Is this the Dumbest Decision I've Made as a YouTube Dog Trainer? EPISODE 1 of MY NEW LIFE.

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Is this the Dumbest Decision I’ve Made as a YouTube Dog Trainer? EPISODE 1 of MY NEW LIFE.

This is either the worst or the best decision I’ve ever made as a YouTube dog trainer… What do YOU think?? 🤔 Thank you BARK for sponsoring this video! Go to and to get a FREE box when you sign up for a multi-month subscription!

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208 Thoughts to “Is this the Dumbest Decision I’ve Made as a YouTube Dog Trainer? EPISODE 1 of MY NEW LIFE.”

  1. Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution

    This is either the worst or the best decision I’ve made as a YouTube dog trainer.. What do you think?

  2. R Johnson

    Your technique for training dogs not to rush out the door has been the best thing I’ve learned from you! Daisy May, my mini-schnauzer is now 3 years old, and she still does well with that! Thank you!

  3. Cecilia P

    This is such an amazing experience! My husband and I were talking about taking our dog on a road trip to some national parks in the upcoming year. I’ve been seeing more and more pet parents traveling with their dogs! This is going to help so many people!

  4. Danielle Baxter

    Haha the start! Iconic!

  5. Alex Boulerice

    I love this turn of events!! If you guys are planning on turning into a vloging family (in this scenario dog family hihi), I personally am here for it!

  6. Randi Gesslein

    Tractor Supply has DYI dog bath

  7. Lola Meese

    love the plan

  8. L F

    I am currently watching Inertia’s puppy training videos and it is such a joy watching this furball of energy grow into the well-behaved dog that she is now. Fantastic work!

  9. Ed Chapman

    The Dick’s stop made me laugh. RV’ing takes you to all sorts of crazy places. Hope you guys have a wonderful time!

  10. Julie Roberts

    this is great!

  11. 1kaaa

    new tundra, nice!

  12. Ashley Ferris

    I am trying to get my pup ready for camping. Our trip is in September and I am really hoping I don’t lose her to the forest and to the 🐿️🐿️🐿️

  13. Melissa Isaacson

    I took my 14 month puppy (Icelandic Sheepdog) camping for the first time last week. So many new experiences that were wonderful! She learned to wear a life jacket, play frisbee in water, sit in a kayak, run alongside my bike, sleep in a tent, etc. It was a very dog friendly park, but the barking was hard. She’s a barky breed to begin with, but she had a lot to say. Reaction barking to other dogs, people, kids on bikes, etc, but also FOMO barking if I walked away and left her supervised with my family. I can’t wait to see how you handle Veronica’s barking!

  14. zuzu's petals

    We’ve been hosting a stray that appeared two weeks ago at our home, apparently a dumped dog. She’s about 8 months old, a Shellie/Collie mix with tons more energy than our 13 year old Golden who has pancreas/liver/gallbladder issues and is dying. We weren’t prepared to have another dog and aren’t sure we’re keeping her, but she’s encouraged our dog to eat, go for walks, and play. Came back to your videos for pointers and here you are with Veronica, the perfect timing. We’ve made good progress with house training, our cat has adjusted, still working on crate training and separation anxiety (I’m getting no sleep at night), and she barks if one of us isn’t in the house with her. She also barks and gets really upset at vehicles and loud outside noises, so we have a lot to work on. She’d be a great agility or herding dog, I hope we can be successful enough to help find her a good home.

  15. Ashley Kelly

    Hello from British Columbia! (You may pass through my town on the way to Alaska depending on route). I love this series so far. I am getting my puppy socialized for tent camping and road trips. She has the road trips down pat, tent camping went well. I can’t wait to see what this series has in store.

  16. Maalik

    When you said she never ate poop, I looked straight at my new pup who for some reason has a habit of eating her poop once in a while… I have only started watching your videos that past month as we just got our first puppy Xena 2 weeks ago and they have been a huge help 🙂 Love your work with George and Inertia is soo cute. Love from Australia <3

  17. saraco501

    what about angela?

  18. Larissa Briesemeister

    As a new puppy parent in similar skills as Veronica about to take her camping for the first time, I appreciate this video. I’m hoping for how to manage her adjustment to a long lead, how to manage keeping her leashed at all times outside of her crate, and how to navigate various travel stops with a pup! This series is very helpful.

  19. Charlie Twigg

    Zak, Bree…you must be living right !Veronica loves Frisbee!

  20. Na z

    Omg! I love tiny house adventures! So fun!

  21. Nancy S

    I think this is a great thing to do. I like the new way of training (all the new sites and smells) and if I didn’t have 4 dogs (who are not nearly as well trained) I would love to do this. I’d need s bigger trailer or a motor home. I have been looking. I get impatient waiting for your next video! Keep em coming!

  22. Sue Barlow

    Zac, how on earth did you choose what shoes to take?

  23. Pyjamateur

    Totally waiting for this one since you made the annoucement on instagram! Amazing!

  24. Eric Swells

    I love this new travel series! Thx

  25. C. Cooper

    Great idea for the series! It’s great for dog training, but also, after seeing this, I think I changed my mind about having an RV with the dogs! It sounds great, but WOW what a challenge. Good luck, I’ll keep watching.

  26. Lethal

    First mistake was to look over your shoulder!
    Use the mirrors.

  27. Paula Christie

    What kind of harness is Veronica wearing.

  28. John D

    Your new adventure sounds so cool. We traveled full time in an RV for 8 years with 2 adult wire fox terriers. And like you, my biggest fear was them jumping out the door unleashed. Luckily it only happened once and that was during a thunderstorm. Both of those dogs have passed and now we have a 4 month old Airedale puppy. We live in a house now and I can’t imagine trying to train him in our RV. We still have an RV and will be traveling part time starting in August. Until then, I’m looking forward to seeing how you deal with a puppy in an RV.

  29. Brittany Panus

    Yes I absolutely debrief the day with my dogs. The highs and lows. Lol but Zak’s excitement for the frisbee catch takes the cake. So funny.

  30. Anne Skretting

    I LOVE this idea! Would like to see how you deal with home alone-training for both Inertia and Veronica in a new environment like this. Is Inertia’s skill to be comfortable alone so generalized that you would be able to leave her in every new environment, or do you need to start training over again with every new environment you introduce

  31. Nicole P

    Love this series! This is my dream!

  32. Forest Ana

    I always support traveling!

  33. Robyn A. Friedman

    I’m loving the new series, and I’m jealous of the decision you made to go on the road. You’re living my fantasy! I’m living vicariously through your travels! One thing I’d wish you’d address is how to stop a puppy from eating everything he or she sees outside. I have an 11-month-old puppy, and even though he’s perfect with both the “leave it” and “drop it” commands inside the house, he loses all control outside and picks up twigs, leaves, dirt, duck poop, etc. How can I get him to stop doing this? P.S. I was able to train my dog completely by watching your videos, so thank you!

  34. Jurgita Bernatavičiūtė

    I’m so jealous right now!!! Have fun, guys!
    I just hope you didn’t sell your gorgeous house!!😢😢
    Nit that it’s any of my business!😅

  35. James Harrington

    “DVD player if you’re old” hahah

  36. C B

    I am so happy you are doing this. Now your training is real and relatable. Many of us want to take dogs away on holidays so to watch you with two dogs in your RV is wonderful. This is going to be your best series yet, thankyou.

  37. MitchOz

    Awesome decision keep going!

  38. Ambi Cahira

    This is how ones youth should be spent. Adventures! Memories! Experiences! Stories. ^^

    My cavapoo puppy is so promising in retrieving and scentwork and I’m crazy excited! I hoped but I know individuals can find mouthy stuff yucky but she has that poodle spaniel genetics shining through so beautifully! Yay xD

  39. 🌻 Soniashnyk 🌻 -Sunflower-

    I havent watched this yet, but im scared lol.

  40. rosemary20001

    Veronica is the cutest cutie patootie I’ve ever seen! I love her!

  41. Jenni Stevenson

    Brilliant xx

  42. Claudia Harris

    You’re going to love it!!!!

  43. miltonkchambers

    You are doing it right! Enjoy your adventure, live life, be a great model to others! You are making good choices.

  44. Katherine Sica

    I think the trip is great for you two and the pups! Not so sure I could live in a trailer like that, though. Well you both are much much younger than me so maybe that’s the difference 😂😂😂😂😂

  45. Wormwood78

    This looks great! I hope everything goes well.

  46. Gabrielle McCarthy

    Zak and Bree literally living my dream. I think this will be the best series yet!!

  47. William Thomas

    It’s a great idea. The dogs will love having new adventures.

  48. yap yeah

    I learned how to communicate with my dog through Inertia’s series and I now have this amazing dog ,that’s been on the road with me for two years! A hearty dose of exercise, training and love and they adapt to anything!😊

  49. Stephanie Unknown

    I’m loving all the places you guys are sharing with us (on Instagram) and it looks like the dogs are really enjoying it. What about Angela? Did she go with you guys or is someone taking care of her? Curious to see how the road trip would be with 2 dogs and a cat. Can’t wait to see more on the road trip series.

  50. Cameron M

    Great dogs, Great wife, camper and a truck…… is good

  51. BeautifulBookWyrm

    Yay!!! Adventure! Great idea to change things up!

  52. Cameron M

    i have a deposit in to a breeder for a Miniiture Schnauzer puppy, my third. . not sure when, has not even bred yet

  53. Cameron M

    your channel is my go to, love the idea

  54. Jen O

    Frisbee catch – Inertial showed Veronica how it’s done, then Veronica aced it! 😃💖💖

  55. absurdistsloth

    omg so exciting! i can’t wait to see the next episode. you and the pups are killing it!

  56. John Moreau

    Routines are actually not good for dogs and inevitably crate a lot of anxiety. I would be focused on calmness and impulse control on this trip with the pup. LAT will be your friend for all the novelty she will experience.

  57. Lily Darrow

    As someone who lives in Colorado I’m excited to see you spend a few days here. I’m very excited for this series and I think it’s gonna be really good for the dogs 🙂

  58. bailey c

    Here is the secret to back up a trailer: put your hand on the bottom of the steering wheel. Whatever way you want to trailer to go, turn that direction, it will follow. You dont have to think backwards. Hope that makes sense. It helped me a lot.

  59. Sam C

    Definitely the best decision!

  60. Beverly Philbeck

    You’re going to LOVE it! We traveled cross country twice with our 2 dogs and it was amazing! Good luck with your new adventure. Will be following along your journey.

  61. Jjess Eve

    Go team!! Excited for your adventures ☺️ when we trip I map out forest walks and swim spots for our breaks (traveling with kids & a dog)

  62. corerilla

    Zak, I live in Taylorsville, MS. That is about 30 minutes from Laurel. When you said you got your truck from Kim’s, I was reminded of when we got our 2021 Sienna from them. They are great to work with and awesome service. Wish I knew you guys were in the area. I would have LOVED to meet you. Your channel has helped me train our 7 dogs (1 being a new puppy we found…ok she found us). I am having a hard time with her training with pawing. She is about 8 mths max. She is all legs, looks to be mostly if not all Lab. Anyways, we would take her outside for about 10, bring her back in, and 30ish later pees on the floor. This is getting less and less, but still frustrates us. We watch for sniffing, listen for whines, but there are still spots. I have taken to putting her in her crate when I want to eat and let her out, taking her out afterwards, but still…spots. She does phantom pee or short squats most of the time except the first in the morning. How do I make sure she finishes before we go back in?

  63. Jennie Law

    Hahahaha 😂 hi from Cheshire Great Britain 😍……this trip looks like an absolute blast, crossed with thoughts of “what the f**ck have we let ourselves in for???” 🧐😧😱 Utterly unforgettable and hilarious chaos you will remember forever! 😀🤗😍 Absolute respect from me 😻

  64. mikala oosterhof

    This looks like it is going to be a amazing series. Can’t wait to see where this goes.

  65. Ginloki

    Used to like your vids, but i subscribed after seeing this video, suoer excited for the next one

  66. lucy snowe

    Well, apart from gas prices, it seems like the adventure of a lifetime!

  67. UnShockable

    Wow , what a wonderful adventure.

  68. Suzie Cooley

    Love This!!! We RV with our Golden Retriever. I learned a few things quickly… 1 – cover the steps. The holes in the steps can catch the pup’s toe nail and cause injury. Camping World or another such store carries them. 2 – mental stimulation while driving helps ALOT! Kongs, treat games, etc. 3 – we got a metal folding pen so we can create a mini yard wherever we go, along with folding crates for outdoor resting time. And 4 – put gps collars on them… Just. In. Case.
    Those are just helpful hints from a seasoned RV-ER with dogs.
    Oh ya…
    BEST decision of your life!!!!
    You will upgrade to a Class A before you know it!

  69. karen Eaton

    This format is fun, Veronica is learning lots and is good to see difference in a 3 year old trained dog versus puppy

  70. Ann Robinson

    I think the trip is exciting, and look forward to following your adventures in training this way.

  71. here hold this will ya

    I once watched a man named monkey get a dose of road rage one night, then proceed to back a utility trailer at top speed, in one whip, into a parking space between two cars. I clinched up, but he was right between his lines!

  72. S Stone

    No matter what you do I thoroughly enjoy your videos. Do whatever feels right for you. Feel free to follow the gentle zephyrs or blusterous winds where they may take you on your adventures. =)

  73. Jay

    I personally prefer the traditional series – I like watching the progression in a home because it’s more similar to our set-ups, but that’s not to say this isn’t fun for a one-off series. I would like to see you work on STAY with Veronica.

  74. Storm Savage

    Loved the start

  75. Storm Savage


  76. Annette Twiggs

    I’m liking this format and I’m interested in how the dogs do with the traveling. I suspect that both of them will do great. Can’t wait to see how you correct the barking issues.

  77. The Animal Channel

    the world has been waiting for this video for ever

  78. Kevin Cook

    How Exciting ! I think it is GREAT! Cannot wait for Episode 2 !

  79. Ally Bulloch

    Travelling in an RV is a lot of fun and I think it was a great idea. I’d love to travel and camp with my dog so I’m sure I’ll be getting some great ideas from you. I’d like to have some info on halters that prevent pulling. My puppy is 6 months and I’d like to prevent him from pulling me down the road! Thanks!

  80. belami_brian

    I love the trip idea! Mainly because I’d like to travel across Canada within the next 1-3 years. I’m retired now. So I’m learning a lot. I thinking of getting a dog too. I just love this series, and everything else you both do! Keep up the good work!

  81. Adly Peña

    The sponsorship at the beginning had me dying of laughter!!! 😂😂 it was great!!!

  82. Jennifer Hill

    Woah curve ball. I’m super excited for it.

  83. Shan & Chef

    Found your channel recently because we have had a new puppy join our family. I love how you show that even experienced trainers have issues and you show the process, not just when it has already been mastered. It definitely helps me when I think I’m in over my head. Keep up the great channel. You guys are great!

  84. Hippie Bits

    I’m only 6 min in but this should be great fun and no problem with the two of you to manage the dogs. I would recommend getting at least a basic little hand tool kit to make minor adjustments and repairs in case anything works itself loose. Super excited for you guys and I think the dogs will love it!

  85. Creative Diamond Dogs

    Looking forward to seeing all of it. The change up is nice to see. 🙂

  86. Sandra van Pijkeren

    oooo i love this

  87. Tracey Meek

    The key to backing a trailer is to draw an imaginary line on the ground that you want the (inside of the turn) trailer tires to follow. Then just focus on the line and whether the tires are on it. It’s easier if you use your side mirror. Practice in a large lot so you don’t have to worry about the front of the truck. Then work into tighter conditions. Good luck!

  88. LaVerne Reenan

    i love it!

  89. Lusine Davtyan

    Can you teach Veronica how to hug Inertia when she gets a bit bigger?

  90. Alisa Larsen

    Don’t miss out on Canyonlands national park in UT!

  91. icatz

    That is hands down the best YT intro I’ve ever seen! I’m loving your adventure. TFS ❤️💔🦅🦅🏏

  92. Ann Hansen

    After reading another comment, I have to agree: watching Bre become a great trainer is partly what is making the Veronica adventure so appealing. Yes, you do work well together! And I love that you keep your language completely clean and inoffensive! Thank you!

  93. Manuela*

    I think it’s an awsome idea!! The dogs will get so much life experience <3 I love how you talk to them at night, will definetly do that from now on!

  94. Max Weninger

    Road trips are the best thing you can do with your dogs

  95. Ann Hansen

    Since you’ve gotten Veronica, each episode has been a favorite! I’m looking forward to watching how you work through her barking.

    I have three small dogs that make sport of watching for things to bark and howl about, though quiet down easily unless someone comes inside. You have at least taught us how dogs think and how THEY interpret what we do.

    I do NOT like “camping” but this is fascinating. My first question? How on earth do you get your Bark Boxes…or Amazon orders?!!

    Happy Trails and Tails! 🛻 💭

  96. Francis Joseph

    Already get the monthly Bark Box. Thanks… Because of you. Looking forward to seeing future vlogs.

  97. CHWKfun

    OMG love love love this episode especially the night time bed time stories!!!

  98. Arbory Masters LLC.

    That bark box promo was awesome.

  99. Danielle Sunley

    Fantastic new video. I love to see how Inertia interacts with her new sister. We have just got a new border collie pup and our 6 year old collie is learning to live with her new brother.The Pupford app is great and he is enrolled in the training club that we take Skye to for when he is vaccinated. I would love to see how you work through jealousy/resource guarding when you introduce a new puppy to an older dog. Skye has been the puppy for 6 years and thinks all of the toys are hers because out 16 year old dog doesn’t ever play.

  100. Matt Carves

    We live in New Zealand and that’s one of our goals to travel our country. We love watching travel shows, good luck on your travels.👍🐕

  101. C Gallo

    In life, it’s not where you go, it’s who you travel with and Zak, you have 3 lovely ladies on your trip. Nice to see the different training and playing venues you guys are finding along the way. I envy you for having so many choices at home to go to also. We are in a multi-year drought here in Central CA., and our dog parks and people parks are mostly dust bowls. It’s so hard to wait for your next YouTube episode cuz you always leave us wanting more. You and Bree and your fur kids are a hoot!! I’m glad you’re living the dream.

  102. Elyska Chapman

    As a viewer I’m quite excited for this series. We love vanlife channels so this is going to be a fun hybrid!

  103. Lynn Hoffman

    So happy to see you RVing. I started watching your dog training videos when I took the leap to buy a class B van RV. My biggest fear was traveling with Tristan, my Welsh terrier. He is a keen watchdog & barks at any slight noise or stranger. I avoid campgrounds. Harvest Host works well for privacy. Enjoy your travels. Please post more traveling with dog videos. We need you guidance.

  104. Sunny Games

    Excited to see this new series and just as I’m looking into an RV for some cross country adventures with my wife and 8 month year old puppy! (Awesome timing) Great idea for content! Can’t wait to see more

  105. Cruzan9

    Nothing wrong with doing something different. You’re either going to love it or you won’t. We never stop learning. I’m looking forward to watching your journey as you train. Also, I think if Veronica were to double catch frisbees, Zak may hyperventilate from excitement. 😄

  106. WisconsinBound

    Good video you need another RV. You seem to have one that is perfect fit for the girls but where will you and Brie sleep hahaha

  107. turtle toes

    Ah yes the things I wish I was able to do before kids… have fun guys

  108. Smash

    I can see myself doing this with my dogs one day!! Very exciting for you all, and will be informative for all of us to watch!! Thanks for everything you all do 🙂

  109. fuzzeebear1

    I’m excited about this!! We lost our gamy dog of 11 years a few ms ago and next week we will bring our our new puppy. Our dog was 8 when we got our trailer so she was trained. Having a new puppy and introducing her to trailer/camping/ travel/hiking I can’t wait to watch ..

  110. MaLu

    Really excited 😊

  111. Future de Manipur Vlog

    You are doing great👍😊

  112. MaLu

    I am completely and absolutely down for this trip!!!!

  113. Farva Car ramrod

    Some advice for backing up with that small trailer. Us small steering wheel movements. Most new people backing a trailer turn the wheel too much.
    All you need is a 1/4 – 1/2 turn of the steering wheel. Good luck on your adventure

  114. Natalie Ziegler

    Finally the video quality is great again so that I can keep watching all of the wonderful future episodes of this fun filled, interesting new series. Looking forward to it!

  115. The Nail Polish Hound

    I hope you are doing this for yourselves and not just for views 🤗

  116. TexasLady

    I would love to do this but I’d honestly would need a trailer three times that size. No way my husband and I could be in a tiny home and have both of us survive! Not to mention I have a Kelpie/Heeler mix that barks at everything. We would for sure get kicked out of every RV park. I hope you all enjoy your RV time!

  117. kavita deva

    Best decision of your life for sure. I have been full timing in my RV for over 20 years!! I’m a single woman and I’m with my service dog and it is the best lifestyle ever. I could never go back and live in a home or any kind of fixed dwelling. I’m a nomad at heart and this was the best decision I ever made over 20 years ago. You and Bree are going to have the time of your life. There’s so much to enjoy and appreciate in our country. The nature is mind-blowing people are interesting and there’s always something new around the bend. Congratulations on your awesome decision I don’t think you’re going to regret it one little bit. Happy trails Zak, Bree, Inertia and Veronica🚍❤️🔥🐾🐾🐾🌻🐕

  118. CC 3KidsL8ter

    This is awesome! I would love to see Veronica learn to catch the frisbee and then have both her and Inertia run out to catch their frisbees simultaneously

  119. Here This

    Inertia is a little bit like the daughter of Venus . 🥰

  120. Bayu Rangsang

    i am looking forward to this new chapter of RV life adventure you’re gonna have! it would help so much people that is dealing with owning a dog in much more dynamic environment and tight spaces in small residential house

    anyway, Zak. i want to address my previous comment in your previous video. i said that the color is kinda washed off on your recent video, but in this video, everything is going back to normal, the color grading is vibrant and nice. thank you for making a change to your video setting, Zak. 🥲😀👍

  121. Jennifer Mitchell

    Yay, can’t wait to see your filming in 🇨🇦😁 Love this series…it’s realistic to take your dogs new places and then you and your dog have to figure it all out and deal with the better family training than that. Love seeing your two dogs bond…and doggie bedtime stories should be a new feature 😜

  122. MaLu

    Again ….. 1 minute … I LOVE the drama

  123. Sislertx

    Good luck…u will need it.

  124. pipachan

    I love this! You just combined my two passions: doggo’s and camping! I’m super excited to see how this series will progress. Love you guys!

  125. Sislertx

    Best when young.

    When u get.old…and im pushing know…u anyplace

  126. Puppy Girl

    This format is good. Love to see your adventures. How you guys are doing on your journey.

  127. sigur Gaming

    Are u coming to norway?

  128. Taija Leslie

    This is awesome!!! I lived in an RV for 2 years. I didn’t travel everyday like you guys, but I was able to move around a lot. I loved it and so glad I did it! The training maybe more difficult, but the end result of Veronica being so versatile with everything will so be worth it, I feel!
    Have fun!!! 😁

  129. Eireannach

    I have never been bored watching the other formats since I discovered you 5 months ago. But this series is really one level above! I will be able to follow your dog training tips while discovering the beauty of North America.
    Greetings from Brazil by a Frenchie!

  130. Hellcy

    You decided to start a cross-country road trip journey when fuel prices are at the highest they’ve basically ever been. Good luck!

  131. Wred

    Be cool to see some dog-training colabs with camp-tubers with dogs, like Eva Zu Beck just got a puppy, then there’s DogCatManVan or TTTHEFINEPRINTTT. Probably hard to arrange cause they move around, I’m just saying… be cool :>

  132. Carmel O'Driscoll

    WOW! This looks exciting 😊 I look forward to following you guys on your journey ☺️

  133. dessny

    We took a 6,000 mile road trip with our 3lb, 6 month old puppy May-June in our adventure van. Our puppy learned so much he wouldn’t have learned otherwise while on the trip. He DID learn to bark more too after being with other dogs more. We are still working on his fear of the unknown. If he thinks he sees ir smells something, he will stop in his tracks. Veronica and Inertia look fearless!

  134. Angelica_Online

    That was my favorite Bark Box promo ever! 🤣🦖🦕🐾🐾

  135. amy smith

    Wonderful! Fresh content, exciting new adventures, had me smiling!!!! All the best to you guys 🙂

  136. mcatronw

    I love this. I take my dogs car camping with me all the time so this is awesome! I’m always a little afraid when I get into bear and moose country so I will be interested to see how you handle that, and general campsite and hiking trail manners. Hope y’all are enjoying yourselves!

  137. mv

    Its so frustrating how little views your videos get man. You deserve so much more

  138. mcatronw

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