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It’s not you, me: Why our dogs behave differently around different people

If you reach for his favorite ball, Fido, whom you know and love, will lift his lips, show his teeth, and maybe wary of new dogs and people who hate leash traction, so much that he is willing to chew on lead to release himself.

But hey, we all have a lot of problems, you love canines more than life itself.

You already know exactly who your dog is.

You traded his ball for hospitality, skipped the dog’s parking area, avoided pedestrian streets at all costs, and drove 10 minutes to the quiet leashless pedestrian area.

But this month, things are different.

The convention is changing.

Your promotion is under review, and you know that your usual 8-hour workday in the office will soon become a 10-hour workday, you don’t have time for long belt traction, and Fido feels lonely.

Therefore, you have to do responsible things and then hire dog walkers.

You meet and say hello, check all the boxes, explain Fido’s doubts about the dog park, leash traction and giving up his ball, and arrange for Fido’s first walk of the week starting today.

Seven days have passed, and before you know it, the most important day has arrived.

When you waited anxiously for a short message from the walking dog, the minutes passed.

Crossed fingers and toes, tapped every wooden surface I have seen today, and whispered while looking up at the sky: “Please, please, Fido, please do not bite the dog while walking the dog.

May the Lord have mercy and bless my dog ​​with the ability to wag its tail, And continue walking when you meet another cub.

My God, if you are there, I swear I will relieve my anger if you want to, please don’t let Fido chew his belt.”

* Bzzzzzz * You Phone vibrates.

It’s a dog walker… “Hey, Mr. Smith! I just want you to know that Fido is walking with me.

We started with a fast leash jogging, and on the beach, we played with his ball and met a new group of Dog friends!

He even shared his ball and swam with the Labrador we met.

At the end of the beach class, I re-fastened his leash, and then we dried on the walk home.

It’s all hidden inside!”

“What? Did I read it right?” You took off your glasses, rubbed your eyes, and re-read the text.

“Is it possible for dog walkers to mix up and take a neighbor’s dog for a walk?”

“So you are actually telling me Fido Played With another dog?

“When you try to understand what just happened, your emotions become crazy.

“What kind of upside-down world am I teleported to?”

“This is not true.”

“Wait…what does this mean?”

Does this mean my dog ​​likes dog walkers more than me? !? !? “There. Big question.

The one you’ve been circling but can’t point at with your fingers… “My dog? hate I? ”

Stretch out your fingers and toes, take a deep breath, and don’t sell your soul for now.

Understand this: our dog has an incredible ability to perceive emotion and energy.

Although it may not be possible to understand why our dog can take one way to us and a completely different way to another person, there are actually logical reasons for this.

No, the reason is not that your dog likes dog walkers more than you:)

The increased hearing, sense of smell, and vibration of dogs also mean that even if you think you hide your emotions from your puppy, they can read you like a book.

You may not know that you are conveying your feelings about the situation to the dog, but it is true.

Your dog can feel your energy without even looking at you, they can feel it through the leash.

Next time when you take a leash walk with Fido or see another dog approaching you on the beach, take a deep breath, think about happy, cheerful, calm thoughts and suppress your emotions, then suppress the dog.

If possible, walk with your dog and observe how they behave around the dog.

Learn from the body language, intonation, and overall energy of the best performers around the dog.

Usually, we are affected by past experiences.

If you witnessed a dog fight when you were young or encountered an unpleasant dog encountering a dog in the past, then your stress may cause your dog to fail.

If you are worried about walking dogs in public places, try walking with friends and chatting along the way.

Losing conversation is a good way to naturally control emotions.

Ignoring your dog and distracting yourself from potential stressful states will help your dog build self-confidence and stop asking you for emotional guidance.

Remember, if your dog really does not like other dogs or has serious resource conservation problems, please do not cause harm to your dog or yourself.

Work with a trainer to learn how to replace negative reinforcement with positive reinforcement, take some small steps to control your emotions, and celebrate small things.

When your dog gets along well with people other than yourself, don’t get angry, but get excited that your dog may not be placed in the old way and see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Turn to your dog, pat their eyes, look into their eyes and say, “Hey, Fido, it’s not you. It’s me.”

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