Is the Furbo Dog Camera Really Worth it?
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Is the Furbo Dog Camera Really Worth it?

Is the Furbo dog camera worth buying?

I’ll try to help you decide in this video!

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65 Thoughts to “Is the Furbo Dog Camera Really Worth it?”

  1. Wild Eye

    this is amazing! i wish that my mom would let me get it! i love how it alerts you about people,arlams. AND MORE ps im getting. PUPPY IN TWO MONTHS! could you make a video called A kids full guide to puupy care. I dont know if that has already been made. YOUR AN PAWSOME YOUTUBER!

  2. Q Hns

    serious question, I have a very strong male newfoundland. would he just eat it?

  3. kaya :3

    I’m late but I still love this video even though I’m like 5 seconds into the video 😂

  4. Rittu Jaison

    Hi this vid is really nice
    But I need ur help because I have shitzu but he bites alot
    I even saw ur vids but it did not help
    Pls help🥺🙏

  5. MSC

    Our family bought it to see and it does work but if your dog is super active I would not recommend this because our dog knocked it down and broke it after 4ish months. Hope this helps!

  6. Ian Bustamante

    Is there a video on how to train your dog to only chew the dog toy and not other stuff?

  7. Denzel Alsenay

    Hey zakk Georg I’m new to bark box If i give them my credit card info and it cost 22 dollars will it keep taking money every month and will I keep getting boxes because I just want one box and not to keep taking money out of my card ?

  8. Keertisaisri Kode

    OMG! I got it and it was so useful! I was using your link in the other video because I saw that one like whenever you posted it, but it’s really useful. I was watching your video and had to go out and my dog somehow got to the remote and started looking at YOUR VIDEOS!🤯 I thought that was like ridiculous but amazing. Thank you so much for the help training dogs!

  9. SuperSonicGoldens

    Good concept except the subscription service is required when my current dog camera is free no subscription

  10. Titan Of Titans

    My Doberman would raid that little thing lol.

  11. ROYY_ Murdock

    Zak do you have a video of how to take care of a puppy when it’s gonna be an outdoor dog? I want to get a puppy but it’s gonna be living in my backyard instead of my house. I’m a first time dog owner so I’m not sure what to do in that case

  12. Keertisaisri Kode

    With the bow on, I keep on thinking she is a puppy!🤣

  13. Kekeli Amegashie

    Meenwhile I don’t have a dog

  14. David Ramirez

    I am doing to get a medium-sized poodle. I watched ur vids to see how to prepare to train them. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

  15. Aadit Shah

    Ok so I do face this problem…. my puppy keeps barking when I’m not around…. what can I do to avoid this as I tried using a camera but it didn’t work.. he still barks at me

  16. Swayam Khanna

    please you can recommend me a dog as I live in INDIA
    I think German Shepherd will be best…..

  17. Wafflestraw

    I just got a golden retriever puppy. Do you think we should use this? Also what are some recommended treats for dogs?

  18. RC S

    I owned a Furbo and decided to return it. Nest is way better. With Nest you can save specific clips and rewind the footage more precisely for when you’re wondering why your dog got hurt or in trouble while you were away. Nest also has options of how many days in the past you want to keep on record constantly. Nest has bark alerts, motion alerts, sound alerts, and people alerts. I tried numerous types of tiny treats in my Furbo and they often got stuck and my dog kept wanting to attack it for treats even when it was higher up. The app functionality in Nest is also more user friendly. Nest is overall a better multipurpose monitoring product for dogs and homes. You can also talk to your dog through Nest and connect it to your Google home system. There are other benefits too but this comment is getting too long😄

  19. jessica yao

    Love your vids. Thinking about getting a dog so all this info is gonna help. Love Inertia!!! ❤️

  20. Sektor RBLX

    Hi.I dont know where else I should ask this: 2 weeks ago I got a new puppy.Hes a 10 weeks old husky.The issue is that he always starts eating grass or mud at random locations in my garden. So ive been wondering why he does that and if its normal and how I can train him to not do that.I think its something that puppies usually do but Im not sure if I want him to do that.Id be very pleased if someone could help me! THANKS!

  21. Odessa Arbon

    I have 10 puppies!!!!

  22. Qllix

    We are getting sheltie puppy next week! Cant wait to binge whole series with Inertia.

  23. Shea Golden

    I have a Kerry blue and love watching this

  24. L Buckley

    My dog knows treats come out and breaks it to get the treats.

  25. Dennis Kashkin

    If you need a dog monitor with bark alerts, there is a free app for that called Barksense. It basically turns your old phone or tablet into a robust dog monitor. The bark alerts have configurable duration. For example, you can tell it to alert you only if your dog gets noisy for more than 5 minutes. It can even try to calm down or distract your dog by playing your custom voice messages in response to barking. I’ve been using it for a couple of months with my beagle and it seems to be 100% reliable.

  26. Niranjanan J

    I have a 3 month old beagle and he knows at least 7 commands perfectly.
    Thanks Zac!!

  27. Julian Andre

    Worth it for puppies or dogs you need to keep an eye on. If you have a well behaved dog you’d be fine without it

  28. Allan Nielsen

    Train your dog right and put in the hours. And you own level of anxiety will go down. It’s something you might want, not need.

  29. Jose YT

    what’s the discounted code

  30. Rayyan Bousaleh

    So I’m 13, and im obviously still in school. My uncle has 2 golden retrievers, and I walk-through with him everyday. A few days ago, he gave me one of them, and I was rly happy. But the thing is, he believes dog training is about dominance and he hits the dogs with the leashes. I believe I the opposite; I usually try to train my dog by rewarding her for doing the right thing instead of punishing her for doing the ewrong thing. I also understand a good amount of how dog training works, even though I’ve only started actually training a week ago. I still don’t have treats and I will get some. Now the main part here is that today when I was walking with the dogs, one of them started playing really aggressively with me, jumping and even biting me. They’re almost 9 months old and they’re still not trainen. They haven’t even had a single treat in their lives; only whips with the belt. I really need a solution this and I willing to do anything to stop this from happening again (the dog biting and jumping) because they are almost adults and they’re big in size, and their bites and scratches are really painful. Hopefully u read this comment Zak and help me find a solution.

  31. OnlyMonkeyBiz

    How much does it cost??

  32. ERaZe THaNoS

    First I guess lol

  33. Sarah Akers

    Guys right now is Prime day on Amazon and there’s a deal on the Furbo

  34. Jack Ebert

    Under 1k gang

  35. Shashank D

    Hey zak plzzzz make a vedio on how to teach your dog to not listen strangers commands
    Plzz make it

  36. Hafez Elachkar

    btw thanks zak so much for pupford 30 day training its amazing

  37. The Gamer Girl


  38. Pack Unpack Repack

    Don’t know about the camera …if you say so …I’ll get one ❤️😉

  39. Ibrahim Aboelneil

    i really want a lab but it is really hard to convince my parents

  40. MusicLegendIX

    Apparently this thing is $100 off on Amazon for amazon prime day

  41. Deepa Suresh

    Hey Zak one day question : Does Inertia try herd your cat?

  42. Matisse 5B Kaluzny

    I love these Videos

  43. Éverton Santos

    How on heart can you teache a dog to bark when you ask?

  44. Hari Chand

    You know what , I’ll actually purchase this one . It is a good investment actually.

  45. Cbse Alien

    I am getting a 40 days golden retriever female puppy this month, I AM SO EXCITED!!!

  46. Roberto Garza

    Is this sponsored?

  47. jedeen hanson

    Zak, talk about a bichon frise

  48. Matisse 5B Kaluzny

    Thank you so much


    If turbo gave money you will do.

  50. Star Sisters

    Very nice 👍 video
    Inertia is very cute

  51. John Royle

    It’s also a good security camera,I see you mentioned that now.

  52. Ray's World

    Plz answer me Zak

  53. TheKoolMelon Productions

    Love Zak George! ❤️😍😁

  54. Olivia and Amy the cat .W


  55. Uma Murillo

    Thank you for this video now I know that I can truly depend on the camera. (I bought it a few days ago.)

  56. Dede

    and im the 8th comment, hi!

  57. Keira Babu

    Love your videos Zak

  58. Slappy Beaver

    Awesome! this is great!

  59. 100K Subscribers Without Videos Challenge

    Literally 99% won’t see this but if you do, God bless you, stay safe and have a wonderful day.🙏 fwfhr5t

  60. iicxmbee

    Thanks for making this video! I am about to buy this for my dog, but thanks anyways!

  61. Adasha Amazing

    Hi! 1! Love you!

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