Inability to Protrude or Retract Penis in Dogs | Wag!

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Inability to Protrude or Retract Penis in Dogs | Wag!

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The inability to completely protrude the penis is called phimosis. The inability to completely retract the penis, alternatively, is called paraphimosis. The causes of each of these conditions can vary, and veterinary intervention may be required if the problem persists. These conditions may be more likely in small dogs, though it can be seen in all breed types. While this can occur at any age, it typically occurs in dogs that are younger than 1 year of age. Paraphimosis usually occurs after the dog has an erection, when the skin at the preputial orifice (the space between the prepuce and glans penis) becomes inverted and traps the penis, keeping it from retracting.

Phimosis (the inability to protrude the penis) and paraphimosis (the inability to retract the penis) are conditions sometimes seen in male dogs. Symptoms may include trouble when trying to copulate, trouble urinating, and swelling around the penis.

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