It got worse.. 15 minutes ago I wanted to quit being a dog trainer. Reality Dog Training
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It got worse.. 15 minutes ago I wanted to quit being a dog trainer. Reality Dog Training

Training this dog to not go crazy around other dogs.. I wanted to quit being a dog trainer.

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168 Thoughts to “It got worse.. 15 minutes ago I wanted to quit being a dog trainer. Reality Dog Training”

  1. Calm Blue Ocean

    welcome to my world!!! Our dog 🐕 was a stray. What works is running past the dog that he’s reacting to. Don’t sit and allow him to look too long, it becomes an issue and highly focussed on it.

  2. Jon Ferron

    wwwaaaaaaaa do the work you will be fine

  3. Katie Coats

    Love this!! Can you do a video of like catching up with past dogs like George and Moira?

  4. Kate

    To me he doesn’t look like a classic reactive dog. He reminds me of my dog Luna. She was found on the street at 3-4 wks. She lacks the socialization of her mom and other dogs. She wants to play/ get the attention of other dogs but doesn’t know how to appropriately. Don’t get me wrong she lacks socialization in general thanks to the pandemic. I’m going to guess he may have some Akita in him too. I have had two rescue akita’s and I see some of those traits in him.

  5. None Yun

    Prong collar would be the best tool at this point! When used right, it can be a short term tool that will help with making quick corrections. I’m not seeing that he sees you as authority.

  6. C. Cooper

    What Breed? I’d say Akita/Malamute with some GSD. Whatever he is, he’s awesome.

  7. Deb

    I have a rescue and her fears are imprinted into her soul. Positive reinforcements my only option here. Besides I never used harsh punishments on my kids not going to do it to a dog. Chop seems so much better than he was, he’s not the same dog, You clearly know what your doing and just trying to emphasise it all takes time that’s pretty clear. Rome wasn’t built in a day!

  8. Teesha Richardson

    my guess is a german shepherd husky mix!

  9. Gilly Bean

    Zak and Bree, the dream team !

  10. RobinsonCrusoe

    I watch Chop with my doggie bc he is soooo overreactive. He barks when Chop barks, but I just keep him close and talk to him about how we love Chop and when you praise Chop, I praise my little guy. I won’t give up, and I hope you and Bree never do!

  11. A WIN

    Please stop using clickbait titles.

  12. Maddakia laura-pie

    Can you do a video on reading your dog’s body language?

  13. Delores Prahl


  14. Katrin Katterman

    Oh my. This is “normal” for those of us with reactive dogs. I am 2-1/2 years into my dog and now he is happy to greet visitors to the property. YEARS. Not days. My dog is a trick machine. That is where his strength is. Not in being every dog’s friend. And that’s ok. I hope you find a family for Chop who values what his strengths are!

  15. Tensa

    I’ve been trying to get my dog to learn any outdoor leash skills for a year now, and have made virtually no progress. Seeing this is both heart warming and soul shattering. I’d sell my firstborn to get my dog to learn any leash skills.

  16. Julu jay

    thanks for another great video!

  17. Me smart

    I really wanna know how I get my 1yr old pup to stop constantly licking me 🤣🤣. I’m like a salt cube to a cow when it comes to her.

  18. Brandon Yacat

    What leash you’re using?

  19. Jason Healy

    I still say gsd,,Akita,& maybe some malamute or husky.

    Nice comment on why you are doing it this way. To work the dogs fears from the inside instead of correcting the symptom. Very insightful. But all your approaches just need time and repetition to work so don’t give up on 2nd try.

  20. Louise K

    I’m with Chop – I get really excited when I see dogs, too. I want to go play and smooch them!

  21. XYZ

    Underlying emotion is not always possible to change. There’s a thing called genetics. There’s nothing wrong to correct symptoms FIRST. then the real learning and adapting can occur.

  22. XYZ

    This series can be done in 10 mins if you utilize e collar

  23. Gabriela Brenes

    I’ve been struggling with this with two of my rescue pups and this series is by far the best content I’ve found to help us power through this issue (even if it’s through baby steps or ant steps…). ❤️

  24. Mike Frost

    He’s doing great! Considering his life before meeting you. The best thing is, he simply just wants to play lol. He’s like a big puppy that just wants to make friend’s. He’ll likely take longer than normal to get him where you REALLY want. but, he’ll definitely get there!!

  25. Kathy Carr

    Zap – I totally respect the way you train. You have an amazing amount of patience, which your method takes. It would be an easier path to train using choke collars, etc. I expect at the end of this series, Chop will be an entirely different dog. And Bree is a gem! Does she get involved in the training or is it easier to have the dog you’re training to look only at you in the process? Thank you!

  26. Lucy Richardson

    I reckon Chop is Malamute X Anatolian with some German shepherd also in the mix 😁

  27. Elentarien

    I Just want to say thank you for posting your progresses so candidly. As a trainer-in-training – I struggle with the feeling that I should ‘have all the answers’ and ‘know what I’m doing all the time’ – especially as I do want to be a positive/gentle trainer and yet my own dog is one of these ‘difficult’ or ‘stubborn’ dogs (and harsh methods/punishments actually make things worse. The more aggressive the person, the more aggressive she gets, so it all has to be gentle, quiet and getting her to cooperate on her own terms). And I’ll admit there were (still are, but not AS much) so many times where I wasn’t getting the results I was after and I’d be disheartened to the point of tears and wanting to give up. Eventually, after more reading/watching other trainers and finding a different approach, or a way to adapt and come at the issue from a slightly different angle, I’d pick up and continue again. Now my dog has turned 5 and she has turned into a pretty darn good dog. Not perfect – and sometimes we get lazy in something and find we have to go back and re cover some ground that we haven’t worked on in awhile. . .but it’s all paid off.

    My point being, it is VERY encouraging to see someone with far more experience with far more dogs than I have actually having many of the same issues. The fact you have to stop, re-evaluate and find a different angle to tackle the issue with the dog specific to them is encouraging. There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’. Each dog is unique and sometimes you are going to hit a low and need to step back and find something else. You are figuring it out with each dog and not resorting to harsh approaches. Eventually, you get the progress you’re after and the dog is better off for it, not ‘broken’ or traumatized. I find this extremely. . .motivating, and confidence boosting. To a point that.. .watching you work with Chop, and having worked with my crazy dog – I actually feel like I COULD handle Chop. lol Which is saying something.

    Thank you for your candid episodes. They really are helpful in more ways than one, both for dogs and people.

  28. April Williams

    Although my dog isn’t as reactive as chop (in the barking sense). Theres times where i feel we have improved so much and then one day we go out and it’s a whole new experience for him. You’d think he’d never been outside before. But i exercise him so much – do all kinds of structured walking/training/playing and most of the time take it at his pace. Today for example he completely ignored me when i was trying to get him into a heel – getting distracted by people and cars which he had stopped doing. But as soon as my mum took the leash and i walked away he freaks? But then ignores me when i’m there 🤣 He can even ignore dog’s but only if they ignore him – we can pass a tonne of dog’s and when that 1 does a dominant stance and fixates on him he turns into another animal 🤣 he’s 7 months so still figuring things out i guess. Also the fear period is REAL.

  29. Chris Alpha

    Yea I have a border collie/corgi 10 month old puppy mix that is reactive to dogs from far away or up close but typically a little yank on the leash and call of his name brings his attention to me(sometimes). I can’t get him to just look at me before reacting though. Appreciate the video! I’ll try some of your techniques.

  30. The Truth

    Please show Chop on a scale. You have eluded to him being around 90 lbs, but seeing him next to you while kneeling, and seeing him with your female border collie, makes him look more like 60 lbs.

  31. Elissa Ochoa

    I clicked on this so fast

  32. Hallien_

    I want to guess, Husky, German Shepard, Rottweiler , and Lab!

  33. cheryl Solazzo

    Please don’t quit. You are so good at what you do.

  34. Jay Bee

    As a balanced dog trainer, you need to COUNTER CONDITION. Not throw a tool on and start correcting. Stop blasting balanced trainers like they throw tools on and start correcting. That is compliant training.

  35. Connie Eneix

    Sak – don’t be so hard on yourself! Gosh, Chop is however a wild Alaskan dog – right? ( anxiously waiting for the breed reveal) he’s doing great as guys are with him. I know he’s really putting you to the test but he’s a learning experience and you’ll be even a better trainer (than you already are) for it. Let’s see what happens at the next dog park visit. He’s going to get there I’m sure of it. 😊

  36. Mystiek Melody

    I bet he is part Norwegian Elk hound.

  37. Sandra

    I think Chop has something in him that is Kangal dog/Anatolian Shepherd… I think… 😍🥰😍😘😘😘

  38. OverCheats

    I guess his breed is 50% kangal and 50% german chech shepard

  39. Janet Reynolds

    Started watching regularly with the George series and I have to say this is the best episode yet. By walking us through how and why you’re not using more aversive tools while acknowledging the pros and cons of positive only was enlightening. Wanting to help Chop change his state of mind from the inside out is powerful and as you said requires patience and empathy. Will put this episode on my saved list. Thanks 👍

  40. Gail Everett

    One of the strategies I was taught by my R+ trainer for my reactive dog was that at the dog park, outside the fence and beyond his threshold line, I should put him through some obedience commands that he knew well. This was a way to keep his attention on me even while somewhat distracted. I haven’t seen you doing this with Chop. Could you explain your thoughts about this strategy?

  41. Lydia Baxter-Potter

    Really enjoying this series. We have a poorly socialized dog who has similar reactivity to Chop with both dogs AND people (HUGE reactivity zone, massive outbursts, etc.). Had multiple vets tell us he won’t get better and we’ll always just have to be managing it. Very much looking forward to continuing the journey with Chop!

  42. Jamie Johanson

    This is my dog, too! Thanks for the honest videos!

  43. kavita deva

    Great video. Lot’s going on.
    QUESTION: What Harness is Chop wearing? Thanks
    Hi Bree.

  44. Bri

    I had a reactive pup with obvious severe anxiety issues, his previous owner had shock collared him for barking and other things with no warning when he was a tiny pup. It took him 40 training sessions for him to be ok when seeing another dog as a speck in the distance and about a year to be ok with them all the way up to 6 feet away but he DID IT. Karen Overall’s relaxation training and just general attention training helped with the reactive dog sessions.

  45. trainergirl

    Well done Zak, for allowing us all to see the real story when it comes to training with a reactive dog. Those of us who are force free trainers have also had those thoughts, you know “I could shut down this behaviour in a minute if I decided to use an aversive method” but we also understand as you do, that we might stop the behaviour, but we would not change it. We would not change the emotions behind the behaviour and effect a long lasting and permanent change. On days like the one you were having here, it’s something I am sure most of us have thought of. I see mostly clients with reactive dogs and I manage to help them understand and change the behaviour. Yet, I have my own reactive dog and it’s proving difficult to deal with it. He’s massive, he’s a giant breed and he’s still young. Imposter syndrome sometimes comes over me because how can I help clients with their reactive dogs, and yet have one of my own whom I am struggling to help. I’ve had many times recently where I’ve thought I just should give up training dogs altogether. But I’ve been kept going by remembering those people who’ve thanked me for helping them and making their lives better with their dog. I just have to try to remember that when I’m feeling useless!!!

  46. Buck Dubay

    Your patients and kindness is dog training is inspiring. Being consistent but also patient and creative in training are skills I trying to emulate in training our families new boxerdoodle puppy.

  47. Lillypad3183

    I love your patient approach. 💛 I can hardly wait to see Chop’s DNA/breed breakdown results 😄

  48. J2D2

    maybe you could try giving him what he wants, get him desensitized right away with the right patient dogs by just having him sit it out

  49. Asia Lampkin

    He looks like an Keita shepherd mix

  50. Mary Starr

    Barx toys are aweful. One stuffed ugly Barx ended up in my Doberman’s tummy in one piece that cost me $8,300 for surgery to get it removed and save her life. Barx is horrible!

  51. Nic Schu

    Love your approach on dog training.
    Breed guess: I think he might be part Alaskan Malamute.
    Greetings from Germany

  52. j x

    As a reactive dog owner, I totally feel the frustration. I’ve been working with my dog for a year and a half now and we still have some bad days. I love what you said about going slow to get faster results. I would break it into much more controlled triggers to set yourself & the dog up for success. So instead of 20+ dogs running around at a dog park, meet a helper with a calm & leashed dog in an open field. Once they are successful in that scenario, you could work on either going closer or introduce a more energetic dog. Excited to see his breed results!

  53. Joshua Onclin

    Do you think you would have more succes in this excersise if he wasn’t worked over threshold and practiced with dogs that are calm and relaxed instead of over excited(playing/running) dogs?

  54. Maggie

    Exercise him with you on a bike, completely wear him out then let him see other dogs, his energy levels will be a lot lower and much easier to manage..

  55. Kath Rogers

    My dog Loki used to be like this, I got him aged 2 1/2 and he was lunging at everyone, if they had a dog it was worse, after 3 months of avoiding other dogs I managed to get a trainer. Loki’s problem was like Chop’s that he had built up frustration cos he wanted to meet other dogs but was not allowed to now cos he can meet them he’s calm and actually not that bothered anymore. Chop needs to interact and play with other dogs! I understand it may be difficult because of his size but he needs to burn off some of that energy and frustration. Couldn’t you arrange a get together with some owners and let him play with other dogs? He has to at some time. I hope there’s a couple of videos this week cos this snippet wasn’t enough to satisfy my desire to see Chop! I love him to pieces

  56. Anne Illerbrun

    You’re doing a good job, reactive dogs are the ultimate challenge for everyone!!

  57. Kay

    Chop is like 1-2 years old, right? With situations like this, people have to keep in mind that you’re trying to under 1-2 years of an established behavior. It’s going to take time to help him with his reactivity. He did really well in this though! And I can’t wait to see that breed reveal!

  58. Anne Illerbrun

    Chop is Husky Shar Pei with a bit of Wolf. Could be just Husky with a bit of Mastiff

  59. Johnnie Workman

    This is the video I’ve been waiting for! THIS is my dog! I usually get so frustrated when he won’t even look at me, but I’m going to try these things and see how things go!

  60. stacey walker

    Siberian husky malinois mix?

  61. bruce peterson

    Stop taking dogs you can’t handle😠 but ID LOVE TO SEE YOU WITH A BEGUAN MALINOIS 🤣🤣🤣

  62. sallyostling

    His leaning on you is just checking your position without looking at you. Not great engagement.

  63. Katarzyna Czubaszek

    This was a very interesting training session. My dog was trained in a way that was allowing him to bark and lunge to other dogs and it turned out very beneficial with breaking the ice of his problem. This way we learned how to meet particular new dogs. It didn’t work globally on all dogs that we see, but it was still groundbreaking that he actually can get t know new dogs. We still work, reactivity is a process!

  64. iloveaginganddying

    The struggle is real but it feels so good when they finally make progress!! Like walking past a dog across the street without barking, or meeting a new dog friend finally at the park 🤗 Chop will get there!

  65. Claudia Robinson

    I love you guys, and you little dogs too!

  66. Marcia

    Is Chop intact??

  67. Paulina

    Thank you so much for this video, this is exactly Mando. Our trainer quit us and said she wouldn’t work with Mando until he was medicated. We’re not giving up 💕

  68. Jan Hankins

    Well, I was expecting the breed reveal. But no dice, huh? Hope I didn’t overstep or hurt your feelings with my comments. They were meant to be helpful, so I hope they were.

  69. Prayer Warrior

    My 17 lb Cavapoos has the same behavior- tried 2 week school, dog behaviorist…. Nothing stops this behavior

  70. Pamela Anderson

    I am glad that he shows his mistakes and frustrations. As a pet owner, this gives me incentives to work through the frustrating times I have with my one-year old Pit.

  71. Jan Hankins

    Zak, 9 1/2 minutes into the video, you’ve gone to the end of the dark park where dogs are further away. I saw an immediate change in Chop’s behavior–more engaged with you. So perhaps you were just a bit too close before?

  72. Kathi Burdette

    So we rescued a dog much like Chop almost 3 years ago and he has become the best friend and companion we could have asked for! We did his DNA and I’d like to take a stab at Chop’s lineage: my guess is a combination of Husky , GSD, AmStaf and possibly Malamute. Just a guess!! 😂

  73. Paul D

    6:04 lol. It truly is amazing how many experts exist in Youtube comments. Love the videos, keep at it!

  74. Enchanted Beauty Vibes

    Don’t give up Zak. U r really do a great effort to train dogs. Keep it up.🍀🍀

  75. DogHairDontCare

    My two huskies are like this at dog parks but I just stopped going because people never read the rules (don’t leave the gate open) and tend to give you an attitude for informing them.

  76. mcatronw

    It took me YEARS to get my oldest’s reactivity to what I would call an 80% manageable state. I had zero success for several months when I used a mix strategy that included strategies other than positive reinforcement. Once we brought in a positive reinforcement trainer, that helped jumpstart things, but it still took years of implementing those tactics daily. That being said, the trainer ended up not being for him exactly, the trainer was to teach me how to communicate with him, which I think is what the majority of owner + professional dog training is. Now, when he knows there will be a reactive dog in our neighborhood and he hears it bark, his instinct is to look at me for his treat!! So Zak, thank you for not giving up on Chop! Some just need eeezxxtraaaa time to really crack the code against reactivity.

  77. Jan Hankins

    Okay, Zak, I’m about 6 1/2 minutes into the video and wanted to stop it and give you a pep talk, too. First, I think you’re expecting a little too much a little too soon. And remember, training is never a straight line that goes smoothly up. How it wish it were! So you should EXPECT some back sliding and some days to be like “he was doing so well yesterday, and no look at him!”. Second, you said you thought you were far away from the dogs. I don’t think so at all. I’ve worked with Danes where we went to a pet supply store and had to park in a parking lot across the street as a starting point! You may just be a little too close for Chop, yet. Finally, I didn’t see you trying to get his attention on you and reinforcing him. When I do this, if I can get a dog to stop barking to take a breath, I shove a treat in his mouth. Maybe you’re not reinforcing enough? Whenever I’m doing desensitization and counterconditioning, I use a LOT of treats (but then I tend to be heavy-handed with the treats, anyway, so that’s just me). I like to play “look at that”-look at the dog and as soon as the dog looks and then looks back at me–treat and pet and talk to time! And I mean really make a big deal of it. Use your high-pitched baby talk voice, you play voice. That may be a little more advanced that where Chop is at the moment, but I love that game.

  78. Adam Berkeley

    Your books and videos have really helped me deal with my Belgian Malinois that I really struggled to train and connect with. I watch you with Chop and I appreciate how patient and caring you are, especially with such a strong willed dog. I get a lot of nonsense about how I have to use corrective devices with my dog or I’ll ruin her but you give me the confidence to know that I don’t have to take that easy path.

  79. Mike Gray

    Say, Bree – isn’t that a little piloerection on Zak at 0:31? The heck did you do to spook that poor boy?

  80. The healthy dog

    Just a suggestion is to exercise chop before you take him out for a training session. It will help him focus on you and the training more if he is already tired. He is obviously very energetic and needs more exercise than the average dog. Also a gentle leader would help a lot with getting his attention on you much easier. Hope you have a great day.

  81. The Killer Spud

    The critical piece of equipment you were missing was a comfy chair to relax in while chop worked things out. For my dog who is very dog reactive i would just sit down with him on the leash while close to other dogs and let him work through the excitement until he have all his attention to me. The first time it took at least thirty minutes, the second time outside a dog park it was more like fifteen minutes. You just need to provide calming energy while the dog figures out that there us no reason to get excited just because done other dogs are close by. Only when they decide to give you their undivided attention do you reward and praise.
    High energy dogs are hands down the hardest to with with.

  82. Shayla Hunter

    I love how real this is! In a lot of ways Chop reminds me so much of my dog and it’s so nice to see your positive training techniques on how to handle this type of behavior. Also, you and Bree make such a good team! Love to see it!

  83. Maja Ambroziak

    Don’t quit being a dog trainer your really good I have gave up on my dog as well but I stood up and continued you can go ❤️

  84. Sarah Christoff

    Training isn’t a straight line – which you totally know! It’s hard to remember in the moment that just like physical therapy, or healing from anything, that there will be steps forwards and steps backwards. Just remember every time there’s three steps backwards that five steps forwards are coming up. I learned this from a really smart dog trainer on Youtube, Zak George, you should check him out. 😉

  85. James Purdew

    I loved how you addressed the Positive only methodology. I am a positive only trainer too and i find others in the community are really quick to sneer. The barking is a symptom to be cured vs shutting it down in the moment is such a great way to explain what you/we mean. Amazing job Zac, great videos, cheers mate.

  86. Kasia Lebek

    Please. Outbursts like that are very hard to work with. Sometimes it takes time, like months. Don’t be down. Working with such a dog requires positive reinforcement and a lot of time.

  87. Elos Art

    Zak, you have helped me so much with my dog. He is my first one and is really similar to chop. I want to become a dog trainer when i’m older, and your channel has been helping me learn so much about dogs! Is it possible you could do a vet visit episode?

  88. Nadia_20_Holls

    He seems to do better when there is a barrier between the other dog and they are quite close like on the first day when he was between chop and the other dog in the right space chop didn’t react

  89. Barbara Richmond

    I think he is a shepherd mixed type of dog. Maybe with an Alaskan malamute.

  90. Paulina Macierzynska

    how bout try using a prong or an e-collar , to see for yourself rather than bashing the tools

  91. Janet Lewis

    You’re so mean you take him to a dog park and then make him sit outside it . Your a dog hater on a power trip.

  92. TPinesGold

    Previously, you spoke of studies evaluating positive training versus balanced training. What were the measurement bases for the conclusions derived from those studies? If we were to apply those same measurements to your work with Chop in this video, how would it compare to the measurements and conclusions of the studies?

  93. M L

    My rat terrier puppy gets transfixed on your videos. Should i not let her watch? Is she learning negative behaviors from Chop? 🤔

  94. Jen Kirby

    I notice how he is much better with dogs moving slowly rather than running or quick moving dogs (which makes complete sense to me). My Marzieh would be similar. She is good as gold with dogs who are walking but if one runs past, hang on!

  95. April B

    This is so much more relatable. I have a mini schnauzer like this. ❤️

  96. Emma Grace

    Why are some trainers so opposed to aversive techniques? Dogs do it to each other to correct behavior. That’s why it’s important to leave puppies with their mothers for a lengthy period of time. The mothers use corrections to teach the puppy how to be calm and respectful to other dogs. You can talk about the underlying conditions, but dogs seem to know to correct the outward behavior and it ends up having a good effect. I think the correction for the outward behavior has the eventual positive effect for their internal emotional state. You’re training the dog how to restrain himself, which helps it to become desensitized to the outer stimulants.

  97. diego6strings

    Pretty sure this dog will still need positive punishment and firmer correction than handing him treats or balls. no matter how much positive, gentle leading or whatever you’d like to do. Animals are animals and need both ends. A calm gentle leader with patience but also a firm hand. Nothing in this world works without polarities, can’t be all “positive” training. I can bet anything that he will loose his temper when the real deal happens

  98. belami_brian

    Suggestion for the next series. Zak you know dogs and how to read them. Many of us don’t know or not as skilled as you in this regard. How about wearing a GoPro and filming your next training sessions with a new dog. Then when editing the video highlight those certain movements or eye contact or body language that you see, but we can’t. Make your viewers experts at reading dog language.

  99. Troy Winslow

    Malinois mix of some sort is my guess

  100. Rashkail

    Don’t give up Zak. You will be able to train this dog to almost perfection, like every other dog you had. Do not forget where the dog came from, and you already made so much progress. Kodoos for only using positive methods, unlike many other trainers. It might take a bit longer, but the results will be way better and the link between dog and human stronger.

    Your videos have helped me a lot with my pit mix. He was abused by his last owner, he was living in a domestic violence environment, almost never fed, beaten, he was thrown boiling water on amongst many other things. (First thing I did with the dog was taking him to the vet, and I “stole” the dog after) I had to be extremely gentle with him at first as he would not trust anyone. He was supposed to be euthanized as he bit really hard his last owner. He would also try to bite me if I came to close to him at first too. And with all your training tips, a lot of patience and dedication, I can now proudly say that my dog is the best dog. It took maybe 2 years for him to trust me completely, but it was worth the time.

  101. Amir F

    I’ve seen Huskies and Samoyeds display very similar behaviors. Perhaps there are genetic factors at play too.


    Why would you ever take notice of any other trainer? You’re the one who is training naturally without using any cruelty or averse methods !! Keep doing it your way, you know it is right !! 😁

  103. Sally Malloy

    I love you guys but all the teasing is brutal!!!!😭

  104. supersnailboy

    thank you for this video ❤️

  105. Jeanae Parry

    I think Chop is an Akita/Siberian husky mix!

  106. Cindy S

    Thanks so much for explaining why you don’t go to aversive methods like prong or shock collars. I have always had strong beliefs in how dogs should be trained but I am not a professional and my beliefs are based on my gut instinct. Sometimes it’s hard to put into words why I believe what I do when I try to explain it to someone else. It seems so obvious when you say it – of course I want to effect long-term positive change, not just a “quick fix” that corrects the problem in the moment but doesn’t help the dog feel any better or encourage a good relationship between dog and handler. It is so helpful to hear you give these explanations.

  107. Lynn Tatro

    Gsd, husky, chow, and maybe a little hound (because most working huskies in AK have a little hound in them)

  108. Aurore Cosplay

    Look, I know you’re sponsored by the dog food but you can’t have a close up of that magnetic treat pouch and say NOTHING! I need it!

  109. King of the Underhill

    Husky, Chow Chow, German Shepherd

  110. Samantha Hu

    What I do that is really helpful is actually to mark and treat when he looks at the dog without barking/lunging

  111. Cristina Andrea

    Chop the dog will conquer this mission

  112. Sally Malloy

    Oh Bree, being a ray on sunshine in Zaks dark moment. ❤️

  113. Luciana Coutinho

    Your dog Inercia could help him, and you, with this aproach to other dogs, dont you think?

  114. Michelle Heegaard

    My god was this relatable. I’ve finally managed to get my dog to almost automatically sit down or lay down, when he sees a dog he wants to go towards. He’s become more or less reliable at not just lunging towards them and instead wait patiently for them to come to him. But it’s literally taken me close to 10 month to even get that far. And you can completely forget about it if he sees a dog bigger than him. The struggle is real and I get your frustration.

  115. Jaxs Strickland

    How long should your training session be a day without over working your dog?

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    We’ve been doing some sessions in the park where we sit or walk at a distance away from the paths and he watches other dogs. There is *some* progression but it can be disheartening.

    He’s my best friend, though, so I’ll never give up on him. Thanks for providing good positive reinforcement techniques and also showing me that it’s fine to feel disheartened at times.

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    One thing I’d also love for you to address in a video sometime is the correct use of counter-conditioning. I realized watching Emily’s course on the topic last week on her dogmantics website that I counter-conditioned poorly before and made no progress because of that at all, and not because +R training didn’t work.
    Basically if I see a dog from a distance and my dog hasn’t seen it yet and I take a treat out in preparation, I have to make sure my dog doesn’t notice that. Because if he does, and then sees the dog, the classical conditioning connects me reaching for the treat with the treat itself. So the dog isn’t really the prediction for the treat! Counter-conditioning needs the element of surprise, in her words, rewarding each time they see a dog, look to you instead, and start looking away again. And I never realized that in any video of any creator outside of hers.

    Edit: Sorry btw for being so straight-forward and possibly rude, I owe a lot to you and your videos and love what you’re doing in your newest series. Reactivity is just that one issue that I personally struggled with a lot, and have only seen properly tackled in Dunbar’s and Emily’s resources, whereas Emily has some of it behind a paywall and Dunbar is very hidden in the dog training community, despite his immense impact on dog training.

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