Is My Own Dog Untrainable?!

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Is My Own Dog Untrainable?!

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92 Thoughts to “Is My Own Dog Untrainable?!”

  1. Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution

    This video was shot about 3 months ago. Remember that if you are curious to see where Inertia is today: Go here:

  2. Amy Baldwin

    We call it Meerkat, but our Corgis learned sit pretty in less than five minutes. I think their stumpy legs and wide butt make it an easy position for them. Zoe will do it on her own anytime someone comes in the house, hopping for chest scritches.

  3. Zoe Summers

    When are PupBox going to be available in the UK?

  4. Goose girl Ax

    i love chicken hearts i eat them when I’m in brazil sooo good

  5. MAkylA Miller

    Zak what is the brand of exercise play pen attached to her cage

  6. Avery Yammerino

    Hello, is the the coupon for the pup box 50 percent off all the months you get the box. i’m really looking to get one.

  7. Mirandac04

    Zak do you have a video on how to teach your puppy to not eat his own waste??? I have tried Leave it, and cleaning up immediately, nothing is working. in fact I feel like it’s getting worse. I am at my wits end. Please advise me where to turn!! I’ve enjoyed your videos and been trying your methods. Thank you.

  8. Monika

    Next year I’m gonna get a border collie puppy and a few weeks ago I started binging this series. I like to plan ahead.

  9. Belle Pope

    Does inertia pull on lead and if so how do you stop it?
    My dog is almost2 and has problems with his back legs. And pulls on lead, we can no longer walk him on lead because it hurts him, and he doesn’t always return when we call him. Is there anything I can do so he walks better on lead?

  10. European Empire

    “Pupbox made my job much safer” – The mailman

  11. PhotographyAddict

    I love this series so much!! It is so helpful, even if my dog isn’t having some problems Inertia has he has some of the same so I find those videos super helpful. I watched you before I even had my dog.

  12. Neo_Agility K-9

    She did so good in the bath! My dog is well behaved, training for agility bit absolutely hates baths. I dont understand dogs sometimes. Keep up your good work. Inertia is turning out great!

  13. Lioness006

    I taught my dog to shake shake shake after her bath. I’d pull the shower curtain closed and say shake shake shake to get her to shake INSIDE the shower to avoid getting water everywhere and then let her jump out and into a big towel. Her fave part of a bath is the toweling off process, so it was a reward in itself. Plus, more attention from me. lol It helps that she’s a lab mix and loves water!
    I also taught my dog beg, which looks similar to your look pretty. It was pretty easy for her and she seems to actually like to do it, which made it even easier. She loves learning. Even at 12, she’s still ready to learn. I’m currently trying to teach her the difference between Quiet Speak and Speak (kinda like inside voice vs outside voice). She does pretty well. She loves praise and attention more than treats, so it’s pretty easy with her.

  14. Sara Marsh

    She loves the yellow frisbee

  15. Kay Portugal

    How often do you bathe Inertial?

  16. Name is Mr. Welcome

    Please like my video Zak my Alaskan Kee Kia is just Born

  17. Chels

    I think it’s important to remember Inertia is a herd dog not a traditional house dog. I’d say you’ve done well with her considering what she’d bred for 🙂

  18. Connor Moran

    You should only play tug side to side, not up and down for the well being of your dog.

  19. panzertoo

    It’s a cliche when people claim to have trained thousands of dogs ,when people claim to have trained thousands of dog it’s begs the question to what level and considering the guy cannot produce a finished animal I would say that’s a bold face lie , no one has trained thousands of dogs

  20. Birder Collie

    I started training my sheltie sit-pretty a few days ago. Super fun!

  21. hcgmelony

    With a nervous bath time pup: dilute shampoo in a larger amount of water and apply diluted shampoo directly to the dog so there is one less step for them. No need to pre wet the dog if you have diluted shampoo.

  22. Mitchell Perry

    Hello Zak, I have just come across your channel. Can’t believe I haven’t seen your videos before, just from watching this one I have learned tonnes. I’ve realised how to make proper use of a clicker now and I’m also going to try to teach my dog how to catch a frisbee. He’s about 7 and we rescued him. For some reason, he seems to have no understanding of fetch at the moment, but ill try to get him tugging first and see how it goes. I’ve been reading an article online that suggests that training older dogs is easier than training a puppy because older dogs are more intelligent and have a longer attention span. Do you think this is true? Take a look and let me know if you think its all true stuff

  23. Ian Glenn

    Better to tug with a side to side action, not up and down. Up and down may cause an injury to Inertia. Better to let Inertia win sometimes. Never letting a dog win at tug is likely to cause them to quickly lose interest in the game. Does that sound like Inertia? Would you enjoy playing a game you never win? When experiencing problems training a dog – which you undoubtedly are with Inertia – look to blame yourself, not your dog. Google Michael Ellis’s Dog Training School. Michael Ellis is a successful, world renowned, extremely experienced, competent and highly respected trainer of dogs and of dog trainers. He not only talks the talk – being excellent at explaining the theory of dog training – but also walks the walk. You and your viewers could learn a lot from him.

  24. Gabriel Preciado

    @6:29 that Hair bro!
    Definitely respect your opinion and expertise when it comes to training , these videos have helped me turn my dog into a competent companion that I can trust to protect and my family
    Seeing inertia with her frustrations makes me feel more comfortable knowing my dog isn’t regressing in behavioral attitude

  25. Tiger Tomlinson

    I just got your book

  26. Blur Skies

    No, your dog is not untrainable… you’re just a bad trainer.

  27. Dianna R

    Are those special frisbees? They seemed a little more pliable than the ones I see at the store.

  28. MissPope2011

    Question: I need to use the training pads for potty training and eventually I want my dog to use the bathroom outside…but he’s not fully vaccinated yet! What should I do?

  29. Shayan Yousefzamani

    Finally got my GSD puppy, Pepsi. I had already known a lot of this information before the series based on some books but this series gave me the confidence to go through with it.

  30. H3llb0und

    I wish we had Pupbox in the UK, i’ve checked out alternatives but no similar services offer the quality and personalisation.

  31. Jørgen Ramdahl

    #ad for the first 15% of the video

  32. Alysani01

    a dog like that requires hard work and patience. sometimes you have to switch training techniques because dogs listen to different techniques differently.

  33. Jenny Yasi

    I think drag toys are better for puppies, because that associates the reinforcement more with YOU than teaching the dog that the prize is “out there” in the environment. No question, Inertia and you can become a great frisbee team! I wouldn’t rush it though. Dog’s shouldn’t be jumping and leaping around til 18 months or more, as their skeleton is loosie goosie til then. Another reason a drag toy is great at first is it prevents undesirable rehearsals of imperfect retrieves.

  34. Barbara Heathcote

    Zac you are so exceptional at dog training. Inertia is such a good girl and you are SO patient with her. Thanks for your videos! So appreciate them! We have a 16 month old Samoyed. So these are helpful!


    if my name was Inertia id make sure i made life hell for my owner calling me that lol all makes sense

  36. Joyce Tam

    the shake off made me laugh

  37. Ian Alderige

    clickbait title

  38. Steven Pitt

    You have a high energy dog there that requires to be worked. Perhaps an obstacle course of some description would be good for her. Throwing a frisby and a ball isn’t enough for her intelligence.

  39. Mya Southwell

    I love Inertia

  40. Mya Southwell

    I love the dog

  41. panzertoo

    The fact they edit out the part where it fails to to return the frisbee over and over is odd not to mention throwing things for a dog dragging a line is dangerous

  42. WOOF

    she is great a learns fast too, all due to the great trainer. what you do is amazing

  43. Creative SPEK

    I love that you give us tips and explain them. I am trying to teach my puppy to do what I say.

  44. Alyssa Cates

    I would love to meet Inertia, did you by any chance go to the Pet fest in Lafreniere Park in November?… Because if you did, i could of met you!

  45. Steven Bukosky

    Casey is a BC also. I taught her sit pretty quickly by holding a treat over her head and having her legs rest on my arm, while saying “Sit Prettyyyy”. She learned quickly now does it automatically if I don’t feed her a treat quickly when offered.

    She’s three now. FWIW, my challenges remain calmness when people visit, barking at other dogs walking by the house and heeling on a walk. Frisbee and fetch? She was born to do that.

  46. Timo Daum

    Look, I really love your videos. But you really DON’T NEED these horrible, clickbait titles for your videos… PLEASE stop it. Please stop creating fake controversial… You really don’t need that…

  47. august

    Thank you for this series! I got a rescue dog, a jorkie (jr yorkie mix) and this series really helpd

  48. Alpha Gaming

    It takes time to train a dog I doesn’t always take a day nor a week sometimes it take months

  49. Caroline

    Just watched this and your new IG video! Inertia is BRILLIANT! She tries so hard and learns so fast! Also a big congrats to Bree for following through so nicely with Inertia’s training and progress! She’s a natural! :))

  50. Starla Sunshine

    I feel like I can’t train my dog. We have tried many methods and none of them have worked! My dog is a golden doodle and he is 3 or 4 years old. ( we’ve lost track) What should I do? Any tips?

  51. It’s Viola Rose

    1500 views before I got here…I don’t get notified fast enough lol also 6:05 she naturally shakes her head when she doesn’t want to chase something…good time to click on “no” which can be just as fun as a trick. i like teaching my dogs “no” because it’s funny when you say “go get it” and they just shake “no”. It makes people laugh especially little ones!

  52. xScopeLess

    Haven’t slept in 36 hours, but I have another 14 and a half minutes left in me.

  53. Trooper Lab

    This is just a fun video. The “reaction trainer” will complain about your title and sponsorship. Inertia was just having fun today. Nothing to complain about or make a reaction video.

  54. Kyle Johnson

    Do you use rubber frisbees?

  55. TylOOOr D

    Did you get inertia Spayed yet? Or are you waiting until after first heat?

  56. anna hatzimichali

    Why you make dislike? 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

    You are the best YouTuber!

  57. Dinu

    Dog training is not hard if you are a good dog trainer. When you are a trainer who rescpect the stress and calming signals of your dog. When you are a dog trainer instead of a random guy with 2 millions subs and camera who is slowing the process of training intentionally just for views. When you are a good trainer you will see that your dog is bored while his only reward are treats, treats, and treats. In Every video we see that Inertia is frustrated of her owner talking to camera and to her in the same time. She don’t know what is going on. She’s hiding under tables because her owner is forcing her to contact with other dogs too hard. You see that dog is reactive, he don’t trust you. It’s not about breed. It’s because your methods are bad and you can’t even notice that poor animal is bored and frustrated. Positive methods are the best way, but Zak don’t understand many of them ruining Inertia. Sorry for my bad english, im still learning.

  58. Lou Evans

    Zac you are a wonderful person and your love for Inertia is brilliant. I sincerely hope you keep up the good work and the positive attitude. Don’t allow anyone’s harsh words or opinions to tear you down.

  59. Peneleen Back

    My god she’s grown! I watched the first few episodes but stopped watching cos she was such a young pup and my new dog was older but she’s matured so much! She seems like such a lovely girl, very smart and interested in learning and she really reminds me of my collie 😀

  60. beckylietzow

    Hey Zak! I think I can help you! 😊 I grew up walking the dogs from the owner of a dog salon around the neighborhood (she always had like six or so herself that would hang out in the shop with her) and I always really enjoyed watching her work. So, naturally I learned a few helpful tips concerning grooming and bathing! 🙂 First, like you noticed yourself, the bathtub is really slippery! Get a mat ASAP for the tub and it will make her feel stable and secure and that should help a LOT with her nervousness! My second tip is to TRY and keep her face and especially her EARS DRY until right before you rinse her off. I think it was because they won’t feel as cold with dry ears and that might help them feel safe as well 🙂 Also never shower with water and shampoo only, always shower with lots of praise as well 😉 but I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that 🤣 hope this helps! Love your vids, keep it up 👍🏻

  61. David Canada

    She’s so cute I’m getting a puppy in two months I’ve been watching you’re vieoes they’ve been full of useful information.

  62. Ty Root

    Hey Zak, what kind of frisbee is that?!

  63. Iris Holmes

    Nuuu inertia are gud boi,!!

  64. A.C. Rodriguez

    Zac, many times I feel the same way with my dog! You are doing a great job. Thanks for teaching us all so much about dog training! It has helped me a lot. 🙂

  65. Emmanuel Gyasi

    Great job bro but how can I train my new puppy

  66. Dr. Pawfessor

    Another video I have to react to to protect people from believing Positive Reinforcement doesnt work.



  67. Avery Albertson

    I just got my puppy, and I’m OBSESSED with these videos, I’m so happy I’ll end up with a good dog lmao

  68. RustyPaww

    I love this series 😀

  69. Aria.Sterling

    How big of a treat should I give my puppy? Some people say as big as a grain of rice, would it be too small? Like a chicken breast for example, a grain of rice size of chicken breast as treat for training?

  70. EyeLUVMYPitbull Peaches

    Great vid 👍💪❤

  71. SUPERfabulousJess

    Inertia 😍 I am excited to see what tricks you are going to train her to do in the future! The frisbees you use are they specifically dog frisbees ? They look potentially more bendable then your traditional frisbee.

  72. tiham tasfia gaming

    She is 6 months now!! First i saw her when she was 2 month.goold luck inertia!!

  73. Freya Keogh

    Hello Zak, and of course hello Bree, Indy and Inertia! I have a patterdale terrier named Dustin, he is a rescue and has quite a story! He is almost two and I’ve taught him many tricks, following your techniques of course!

  74. shobin

    Where are u from plz reply me? ☺️

  75. Gacha W H I T E F O X

    I’m so early!! I love inertia she’s learned so much!

  76. CarpetMunchersHD

    Do anyone know what frisbee he was using in the video? The clear bendy one.

  77. Krishna Shastri

    Your inspirational,so good at what u doooo…..your love towards dog n their training inspired me to the core…..and I too wanna be the best doggo trainer😭😍…… inertia grew so much😍!!!!

  78. Survivalmax736

    Hi Zak

  79. THE DOGGOO 개 벤지

    I need to get my puppy a frisbee because he likes jumping when catching his ball, so maybe it’ll be easy for him to catch a flying frisbee 🙂

  80. Trap Drip

    Goob job! 🙂 Keep it up! Would you like to be YouTube friends? :]

  81. Trap Drip

    Good! Keep it up! Would you like to be YouTube friends? :]

  82. Ashlee Romer

    hi!! Zak your videos are so amazing! Tell Inertia she is so smart and cute. THANKS FOR LISTENING TO ME AND DOING A BATH VIDEO!!!

  83. Jags N

    Zak your videos really help me with training my dog. I really wish you always succeed in training any dog. Love your channel ❤❤❤

  84. Gajender Singh Chauhan

    That’s not easy to train a dog like that.
    It needs efforts.
    We can just heads off to you

  85. Betzaida Moy army lucky 3rd


  86. Mr K-rim

    Heart for me ????

  87. Buchanan Family

    Can I am Happy to report that today I might be getting two dogs i’m going to check out the breeder tonight and see if they’re the right dogs if so I will be bringing them home I’m really excited and I’ve been following your videos for two years now I think I’m ready by the way I love your channel please like this comment and you have been very helpful

  88. Richard Garcia

    I got a pup box and it’s amazing!!

  89. Chunderic Waddy

    Third person to comment

  90. Lohith Prasad


  91. B Ream

    How am I even this early?

  92. Tony Ferguson The Typa Guy

    First boii I need to get a pupbox

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