I Had 3 Weeks to Train This Dog! Did it work Long Term?
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I Had 3 Weeks to Train This Dog! Did it work Long Term?

So much happens in this video!

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187 Thoughts to “I Had 3 Weeks to Train This Dog! Did it work Long Term?”

  1. Diana VP

    Please remind us of the brand of harness and long pink lead? Thank you Zak!

  2. Anissa

    Man Zak idk if you have children but you would be an excellent father! You have the patience of a saint lol can’t wait to see your next series maybe that can be your teenage kid😂

  3. Angie Lawrence

    Awesomeness I need you to come
    Love with me and Gibbs and train him plz👍🏼😜

  4. Nicki Loder

    Is there no mask mandate in LA? Very few people were wearing masks at that crowded park!

  5. Angie Lawrence

    Beautiful girl

  6. Cazza Kelp

    Wow Kona got big and fluffy, so cute.
    Enjoyed Kona vlogs, looking forward to seeing Moira!

  7. Shae Strong

    Kona… what happened… ur so BIG. U weren’t that big the other day 😂

  8. Wil Scott

    Can’t wait for your new series as we have “one of those” Rosalina the German Shepherd and her brother Tony who is also one we’ve been struggling with. LOL!

  9. JessyGoneCrazyy

    She looks soooooo different

  10. SpecialEagle

    She Is so big now!

  11. Treasure Trovel

    “Human Restaurant Grade” for the Nom dog food? That means plate left overs from restaurants otherwise they company would just say “Human Grade”. No thanks!

  12. Lydia Johnson

    What do you do to keep a dog’s weight in check with all those threats? Do you make meals smaller? I assume the treats are healthy since she’s getting a lot of food. I realize the treat-splosion is temporary, so what’s the plan when training with treats?

  13. Summer Cranker

    Ignore this comment, testing how youtube works

  14. Joy Cranker

    Great video.

  15. Laurie Gorka

    Awe she’s Beautiful! 🐕 I have a 10 week old golden doodle ( Molly )
    I found your series with Kona 2 weeks ago and it has helped me so very much! Can’t wait to see your next episodes!

  16. Tesla Nick

    Good timing, I’ve just taken on a 13 month old GSD who’s HUGE. I had to brace myself against a wall playing tug with Leo to get him to “out” it. I’m like a rage doll to him…🤣🤣🤣

  17. Sis vs Bro Gamers

    She is soo cute AND FLUFFYYYYYYYYYYY


    Love watching your videos , I have learned so much for training my Yorkie. I have always trained my pups and I really like the results. I was wondering if sometime you could do a whole training session with a small dog. Thanks and keep up all the great work.

  19. ANTONiO C

    I have a Belgian Malinois/German Shepherd mix and this is my first time owning a big dog and this series has helped me so much with making him a well-trained dog. I’m also super excited for the next series!

  20. hello bello

    Where did u get that lead zac?

  21. amouramarie


  22. Sandi Jeffreys

    Thank you for the follow up! It was great seeing her again

  23. KPW Outdoors

    Awwww she’s so big! ♥️ When does your now series start?

  24. chowderman8888

    How long has he been off the organic kibble hype train ?

  25. Lauren

    4:23 is pure talent

  26. Michael Birmingham

    Taking child to them park – sit down do your homework. 💡With all these years watching you how have I missed that tip?

  27. Sandie Parker

    Kona is so big, beautiful and smart!!
    I couldn’t believe what my 12 week old Aussiedoodle, Levi, just did when I projected the video to my television to watch. He literally sat in front of the television and watched! I could see him trying to figure out why he was hearing the commands and the “Yes!” coming from it. Thank you so much, Zak. You continue to teach me so much. You are GREATLY appreciated.

  28. Suhaan Khan

    What happened to Inertia series?

  29. David Reitz

    Wen will we see the new dog in video

  30. Latos

    I have a fucking yorkshire , i swear im gonna suicide , i dont know what the fuck went wrong i only gave him love , the first day he was an angel , now its like hes sent from hell, inside his handmade pen he fucking eats the cotton out of the pee pads, outside( in the house) he eats the walls , wood , dirt from floor everything , PLEASE HELP ME PLEASE

  31. gina settlemyre

    Kona is beautiful!! She is getting so big. Make sure and keep us updated on her as she continues to grow.

  32. JOY TIAN

    Wait.. that’s Kona?!?!

  33. Carol Danvers

    This was MUCH longer than 3 weeks lol

  34. Vanilla Butternut

    I could definitely go for a video of just Kona and Inertia playing the entire time

  35. v j

    Kona is that you??

  36. Killin Winnin

    Omg she is soooo big I can’t believe it’s the same dog. Brilliant video 👍

  37. Wagging Tails Dog Training

    I’m so incredibly excited for the next series!! 🤩🤩🤩

  38. Samantha Hu

    Whaaaat?? 😲…. Is that really kona?? Omggg..

  39. Wagging Tails Dog Training

    I knew Kona would get bigger, but THAT MUCH?!?! INSANE!!

  40. Sadie D

    Zac thank you so much for setting me on the right path with my pup! She is 3.5 now and such a settled, polite well behaved and happy dog. I think the only thing of yours I didn’t do were time outs – I always redirected and prevented instead. We couldn’t be happier with her and the joy she brings to our lives. A lot of that is down to your and kikopups videos at the start. We continue to reinforce behaviour and add to training with new games etc!

  41. Pint Size1

    Hi Zak! I was checking out the nom nom for my Maltese and I couldn’t pass the weight part because she’s a teacup and weighs 1.9 lbs. It’s thought she’s underweight because normal size Maltese weighs about 7 lbs.

  42. Never Let Go 💙

    She paid attention to every distraction that came near her.
    If she wasn’t on the lead, she wouldn’t stay next to her handler which means her “recall” isn’t solid.
    The tight lead during walking says she didn’t fully learn the command.
    Treats aren’t always a strong enough teacher for the dog to learn to ignore it’s environment.

  43. Paula Cryer

    Kona! She is beautiful!! I have loved watching her grow up ❤️. My own Australian Labradoodle is turning 2 this month and we do similar drills almost daily. Now if only I could reliably throw a frisbee I would work on it, but BALL is just as exciting.

  44. hauskalainen

    14:00 the dressage demonstration

  45. Certified Ben

    Kona is so big now

  46. Lila Dooley

    I litterally thought that Kona was another dog!when he said 18 weeks my jaw dropped! @Zack George if u see this u have helped our family so much to train our new 14 week old puppy! (She’s still not fully trained AT ALL) keep doing what your doing!

  47. Noah & Atlas

    How far in advance do you have stuff filmed? A few months at least? Damn you’re organized

  48. Zero Cool

    so I got a question, I got a husky pup and its been 3 weeks now training is going well, except potty training. the first week he was mostly going outside like a champ but now he only goes on the pee pads no matter what I seem to do, I even put one outside for him.

  49. Amy

    So excited for the next series!!

  50. aarohi ambati

    I’m totally down to watch another amazing video including a little bit of suffering

  51. Ana Boise

    I’m so distracted by Zac’s super clean white shoes 🤪🤪 Also, wow Kona is amazing. Again, can I send you my labradoodle, he’s not as good.

  52. Marjaneh Marjani

    Wow Kona is so big now .nice to see her again.maybe not any more but that’s ok we have Zak and inertia 👍

  53. Maddie Slack

    Wow she doesn’t even look like the same dog!!!

  54. I beat my meat harder than Chris browns wife

    Hi zach im such a big fan and i was wondering can you teach a dog to chase someone while barking without hurting them i need this for my schools talent show thank you so much in advance

  55. Elizabeth Fuentes

    I don’t recognize Kona!

  56. Christine Alix

    Inertia appears to appreciate that her cute little friend has caught up in size.. I’m currently raising my first big dog.almost.7mos.now someone asked if I was feeding her miracle grow.

  57. cinnamongirl622

    Kona is like a Budweiser Clydesdale. lol She’s HUGE,and oh so smart! Congrats,Zak,and thank you so much for this followup video. Love your channel 😀👍🏾

  58. Daniela Torres

    normally not a fan of boarding dogs but i would 100% board my puppy with zak 😭😭😭

  59. Skyworld Gamezone

    Can I also get a heart


  60. Lenya Michahelles

    Kona got so big! I almost didn’t recognize her!

  61. Cristine Montpetit

    🤯 KONA oh my gosh what a huge beast

  62. Amalee Wilson

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen Zak wear the same pair of sneakers in two different videos.

  63. Aisha Rudderham

    my jaw dropped when i saw her 😂shes huge now 🥺

  64. Larpera

    Ooh I’m looking forward to the struggle! Bell notifications on

  65. Mallika Mathur

    How much training have Kona’s parents been doing with her?

  66. ghadeer g

    I’m surprised 😍
    She is so big 🥰
    But it’s a weird feeling 👅

  67. Lily Darrow

    Does anyone know when the new series will start?

  68. jkvis

    OMG the little prance! Can’t believe how big she is!!

  69. Carolyn Vines

    OMG! Kona looks like she might already be bigger than Inertia! I was hoping we would get an update on how she is doing. Thanks for sharing! I’m sure Kona was as happy about seeing Zack and she was about the treats. I suspect her happiness over seeing Zack again was every bit as distracting as anything else in the park. I love the way she prances as she walks beside Zack. 🧡

    I’m glad to see your next series will be with a more challenging dog. I suspect that most people who are searching for dog training on YouTube have much more challenging cases than Kona, or even Inertia. In my opinion, Kona is exceptionally intelligent and eager to please.

  70. Hans Haus

    she is such a fluffy dog!! we’re getting a 4 year old lab mix from a caretaker / temporary home through a shelter here in Munich on Friday. so excited, your videos have helped so much! Can’t wait to have a dog again!

  71. Leslie F

    Hi Kona!!! It’s so good to see you! You’re so big!!

  72. Kirstie Proffitt

    OMG she’s gorgeous!

  73. Joyce ord

    Ahh this is the perfect play style description for our Golden Dood 😍😍

  74. Hope Jones

    She’s grown sooo much! 😍😭 I can’t wait to see Moira’s series!

  75. Jubilant Jackie

    She’s so big now! Love the update video!

  76. Anna Mandelbaum

    i am getting a Shichon puppy who is 8 weeks old on 3/19/21…any recommendations??

  77. MxsticSZN

    when you said 18 weeks😳

  78. paper2man

    Earlier I saw Konas last training video. I just got to work and you drop this 😱 she’s so beautiful !!

  79. Taryn M

    She is absolutely lovely❤

  80. Otsana

    Okay the way this Kona prances is adorable

  81. curious wiki

    Seeing Kona and Inertia chase each other literally made my day !

  82. giyuuly

    Her walk / little bounce is so cute she could be a model 🥺

  83. Doggymaster 9

    She is so big now 😯 it’s amazing !

  84. Ms. Oliver’s Life

    Zak, you have such a great personality for this! A pleasure to watch!!!

  85. Duckdukgoose

    Am I the only one who is hyped for the series on Moira?

  86. YourOneOpportunity

    Really glad you’ll be trying the training with reactive dogs like German Shepherds! Looking forward to it!

  87. NemoXSky

    I absolutely love this video. It really shows that even though their puppy brains will get the best of them sometimes, consistency is still key! It makes me feel so much better about my training with my 1 year old aussie. Sometimes he’s an angel but other times its like I don’t even exist! Thank you Zak!

  88. Desertbluecat NM

    A good reminder that cute puppies turn into big dogs.

  89. Jamie Guloien

    A great follow up video. Yeah, Kona! What would the strategy look like if you’re not able to pick up your dog when a loose dog approaches?

  90. Roberta Preston

    I miss my Doodle…..😔😪😖

    Well done Zak, Bri and Konah❤🤗💯

  91. Mewnetics

    I absolutely loved watching the series with Kona, I’m even more excited for your new series with Moira!! My dog is reactive as well, we’ve been working on her reactivity since she was about 7 months old and she’s now 19 months. A full year of training and she’s come so far!! Can’t wait to see how you it goes with Moira! Reactivity is so common and people need to know there are humane ways of getting your dog out of that mindset and actually correcting the behavior. Thank you for taking on such a challenge, Zak!

  92. Kay

    I am literally so shocked right now!!!

  93. Annabel Neugebauer

    Holy smokes!! She got huge!

  94. PetiteCake


  95. PelsaElsa

    Ohh I want more Kona updates! But also looking so much forward to seeing Moira!!

  96. Hannah S

    Totally excited to see moira. I have a dog who is kinda similar with reactions

  97. Wendy McCallum

    Omg! They grow so fast! Your a good dog trainer

  98. The Gaming Nature

    I like dogs

  99. Mailey Devine

    She’s so big now,also I have a problem with my dog,we got her at the start of quarantine,we couldn’t see anyone so now she barks at everyone she sees

  100. Draw With Me

    She’s HUGE!!!

  101. T M

    Kona is everything. Though bigger, still so beautiful

  102. Demonic Sheep

    Can’t wait for the new series and watching you struggle haha.

  103. T M

    That can’t be Kona, that is a giant dog. lol

  104. Radu Bataran

    I gotta say i tried your link for nomnom and i had to throw half the box in the trash cause my shiba wouldnt even touch the stuff

  105. Scott Reacher

    Kona is so beautiful.

  106. Pepperz

    Was looking for this Thx zak and bree! love your work love from portugal!!!!!!!!

  107. I Want A Puppy

    Hi Zak! Quick question, does nomnom ship to the UK?

  108. Kate Halle

    Kona is hugeeeee

  109. Miguel Crespo

    We have had our pit baby appa for 4 weeks now. Circumstances deemed we take him at 6 weeks old, too young but you’re videos were instrumental in establishing good communication. We’ve had dogs my whole life but Appa is by far is the most well behaved this young! The pull is in work 😅

  110. ces sow

    Kona is huge

  111. Sylvia Christy

    That prance! Kona’s a good girl and she knows it.

  112. Louise Marie Beckham

    i love watching you struggle!! 😀

  113. Ashleigh Venter

    Thank you for showing her journey! I’m getting a border collie puppy soon, and your series has helped me so much!

  114. Dhanesh Panchariya

    What about picky eating
    In India there are less variesties of tasty kibble so it’s too hard to deal with my puppies picky eating
    Need some tips

  115. GoatOfTech

    She’s such a cute pup 😍

  116. Chewkie

    its not fair how he has the best shoes and the doggos get nothing ;(

  117. Life of Bree

    Dang she got soo big but she’s pretty and so is inertia 🥰🥰

  118. Gabrielle Walker

    She’s so big now!😲Your videos have helped so much training my puppy!😆

  119. Elliot Training&Tricks

    Whe is the first episode with Moira coming out?

  120. Kyle Pinpin

    This series has really helped me with my new puppy. Can’t wait to see the next one!!

  121. Isabella

    Great job training her! She has become sooo big!!

  122. The Proverbial Hater

    I think I almost shed a tear… It felt like I was at Kona’s graduation ceremony. She’s huge now.

  123. Bruno Rivera

    Now i just wonder when this video was filmed 😶🙄…

  124. Cayden Ly


  125. Jerome Gopu

    Such a good girl❤️

  126. Emilio Schmidt

    Does he have a “How to get a dog” Video?

  127. Katie Neill


  128. Talia Tran

    This series will be my savior and the books my backup

  129. Tammy Parker

    She’s so big. I’m literally jealous of a dogs fur 😫 Those golden locks.

  130. Maja Ambroziak

    Thanks Zak all of these series helps my dog to get better in training every day

  131. Sarah Akers

    Wow Kona is super big now

  132. Alexia Baker

    Kona is bigger than Inertia!

  133. Momma Ukulele Lady

    Kona has an amazing prance – I love doodles

  134. Paisley The RC

    just listened to your Dog Training Revolution on Audible!

  135. My Golden Retriever

    She’s so big now!!

  136. aditi pimple

    Plzzzzzzzzzz give me heart…😭😭😁

  137. _NightM4r3_ Playz

    54th comemnt!!!

  138. Kara Turtlesky


  139. Jeremy

    Man, I love these vids… they help me alot with my 14 week old pup. Konas still a cutie!

  140. Emaan Rehan

    50 comment

  141. Nicole on EQ

    Kona’s all grown up 🥲

  142. Sophie Lange

    Fun update

  143. Navjot Singh


  144. Jess Richardson

    Moira is beauiful

  145. supersnailboy

    So excited for the new series!!!!!!!

  146. Sahar Shah

    😲😲😲😲Giant kona!!!

  147. supersnailboy

    You trained Kona so well

  148. Jessica Ashbridge

    Thank you so much for this series, we are picking up a lurcher puppy next week, I have been watching all your videos.

  149. Sachin Kumar 19PA024

    Am I the only One who thinks that
    *”Zag’s Eyes 👀 Somehow Looks like Gojou Satoru’s Eyes”* 🙄❤️

  150. Hachi The Husky

    But you’ve never met me 😈 I am Hachi The Untrainable Husky! 😁

  151. Jocelyn Rivera

    Cona looks like a dog I saw at a indoor dog park it’s sooo weird lol

  152. Shepherd Neville

    I almost teared up seeing kona grown up

  153. Maya Diaz

    early, this puppy series will be great for our future dog.

  154. My Border Collie Family

    Omg his vids are soooo good, I want to be like him when I grow up. 🥰

  155. Na z

    She’s grown so much 😍



  157. Leah Gilbert

    Thank you for everything you do Zak! I’m getting a Doberman in the future and you’re really helping me out!

  158. Kicks of Football

    Congrats to everyone who as here early because they are going to get a heart for Zak

  159. Jade Fiorucci

    Kona is such a good pup ❤️

  160. CinnamonToastStx

    This series has been great and helped me train my dog thank you zak

  161. My Border Collie Family

    Hey I am a MASSIVE FAN can you say hi pleaseee??? 🥺🥺💗💗

  162. random gen

    Who else loves his videos? they help me so much!

  163. Tanushree Rajpura

    Love your videos 🥰😇😍☺😊😇🥰

  164. Anna Mandelbaum

    what is the puppy training harness that you used in the video where you introduce the crate to your puppy?

  165. Just Leafy

    Woah, Kona got so big!

  166. Anayah Makengo

    This I helping me so much because I’m getting a dog 🔜



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  169. Dylan Ramsey

    Early BTW you literally saved my dogs life

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  171. My Border Collie Family


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  175. My Border Collie Family


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  177. 100KSub Without Any Videos Challenge

    “Congrats to everyone who is early and found this comment”🍭 fd

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