IPO Training Secrets - Schutzhund Dog Training
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IPO Training Secrets – Schutzhund Dog Training

Training your dog in IPO / IGP / Schutzhund means dealing with a very high drive working dog. Some trainers will force the dog to learn, other use a different approach. In this short clip, Frank Phillips lets me in on a HUGE SECRET in his methodology of dog training. This secret has led Frank to be one of the top competitors (and judges) in the world.

How do you train your dog?

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3 Thoughts to “IPO Training Secrets – Schutzhund Dog Training”

  1. Kristina Zlaya

    honestly, the competitive obedience and the way competitive obedience is trained nowadays are amazing!
    The methods and technics went so far and people are very creative. If you watch obedience in the 1980-90s vs now it’s such a difference!

  2. Floyd's K9

    Thank you this was amazing

  3. Jojo Perez

    Ur amazing!!!

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