I TRY to teach my wife how to train OUR NEW PUPPY She can’t even get this puppy to sleep overnight

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I TRY to teach my wife how to train OUR NEW PUPPY She can’t even get this puppy to sleep overnight

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44 Thoughts to “I TRY to teach my wife how to train OUR NEW PUPPY She can’t even get this puppy to sleep overnight”

  1. Lakinther

    We. Need. More. Of. Inertia. Please!

  2. Here This

    That is a great way to show how owners can follow up Your advices by themselves . It is easy to see how You do training , but sometimes it is hard to do that , too .

  3. The Bible Messenger

    If Inertia saw Veronica biting Bree’s hair, Inertia would say it’s not spaghetti, it’s mom’s hair!

  4. MaddieMae O

    Omg, Veronica is nuts 😍

  5. Jeff K

    She’s going to be a good looking dog.

  6. Elissa Ochoa

    Veronica is so LEGGY

  7. HolyGuacamole

    It’s because you’re not a proper trainer. Who would have guessed? Will Atherton would already have that puppy saving lives. He’s a PROPER, REALLY GOOD dog trainer.

  8. abby theredwolf

    My dog gets a little anxiety if I leave or my mom does even tho I’m home. so I give him some kibble and treats mixed in his ball so he’s distracted or on his snuffle mat but he finishes that to fast.

  9. Marissa Imari

    My 10 month old pup was doing fine with her separation anxiety, and then got worse… Very thankful to see how you’re dealing with Veronica’s! And just as a side note, thank you so much for using your platform to stand up for women’s rights!!

  10. Blue Pitbull TV

    Thank you so much Zac this is a very interesting exercises and i am so interested the way you train your dog will be buying one of your book and i will start from there..

  11. Dolly Sue Hoffman

    I love your videos. It would be helpful if you let us know “This is our 3rd day with Veronica”. My puppies have always seemed to get over being crated alone by the fourth night. How many weeks have we been watching Veronica now vs. actual number of days she has lived with you?

  12. Jan Hankins

    Bree, you’re doing a GREAT job! I’m very impressed. Not all of us are Zak Georges! It’s much more difficult for those of us who don’t work miracles!! Hang in there and keep at it. And don’t be afraid to make mistakes. We all make mistakes and there are very, very, very few mistakes you can make that will “ruin” your dog. Most of the mistakes you can make that may “ruin” a dog involve the use of positive punishment, and I don’t think you’ll do that, so you’ll be pretty safe to make mistakes without any “lasting” problems. And don’t worry about making mistakes in a public forum. First of all, those of us who have trained dogs before will nod our head and say “yep, I made that mistake, too!!”. Second, you can help others who are training the first dog to avoid making the same mistake. I, for one, will certainly think no less of you or think you’re “inept” or “stupid” if you make a mistake. I have made plenty through the years and, alas, am still making them!! Any trainer that tells you they’ve never made a mistake is either lying or is so ego-maniacal that they can’t see reality. And anyone like me (I’ve trained many dogs but don’t consider myself a “trainer”) certainly would be lying if they said they never made a mistake.

  13. its rebecca

    Thank you for sharing the puppy training advice! Could you post more videos on teaching Bree/ other people how to train dogs. Also I would love to see another Inertia update video! Thanks

  14. MaLu

    Inertia looking at veronica in the cage like ” sis chill it’s not that bad! I’ll lay here to keep you company. Relax “

  15. MaLu

    Again… only 4 minutes and I’m obsessed. Other than the training, him being proud of Bri is so cute. She is too a great trainer. Very sweet and patient ☺️

  16. bby cherub •

    I’m so excited for the DNA results, I forgot what I guessed last time. I think I guessed border collie/chihuahua mix, she’s adorable and has little socks like a Border Collie

  17. Vansh Verma


  18. Annika Aasav

    I think Veronica shows us all who her person is by falling a sleep in Brees lap at the beginning of this video 😍

  19. Vansh Verma


  20. Vansh Verma


  21. Zen

    Get rid of the wife. your welcome.

  22. Pixel Catcher

    Zak – what do you do when you dog is perfectly happy in their crate when you’re still in the house somewhere but they can’t see you, but bark when you leave the house? How the hell do you train them then without having to go back in?

    I use kongs, make sure he’s been well exercised and all the rest, but once he’s finished his kong that’s it, he’s decided he wants out…

    I’m having to leave him loose in the house when I go out at the moment and he’s totally fine then (everything dog-proofed to the max), but ideally the only totally safe place is to be in his crate. Also, he has a good association with being in the crate (often voluntarily) outside of this specific me leaving the house scenario…

  23. Judith Trigg

    When i got my puppy in feb i couldnot walk her because of injections.so i put her in a push chair so i could expose her different things traffic .now she 6mths and she not nervous at all.only thing is she a jumper.

  24. C Gallo

    Bree George’s Dog Training Revolution2! Nicely done Bree, looking good as a trainer. Good luck with the separation anxiety, hope Veronica gets over it soon. My dog has not and we’ve about given up on her. Can’t wait to see Bree train that cutie as Veronica grows up. Inertia has her paws full with that little wiggle worm. Fun to watch.

  25. Roseanne Carr Atkinson

    My daughter has her 2 year old mini aussie. She has never been socialized to other dogs, let alone people. I see this becoming progressively worse and she is getting more aggressive. Help, how do I fix this?

  26. Ryan Moody and Lola the pug

    Hi zak again brilliant video I cant wait for Veronica’s breed combination video it will be brilliant to know what she is keep these coming

  27. Courtney Breaud

    You ever tried snuggle puppy has a heart beat function that reminds them of their mom. I got my puppy one when I get her.

  28. Ever curious: Michelle

    I love watching your videos, you are awesome at training dogs! Your videos also remind me of how much I prefer cats and am definitely not a dog person. 🙂

  29. Georgia Roberts

    I think Veronica chose Bree

  30. Courtney Breaud

    Question for Zac you ever trained a dog for therapy work or service training. I’m getting a dog soon and I have some health problems and thinking of getting my puppy medical alert trained. I have dysautomia so my bp drops and heart rate rises to like 130 resting and I could pass out and hit my head if I am not careful.

  31. Jessica L.

    Can’t wait to see her genetics!

  32. Mia Pulchritudinous

    Bree is a natural! You can totally see Bree is big time loved up with Veronica 😘

    Maybe you could do a video on when fetch goes wrong?

    My 5 month old chases the ball, picks it up and runs off.. I tried treats to get her to come back but she prefers me running around after her. She stops and waits for me to catch up and then she bolts again.

    I’m an old and unfit 45yr old with a labradoodle so I’m thinking of buying some skates as a last resort

  33. Trac

    Thank you, to both of you, for sharing ALL the ups & downs of puppy training! It helps those of us at home to see some authentic human moments(Even when you live with a dog trainer🙃) My other half and I find group projects challenging 🤣

  34. Vanessa

    Yessss! This is what we wanted to see. We know Zak can but it’s cool to see Bree doing the training!

  35. Navjot Singh


  36. Marie Cloud

    how cute is that dog, omg

  37. Misorganic1

    I am 100% opposed to clickers. There’s other ways to train your dog and what happens when you lose clicker ?

  38. Dave Wingate

    “Maybe 32 if you’re a dachshund.” 😂 So true.

  39. Derek Douglas

    Zak George’s Wife Training Revolution

  40. Derek Douglas

    Dang just gonna throw Bree under the bus with that thumbnail #JusticeForBree

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