I REFUSE to Be the “Alpha”. What 4 weeks of Positive Reinforcement looks like with an Untrained Dog.
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I REFUSE to Be the “Alpha”. What 4 weeks of Positive Reinforcement looks like with an Untrained Dog.

I’ve had 4 weeks with this totally untrained dog…

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65 Thoughts to “I REFUSE to Be the “Alpha”. What 4 weeks of Positive Reinforcement looks like with an Untrained Dog.”

  1. Kathleen Burke

    Bre commenting “too slow” made me want to see her train a dog or do a dog training session so bad!

  2. Marcia

    What longline do you use? Length/width/biothane or rope?

  3. Chelmin Media

    So if the average per hour price for training being $100, how much would it cost to train Chop? let’s assume 2 hours per day for 5 weeks? That comes to $7000. So is it really REALITY dog training?

  4. Hugh MacDonald

    Hi Zak…where did you get your treat bag from? Great videos. Keep up the good work.

  5. Ian Westerhoff

    New to dog ownership and the waterproof shoes are such an unexpected but accurate sponsorship!

  6. Dave Holley

    Would love to see training tips on a nervous dog with fear avoidance issues

  7. Rando stuff

    Hi Zak I have a problem with my new puppy,
    My new puppy refuses to use a lure, any ideas
    Ps I used toys and really high quality treats that he loves

  8. Juliana Morales

    I love how chop did shake

    Is it just me or am I more focused in the park in the background in 16:07

  9. Shepard Lilley

    We got a husky mix puppy for Christmas and she looks so much like chop to me! I have loved this series.

  10. Sergio Garcia

    He needs to be with dogs …not just stare at them …

  11. Elyssa Hunsaker

    I really want to know what harness Chop has on. It looks like the Reddy maroon harness, but it has 4 clips. I want the one Chop has for my dog.

  12. cola&jacks

    What do you do with an even more reactive dog and you don’t have the luxury of creating so much distance?

  13. Keith

    Your training methods are very clearly lacking in reaching dogs at a primal level. Dangerous. Babysitting isn’t training.

  14. Ghaleb Alqasem


  15. Bhavana Shah

    I love how Chop has gained weight just by being a few days with you guys!!! Kudos…you guys are the best 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  16. Deborah Laddea

    Bravissimo Zack! Un mondo di consigli preziosi per i proprietari di cani di tutti i tipi. Sono diventata dipendente dai suoi video e io e Blue ci divertiamo da matti con gli esercizi che riesco ad imparare dai video di Zack. Grazie e saluti a tutti dall’Italia.

  17. Emmy Baehnisch

    I’m getting a boxer puppy for my birthday
    I think the inertia series will help

  18. Iwona W.

    It looks like these 4 weeks did nothing 😅 Not reacting to dogs a mile away and behind giant hill? What an accomplishment! 😉

  19. Jacquelyn Pietrantone

    thankyou for helping dog parents find a kind way to help their reactive dog. We have had our Lucy for 5 years now and its taken every minute of that to get her to a point where I finally have confidence taking her out walking by other dogs. She checks in with me now, watches me like she is asking permission for everything she does. Love your videos and your treats!

  20. Hugo'stheBoss

    10:06 YES! Really what all dog owners/trainers should aim for: teaching what we want, with lots of reinforcement and management, and NOT correcting/punishing.

  21. Stuart c

    Next challenge for you Zac train two dogs at the same time . Having two and divide the attention training them evenly can be challenging.

  22. Kelli Brenneke

    I need help with potty training my Chihuahua. He can be outside for 30 minutes and come inside and poop on the floor! So frustrating!!

  23. David Tomazin

    I remember when you and Bre were wondering what “George” was preparing you for.. You really gotta wonder what Chop is prepping you for! Happy New Year!

  24. LNSu Vasquez

    Chops bid personality is like my dogs big personality.
    I adore him.

  25. kevin thomas

    What positive reinforcement looks like with a dog with 0 reactivity/behavioral issues*** still waiting to see you work with a hard case

  26. Jessica S, NAPLES FL

    Me – into CATS, NOT DOGS, and I’m surely not an animal trainer, BUT, in my opinion, you make TOO MANY EXCUSES for CHOP’S behavior. You might at some point get the behavior you are after but CHOP is NOT a dog I’d give to a family that expects a minimally trained dog! You may be CHOP’S temporary “ALPHA” as his trainer in your own environment, but with you, CHOP has NO CHOICE. It’s not likely for him to become subservient in another family setting, especially in a family that already has a family pet (unless it’s a TIGER)! Without giving him constant treat rewards, another family will likely see a recurrence of CHOP’S nature as an untrained ALPHA street dog.
    Most adopters will expect a minimally trained dog they can take with them anywhere, any time. Any animal must adapt to a new family and new circumstances, but CHOP requires constant training and must be constantly watched for signs of regression. Will you find an adopter who wants to continue to train CHOP 24/7 and reward him with treats for at least a year with constant disappointments when he reverts to his original nature? CHOP needs CONSTANT ATTENTION to keep him controlled. Few people are willing to give this much of their life to a pet, especially when a family is involved. You need to realize how much you have given of yourself to this dog to get him minimally trained. He is likely to require at least as much from any new owner and few non-trainers have this much to give.

  27. Sapphiregriffin

    stop teasing us with that

  28. Elos Art

    I love the title of this episode! You and Chop are very inspiring to help me work with my excitable dog. Thank you! : D

  29. B

    It’s really great to see you show an EXTREMELY reactive and sensitive dog. Very similar to our dog. Great to see what a realistic working distance for some dogs can be. Other shows have dogs greeting within minutes but we have been training our dog for years and a greeting with stranger dogs still seems out of the question. Great to see how much management is involved and how much work actually goes into counter conditioning episode by episode.

  30. Crawford

    Good stuff thanks….

  31. Stijn Dobbelaere


  32. shiverme timbers

    Too bad that he is already adopted because I have been looking for a rowdy boy to be my husky/boxer boy’s best friend. Plus I need another big dog to pull me around on the bike and he has perfect pulling instinct.

  33. Jan Hankins

    I hope you and Bree had a great Christmas and a wonderful New Year’s Day. And I love your statement: “I REFUSE to be ALPHA”. Yep. I will always refuse to be alpha. I’ll be a leader, instead.

  34. Tezza_The_ Retriever

    I’m from India how can I get this food and stuff?

  35. Teresa B

    I got a tear in my eye when you said next is Chops final episode. I hate to see you this series end, it’s been my favorite!

  36. ajhlh7

    Ever video leaves me wishing Bark Box would come to the UK soon!

  37. Cian Redmond

    Any recommendations for my dog she isn’t aggressive or reactive she is just very friendly and will pull when she sees another dog she is small so it’s manageable but annoying

  38. Jacki Cammidge

    I love my vessi’s! Thanks for pointing me in the direction.

  39. ABC XYZ

    I adopted my rescued dog in July, but with the pandemic, I don’t think she’s getting enough socialization. She is very bonded to me, and accepts one of my grown sons. I feel she can not be trusted 100% with others. If I’m not home, and another family member is around, she acts fearful.

  40. Angela Haines

    You done so well with chop…. All things considered. 👍🏻😁

  41. Gabrielle McCarthy

    I’ve been strung along with this series, I’ve just been wanting to know what led to the dog fight. Next episode I guess 🤷🏼‍♀️ better come out soon!

  42. M J

    Hi! I love your videos! Of all the ones I have seen yours are the best. That being said I have been searching for videos about how to work with a shy, semi feral rescue. She is wary of people and very cautious. Has more of a flight/freeze tendency than fight. I have been working on getting her trust. She is somewhat food motivated. No interest in toys. Not used to being handled or pet. Positive training is definitely the way to go with this girl.
    If I had to pick a question it would be how to get a collar on her in a way that she has positive association. (She ran last time I showed her one). Also had a slip lead put on her and freaked out. Any advise would be appreciated. Like I said I love your videos and great work with this boy. I would love to see a video with a shy dog… how to get one to the point they are ready to be worked with in this way. Thank you and happy New Years to you guys !

  43. Chevy’s Homestead

    14:11 that is the cutest thing I’ve seen this year 😛

  44. dancinlemur

    We’ve got a 15 month old english bull terrier that started showing some leash reactivity a few months ago. I’ve enlisted the support of a behaviourist/trainer but seeing your videos taking a street dog to such a civilised gentleman with positive reinforcement and buckets of patience has given me the extra hope I needed to know that the hard work *will* pay off!

  45. LuvandLuk

    I love Chop’s personality & looks!…it’s gotta be so tough to know you have to give him to another home. I woudn’t be able to do it at this point!! You have done amazing work with him in such a short time.

  46. Stephanie Edwards

    You really built up the suspense not releasing a video last Sunday. The way the trailer and the other pre-series video were put together, I was honestly thinking he attacked inertia at some point. Now I’m not so sure, and I’m anxious and excited for the next video. I’d say good luck, but you already know how it turned out. Here is an idea for another series, short daily videos in real time with an overview for each day rather than us being months behind reality. Maybe then you could do a series structured like this one that goes into a bit more depth of that dog‘s journey.

  47. Jen Kirby

    I am having trouble with Marzieh attacking Jasper over rawhide chews. The last time was my fault for not keeping track. Sorry Jas!

  48. Anneli K

    Thanks for this , i have dog that was relocated and Came to me at 11 months and he has been a rractive dog and I have had hard time to improve this part , as I have two others that just whine a bit and then passes with no issues , though he gets too excited and thinks that it means that you need to bark .. and it get worse and worse . This is awesome 🙂

  49. AL Reed

    I’ve been waiting all week too checking in a few times a week! But I love love these series and this series in particular. I find myself watching it and I get so excited I’ll literally exclaim ‘YES!’ Out loud when I see chop being a rockstar.

  50. Ainsley Higgins

    Hey george, I need advice, sometimes when I have my dog off leash, he will run farther than me then i will catch up, but before i reach him he will lay down and pretend he doesn’t see me, then when i get closer to him he springs up and runs at me. He doesn’t bite or anything, he just jumps and gets crazy, but he always stops when i tell him to and then just goes back to normal. Is he just playing?? Should i stop him from doing this?? And why does he do this?

  51. Tucker ToTo Head

    OK so you finally talked me into trying Barkbox. I got the super chewer for my GSD. He loves it so much I even got the add ons. You are right, they are high quality toys.

  52. Karla Lockard

    Hi Zak and Family! Happy New Year! I enjoy watching your videos! I can’t wait until you have Chop at the point where you feel that he is ready for his new home.🎆🎊🎉❤️💃🏾🙏🏽

  53. Green Gypsy Bird

    I wish I could find a professional to help with my dog. Unfortunately, the one I found sent him home less than 24 hours into a 2.5 week board and train because he’s non compliant. If he was compliant I wouldn’t need a trainer. Feeling defeated

  54. curious wiki

    Ahahahah the progress is above our expectations!

  55. Tech Gaming

    You are best 😁❤️

  56. Here This

    Chop pushed the bone aside and rather joined the training of Inertia , great ! 🙂👍

  57. TheFSA15

    Everytime I watch you Zak, I think “OMG Jason Bateman is the greatest dog trainer ever!” And im right.

  58. EmilyH.

    Glad to see a new video! 🙂

  59. Ekam Mann

    Hi George! I had a question about my 9 month old German shepherd. He gets a little aggressive around little kids younger then 9 years old and around people that are scared of him. He senses if they are scared and bothers them even more. What should I do?

  60. Ekam Mann

    Hi George! I had a question about my German shepherd. He is 9 months old and he gets a little bit aggressive around people that are scared of him. He can like sense who is scared and the barks and sometimes scares them more. He will also does this at like 6 year old kids. What should I do?

  61. Jojo Magana

    Finally, I’ve been waiting all week😄

  62. Dogo World

    Love your series cant wait for another banger video

  63. Maja Ambroziak

    Any advice on dogs recall and separation anxiety

  64. Lusine Davtyan

    Yaaaay another videoooooo let’s gooooooo

  65. applehead_mjinnocent


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