I Let My Dog Off Leash and She Ran Away From Me!

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I Let My Dog Off Leash and She Ran Away From Me!

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143 Thoughts to “I Let My Dog Off Leash and She Ran Away From Me!”

  1. Fermin Algañarás

    I really don’t get why you keep putting yourself in this situations.. it’s quite obvious you should never run Towards a dog that’s playing “catch me if you can” you should run the oposite direction. These training session Will remain in her memory for months, on how fun it was to run away from you, and More Than likely she will repeat as she’s clearly leash aware. What i’m most concerned about is the amount of Newbies that Will look at this thinking this is ok because “the trainer in YouTube did it” these Will end up with dogs under cars.. I really think you should be responsible about this… and for the love of god get a toy and play tug as Reward.. its more than clear by know, inertia couldn’t Care less about food rewards.. if you had called her with a toy and build value on that toy and transfered that value on to you, she would be flying towards you instead of the oposite direction.

  2. Flinkbag

    I trained my newest dog to come back off leash by using my older dog as a positive role model. It’s such a hack, but it’s worked really well for us! Only problem I’ve had is the younger dog chasing birds at a giant oval when she was a puppy. I trained her to redirect her attention to her favourite toy rather than the birds, and now she couldn’t care less about the birds at the oval. She’s a gun dog, so that’s saying something!

  3. James Rhymer

    You’re nothing but a racist pig.

    2Pe 2:22 But it is happened unto them according to the true proverb, The dog is turned to his own vomit again; and the sow that was washed to her wallowing in the mire.

    Rev 22:15 For without are dogs, and sorcerers, and whoremongers, and murderers, and idolaters, and whosoever loveth and maketh a lie.

  4. Jan Snook

    “Hey, MR. Zac, I am on vacation, too!”

  5. Ian Glenn

    Dog attacks on children and adults are on the increase, and have been for some years. The number of children and adults hospitalised as a result of being attacked by dogs has consequently been on the increase for years. In the UK , where I live, it is my understanding that the number of people who required hospital treatment between the years of 2005 and 2015 ( a period for which statistics are available) as a result of dog attacks increased by more than 70%. This increase coincides with the period that certain ‘dog trainers’, including the ‘goddess of dog trainers’, claimed they knew the best way to train dogs. Positive reinforcement is, as I have so often said, in my opinion, without question, the best thing that has happened to dog training for many years. With fifty plus years experience training dogs and horses to a fairly reasonable standard I have come to realise I shall never stop learning, and that, in the words of Oscar Wilde “I am not young enough to know everything”. Perhaps Mr. George is young enough to think he knows everything, perhaps he does not. Maybe I shouldn’t have said that but I did. My mother impressed on me that if I hadn’t got anything good to say about anyone I shouldn’t say anything about them at all. I have nothing good to say about Zak George but I know my mum will be looking down on me with forgiveness for my criticism of Mr George as the love she had for horses and dogs she passed on to me.
    People will say it is easy to criticise, and it is, but constructive criticism can reap benefits. I seek no financial benefit, indeed I seek no benefit whatsoever other than the benefit to our dogs, to your dogs, to the dogs you and I love, the dogs we all love, the dogs who love us without conditions, who love us unreservedly.
    I hang my head in shame for not having the courage sooner to attempt to expose the so called scam dog trainers.
    I thank Jordan Peterson for his inspiration, without which I would have said nothing.

  6. Morgan Lock

    i have my dogs off leash trained heel and far away, been around many dogs and distractions too and 100% reliable, ive never seen them so happy. i off leash trained my newer dog in two weeks. the secret? low level ecollar training. it’s not abusive, at this point it’s just used for a safety net if they don’t respond on the first recall. it has been the best thing for my life and theirs.

  7. Confound

    The whole series is really eye opening.

    How does someone who is obviously fucking up the training of their dog get so much attention? And why do people lap this shit up?

    A real insight in to human behavior.

  8. Fiesty_Bumtato

    Inertia is so adorable when she played chase 😂

    I am getting a dog soon, my mom’s king Charles spaniel, and I have to try to train out her need to chase my cat. I don’t think it’s an aggression thing but more excitement and playful. I was wondering if you had any tips for training that out of a 6 year old dog?

  9. mark sample

    Here in the bay area I’m having trouble finding a place to let my border collie off leash.
    My best option has been trespassing in the watershed.

  10. Sophie

    My dog is generally really good when its just me n hes off lead.. hes not so good sometimes off lead when he see another dog.. he sometimes looks at me so i get chance to say no stay with me n i put him back on his lead sometimes.. today he just sprinted straight away towards a dog…. what can i do to stop him

  11. Szatmari Andrea

    We had a real hard time with our border collie when he was between 4-9 months old. We knew we wanted a trail dog made of him, one that we don’t have to have on leash and will have a killer recall and turn on his heels when we say the word. Was so damn hard for MONTHS. But today he is exactly what we wanted of him and we could not be more satisfied and happy with him! But he was definitely a tough nut to crack and I personally put it down to starting off leash training with him very early. Every time we went out after about 5-10 minutes of sniffing around he was let off in parks, and the countryside.

  12. Kim Van Den Hoek

    Use a long lead. Simple as that

  13. xxmyladyxxx

    It’s really fun to read the comments of everyone about this issue. My Aussie pup is ”of leash” since she was 10 weeks old and never left my side. Really like the way zak trains them though, so calm and yet enthusiastic!

  14. Steve Searle

    First six minutes are pointless

  15. tama yeager gibson

    “gotta take the frisbee! Cause I LOVE my dog soooo much. And I am soooo kind to my dog, that I am INSISTING she play frisbee! Cause its MY DREAM to have a dog play frisbee. Even though she has ZERO interest in it. I’m so KIND!”

  16. Floraaah

    I got my puppy two days ago and I don’t know why but she never runs away. She often comes when I call her and she never tries to leave when I have her on a long leash. Should I try letting her off leash in a open area or do you think it is too risky? She is a German spitz (Keeshond).

  17. tama yeager gibson

    “they come to the conclusion that this is just how life is” YES!!! The conclusion will be exactly what you are teaching her. That you are making a REQUEST. NOT a COMMAND. And your dog will listen, WHEN IT WANTS. Cause that is what a REQUEEST is, after all. And they NEVER GUESS THE RULE

  18. LinkinPaw32

    We recently had to give away my German Shepherd but when we had him I never put him on a leash once I just let him out and our yard is not fenced or secured and I’d take him back in the woods with me and he always kept me in his sight and stayed right with me. Even on public hiking trails I never put a leash on him. And then I had a rough time when I did need him on a leash because I never trained him to walk on one.

  19. • Лошо късо

    I’m getting frustrated that my two dog won’t listen to me. I would love to take them to the park and leave them free but the first time I did it they ran away after people and any animal they saw and so they didn’t got the chance to stay longer on the park and we left.

  20. Beth Licht

    He’s a marketing genius but certainly not a dog trainer.

  21. SmileSadly LaughLoudly

    Proof that positive only training doesn’t work well. Look up balanced trainers if you want your dog to respect you. Inertia clearly doesn’t respect him lol. She thinks she’s in charge.

  22. Ian Glenn

    Positive reinforcement is the best thing that has happened to dog training, EVER. But keeping a young dog in a harness, on a long line, even when in the house or garden is not , in my opinion, positive reinforcement, far from it.
    Mark Twaine said “It is easier to fool the people than convince them they have been fooled”. People, rather than condemn me for my views, please ask yourself ‘have you been fooled’?. In coming to a conclusion please ask ‘what have you and your dog learned from Zac George’? My thoughts are ‘ possibly very little’.
    Winston Churchill said words to the effect that ‘ a lie can travel half way round the world before the truth has put on its shoes’. Can you recognise a lie or are you still waiting for the truth?
    I rest my case.

  23. Yvette Rivera

    I have a Italian mastiff canecorso she is 8 months, driving me crazy cause she chews on things she should not. How do I get her to stop.

  24. Inside The Dog-World

    Having my dogs off leash I always think. “what if”. They listen at all times, BUT. I’m scared that a hare will come from nowhere and trigger the hunting instincts. My Amstaff listen to me at all time, no matter what will come to us. I trained her personally and she’s so good with basically everything. But my Staffy is my girlfriends and that dog has some hunting instincts lol.
    Anyway, before ever thinking having your dog off leash. Have a 10meter / 20meter leash and you can pretend your dog is off leash (exactly like Zac said). But I did not hear him say that you need to Play ALOT with your dog, have fun and make sure your dog LOVES to come to you when you call them. It must be more exciting for them to come to you rather than they want you to chase them. The key is to associate your recall command with very positive emotions. Then you’re dog won’t ever ignore you.

    Exactly like Zac said, *Don’t* engage in the chase-game that your dog wants you to play.

  25. shnnwht7

    I always tell my dog leash before I put it on him for a walk so when he is off while we are on hikes and I want him to come back to me I tell him leash and he comes back for me to put it on

  26. Vié

    I’m currently in an adoption process and I’m honestly really scared of training her to go off the leash without her running away

  27. zizinnnn

    how much exercise does she get before training sessions? my rescue is like a tight spring, unless she runs for a while to unwind it’s hard to get through

  28. Ian Glenn

    Mr George, I’ve just spent 6 minutes and twelve seconds watching you being a ‘dog trainer’. I couldn’t watch any more as what I saw during that time was so toe curlingly embarrassing (‘ curlingly ‘- this word may not be in the Oxford dictionary but I believe most people who read this will understand what I mean). Your ‘dog training skills’ bring a whole new meaning to the word ‘mediocre’. You claim to train dogs and yet your own dog, Inertia, won’t come to you when you call her. I now realise why you restrain her with a harness and long line so much, regardless of the discomfort this restraint may cause her. If you, who ‘trains dogs’, can’t teach your own dog the recall, why do you think you are competent enough to teach other dog owners? Enertia, in my humble opinion, does not appear to have been adequately environmentally socialised, nor, in my opinion, has she been adequately socialised with other dogs. I consider – and this is also my opinion – that using a young, active, healthy dog as a ‘tool’ to promote sales of a product, repugnant. That opinion extends to any dog or other pet/animal exploited for any purpose whatsoever.
    Positive reinforcement is the

  29. Kristin Albrecht

    What did you use to monitor Inertia while you were out? Obviously you had a web enabled camera. I’d love to know what your set up is/was. THank you

  30. Upasana Veturi

    Here’s the thing. My dog has extremely high prey drive and is super energetic. I tried your approach for years before I gave up because I felt horrible having to restrict her freedom this way for years. Bottom line – she’s a dog. She wants to explore. I want her to explore. She was on leash 100% of the time because I didn’t trust her off leash recall. She has run away a few times and never came when called. Even if it’s a very slight distraction. Just like your dog did in this video. When she turns 12, I don’t want my regret to be that she didn’t get to enjoy her prime years without being able to enjoy that off leash freedom. Your methods took forever. Every dog is different. My dog is super high prey driven and even if follow your methods to the t, it’s not going to happen in three years even. I’m not gonna wait 6-7 years for my dog to be able to go off leash and waste all those years.

    I moved to balanced methods about a year ago and guess what?! She’s been off leash almost every one of our camping trips and she absolutely LOVES it. She comes back every time I call her and I can give her that freedom in her prime years. I love your methods for tricks, but sorry, obedience is a whole different story. I’d feel horrible waiting that long to let your dog go off leash just because the training methods are ineffective.

  31. Jude McMahon

    She’s a boarder collie, they are working dogs, meant to heard sheep. She needs to be mentally stimulated, to keep her from becoming bored and destructive. They are considered one of the most intelligent dogs.

  32. Connor Moran

    I guarantee any actual trainer would be close to if not successfully having this dog off leash by now. Just delete your channel bro this is ridiculous. I hope your sponsors realize this so you stop getting rich off of your complete and total ignorance.

  33. Emerson Osborn

    i am getting a new cavapoo

  34. John Doe

    Ha! Don’t dig… why would you teach that in earlier vids? Dude, I do feel your pain, regarding the dog, running away… Off leash in the ‘real world’ is my biggest fear. Thanks for the REAL life experience.

  35. Bernardica Vučić Zgb

    It feels good that even trainers can have situations like this, I feel better about myself because my dogs sometimes doesn’t listen at first command when I call them, so I loved the video 😁

  36. Adven4U1

    When I looked up the stages of puppy development, it turns out that 6 to 8 months is usually a flight instinct period, which is why dogs will run away.

  37. Ashley Austin

    My dog is 11 and she acts like this a lot. LOL. It’s mostly because it’s clear that her original owner didn’t go through this type of work with her AND over the last couple of years since I adopted her, I’ve spent more time working on working through her “aggressions” instead. (she was considered dog, cat, and food aggressive). She’s come along way, but it would be nice to see an improvement in her “leave it” outside and her “come when called”…All in due time. LOL. SLOWLY, but surely we will get there. LOL!!

  38. yayalynn 2010

    Lol I her running away was funny. My pitbull is almost three and I still don’t let him off leash

  39. Constructive Cuntery

    I have a 6 year old rescue dog, had her for 5 years. We recently moved house and now she whines alot, our house is bigger, more peaceful and she has a little den (converted under stairs cupboard). It feels like we have made changes for the better and she doesn’t like them lol, it’s been 6 months and no sign of letting up. Any ideas? Anyone?

  40. Rachel Salz

    Your own knows dog knows how much shit they can get away with,rather then a dog that’s nows you for a day.

  41. Brian C

    Got a GPS on my doge just to be sure 🙂
    Tho if i act like i run the opposite side 99 outa 100 times he will come.

  42. Damien Bee

    Exactly right how she’s running away. My situation at this point. Had her for 5 weeks now. She’s a young grown Husky. Inertia’s is not ready to come back as she’s still exploring.
    I learnt from a trainer of hoomans ;-).
    It’s the dogs instincts to follow. If you walk up to them instead of away, then they think, oh OK we’re walking this way, sure. So I’m the lead right !

  43. Katie Bear

    I find this very interesting that a dog that is brought up on lead has such a want to get away. When I get a new puppy I spend majority of the time off lead in majority of new spaces, I have never once (touch wood) had an issue with them running off or not returning to me. I feel that I gain there attention and trust faster this way. I think it brings a mutual respect for each other. But it’s interesting how dogs who our brought up on leashes will take any chance to get away when young.

  44. Zone07

    Lol our pup is the same. The minute the leash comes off she runs off and wants to play chase. She’s learning fetch by us calling her back with treats. She got it the first day after a couple of tries; but she loves chase and keep away. The funny thing is that in the house she fetches with no problem without the need for treats.

  45. Aki H.ravenclaw

    Anyone knows the app or camera used here to check on Inertia? and the puzzle toy next to the blue long. Thanks!!

  46. -

    you should try engagement sessions with inertia. it helps your bond with your dog a lot

  47. Landork Calrissian

    This guy really needs to stop pretending he can train dogs. The first 3 seconds of this video proves everything. #deleteyourself

  48. Diego Ortega

    People are hating so hard but I’ve been following your teaching methods since I got my dog and he’s become a very reliable dog off leash. He was a stray but you won’t know it because he’s so well behaved. All thanks to your videos.

  49. Franco Montoro

    What happened to bb-8 the husky, just curious.

  50. Urban Outdoorsman

    I’m surprised you let your dog out the door before you

  51. Jennifer Kelly

    Yea. I got in big big trouble with keep away at the park. My puppy ate a toy rope and had to have it surgically removed. Needless to say we won’t be going back there for a long long time if ever. (And btw at the park I stay in the section nobody else is in as my park is sectioned off into 3 parts) but anyway that really sucked for my poor baby to have to have surgery at not even a year old. I DID try to leave without him and say LETS GO WALKIES!! which usually worked but he was dead set on eating that rope. It was awful. Still can’t believe he swallowed the whole thing WHOLE! Huge lesson learned there. Please be careful everyone! If they get a hold of something you may not get it back ! 🙁

  52. Two Cynics

    Every time I see one of your videos pop up it seems to be perfect timing! We are in the process of training our golden retriever to come back when called in new areas. Thanks Zak!

  53. The Canine Chef

    This past week my rough collie began to show signs of one day being off leash at home. Turkey has been the key!

  54. Tunveer Mangat


  55. Tunveer Mangat


  56. Swifty_ x

    I won’t a dog so so much. I live at 2 houses 🏠 so it’s a lot harder to ask for one as my dad can’t get one.i am asking for one this april 🤞🏻.
    1 like = hope for me to get a dog 🐕

  57. therightmandev

    where did indy stay?

  58. Amanda Previdelli

    I think you guys do such a good job of showing how tiny the steps can be to teaching a dog. Sometimes people get frustrated cause they don’t recognize the small victories, or they expect things to go a certain way without going the the necessary steps.

    You also show that mistakes and setbacks can and will happen, but still your dog will become a perfectly happy good dog.

    It’s not because you ran after them once or twice instead of recognizing the “chase” game that he is doomed for life, for example.

    You can always take a step back, control the environment and teach them.

  59. Gemini

    I was lucky enough to have a 7month old Bullmastiff puppy, named Navi, who you could let her off leash anytime, anywhere and she would stay right at your side, and if she would walk a little ahead or show interesting in something all you would have to do is say her name in a stern voice and she would be right back at your side. And she started that at 4months!

  60. Branford Families

    He was like: “Bye Felicia!!!!”

  61. adam Cornford

    I can’t believe people think this guy is a professional!!! He can’t even get her to heel on lead how is he going to let her roam off lead. Lol

  62. crosita1

    Great video!

    Even though you started by saying “what people normally do” by the time it got to the part where you were chasing her around, it wasn’t very clear that you were still demonstrating the “wrong” way to do early off-lead practice. I know from your other videos you would never do this in real life but I think the audience confidence would benefit of you were really explicit about what an expert would do versus a novice, especially if you are going the clickbait title route. It seems to me that you set yourself up for unnecessary doubt and criticism.

    I am a little disappointed that you are still missing that hunched sniffing posture she uses to signal she’s going to pee. I would KILL for a dog that obvious when my gal who likes to go if she smells other dogs makes a sudden stealthy puddle in the pet store! But Inertia does have a very flexy spine so maybe she hunches like that during other times. Seems like something worth watching for though, especially during travel.

  63. Effect Phoenix

    Next episode, Herding Dog encountering deers. . .

  64. Nicholas Chill

    My dog got away from me one time and ran up the path into the woods right by my house. I didn’t run after her but I walked over to her calling her name and she just kept on running away from me. I grabbed a stick and she came running back to me.

  65. Leaf Lover96

    Border collies have lots of energy. Chase me is so much fun!

  66. Steven Edwards

    My cocker spaniel is 7 months and is very slow i
    On the recall as she likes smell every blade of grass.😭😭

  67. Peggy Ferder

    Lol love watching you and your puppy dealing with all there is in life to discover Im having the same issues with Toby my 1 yr 2 mths Am Eskimo

  68. Katerina stoufis

    take your dog to the dog park

  69. Angie Uvalle

    Perfect timing for this video! My blue heeler loves to try to play the game of running away from me. It’s very scary in certain situations. He does the same thing with fetch. Loves to chase the ball but plays “keep away” with it instead of dropping it :-/

  70. Maud

    Do you use that crate for travelling in your car? Or a different method of restraint? My dog does not like car rides.

  71. Toni Broad

    Just curious, but how come it’s only Inertia who came on the trip and not Indy as well? Is it due to age or being an anxious traveller or something.?

  72. Ary Clarke

    My dog always runs away from me into the woods behind our house and she thinks it’s a game but she keeps smelling things and won’t listen. When we aren’t near the woods she comes fine. But as soon as she smells something in the woods she takes off. Zak please help 🙁

  73. Phx Playz

    My dog does this all the time when she has something in her mouth

  74. Maud

    Hi Zak, first of all thank you for your videos. They have helped alot in training my very high spirited female Shepherd. Does your wife also train Inertia off camera?

  75. Rogerio Barlotti

    Best video so far!!! COngrats! Question: How did she travel in the car? Pls show us!!!

  76. Connor Hamilton

    I watch these videos on and off but all of these similar titles give me the impression as a passive consumer that the dog training isn’t going well :’)

  77. Megan Murray

    Lmao my dog does the same thing! I thought I was just not doing good with training but seeing inertia do it too makes me feel a lot better.

  78. Caroline Seabeach

    This makes me so happy to see as my pup was a total mess to have when he turned 6 months to 10 month of age. It’s only now that we’ve had a somewhat realiable recall (on leash) and even get a recall on him FROM distracting things 🙈 (he’s 10 months going on 11 months)
    Feels much better to know/ see that even experienced dog owners have the same problems, haha.

  79. Isiaac Clutter

    I got a puppy the same time you got inertia and I’ve trained her a slightly different way but using some of your tips and my labradoodle is so well behaved

  80. A.C. Rodriguez

    My 9 month old Lab loves to run at full speed in circles and if I accidentally let go of her she will run as fast as she can around the outside of our house! Thankfully she is good about staying pretty close. 🤪

  81. 観音

    When I let my husky off leash, it’s game on. He basically tells me “see you later, sucka!”

  82. I wish i could think Of a better name

    Hey George, You should do a training video on an Alaskan Malamute Puppy

  83. Riley McCluskey

    Hey Zak. Still loving the series. I’ve seen another trainer say recently that they don’t like giving their dogs squeaky or plush toys because they think it encourages them to go for other squeaky things, and enjoy chewing other soft things like slippers and shoes. What’s your take on that? I always think that it’s fairly easy to teach your dog which things are acceptable to chew and which aren’t, but what’s your expereince?

  84. Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution

    Hey guys! Hope you’re enjoying Inertia grow up! At 6 months old and lots of world to explore, there’s no doubt we are hitting some turbulence in our training! To keep up with Inertia in real time (9 months old) see us on instagram! Instagram.com/zakgeorge Thanks for being the best audience on YouTube!

  85. Sharpe Sports

    Hey Zak, just got a new puppy and was wondering how to train a dog not to walk in front of you/cut you off when on walks. Thanks for the help and stay blessed!

  86. Jazmin Bullerd

    Thanks for the video! We are moving soon and this has great tips for introducing them to a new home.

  87. Karen Sanderson

    A friend and I went for a walk in the park. Her dog kept looking back at others walking behind us… any train tips. It was more prominent when the people had a dog also.

  88. Samantha

    You’re doing great. I’ve enjoyed your videos for the last few years. This video stands out the most because it’s the most raw training observation. It looks like you’re working harder than ever since now it is around the clock for both of you. But for a 6 month old, she is very clever and eager. Hope your stay in TX was great!

  89. regina george

    … How do you call yourself a dog trainer? How? What was the learning process here? You’re a trainer, yet your dog is wearing a harness.. and digging, you can’t correct that either.

    And then, the dog blows off its recall.. I just don’t understand what was being trained here.

  90. AIIUserNamesInvalid

    13:10 the boat looks like it’s floating in the air

  91. J Lat

    The dog needs to go to a professional trainer.

  92. GrannyGoose

    If your dog runs from you, the best thing to do is run AWAY from the dog. Usually they’ll chase YOU…right back home.

  93. Vanish Xavier

    Nice vid

  94. svampebob007

    Watching Inertia run from Zak
    “Yes Inertia run!, run from thy master!”

    For real though, it humanizes you, it shows me that dogs are still dogs, they will tease anybody no matter how good they are with dogs 🙂

  95. Kristen Rasimowicz

    How do u keep her coat so shiny??? Its beautiful!! I want my dog to have a shiny coat like inertia

  96. Suzanne De Assis

    I have a rescue pit bull greyhound mix who used to love to run away….fast. On the advice of a friend who trains mastiffs, I started taking him to large tree filled off leash dog parks that were far from roads and such, then I would run away from him calling in an exited voice. He has a tag with my number and is chipped but it was still scary to do. I would always reward him with treats or squeak ball and game of fetch and lots of praise no matter how long it took him to return. Sometimes I really wanted to go back and look for him but I didn’t and he always found me eventually. Now he returns quite quickly even when there are interesting new dogs or new terrain around, even water. He also voluntarily stays in visual range of me most of the time when off leash and will run to check where I am frequently without being called. He also has the best recall I have ever experienced in a dog and he is not even a year old yet. Don’t know if anyone else has ever tried this.

  97. Carlos Robins

    My heart is breaking now. My beautiful Irish Setter used to play chase. And I was unsuccessful in getting her to stop that game. So we didn’t have the kind of adventures I would have loved to share with her.

  98. Nicolette Ibarra

    Howdy from Texas!!! Love your videos!!! I actually got a pup whenever you got intertia. I really considered it after your first video and keep up with them and so far my 7 month golden is getting so good!!!

  99. N7Mith

    Ah, you forgot the ultimate come here;
    “Bye Inertia!” And walk away. She’ll follow.

  100. Jeremy G.

    Someone needs to do a makeover for Zak

  101. sioSIN SIN

    it’s really helpful to always keep a longline dragging on the dog if you’re going to let them off lead so you can grab them. And You should never ask something from your dog if you can’t back it up if they choose to ignore you. Always have 100% control of your dog or don’t ask them to do any commands, because As soon as they get away with ignoring your command even once, you backtrack weeks of training. Only ask once, then politely and patiently make.

  102. peter zimic

    whay are you chasing her? run away and she will chase you…

  103. deeestelle

    Your agent Inertia, will have you the “Just for Men” contract any day now! Hang in there!

  104. Jona Wiersma

    So happy that she does this too, makes me feel better haha, what camera do you use when you leave her alone?

  105. SUPERfabulousJess

    Another great training video! Thank you for the real life training videos! I know a lot of people locally who watch your content and have learned alot from it. Keep up with the awesome work!!!!
    I look forward to the next one 🙂

  106. names Dixie

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