Insanely Aggressive Chihuahua IGNORES the FEMALES! Barking Rat

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Insanely Aggressive Chihuahua IGNORES the FEMALES! Barking Rat

Want To Own a Rat Dog?, Chihuahua Is The Smallest Dog Breed with An insanely “Aggressive” personality, Chihuahua Barking, Doberman Vs Husky Dominance Behavior at the Dog park, Funny Applehead

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Welcome to my channel!. I own a Crazy Siberian Husky. It started when he was a little Husky Puppy. The goal of this channel is for us to meet every dog breed possible!. I Try and capture my Husky Howling but he’s to majestic I guess. Think of this channel as a Husky 101 With everything you sometimes should not do. Huskies are an extremely unique breed . Talking is a big factor in a video. Thats why I’m here!

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500 Thoughts to “Insanely Aggressive Chihuahua IGNORES the FEMALES! Barking Rat”

  1. June Pirnik

    Da rat lol!!! Mine is a deer head lol

  2. Redz_ Gaming

    My chihuahua weighs 11 pounds

  3. Redz_ Gaming

    What about tea cup

  4. Narcedalia Calderon

    5:44 dat noise though😂

  5. OnlySesil 1718

    I would use a harness for da rat cuz you could could damage the neck but whilst watching this vid I was cuddling my long haired chihuahua 🤣🤣

  6. Un-Ordinary 01

    How do you run and yell at the same time huh? 😂

  7. destany leonard

    I have an apple head Chihuahua she is 7 years old sometimes shes annoying as hell but i love her

  8. Rounds!

    Krypton would have punched his ass

  9. wolfie gamer xox

    2:07 look at him *dA rAt*

  10. Icy Pawz102

    Aww. So adorable. 💕😝

  11. Nike Cruz

    yo let’s meet up and introduce our chihuahuas

  12. Nike Cruz

    yo I have a deer head chihuahua and he is the same damn way bro

  13. Ice Out

    8:16 pause look to the right it looked like a dick

  14. Silvus Sol

    Chihuahua = Shaky Hate Rat

  15. yunG loCsta

    He said hes hittin tge vtec😂😂

  16. Josephine

    I had an apple head named Goliath and he barely barks, but when he does he sounds like he’s smoked 50 packs of cigarettes lol.

  17. Danny Chanel

    I like this

  18. Andrew Tobias

    Love da RAT! More videos please.

  19. laura Olivarez

    da rat!!!!!!!!
    Like if it’s funny

  20. andre a

    I have a deer head

  21. Ava Caceres

    Da rat is like help me there is to much girls

  22. Rewind Rabbits

    I have three apple head teacup chihuahuas, and my chihuahuas always bark and cry for no reason at all

  23. Kensley Arias

    I have one of an apple head

  24. Lorrainne Cuevas

    So so true. I have 2 ratss too.. Haha lol. N they act just like yours too.. They must be related..

  25. Neo 77

    Is a skateboard really necessary for a Chihuahua?😂

  26. king fox

    Get a new dog

  27. Ashley Calvit

    I have a apple head Chihuahua

  28. Tori_Sigma_Wolf 3

    LMFAO 😂 yelling( Da Rat! )In public ppl must think u crazy

  29. Dgr

    The way it just runs along the street with no leash and there are cars…

  30. Ninja bunny_the_gamer

    My dog is uhm a Chihuahua chi-tzu ….he only uses one ear to listen and he likes cats….sometimes lol
    ~ owner of 2 cats and a dog

    One time my dog somehow got out of the house just to bark at the neighbor’s dog, but once the neighbor’s dog escaped by jumping their fence my dog went running back into the house

  31. doggylover xoxo

    You can teach old dogs new tricks but I love this video

  32. Floria 02

    Dont cut the nail where is the red line

  33. Black & White wolf Xx

    Btw I taught my 10 year old husky loads of hard new tricks and I’m twelve 😌😍😇

    Proof that u can teach old dogs new tricks 😌

  34. Black & White wolf Xx

    If only I could show y’all a picture 😕😟

  35. Black & White wolf Xx

    My chihuahua is a cross breed between chihuahua and jackrussel 😕😇

  36. Black & White wolf Xx

    0:24 to 0:26 I already own one 😎😝😇his name is billy. Mr billy 😎

  37. Liyla Sheen

    I have a dog like that and the same color to

  38. Fairy tail amv maker

    5:33 he like help me! 😂

  39. Fire Storm

    I used to have a Chihuahua deer head and we traded to not bark that much I got everything like and they see how they Bart Muni Bart my dog won’t bark at everything

  40. Mia H

    Do a face revel


    Why do u call it rat

  42. Istiago doelrakim


  43. Triss Chey

    Yeah I got a chihuahua and she’s a booty

  44. Fraser Guthrie

    lets goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Shirayuki Wisteria

    I used to have a chihuahua, she grew to the age or 19 years and she was already blind and deaf, she died of old age and it was so sad😔

  46. Alexandra Pérez11

    If not dont be rude to the dog

  47. Alexandra Pérez11

    Or is he name is rat?

  48. Alexandra Pérez11

    Dont be rude


    4:37 got me dead

  50. gacha Fox Films

    The rat is a weird name but it suits the dog and uhh he/she is cute

  51. Adam D K

    you should try posting everyday :}

  52. Jenna Strickland

    Da rat is so hilarious

  53. TTG._ Ethan

    Damn well behave DA RAT he comes right at ya

  54. Nathan Narvaez

    imagine u just see the rat coming up to you and a guy yelling “DA RAT”😂😂😂😂😂

  55. Lil Hammy

    Da right is AFFICAIALLY Gay

  56. Maddie Chan

    Da rat is so fricken small

  57. Aesthetic_rares_. Msp

    7:09 I love how he just opens the gate with the rat 😂🤣😂🤣

  58. Courteney Smith

    I wish I found your YouTube channel sooner

  59. Kevin Rodriguez

    I have a deer head

  60. Christmas Day

    Why is his name the rat

  61. Rhinoplays

    I love when you scream da rat

  62. Nathan Silva

    I jave a mediam size chwawa and tgey are outside

  63. Stephanie Gonzales

    Is he Mexican? I’m new lol and he said “Ay guey” at the end and idk,,,

  64. Micah Johnston

    I have 5 teacups

  65. _Gälåxŷ _

    That cute baby is No Rat My friend da is an CHUBBY BABY

  66. Fighting Teamers

    New York?

  67. ᔕᗩᗪ ᔕOᑌᒪ Alien

    He’s so small I couldn’t see him!!!

  68. Spa 8

    He protecc
    He attacc
    But most importantly
    He da rat

  69. Tristian Clinton Smith

    Why name it rat

  70. Ajsilverheels1

    His voice reminds me of Alex Guzman (blesiv)

  71. Xx mechanical World Xx 3

    I got a deer head XD ❤️❤️

  72. Logan Meyer

    My 10 year old miniature pincher I have tought him to sit, lay, speak, shake, roll, and stay .
    I have been able to teach all of this in about 7 months

  73. uwu trash

    My chiuaua is a deer face. She’s 17.. I think she’s gonna die soon Cri

  74. Ezap Ghost

    Another things about chihuahuas are they are very territorial with there food

  75. Ezap Ghost

    I have teacup chihuahua

  76. HazelReys

    Can someone explain what the “v-tech” is?

  77. Esmeraa a

    I have a deerhead he’s very smart

  78. Mst- Razor

    *Here We See Da Rat In Its Natural Habitat*

  79. Bait10112 StupidAwesomeBait101

    I use to have a Chihuahua name Casper, he would sleep in my parents room and if we have to use the restroom we would have to make a run for it because he’ll bite your feet as soon you step out the room 😂

    Last Chihuahua we had was a deer Chihuahua, I was his favorite and would get get jelly if there’s was another dog next to me. It was pretty funny. When my sis would hit me just messing around he would protect me. Very over protected.
    Sadly idk what happened to him😢

    We have a shiz zu but I would love to have a Chihuahua around but my neighbor has 6 annoying squeaky Chihuahua and my few house down same street where I live there’s more than 6 Chihuahua.

    Bit of a buzz kill but maybe someday idk. Also I’ve been watching your video and giving you thumbs up so I am now gonna subscribe to your channel. Keep up the good work 👍👍👍

  80. SideBomb15

    _can I pet him?_ *_barely_*

  81. Cambu the white liger Son of zabu and camron

    DAH RAT!!!!!

  82. Lisa Lane

    Lol I <3 the way how the rat walks XD also ik somebody with a chihuahua like 2x smaller but a pup also I have a 1 and a half yr old Maltese at my dads and a 8 yr old husky at my moms

  83. Nataly

    Why don’t u take out the other dog not krypto

  84. 21 savge

    I have a deer head chua

  85. Devanee Morales

    Can you make another video of Da rat

  86. A&z productions Imvu

    Why did i laugh when the dogs fought😂

  87. LLM

    2:12 “DA RAT!!!”

  88. Jay jay

    “Ay wey, shit I almost step on him” im dead😂😂💀💀(edit cuz of grammar :”v)

  89. Jay jay

    I couldn’t see his legs when he runs. It looked like a floating Winnie 😂😂I love him💞

  90. Acid Man

    I’ve heard that chihuahuas are assholes towards other dogs

  91. Donavan Cargin

    Man, poor dogs nails are long as fuck. Funny video of course, you make me laugh.
    Edit: I see you mentioned it towards the end of the video, it will also cause pain as well besides affecting his walking.
    I know this is an old as fuck video but still.

  92. Phoenix 101

    I have a German Shepherd Purebred and we were walking her and this Chihuahua came and sniffed her and she sniffed her back and she got called by her owner and she walked off peeing 😂😂😂

  93. Gangsta Luigi

    I want an applehead now

  94. JackieRaee

    I have two chihuahuas. The girl one barks at strangers and other animals. My boy one barks at ants.😐

  95. Nick Kamp

    What does kribzone excursion mean

  96. Landen_FH4

    What do you feed the rat

  97. Princezz Perez

    I Miss My Doberman 🙁 .. Khapri I Will Always Love You Girl ❤️

  98. Stephanie Mireles

    2:10 and 2:16 I couldent see da rat at all😂😂😂😂😂hes so fricking small

  99. shear animates

    Lol “the rat!”

  100. TPT imper

    Da rat is savage


    4:00 I know I learned the hard way

  102. Leenlah Playz

    ur making the Poor thing Pull You Or What??

  103. Letisia Simental

    My pittbull can beat krypto

  104. Christian Jefferson

    Thy look the same

  105. Sealia Pancakes

    My rat is a jack Russel terrier/Chihuahua and let me tell you, if you got food, he’ll sit on the chair with you and wait till you give him something, if you don’t give him anything, he’ll yell at you until you give him a steak treat.

  106. Zoe Lauer

    “The damn rat…” im dead😂

  107. HyperX_Goblin Games

    I have a 1 year old male Belgian malinois and he takes care of our home in rosarito and I brought him to cali for a week and took him to a dog park but he was really angry and trying to bite the other dogs necks he is not neutered. He lives with his mom and his sister. Do you think it is because he is not used to other dogs or what do you think?

  108. Jose Aguado

    A Da Rat hoodie would be hella lit. like across the chest “Da rat” then his little head between da and rat

  109. goopy The only

    The little pups there are soo cute

  110. •Łêø•

    I have a apple head chiwawa

  111. ekudduke

    Mine is a deer dog lol, i have 2huskies and there ganna be parent soon bc the husky girl is pregnant

  112. Crystal Lesinski

    Periodontal disease is why his breath stinks and teeth coming out. Get it checked out

  113. Quiyworfik

    Bruh we shaved our schnauzer and he looked like a huge rat with no tail.

  114. Melanie

    I trained my cocker spaniel to sit and lay down at 7 years old

  115. Zuke 287

    Do a race between crypto and da rat
    I think you should fix your dog there are to many as it is!!!

  116. lovemefeedme

    Idk if this is just a female thing but my female chihahu is almost a year old and not house broken!! She knows it’s wrong and even true to like hide it but she goes out like 12 times a day.

  117. Tara Wolfe

    Narrator: And here we have the majestic-
    Me: -pops out of nowhere- Da Rat!

  118. Abaddonnis

    He’s hitting the vtech holy shit lmao

  119. melissa alvarez

    I love your intro 😭

  120. l GalaxyEagle l

    I love your vids👍 but lol you had me dying at this video 😂😂 “DAA RATTT!!!” 😂😂😂

  121. Wolfie’sVlogs


  122. • WolfBlood •

    Da rat is best boi

  123. Juan Raphael Aguillon


  124. Juan Raphael Aguillon

    i have been thinking thqt the rat was still a pupy

  125. BLYATMAN Jr.

    “Why you hatin on DA RAT?”

  126. Aracely Soto

    <-- :O my Chihuahua is a girl and she is a dark brown version of Da Rat

  127. Dominick marmolejo

    I fell like my Chihuahua is very different
    1 doesnt bark
    2 scared of every noise
    3 And scared of everybody he sees

  128. Thewolfie Drummer

    If you call him a rat why do you own him!

  129. Michael Fiorentino

    At the end he said, ”Shit I almost stepped on him” Lol

  130. Echo Tea

    I have the same chiwawa that weights 4 pounds a female and two other deer head chiwawa

  131. Toya&JVlogs

    I own two, a female deerhead, and a male apple-head. Those are my buddies. But you touched on a good point: BARKINGlol. My female trixie will gang up on larger dogs. She seems fearless. Peanut, my male is more laid back and a cuddlebug.

  132. Jason Maddness

    DA rat is a dad’s dogboy

  133. Melanie Moody

    I swear your Krypto impersonations and when you say “da rat!” Has me dying all the friggin time

  134. deadguy148

    You should mush like way you do with Kripto Do rat

  135. deadguy148


  136. savannah is dumb

    My favorite type of chihuahua is the long haired apple head one

  137. Ninjassy


  138. omgods1

    breath doesnt stink unless you brush the teeth daily

  139. Elizabeth Ramos

    Ok! I love Chihuahuas I cannot lie. They are what call I call the Mexican alarm system. Why because of those lovely large ears. Are like radar on top of their heads. They hear whomever it is before the knock on the front door. Best breed of dog. Loyal to the end.

  140. Carmesha Brown

    The rat is so cute go the rat go🐁🐁

  141. Sad Goldfish

    I have an apple head Chihuahua named Spectre. He is very calm and loves children 🙂

  142. The Alpha

    Im not sure if yall already did it but yall should grabs yall dogs ((except de rat….and small dogs)) and put them next to each other like sled dogs

  143. Alexa Taylor

    What camera do you use?

  144. I'm Jisoo I'm okay

    Omg this is so cute!!😂😂

  145. FitzWolf 12


    Btw his toe nails is ugly

  146. Tatiyana Renfroe

    I have a shiztu and a Chihuahua and the chihuahua is old and the shitzu is soo young like for real the chihuahua destroyed the shitzu she gets so scared 😱 but she fr act like she stronger then him I say u beta leave the old guy alone man she gets tore up X3 then I said I told u she often will eat his diet food he don’t mind I get SO mad I put her little ass out side she can sleep out there XD I get so annoyed

  147. Laz Naffziger

    I have a Chihuahua a deer head named riko and barks all the time but I love him and he hates strangers but hes cute

  148. Warri0r 919

    I’m getting a chihuahua ;-; I really hope my little brother does not Mordor it will be in my room a lot anyways ;-;

  149. Warri0r 919

    They can live to 12-20 years if there healthy

  150. gnarlychris

    Da rat reminds me of a crackhead 😂🤣

  151. Frog

    I have a chihuahua mixed with a bunch of other things and she looks like a rat and a pig lol

  152. Grease Monkey

    His little legs move so fast but he doesnt move fast XD

  153. Red Dog The Savage 08

    I have tea cup Chihuahua

  154. Bella x

    Daaaa raaaaat ! 😂😍❤️😘 love how you’re calling him back 😂

  155. Courtney Davis

    Do all your dogs’ have balls?

  156. Lucas Patrick

    The Rat is the Real OG!!

  157. Sakai Al

    My long haired Chihuahua lived till she was 98 in dog Year’s but for 14 years

  158. Payton Rhylee Smitley

    I have a 4 year old 3lb teacup chiwawa

  159. Rene Martinez

    U sounded like the grinch when u said ur a little fury rat huh

  160. Nikta

    I have a Deer Head Chihuahua and I tought her tricks at 8

  161. Irais Roman

    My dog she’s a chihuahua and she is 1 year old she just turned 1 btw but she has a pointy head like pretty pointy….what kind of dog go is mine btw I LOVE DARAT HES SOOOO CUTE 😻

  162. Icy potato

    I trained my 2 (deer head) Chihuahuas/fox terriors to be obedient, but my biggest one called truffle, only sits or rolls over when I have FOOD for her.

  163. Icy potato

    I have 2 Chihuahuas/fox terriors, but they bork too much.

  164. Itry togame


  165. Itry togame

    I have 3 malamut huskys a long haired chawawa and a bagle

  166. the unknownkitty67

    My brother call my Chihuahua a rat😂😂😂

  167. Anonymous 9899

    I love da rat make him in more videos

  168. ghost Danielieto

    Ahh the rat I bet he can’t win Luna my pitbull red nose

  169. evelyn ojeda

    I love the day rat he’s so cute he’s a cutei

  170. Millie eq

    I love the rat

  171. ÜrbâñMīßtÿ

    I have a min-pin (miniature pincher) mixed with a chihuahua her name is Raven or ravy baby, ra bae she is over weight I think she’s like 13 pounds, we are gonna stop feeding her Table food sadly. Total jerk but you gotta love them.

  172. Christina _holland

    DA RAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  173. Leonel Lopez

    Mines is missing hella teeth Lmfoa he’s like 16 years old got him as a rescue he’s black but he’s full of white hair he’s a deer head mix

  174. Gamer_Gacha_ YT

    hey I need help my Chihuahuas are big and I think they might be a dear head with another mix of a dog plz help me 😢😢😢

  175. L.P.S Fuzzi

    Wtf is the intro..

  176. alona playz alona

    My chawaw is 12 lb

  177. MarineArano

    My dad has the same bracelet

  178. Rob Clouser

    Some corrections: there is no such things as teacups, these smaller dogs are usually either sickly puppies or breeder starved puppies when they were first born, average size is 6 to 12 lbs, ALL small breeds should NEVER BE KEPT OUTSIDE, average life span for a chihuahua 5 lbs or less is 5 to 8 yrs, 5 lbs or more up to 18 years. Please give out the correct information.

  179. Gaming Console

    Who else seen the dog disappear at 6:35

  180. katrina creswell

    im getting a germanshepard pitbull mix and i have a dog mixed with four other dogs like rat terrier, shizu, chihuahua, pomerainian

  181. StefanSW

    I hate chihuahuas.

  182. Charly C

    you are soooo funny omg

  183. Esperanza Rodriguez

    You live in salinas

  184. Finnfart Plays

    i love da rat!!!!!!!!!!!

  185. brook elyn

    My chihuahua is 8 she just turned 8 her names chica

  186. Howaitorirī

    “They don’t shed” my chihuahua stress sheds to the point of I’m questioning how she even has fur left

  187. Ray Ray Wilkins

    Huskies are so pretty these dayd

  188. black darkness

    I once saw a dog that looked like the da rat in the road don’t worry the dog was fine

  189. Angelica Guzman

    I got a deer head lol

  190. Equitation Paige

    I die every time he yells DA RATT

  191. Gamer_Gacha_ YT

    my Chihuahuas are 5 years old and I’m still training them

  192. Gamer_Gacha_ YT

    I have really big Chihuahuas

  193. Angel Commander Shepard

    I have one who is 9 years old
    We use to have an apple head, but he passed away. He always thought he was the alpha lol.

  194. Shayne O'Brien

    Lol savage

  195. Kaasutizard Rawr

    Haha, I love watching videos of Da Rat. What a little character.

  196. Jose Miranda

    My husky howls for every DAME thing

  197. Jose Miranda

    i have a girl husky and a chiwawa

  198. Antonio Cordeiro

    Da rat 😂😭

  199. MoeJae86

    Looks like the kinda of rat that if he farts it will propel him forward.

  200. annlakes24

    I have a chihuahua deerhead the color of hazelnut that’s 4 yrs old, he’s named Charlie, he’s also gay ;-; if he gets annoyed by a male he will hump that dog

  201. LusyLove53 Gacha

    I have 2 deer head chihuahuas

  202. Bakuwu

    Adorable. I love “The rat” He’s adorable.

  203. Melanie French

    same my. dog sleeps alot

  204. Melanie French

    I love the rat!!!!!! but I’m a kid I’m only 7

  205. Lawrence Proulx

    I what a chihuahua

  206. Lawrence Proulx

    I have a chihuahua

  207. Cassandra Tabor

    I have a Chihuahua yorkie minpin and she likes pitbulls more than small dogs

  208. lil virgengamer

    Theeeeeee RAT!!!!!!!!!🤬

  209. FeedMeSalt

    It’s funny haha. But my dog would kill that yappy shit if it challenged him on his yard. And I wouldn’t stop him. Don’t bring agro dogs in public.

  210. Sassafrass Tree

    What is the V tek?

  211. Brook Witherell

    I like that u call him the rat!! 🙂

  212. billiexeilish ily

    I have a teacup chihuahua,her puppy and another chihuahua

  213. Junior Hurtado

    I have a apple head mix wiith a tea cup

  214. mc dirt bikers letsplays

    The rat lol 😂😂

  215. Annie Reaves

    “The rat has absolutely no meaning in life”

  216. Alicia Lopez

    One time there was a German shepherd loose in my neighborhood and my chihuahua escaped and he bit the shepherd

  217. Micah Herron

    I had a Apple head chuwawa and a t cup chuwawa

  218. Micayla Dillon

    “Look at him… look at him… *DA RAT!*”

  219. Eeveevscharizard

    Personaly my only Chihuahua was a mediun sized deer head he was a total ass but totally sweet at the same time.
    He loves to nap with our 16 year old boarder collie named Lassie (R.I.P) but when he gets backed up into a corner became vicious.
    To explain how this behavior started will be a simple task sence that he was given to my family after going from home to home so by the time he got to us he lost a lot of trust in people and would bite if he was conenerd (as previously stated) after biting everyone including me (a five year old at the time),so after that he was brought to the humane society so I don’t know what happened to him but all I can do is hope he went to a better home.

  220. firegamer23 23-

    I had a deer leg chawawa and those are very legs


    I have a longhair dear head I think. It’s super cute rarely listens and cannot be off leash. We were given him at about 3 years so we didn’t have a chance to train him but he knows how to sit and come to us most of the time but is an escape artist Also his breathe it terrible and he doesn’t bark much at all. He’s a bit bigger and scares away most dogs when he walks up to smell them. I don’t think they like him in their personal space. He’s escaped once for a while. He stayed at somebody’s house for about 2 hours till we found him. He can squash his whole body to get under our gate just to go see his friend

  222. rosesweet1967

    I have mini Dachshunds, they have know idea they are small…I’ve never been bit by a dog, I’ve had pit bulls, German Shepherd, Boxer…last wk, I was bit by a little Chi on the back of my calf…kids think my dogs are puppies…the youngest is 9, I have to warn them to stay away from my dogs, my dogs love their family and the grandkids, but don’t trust anyone outside the family…

  223. Arias cupcakes

    Dat intro tho😂😂

  224. kathye nadal

    A wan’t a Chihuahua but a have a rottwieler

  225. Stormzzz

    Tea-cup Pomeranian are smaller than a tea-cup Chihuahua

  226. Joselyn Garcia

    Sooo much huskies I love themmmmm

  227. Melanie Morte

    Love the rat dog ❤️

  228. Rose C

    Lol! Da rat blends with the grass. He’s so cute.

  229. duck Tape

    Can we pls get more videos with da rat though?

  230. Ryan Macbayne

    Da Rat is Jesus in disguise

  231. Ryan Macbayne

    “The Damn Rat” llllloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooollll

  232. inurgutz373737 -

    TGE RAT LOl why do I like it when u day that

  233. Erick Huitrado

    My rat can sit for treats lmao

  234. Erick Huitrado

    #THE RAT

  235. Erick Huitrado

    I have deer head rat dog

  236. Kimiio


  237. dany hoyos

    “Ay guey” ahaha sammeee that was so funny 😂

  238. Diego Ortega

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    1. Deer head
    2. Apple head
    3. Tea cup

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  403. tsfcancerman

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    Then again chihuahua are so different. I got mines when I was visiting mexico. Chihuahua in US are weird to me now xD

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  436. Karoline Autumnwall

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  439. Dr. Strange

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  440. Aries The Zodiac Sheep

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  442. Lauren OldAcct

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  443. Emma Connolly

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  444. Ruby

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  445. Howlix

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  446. Tilda Vilda7

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  447. Simon Roth

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    mine has just much longer hair and weights 5kg

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  458. Nuke Em

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  459. John Martinez

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  460. xxXNakedEmpireXxx

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  461. Arya_ Mutt

    I have a apple head and a dear head chawawa her mom was a apple head and her dad was a dear head but she is also a tea cup and she is a little spoiled thing but im her owner she pucked me


    I love Da Rat

  463. RickyTomi, me,JessyAndTheOtherAnimals

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    srry for spelling

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  478. nellyeon Tyler

    I have 4 chihuahuas two boys and 3 girl

  479. Lexa

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  481. Wanda Vivas

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  482. Jack Thompson

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  483. ooXChrissieXoo

    What you said about Chihuahua is so true!
    It gets a little annoying when people keep calling my chihuahua a puppy, and let their kid start playing with him. Like they don’t believe if I tell them my chihuahua doesn’t like boys, but he really don’t, and he would bite. But no! people look at my chihuahua, decides it’s a puppy, play with it and get a bite.

  484. Kimi Cin

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    0:30 you know I am dumb and you act like this is my fault…

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