. PebbleInYo Shoe

    You maybe be an absolute garbage trainer but damn you have good taste – sick casting of the t-Rex?

  44. Candy Lechter

    Me too. I want to cry that Moira is finished. It gave me hope with my reactive puppy.

  45. Jessica Resor

    Yay Moira found a home 💕 😭

  46. Nev Monfils

    zak’s reaction to the banana was really great

  47. Breen Cullen

    So, so happy for everyone 😍🐾

  48. pegasusgirl1

    Great Job! Moira looks so happy with her new mommy!

  49. Magdaleen van Graan

    This is an amazing series! Thanks Zak!
    I found it at the same time as we adopted a 1 year old Border Collie rescue (had her for 12 days now). A totally different challenge though, she is such a sensitive, easily spooked dog, very scared and timid. We have a hard time getting her to trust us. Scared of taking food from us, so treat/lure training is very difficult. She didn’t want to play with us. She would play with a ball all on her own in the yard, but the moment we appeared she would stop and if we tried with all the soft, gentle energy and love we got to get her re-engaged, she would just sit and avoid looking at us. Also crazy scared of a harness and lead, runs away and hide if it appears. Sheez, I could go on with so much more stuff like that. Point being, through this series with Moira I learned to keep heart, be consistent and gently keep working on her issues in the smallest steps imaginable. My heart sang when she chased a ball I threw for the first time mere days ago. Didn’t pick it up or anything, but she could let go of all the crazy restraint she’s had around us. The first time she came closer spontaneously for a cuddle, my goodness, I cried happy tears. Everyday she trusts us a tiny bit more. I can’t wait to see her personality blossom as she builds confidence. I would love to see a series from you where you help a dog to emerge from their shell and become a happy, secure, confident pup.

  50. Marko Polo

    My 18 month old Husky has the same issue with jumping and biting. Question why not get a prong collar?

  51. Karla Santoro

    I loved this series. Definitely had tears at the end, but it’s a happy ending. There’s enough information on puppy training; this is what folks want to see. I used several ideas with our 10 month Golden. It also made me feel like we’re doing well. Can’t wait for the next one! Thanks, Zak and Bree.

  52. Lacey Dobbs

    I am going to miss you Moria! Best of luck with your new mom I can tell y’all are going to be a great team! I am so excited to see what lucky pup is next!

  53. no u

    its never goodbye 🥲🥲

  54. AZ Cowgirl

    Wonderful series Zak !!! I hope you do follow up visits with Moira and her new mom . I really enjoy your channel . I can’t wait to see the next dog series .

  55. ozpaws

    I hope we will get updates on Moira. Thank you for all of your work with her!! Can’t wait for the next……

  56. Pet Party

    I just got a new puppy and I spent so much time watching your videos!

  57. Bangtan Beats

    Moira: Exists
    Zak: *girl*

  58. Larissa M.

    Awww, i am going to miss Moira. So looking forward for the future update. This was a great Serie, super entertaining and great advices!!

  59. Janknitz1

    It’s been wonderful watching you work with Moira.

    You are lucky to have that open space near your home to give her the necessary distance while you work on her reactivity. But the reality is that most of us don’t have that option. We have to walk our reactive dogs in neighborhoods where sometimes you cannot get a lot of distance. Turning around might not always be an option if there’s another dog behind or when it’s the only way to get home. I have a quiet enough neighborhood to be able to walk down the middle of the street, but that’s still only 6’ -10’ distance. How would you have handled Moira in that circumstance???

  60. Minna Kaaretsalo

    Yes, here my dog is after birds, bunnies and other dogs..this serie was so helpfull, gave me hope and motivation. Thank you!

  61. c howell

    A bit disappointed this is only a review. I watched all of the previous episodes–and didn’t learn anything new. Thank you for the previous episodes, they were most helpful!

  62. A Merchan

    I am so sad… honestly I was hoping you would adopt her ☹😭

  63. Emily Raney

    Great series! Great job with Moira! I actually saw this video and saw Inertia in it and thought to myself “huh, I wonder how she’s doing with her training.” Is Inertia going to become a frisbee show dog like Alpha and Venus? Would love an update on the Dog Training Experience, but I also can’t wait to see what happens with George. Fantastic job!

  64. jackie o.

    Please tell me Moira’s mom has a YouTube channel 🙏🏻❤️

  65. Athang Gupte

    Video starts at 1:35

  66. Cheryl Parker

    I’m going to miss Moira!!!! She did such a good job, and this series was sooooooooo helpful! Thanks for the reminder that it’s not wizardry, but time, consistency and commitment that trains a happy dog. Have a beautiful life with your mom Moira!!!! I’ll keep following your progress on Instagram with your awesome mom. ❤️

  67. equinox project

    Would love to see transition from treat to no treat life.

  68. Alicia O'Hara

    Is Moira’s dog reactivity a form of aggression or desire to play?

  69. Kim Reese

    Great series and a great new beginning for the two of them..blessings always!

  70. aDi1026

    Thank you for doing this series!!! Showing us the struggles in reality for reactive dogs!! I’m sad this series is ending already!!

  71. Jenine Wienand

    We gonna miss Moira, Thanx for helping her getting a new chance on life.

  72. Christina Johnson

    I love how you can see how much she grew (in training and physically) throughout the series!

  73. Rithvikh M

    Hey Zak, I’m one of your biggest fans and have been watching your videos for the 7 years. I got a puppy recently and its 2 months old . When i started training it and and started giving it treats , it could smell the treats and would become hyperactive even though i exercise it before training . And i am really getting frustrated right now. If you have any solution please let me know . All the best in your future of youtube and thanks in advance

  74. Zedni Salim

    good bye Moira !❤️

  75. Stephanie Paris

    Zak’s face when he brought out the banana superchewer toy 😂

  76. cinnamongirl622

    *standing ovation* ❤️

  77. sammijo125

    So happy that Moira found a home with someone willing to work with her and who is really invested in her training.

  78. Jessica Krueger

    Bubby and I thank you so much for these videos! You’ve tackled some of the problems I’ve had with Bubby (lunging at dogs and birds) and this really helped to show me what I was doing wrong. The fact that you used an untrained dog helped 100%.

  79. Amy Brown

    Going to miss you Moira ❤️ enjoy your new home beautiful clever girlie xx

  80. Yessenia Gonzalez

    I AM IN TEARS!!!!! We’ll miss you Moira!!!
    She helped me relate to my recently adopted shepherd mix and I’ve learned SO MUCH from this series! And so has my new member of the family

  81. BoJoMax *

    Great work with Moira, congrats. Good luck to ladies in new life together. Pls consider making update video to see how they are doing

  82. Prince of Random

    zak, Im new to dogs..
    Can you make a vid about what should i do to help a dog? :_
    hmmm like one of the things I didnt know about was ear hair
    talking about medical things to care about for dogs

  83. Sharon Rollins

    Did anyone else get a little teary eyed seeing Moira playing with her new mom like I did? Happy tears. Good luck Moria!

  84. Deb Bhowmik

    Nice work dude

  85. CC 3KidsL8ter

    I really appreciated this series with a very energetic dog breed. Best wishes to the new family who are blessed to have Moira!

  86. Wild Horses Canada

    Rescuing shepherds for over 20 years I can tell Moira just got the wrong owner..

  87. 4K NoCopyrightMusic

    So far two of the ads that I have gotten have been from bark box and have been Zak george

  88. Ashley M

    This episode legit made me cry! So happy for Moira and her new mom

  89. Harley Heyne

    I’m getting a dog in a few days he is a american bully and i was wondering what kind of dog food do you recommend?

  90. Tamara McCool

    This series came along right as I realized my own rescue dog was waaaay to reactive on a leash. Seeing you work with a dog that had the same issue was so valuable. Now, by the end, my little Zia is by no means perfect, but I can take her for a pretty peaceful walk in my busy neighborhood.

  91. Margaret Kuhn-Conroy

    Loved to see the new owner! Great series..loved it being realistic!

  92. Diane Lawrence

    Thank you so very much for showing detailed training of an untrained dog. It’s infinitely more helpful than watching a trainer demonstrating with a trained dog. This was a huge commitment on your part and it’s of great value to us all.

  93. Tammy Elliott

    Aw, have the best life in your new home Mora!! 💓

  94. Guste Random

    I loved this series so so much! Thank you! I have a 5 month old German shepherd, she has had the same issues as moira, and your videos helped us a LOT.❤️🙏🏻 but we still have some things to do like, walking past other dogs or walking past kids! We got her as a puppy and your amazing app “pupford” helped me to teach my dog the basics!❤️

  95. INSEIKYU01

    I really appreciate your honest and look I’m learning more from you having to adjust your training sessions then just your straight one trick videos. Love the channel thanks

  96. JD Tomlinson

    It’s been two weeks and this dog still can’t walk nice on a leash around high distraction environments. I’ve been a trainer professionally for 3 weeks now and have gotten better results with multiple dogs. Some were even dog aggressive and had extreme reactivity.

  97. hpGentlemen1

    You know I’ll say this fantastic series loved everything until the finall episode. I’m okay with recaps but i would have loved to see more of a how she has been since you have been gone. A check in or more about the new home. Whether the support you proved would bleed over or not. You see in the video progress was made greatly. But i would have loved to see w if the new owners followed through or more education regarding any possible setbacks Or successes.

  98. Ash

    I always thought a crate needs to be smaller for optimum benefit. The dog should be able to stand up and turn around but nothing more. I read it’s supposed to help them feel calmer as it’s a safe enclosed space.

  99. Song Says

    Aw, I ‘m sad. I wanted you to decide to adopt Moira. Maybe we can have follow-ups down the line. Good luck, puppy and Arina! (Sorry for mangling the spelling.)

  100. shatteredyoshi

    Congratulations to Moira and Arina!
    I hope we get a video update in the future!

  101. gisela

    do my dog next lol


    Excellent series ! Thank you 😁😁

  103. Holly Chuter

    I’ve loved every second of this series!!! Thank you for doing this!

  104. Bhrugudev Jhellan

    When is your next series, I am waiting….. 🙂

  105. Marie Mac

    Aawwhhaa… going to miss her. But glad she has a furever home. hope to see an update someday…Thanks for doing all this training… for dog like these…and recording it. so helpful. Love your channel

  106. Chosenone

    This series is what I first watched from this channel but it’s kinda sad to see her go

  107. Aysha Atman

    I am very happy that Moira has her family from now on! Now my heart calmed down when I saw Moira’s new mother, I have maximum confidence that they will understand each other perfectly and will love each other indefinitely! Goodbye, Moira! You are beautiful, gorgeous, smart dog! I will miss you so much! Thanks, Zack, you did a great job!❤️❤️❤️

  108. Maja Ambroziak

    These series help my dog. He has so much obedience with me even though it’s not all perfect. I got a question does anyone know what to do if a dog starts to bark at a new pet

  109. Doggo

    Wow thanks ur videos really had help me with my new puppy

    2:00 ha I also really love the paintings in the back

  110. Cheri Dampier

    I learned so much from you and Moira, thank you!

  111. Danielle Palao

    Moira’s energy is ADORABLE!!!

  112. Ishwar Gajera1

    I really like your way of teaching and I am a big fan of yours

  113. gwendolyn g

    My heart broke with yours on day 9! (tears)

  114. perlnamehoge

    Moira is so smart dog😍 I miss her i can not see her anymore😭

  115. Karen Shen

    We Just Got A New Rottweiler A Few Weeks Ago And I use some of your videos for training And It Works I Trained Her to Sit bark shake jump sit pretty Do you Know How to Train A Dog To Guard Please make a vid of it.

  116. Blaze Fairchild

    Great series ! We had one German Shepherd that was a jumper like her & a bit over friendly too. He was a very big puppy and harder to train than other shepard’s I have ever known. But in the end a great dog. It took us much longer than two weeks ! Great job 👍

  117. Mal'akhi Crowley

    Thank you so much for making this series! I’m going to miss Moira

  118. Ember da doodle

    I loved this series so much! Thank you Zak and Bree! I was wondering what the next series is going to be?

  119. jimmy ibrahim

    I tried everything but my 5 month old puppy wont focus at meeeee i need help please

  120. Rh0dan1970

    Kudos for making yourself so vulnerable Zak, something I miss by all other dog whisperers.

  121. Rikers Finest

    Zack my gsd puppy of 4 months is extremely energetic to the point where it’s hard to train all he knows is sit. I take him on a lot of walks but it doesn’t seem to help.

  122. curious wiki

    “In the name of dog science” ~Zak in 2021😂 My favorite series so far, eagerly waiting to see the one featuring George 🙂

  123. Patricia Fletcher

    Great to see tht she’s adopted prayers tht George does too

  124. Lenya Michahelles

    I am so sad that Moira is leaving this channel, I am gonna miss her so much!

  125. Reino Tleel

    Dear Zak George,
    Can you do a series of you training a golden retriever puppy?

  126. Shontanae Mcwilliams

    Love this series 😭💕

  127. Jaxs Strickland

    I love this please please keep her she loves you so much. Keep things like these videos coming. I have two dogs they are sisters and suddenly started really fighting I mean to the point they try to rip each other apart so I have to keep them apart I need advice please please 🙏❤

  128. Effie Markou

    I really loved watching your journey!! A big thank you to you,your supporters and your cameraman(seriously the quality is great) Can’t wait for ather videos!! Honestly thank you!!

  129. FirstLegend

    Hi zack!

  130. Sunshine Dog Training

    I am going to miss Moira

  131. Jesika the JEM

    Wow this is really nice

  132. Aurora Steen

    I love it! Havent watched it all, but I love it

  133. Catherine Chen

    Thank you for this series!

  134. Sunnyasha Chandraviruthil

    I have a Labrador puppy mix 3 months old very well behaved and have taught many tricks because of many of your series about dog training kid trainer

  135. Effie Markou


  136. TheValarina 11

    Yay I’m early!!
    Claim your early ticket here

  137. Kaylei Hubbard

    I. Love you too much 💓 💗 💛 💖 💕 😘 💓 💗 💛 💖 💕

  138. Siiri Mary McMillan

    Love it!!!


    Pls make a video on how is Moira doing in her new house

  140. Catherine Chen

    Thank you!

  141. Margot Vanoni

    Where are you going?

  142. Regal Gaming

    earliest i hv ever been yes!!

  143. FIN

    I needed this, I’m getting a puppy in 2 months!

  144. Drew

    Just searched for Zaks channel and the video was uploaded a minute ago 🤩 best part of Sunday 🙌

  145. Bhrugudev Jhellan

    👍Great video pls put on guard training and how to change anything to dogs favorite currency 🙏🙏

  146. Brian Baker

    I love the series 😘

  147. Satisfya Creation

    Waited so long for this ❤️❤️❤️
    Can I get a heart?? 😁

  148. Navjot Singh


  149. Reino Tleel

    I love this series continue the great work

  150. Esther Wright

    Loved this series!!😍😍

  151. Wicked Fiend rs


  152. Elroi Meta

    I loved this series!!

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