I HAVE to get this dog to STOP BITING & JUMPING! REALITY Dog Training.
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I HAVE to get this dog to STOP BITING & JUMPING! REALITY Dog Training.

How I’m training this dog to stop biting and jumping!

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130 Thoughts to “I HAVE to get this dog to STOP BITING & JUMPING! REALITY Dog Training.”

  1. Lindsey Fanning

    I’m also trying to teach my dog not to jump up on people. This is so helpful.

  2. TheBrohman Projectile

    I am surprised Zak didn’t use Leave It whenever Moira was going for the toy. Was this command just a temporary thing for the start?

  3. Lindsey Fanning

    She’s such a smart, good girl! She’s learning!

  4. e 1987

    She’s a good looking dog! What a sweetie!

  5. Dogs in Training

    Where has Inertia been this whole time?

  6. Samantha Hanna

    If she knows the word “ok” means she is released and can go after the thing you threw based on sessions prior, perhaps try asking for a “sit” a “stay” and then say “come”, not “ok”. She knows what “come” means but she also seems to know “ok” is a release. Just a thought. This series is helping me a ton with my pup <3 thank you for working with her and showing us your process 🙂

  7. Dogs in Training

    If I were you I’d work on Inertia’s biting issues before taking on a new dog. Moira is biting because you are making her bite you. Why do you put her in situations where she’ll bite you??? Honestly Moira would be better off with someone that can actually train dogs.

  8. Joanna Anna Rogalska

    At 6:32 you’re using “OK” to realease her from sit, and then at 8:30 you’re using “OK, come” which makes it confusing for Moira. BTW she looks like a working line GSD (straight back, a lot of black coat is kind of typical for them). They are extremly high energy. My working line GSD is 6 mo at the moment and she gets 2 hours of training and 1 hour of play time daily – they are very demanding and need a lot of physical and mental stimulation. I know what you’re going through with both reactivity and high energy, so I wish you and Moira all the best. I hope she can find a good home with people who will work with her as much as she needs. Greetings from Europe! 🙂

  9. Sounds Nice

    My experience is that just the classic ceasar milan “no touch no talk no eye contact” works wonders with excited dogs wanting to greet you. A sit before the first interaction (when the dog is calm), like you did, usually resolves the whole problem, keeps things calm and controlled

  10. Sounds Nice

    15:40 whooah, she really didn’t like that one, those teeth!

  11. Bettina Teacher

    I am so grateful for learning from Zac how to communicate effectively with my dog. The positive behaviour reinforcement empowers me to ignore any unacceptable behaviour and encourage through reward her great listening skills and lovely behaviour. Thank you Zac, Bree, Inertia and Indy.

  12. Joseph Young

    Since Zak believes in the “science”, then answer this question. Why isn’t the alpha dog in nature running around with a treat trying to get the approval of the younger dog?

    Also, do you think people in poorer countries are getting bark boxes? If not, then how come their dogs are more well behaved?

    Listen, you cannot reward out of a bad behavior. Moira will never understand boundaries.

  13. Shanley Mello

    Amazing progress Moira and the George family. Moria’s future is very bright all due to the time, patience, and effort from the George family. Thank you all for helping this beautiful girl become her best self.

  14. samantha goodman

    I will continue to ask this every video, but what is the reason you didn’t teach Moira to “place” her place command could save you from having to teach her NOT to jump because when a guest comes over she goes to her place and learns how to have a calm mindset. Also when you have a new person greet you ask the dog for a calm mindset as well, all I see is “OKAY GO AHEAD AND SAY HELLO!” In a high pitched tone implying an excited state of mind. For a dog as driven and excited as Moira how have we still not heard you say a word about the dog going into a calm mind set? That would be the ultimate goal but I truly feel like every episode I’m watching almost zero progress being made and I’m seeing her become increasingly confused by your command of “okay”. I’ve noticed in the comments most people having very positive things to say are mostly new dog owners which makes sense and almost every comment with feedback about your training style coming from professional trainers. I’m not saying you can’t learn more about how to teach a dog to be calm but so far in 8 episodes I’ve barely seen a change in her ability to control her mindset, teaching a simple “place” command could change so many things for her and you.

  15. cinnamongirl622

    Thumbs up for Deb!!! 🤗 (and Moira,Zak,Bree,Indy,and of course,Miss Inertia too!) 💕 I am thoroughly enjoying this series!

  16. Pinkenbock Girl

    This is so helpful!

  17. trish k

    You constantly have treats in your hands so of course she is going to go towards your hands thinking she is going to get a treat. You set her up to fail all the time!

  18. Rachel Brennan

    Love these videos so much, they are so helpful! Especially this series with Moira

  19. Sarah Hailey

    This is very good, but not everyone has access to a dog-training expert, and getting a non-expert person to help you is extremely difficult. I find that even people who are familiar with dogs do not have a good sense of how incremental the steps need to be, how subtle the dog’s behavior is, and how long the training process needs to go on. This is a good demonstration but some clear guidance on the best ways to direct non-experts to help you with a stranger-shy (or stranger-zealous) dog would be very valuable.

  20. PuertoRicanPrincess

    Amazing dog trainer! My dogs live those treats, too.

  21. Bayarea Grl4ever

    This beautiful dog is blessed to get help from Zak. I was rescuing young dogs hours from being put down because no one wanted to bother with them. Dogs are a gift.

  22. Hana

    I would have loved to adopt her, she would fit in nicely with my GS & Collie. She is a typical GS. If any of our dogs jump up we fold our arms & they automatically get down & dont try again.
    A few weeks back a young big dog went for my Collie, this dog came out of nowhere. The owner was getting stressed which of course won’t help, but she had no control over her dog. Her dog did end up settling down a bit, but it kept jumping up & biting her because she wanted the ball out of the womans hands.
    It was crazy. So I gave her a few tips especially crossing your hands when this dog jumped up & she couldn’t believe it worked & in the end the dog just sat there & waited for the ball to be thrown. But I did tell her she has to carry it on, not to do it one time.

    I was taught this when I had to get some training with my Collie because he got attacked as a pup on his leash & he hated dogs coming up to him on his leash. He was fine off the leash with dogs but not on it.
    Anyways we had a ex dog handler that worked for the services & he taught me this technique & my goodness it works…I carried the technique on when I adopted my GS & none of my dogs no longer jump up especially my GS who is like 35-40kg.

    I think this GS will find her forever home, there are many GS lovers, who understand the breed & hopefully will carry on training her. Shame you can’t keep her!

  23. Marya Kutsev

    Are you going to be continuing this kind of series?? I absolutely love it . 🙂

  24. Eld Cool

    She’s a good smart dog. Good job

  25. Peter Mullans

    What a wonderful dog – and you’re very brave to put yourself on the line.
    Can I respectfully say: You’re making a mistake!
    You are saying “OK” to mean ‘fetch the toy’, and you’re saying “OK” to mean ‘don’t fetch the toy, but just come to me’.
    Moira is very bright and is responding to “OK” correctly, but not in the way you think.
    Why not use “OK” to mean ‘come to me’ and “Fetch” to mean ‘fetch the toy’?

  26. Jennifer's Journey to Ecuador

    This dog’s behavior is so minor. Everything you’re doing is making it worse. I hope the owners find a good balanced trainer before this ridiculous methodology gets that poor dog killed.

  27. Karina

    She’s a sweet, typical German Shepherd. She WON’T be appropriate for a household who can’t take time to continue teaching & training her, or who’s looking for just a big lap dog (get a Bernie or a Doodle if THAT’S what you want). I’m a little confused at the timeline–been taping for 5 weeks, but we’re still only “8 days in on 2 week training session”?? In any event, George has done a GREAT JOB acclimating her to crate, building her confidence, and bonding/trust with her. He’s also done a good job increasing and directing her “toy drive”, which will make future training if she gets an experienced German Shepherd owner much easier for that owner.

    So overall: I think this girl will have NO PROBLEM getting adopted. A German Shepherd–and we really have no idea what “lines” are in her pedigree, how “high drive” her forebears were–WILL NEVER BE A GOLDEN RETRIEVER OR DOODLE DOG. She’s likely to ALWAYS have high drives, but those can be utilized in future training if she gets the right owner.

    Honestly: I’m NOT a fan of “Positive Only” training for working line dogs. I don’t use or believe in harsh corrections, either–but mild corrections shouldn’t shut a dog like Moira down, and give her information so she can correct herself and figure out what he’s asking for. German Shepherds are very special dogs❤❤❤. So far, she’s maintained & improved her toy drive, is coming A LONG WAY in learning to “check in” and focus on her handler–I think George is giving her an excellent foundation. She’ll be able to do whatever her forever owner wants–sports, dock diving, hiking–at some capacity. He hasn’t messed her up in any way, she’s doing quite well. The things she’s learned so far will help her a lot.

  28. Joshua

    Love these series with Moira and hope she finds a loving family. Cannot wait to see when she learns to get off distractions from the distance as I know Lily has issues more close by we are than when practicing at a further distance.

  29. pop meow

    Zack is a YouTuber. Not a real trainer. What a failure.

  30. tweetspie06

    Zak talking about being frustrated makes me feel 10x better trying to teach my dog to stop jumping and biting

  31. Janet Wilpan

    @Zak George When you use a toy as a distraction doesn’t it help to tell the dog to leave it, and then to come?

  32. Amanda Drescher

    I can’t wait to see how you start integrating other dogs into the mix.

  33. TMS

    The biggest lesson I am getting from Zak’s videos is to BE PATIENT, which is so hard, especially for me! I want my Moira 2.0 to stop barking at other dogs NOW! You often can’t see the progress when you are in the middle of it, but even 2 seconds of more focus on you is progress. Celebrate the small successes and don’t focus on perfection.

  34. Aideen Kinch-O'Kane

    Can I borrow Brianna’s mum for training please! Moira is doing great. Loved the nail cutting 😊

  35. Misting Wolf

    How can I get my 3-year old shiba to stop lunging for treats? He bites fingers to get to it and he is hyper-motivated by any kind of food. I am his third owner, so I do not know his history from before adoption.

  36. Alexander Spectre

    Moira may be a good girl, but Zak is a GREAT boy!

  37. Saiga Legacy

    Such a good girl

  38. Brittany S.

    So excited for this video! My Shepsky puppy is jumping and nipping ALOT! Tell me all the secrets LOL

  39. Christina Herkel

    Who else loves Zak George’s videos but doesn’t even own a dog? Me LOL!

  40. Kim Manning

    Just Yelp every time she bites or is too rough with her mouth. Works! Used it on lots of dogs. Make sure it’s high pitched a quick

  41. Lucinda Darby

    Love how to take the play bite. My dog does this still but hes getting better. Yet again LOVED the session. Thank you Zak and Bree 😍❤

  42. Eline S

    Oef.. Okay is a release command and suddenly it’s OK and then a new command. Ofcourse she is confused.

  43. Julie Kratz

    Hi Zak, I’d love to hear your advice on how you would train a dog with children in the house. I imagine some of your training techniques would change or some behaviors wouldn’t be tolerated for as long (like play biting). I love learning from you!

  44. Holly Chuter

    Funny nail clipping was featured in this video. We struggle a lot with that. My dog is terrified, even though would constantly touch his feet as a puppy. He was pulling away, my hubby accidentally clipped the nail too short and hurt him. We just gave up for the day and will try to revisit in the future . 😢

  45. Khalilah Hall

    What a smart and curious dog. I wonder if she should be in a situation where she has a daily job? Maybe a farm, police, rescue or something that gives her all the mental stimulation. I don’t know but she seems to enjoy mental stimulation.

  46. Leilani Nevarez

    How long is that leash you use in the field?

  47. Alana

    This series came just in time, we are getting our labrador in a few months, and this series will help with training alot

  48. Khalilah Hall

    How cool is it that you get to have ads on your channel that are of you! So awesome!!

  49. Khalilah Hall

    I’m amazed at this! Moira loves you and trusts you. What a gift you have. I hope you find a great home that will put in as much work with her as you do. She deserves it!! 🥰🥰

  50. Riaan Buys

    My new dog do the same.
    Getting her to bring me a toy for atention stop her from taking me with her mouth(what’s call bite is aggressive that is positive association).
    I find that she take ownership of me and her intention is to take a “right” to atention. And tend to take it to hart if she do not get it. She is super atentave and will take my hand in her mouth walking perfectly of the leash.
    It works for me and her not to think of it as biting.
    Non dog lovers migt differ.
    I think your problem is she is a lovely dog.

  51. AmsterPlays

    Moira is an amazing dog that needs attention but that doesn’t mean she’s not a sweet girl at heart! Love these videos and love moira!

  52. Jeri-Marie C.

    I’m sorry Zak but it’s like nails on a chalkboard! I’m at 10:10 and had to stop because this has to be said..

    When you’re throwing the toy for her and want her to ignore it and come, you don’t say your release command OK. Because that is the release word meaning that she can go and get what you just threw. If you would simply throw the toy don’t say OK just say come have her come to you and then say OK for her to get the toy as her reward. The fact that you kept saying OK come as one command when OK has already been established as her release word as what is confusing her.

  53. Fatoma Al

    Good job training!🎉 I know Moria will be a good dog.🥳. Because the training is amazing! I thought training a dog would be so much easier! But it’s pretty hard! Zak is a good trainer. 🎁🐶

  54. Jowita J

    Fantastic video!!! Its always great pleasure to watch you train dogs !!! Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. Moira is very clever pup. Cant wait to your next episode with her. Greetings from Canada 😘😘😘

  55. YaWhoDoggY

    How do you give her so many treats without her getting overfed/over weight. I am working to train my new puppy but I don’t know how many treats I should give him outside of his main meals.

  56. Hailey Miller

    What type of harness do you use again? I know you’ve said it in a past video but I can’t seem to find it for the life of me!

  57. Dóra Domanovszky

    Omg, it’s amazing what you do. In my country This dog should sleep forever

  58. Natalie Wainwright

    He’s had her for 8 days and the dog still doesn’t respect him at all. Exactly like inertia, treating him like a fiddle and a playmate.

  59. ArtistikDrift

    I feel like I’m confused on the “okay” command. In one situation okay means she’s free to do what she wants but in others you say “okay” then a command which seems like you are telling her two things at once that are opposite.

  60. Aᴋ᭄vignesh gaming

    why aren’t you getting more views even with thus awesome video please reply me

  61. Chen Honig

    I watch Moira and what I actually see is my little pup. Thank you so much, your videos give me a lot of hope that with proper training I’ll have a well-behaved dog with me

  62. sawan sharma

    I am training 3 month old labrador puppy by your videos and I am having good results , Thank you 💖💖

  63. Sarah Abou Said

    I just love being able to watch the episode within the 1st hour of posting hahahah

  64. Song Says

    Moira treated that Dremel like a toy. Also noticed you said “okay” to release her from the stay and she (I think) thought the “okay” meant it was alright to check out the toy. A great way to show that a change in circumstances pushes the training backwards until the dog makes the connection.

  65. PP bw

    You are amazing trainer I’m having seen. We adopted shepherd mix looks alike Moira also same issue Especially reactive to another dog on leash (off-leash is good) we keep watching your channel but more excited to see how you can address this issue with Moira. We Got you book and still training him.

  66. Remo

    Thank you so much Zac, you are an amazing trainer, I love the way how you bear with them patiently and teach them by going a step backward helping them out to accomplish the task, feeling really compassionate for all the work you do and also learned how nice we are ought to be with them whatever the case be. And this I learned from you zac, thank you for all your amazing videos, it has helped me train my dog alot and at the same time understand my dog’s likes and dislikes, so that not only my dog listens to me but also I engage myself in his likings too❤❤❤

  67. Amir F

    If she jumps how about asking her to sit? Either by you or the guest and then reward when she complies

  68. Arun Kumar

    Gosh Zak… I wish I lived there… I would have adopted him in a heartbeat… doesnt matter how jumpy or bity she is… I would have loved to have her…

  69. Tracy Hillman

    I had purchased a 7 month old Border Collie that was a lot like Moira, but way worse with the biting. He was poorly trained. I wish I saw this video a month ago otherwise I wouldn’t have had to make the painful decision to re-homed the puppy after the previous owner refused to take him back. That was the first time I had to re-home an animal. Now I will know what to do in the future when I get another puppy.

  70. M Hatzi

    I would really appreciate it if you could make this video about inertia’s tricks

  71. kishore s

    In spite of all tough, impatient movement’s happens when I trian my dog, I fell happy and my heart smiles when I see zak training dogs,
    Some days i get tears while training dog.☹

  72. Debi Fish

    What a beautiful puppy. You guys are amazing! What a great way to earn an income too! I hope you guys will be able to address the issue of dogs being scared of loud noises soon. Please help me with this. There is no dog trainers near me.

  73. ChuckandMax

    I sure wish you would come and do this to my golden retriever 10 month old puppy Duke. I never had a big dog before and he has been a challenge from day one. He bites and jumps and tries to bite your hands and feet. When I try to walk him he lunges and pulls so strongly that he almost makes me fall over. I am terrified that he is going to knock me over and break a hip, then he will end up eating me. I know that sounds strange but it’s a total fear. He won’t do any of his commands if you ask him in a normal voice, he keeps ignoring me until I have to scream, and I have a serious health condition and my heart is weak, I’m not supposed to get excited. When he makes me have to yell it makes my heart start pounding and I have to lay down. I want him to be able to walk around the house like all my other 3 dogs who are all small and well behaved. My arms have scars and bruises all over them from him biting and scratching. I seriously need help. I’m disabled and need him to be a good dog. If you could respond to this message and help me I would be forever grateful. I don’t want to have to send him to the shelter and only want him to have a nice life, but my health comes first. You can find me at chuckandmax on Instagram also.

  74. Revolutionary Roblox Videos

    Aww I absolutely love the painting of baby inertia!

  75. Danica B

    I have been summoned

  76. Bavani Somusubbarayan

    entire reason for the improvement of moira is becoz of your calm and collected mindset and having the patience of training such a hyper dog is mind blowing to watch ……….you r an amazing trainer ✨✨

  77. Tiffany Q makes the most of what she's got

    Moira 💕

  78. Satvir Grewal

    I just brought home my 9 week old golden doodle and have a similar issue!

  79. M Hatzi

    Hey Zak, I was hoping that maybe you could make an update video with everything that you have taught Inertia this far.
    Also keep making content it is so helpful and fun

  80. Lusine Davtyan

    Duude you are absolutely amazing.Look at Moira she is getting trained so fast.She will be an amazing partner for anyone.She absolutely loves you.Actually why wont you adopt her.She is comfortable with you,loves you and i think she is comfortable in the house now to.Also Thank You for your videos they teach a lot.🙂🙂

  81. CinnamonToastStx

    Lots of progress is going on and you are doing great as a trainer 👍

  82. Mizuki Himawari

    Man I really need your help. My one pup just goes nuts when seeing another dog. He’s never attacked one and every dog he’s met he loves, we even have two more dogs of our own. But I’ve tried everything and walking him is a nightmare. Idk what to do 🙁

  83. Ash

    Thank you for this series, it’s refreshed my motivation to work on making more progress with my own reactive dog. We actually got really close (for her) to some other dogs in a local park today and she was amazing (with the appropriate currency of course :))

  84. Vodka Slam

    German Shepards are Pack dogs, they follow the Alpha and Alphas show authority, strength, and discipline. Your training is good…. But not for Pack Dogs like German Shepards, Huskies, Dobermans, etc.

    You can be nice and loving but you need to be strict and show discipline at all times or the dog will become the Alpha as this video clearly shows.

  85. Kayte Anderson

    I hope there’s more on this biting! I can’t believe the progress on the jumping in just a week! Way to go Moira!

  86. The Gaming Nature

    Wow this is like as one of those as seen on TV items

  87. Aki

    Moira is such a good girl, she deserves a family that would love her forever.

  88. Lila Dooley

    I love your videos zac! We got a puppy recently and all she wants to do is bite our toes so your videos are helping a lot!

  89. Oh hxney

    I had gotten my dog last year during the pandemic and he was soo hard to train but I came across your channel and he literally is like the most amazing dog ever.I literally can’t thank you enough!!Also I love the new series.💕

  90. The Watcher

    GSD! Mine jumps when excited

  91. Reese Rhoads

    so excited for the new episode!!

  92. curious wiki

    Can’t believe my eyes, Moira’s getting trained it’s going to be the best happy ending⚡

  93. Jessica Baird

    My German Shepherd husky mix doesn’t exactly bite but she likes to dig her nose into people’s arms. It’s cute. But she does have a habit of being rough sometimes. She’ll occasionally just jump if she wants attention. She also has a habit of thinking she’s a lap dog and she’ll just sit on your lap all the time.

    Props to taking on Moira though with you I know she’s gonna turn out excellent! .

  94. E Bomb

    You are such a nice person. Hard to find genuine good hearted people

  95. michelle johnson

    Omgosh my dog is exactly like this! Same breed even. I sent her to 3 weeks board and train, they just took my money and didn’t train her at all! I need help!

  96. Sofia Sachade

    Hi Zak! I’m getting a small dog soon so I was wondering if in your next series you could do a small do like a Yorkie. 🙂

  97. Nicole on EQ

    Can’t wait to see Moira’s happy ending 🤗

  98. Mira Mayer-Kuckuk

    You have done so much for her! It is lovely to watch you train her! :)❤️❤️❤️

  99. Sunnyasha Chandraviruthil

    Moira is a wonderful dog I have a 65 day old puppy lab mix and please do the same jumping biting problem with labrador dog or puppy yes I am the same 11 year old child trainer who asked in some of the before videos . And you are a very good trainer I did the same with my puppy now he stops biting he is wonderful no potty problems

  100. Amparo Garcia

    YESSSSSS! I been waiting for this video! I just got both Zak Georges books and i’m so excited to read them as soon as they get here <3.

  101. Jan Hankins

    Hah! Play biting with an adult Great Dane–talk about people misunderstanding!

  102. Sunshine Dog Training

    Best dog trainer on youTube

  103. Asher ThePug

    I love this series a little tooo much!!! Moira is such a smart doggy and you bring out the best in her❤ Love your training methods

  104. Sunshine Dog Training

    Zak, you are awesome.

  105. Maja Ambroziak

    Thank you I’m going to use the tip on jumping and biting. My dog jumps all time on anyone and his biting is getting worse. He’s training is going great.

  106. o [ NIGHT ] o

    Her Evolution is amazing thanks to you!

  107. dazzling black

    Please consider doing a “Day in my life” video with Inertia, Indiana and which ever dog you are training at that time. We’d love to watch it.. Loving this series so much. You are doing so good and you are the best trainer ever❤ 30 day perfect pup is also helping me a lot in training my fur baby.. I can’t thank you enough 😭

  108. Duckdukgoose

    This series is so helpful though Is there any difference between a male and female dog when training them?

  109. Chewkie

    I love how you explain your thought process in the videos
    it really helps

  110. anicka sonley

    I am going to get a puppy soon

  111. TeNeshia Gold

    This is the definition of my dog Fig😂 crazy lol

  112. TopTenTech

    Can somebody give me a hiyaaaaaaaaa

  113. Aisha Rudderham

    im very close to adopting moriah myself 😂

  114. monie802

    Oh man… I was just going to bed. Now I have to watch this. 😂

  115. Alex Ondraschek

    Yess been waiting😀

  116. Navjot Singh


  117. Flerken Master

    Amazing videos 🙂

  118. Stayc Girls It’s Going Down


  119. Albineroz 1005

    You are the best dog trainer in in the world

  120. Wagging Tails Dog Training

    Moira is going to be such a good dog when she gets adopted!

  121. Mishka Govender

    Here at comment 4 😂

  122. Zen D

    I thought I was the earliest sigh

  123. Blast Gamer

    Third comment

  124. mychar

    This is the perfect video for my pup. All he does is jump and bite..

  125. Ninja Titan

    3d comment from Asia india

  126. S1ippy L3mons

    You got this. Don’t worry 😉.

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