I Adopted a Dog I’ve Never Met. FIRST 24 HOURS with OUR TOTALLY UNTRAINED PUPPY!!

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I Adopted a Dog I’ve Never Met. FIRST 24 HOURS with OUR TOTALLY UNTRAINED PUPPY!!

FIRST DAY WITH OUR NEW PUPPY! What do you think?! (Contains paid promotion) 🚨✨USE CODE: ZAK at to get 50% OFF your first PupBox! 🚨✨


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157 Thoughts to “I Adopted a Dog I’ve Never Met. FIRST 24 HOURS with OUR TOTALLY UNTRAINED PUPPY!!”

  1. The Migraine Warrior

    I AM SO EXCITED! Welcome, Veronica! What a kind and respectful girl Inertia is too (but we already knew that!) And the way Bree’s eyes light up when she sees Veronica is precious! Can’t wait to follow along on this journey! Love you guys! 💜

  2. Raymond Tucker Jr

    So happy to see an adoption. I adopted a Staffy mix, Dec 21′ and my love of life has soared to new heights. Before I brought Alfredo home, depression was a constant background….not anymore. Bless you and all who adopt!

  3. Lian Torres

    I think the new adventure might be moving to Alaska 😆

  4. The Animal Channel

    You should have named her Brenertia

  5. Savannah Calado

    Veronica is not the name for her, she looks like a Peggy, penny, or Ronny . She’s so fantastic and so smart I’m so excited for you both! She’s wonderful!

  6. Ivonne Nieto

    Awww Veronica is cute and she seems smart! Good luck in your new adventures!!!

  7. Luciana Coutinho

    Cute! Good luck! Welcome baby dog!

  8. Marie-Claude Dupont

    She is just too cute and very smart. Congrats on new puppy🥰

  9. Diana A

    Aww, she’s beautiful! And I love the way she sits… it is so intentional! She knows exactly what she’s doing.

  10. Karen Martley

    Congratulations on your new fur baby..how lucky are you all to have each other..Zak and Bree thank you for being you ❤️

  11. Roberta Preston

    Veronica is ADORABLE♥💯❗ Congratulations💯❗♥☺☺

  12. RangerPuff

    Veronica is gorgeous! So happy for you!

  13. Heather Venkat

    Thank you for adopting her!! What a cutie!

  14. Chookie2629

    Really love Velocity for a name, it’s kinda opposite of Intertia? And kind goes with her cute swirls on the back of her hind thighs? 😁🥰

  15. Jessica S, NAPLES FL

    She’s a super bright puppy. Much different from the last one.

  16. ozpaws

    I am curious about the harness you are using. I have always used the front fastening ones. I’m interested in the one you use here and why

  17. Lynne Volga Expat Life


  18. mia cheng

    I got a new 3 month old puppy a month ago, I’m really looking forward to more of the training 😊

  19. The Animal Channel

    I just got a puppy last week and she looks like Biscuits

  20. The Animal Channel

    Finally Zak!

  21. CookieCrums •

    Her cute lil jumps reminds me of Fawns! And fawn is a cutie name ovo

  22. xXCringe QueenXx

    She seems to be some type of Chihuahua mix mine is the same way and he’s so high energy they even bark the same at random things

  23. Marina

    Veronica is sooooo cute!
    She’s in good hands because of you.
    Can’t wait for episode 2. ❤️

  24. Susan Woodcarver

    I’d adjust Veronica to Veronika (ver-ro-nee-ka). Just a thought. Love the pup. 💕

  25. Yoga Life and Wellness

    Veronica is adorable 😍

  26. HB Real housewife

    Fantastic…..a new series. My Sunday night treat. She’s adorable. Don’t mind the name Veronica. I would have called her Audrey! Lol.

  27. absurdistsloth


  28. Connie Wiles

    I’m looking forward to Veronica’s series! I’m getting a puppy in two weeks so it’s great timing.

  29. Rachel King

    Bree! She’s all yours! You are going to be more in front of the camera because your baby wants you.

  30. Faisal Kwt

    Good luck with Veronica nice name for a beautiful poppy 🌹

  31. Monika Leon

    I’m excited to see what she looks like as an adult!

  32. Aaron Deer

    Excited for this one! Seems like her and Inertia will get along great. Also, we need to see a shot of your shoe collection 😂

  33. Michele Borland

    What happened to the other puppy?

  34. oliver warmflash

    Veronica is adorable!!!!

  35. Home and Garden DIY

    I’m already going to predict that Veronica is part whippet. She has the most beautiful haunches and back legs. 😃 And that TAIL at 7:53! 😍😍😍😍❤️ Congrats guys!!

  36. Bomber Noodle

    That intro was hilarious Lol

  37. Julie S

    I’m curious to see her breed results. She does remind me of Veronica from the Archie comic book series. She’s so cute! And Inertia is amazing, as always.

  38. Georgia Roberts

    can’t wait for the DNA test! Veronica is a sweetheart 🥰

  39. BorderCollie pup opvoeden On the Road-Again

    Love your New puppy.
    Maybe buy a New harnas though. It prevents your puppy to walk. Buy a Y harnas that’s better for your dogs mussles.
    I will follow your channel. Love your way of training a puppy. Have fun together

  40. Carmel O'Driscoll

    Aww she’s so adorable 🥰 Looking forward to this series 😊 Congrats on your new puppy 🐶

  41. Tracy Anne

    I like to stick with 2 syllable names but it’s over all your choice. Ginger would be more fitting IMHO.

  42. Mary Sheahan

    I love the suspenseful intro, it was very reminiscent of fall out.

  43. Jan Hankins

    Veronica is absolutely adorable!! I have a dog now that is one I saw a picture of and fell absolutely in love with. We got her at 8 weeks of age and she’ll be turning two in early August. I am so happy I fell in love with her, as she’s a wonderful little girl. I am interested if you’re going to do a doggie DNA on her to see what’s “in there”. All that longer hair on her ears is so cute. Can’t wait for the next episode.

  44. BadBlobby

    Veronica is ok. But how about Ronnie for short? ♥️. Cute puppy! Lucky puppy.♥️🇨🇦

  45. The healthy dog

    My dog hates wire crates. Won’t go in. He loves his plastic Ruffland kennel. I think it feels more safe for him than the open wire crate.

  46. Arjan

    too bad this puppy is ganne grow up, but will be trained as a puppy for the rest of his life.

  47. Linda Fitak

    I must say that is one lucky puppy to have Zak and Bree adopt her! She will be great! ♥️🎉

  48. Kenzie Kilmartin

    So happy for your fam! Can’t wait for this new series!

  49. Jennifer Hill

    Veronica suits her so much excellent choice.

  50. CC 3KidsL8ter

    Yay! Another sweet furbaby in the family 🐕

  51. Bee Vie

    Exciting stuff. Welcome home Veronica. I liked how at 23:13 she was offered “everything the light touches”, yet seemed only interested in Bree. Despite being mildly apprehensive about all the life changes, she seems quite keen on her humans already. Very sweet.

  52. Jon R

    Why the eye liner?

  53. Jacki Cammidge

    I love plant names, so Veronica is perfect!

  54. leonie critides


  55. S L

    Zak: The crate is the only place you’re going to get the chew. 09:48
    2 minutes later… 11:55 .

  56. C Gallo

    FINALLY the 1st video! Veronica is sooooo cute. Big sister Inertia can show her lots of life experiences. We wanted to adopt a second dog for our rescue Brooklyn, but so far I’m being resource guarded and she’s saying nope! ☹ Looking forward to Veronica’s series, and watching her grow up like we did with Inertia. 😊♥ Following you both on Instagram too.

  57. Tanvi Shetty

    Thank You for giving this lil kid a second chance ,all the very best 😊

  58. Senatic

    Dude this is so perfect, I just started watching this channel a month ago since I’m getting a puppy in a couple of weeks. I went through the entire inertia series, watched all of biscuits, Moira, George and Chop and now I can literally follow along on this journey at the same time as my pup is gonna arrive and grow up. Even though this will be my second dog I learned so much already from this channel, not the least of which is Zak’s amazing positive and loving mentality, something he makes look easy but as a previous dog owner I know can be very tough from time to time. I can only aspire to be as loving and patient a pet parent as you guys.

    Lots of love and thanks all the way from over here in Sweden. <3

  59. Jairo Garcia

    she’s so cute. love her long ear fur. quite the athletic too

  60. Kenna

    I would’ve named her Starfire. Can’t wait to see how this series develops! I always learn something new from each series!

  61. Jenny Bozynski

    Your new puppy is adorable. I know she will love being with you and Bree because you two are wonderful pup parents.

  62. Princess Irisha

    I’m loving this new baby of yours! Loved the name too! Bon voyage to all of you ❤️her ears are just suuuuper cute…Inertia is such adorable elder sis💕

  63. Bart

    He kind of looks like the owner

  64. Cat Schleicher

    Wait did you re-home the other puppy you just adopted? Where is the chi/dash thing?

  65. Annika Aasav

    Congratulations! This puppy is beautiful! 💗

  66. MaLu

    In love with veronica 😍 would be nice to see bri training her too! All love

  67. Kraken Engineer

    Gotta say, watching you video’s I was able to get my new puppy sleeping in her crate on the first night w/o crying. 3 months in and her training is coming along amazingly.

  68. Flowerchildkait V

    Awesome We adopted our puppy without meeting her back in February! We’ve been watching your Kona and biscuit series to help us train her!
    Can’t wait to watch how you train this pup!

  69. Lisa DeHart

    Congratulations, she’s adorable! I like how you’ve taught Inertia to back up and lay down to give Veronica space. I’m going to start implementing that in my training with my dog. I always learn something new from your vids. Thanks and good luck!

  70. Hippie Bits

    What an incredibly engaged puppy given all that she has been through!

  71. MaLu

    Omg I’m absolutely in love on how well behaved inertia is with the little puppy!!! Hope she has a name soon ! Love this new part of the family already ❤️

  72. Pedro Blas

    So excited to see what you have up your sleeve!

  73. Melissa Hintz

    OK I’m missing something….did the other little puppie get adopted? And when did ya’ll get back to NO?

  74. BarbB inTennessee

    She is adorable

  75. Grace's pet care channel

    Aww she’s so beautiful I love her colouring and coat type! I’m not amazing at identifying dog breeds (especially in mixed breeds) but to me she looks like she may have some terrier, saluki maybe even a bit of collie in her. Looking forward to seeing what mix she is, Inertia is such a good girl the first interaction seemed to go well, and I love how even though it was excited to meet a new puppy she still listened and responded to the commands you gave her, really shows how well you trained her. No doubt this new addition will turn out just as smart and well behaved 💕

  76. MaLu

    ive watched 15 secounds and i already love the drama.

  77. Dog Details TV

    Veronica is adorable. I love the name!

  78. Jeanne Mundt

    What a traveler! And, my favorite line: “You better like her, cause I love her” !!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Inertia is SUCH a good girl!

  79. AstroRiley

    Yay!! A new puppy!!!

  80. Rockstar Slump

    This is awesome! I adopted a sweet little boy from Alabama yesterday, and a little Australia cattle girl a few days before ! I will use these videos to train my doggies 🙂

  81. Jenily111

    Great this is gonna give me puppy fever lol 🥰🐾

  82. raxovu

    so excited! we’re planning on getting our first dog, a border collie is our top choice. your inertia series has really prepared us and now this is gonna help even more (i’ve been watching the tiktok’s)

  83. Cathee Porter

    I think you should call her “Creamsickle”.
    She’s amazing!!!

  84. Promise Paws

    Oh my gosh I am so excited for you! You are the best trainer ever, and the puppy will have the best life training with you!! Much love.💕❤️

  85. Dat Nguyen

    When I got my puppy, he did not sleep that much. He started sleeping more, became more calm after he turned 1 year old.

  86. Kandrisa

    Wait. What happened to Biscuit!???

  87. Kerbey Lane

    Great little dog. Incredibly smart. But Veronica? I think of Veronica Lake, 40’s movie star or Veronica from the Archie comic book series. Veronica is a diva name.
    If I were naming her, (which granted I am not), I would name her Chica. She is a smart, savvy little Mexican street dog.
    I am really looking forward to this series. Love you guys 😊

  88. Lakinther

    Inertia is sooooooooo cute

  89. Eva Lateltin

    I am so excited about this series!

  90. Raven Knighte

    If you haven’t named the puppy yet, how about “Gizmo” (the Mogwai from Gremlins)?

  91. kavita deva

    Hi Veronica!!
    You’re in a wonderful home now.
    Enjoy everyone ❤️🔥🐾

  92. A S

    Yay! I just got my first puppy a few weeks ago! He is 12 weeks old

  93. Wild Horses Canada

    You guys should get a travel trailer & travel up to Alaska maybe…

  94. Sunflower Mama

    Looking forward to this series! I just got a 2nd pug a couple of weeks ago. He’s 10 weeks old. My first pug is 18 months old. So I am definitely going to learn from your journey. Particularly how to get your first dog to bond and interact well with your second dog. I’m excited to see what happens!

  95. Tristan Shinney

    You mentioned gremlins…. Name her gizmo?

  96. Howling

    Good luck with her training! She looks so cute!

  97. K9mutt Training

    Excite to watch and share with my students. Question. You kept pulling treat away from her. Does that start her to jump? I usually will use just turning my hand where they cannot get to the treat — but less of a chance in a client getting nipped.

  98. Darla morey

    And the chew bone

  99. Darla morey

    Where can I get the harness?

  100. Carole Muenzer

    I use a one syllable name for all my dogs, so much easier for recall

  101. surprise me

    So happy to see your new puppy! She is very cute and very smart. Can’t wait to watch her grow and learn new behaviors! Love your show!

  102. Kelly

    She’s so cute. I see a possible sighthound mix. Maybe saluki or some type of lurcher. Can’t wait for her breed reveal!

  103. Jen O

    Inertia when you were telling her there was a new pup 💖💖💖

  104. Kendra Taktak

    Sooo cuuute! <3

  105. Maiza *

    YouTube needs a love button

  106. cinnamongirl622

    Adorable baby girl with a beautiful name. 🥰 Looking forward to watching her grow up in this exciting new series. 😊 Congrats on the new addition, Zak, Bree, and Inertia. 🤗

  107. Yesenia Boba

    Veronica is sooo beautiful and so smart! I’m so exciting to see what comes next for you guys. Thanks you for taking us on your journey.

  108. Jenni Stevenson

    What an Amazing sit and such a cute one too. This is going to be so informative xx

  109. Mai A

    Cute puppy! Inertia is such a good girl!

  110. Joanna Lan

    This series came just in time for me, I’m getting my first puppy (a shetland sheepdog) in July 🥰 I’ll be following closely and taking notes 😀

  111. Kim G

    Love the name! Congratulations!!

  112. watchmoivies123

    I see spaniel or possibly shelty what did they say she’s a cross of? I don’t think she’s gonna get bigger than 20 pounds if that

  113. watchmoivies123

    OK so she looks just like Bree they are such a match this little dog is going to fit right in with your family and also I think she should have a happy upbeat cute name

  114. EeveeDream

    Inertia was so excited!!! She was like “OH BOY A BABY!!!!!”

  115. Lily Darrow

    I can’t get over how much this dog look so much like my dog when he was a puppy. She has similar coloring with that red ish brown color and what I call a paint brush tail, with the white at the end. And the ears are similar

  116. leneay

    wow super excited for a new series!! especially with a cute puppy 🙂

  117. Jai Vora

    Congratulations on your new pup – She seems amazing !

    Zak, u certainly are a very intuitive, knowledgeable n experienced dig trainer & I am certainly gaining a lot from the videos & your 2 books – Thank you 🙏🏼

    Is there a reason you choose female dogs over males – Is there a pattern ?

  118. Sebastian Shammer

    Do we get a potty accident counter throughout the series?

  119. WilbyLove

    What an adorable baby! And, Inertia is being such an amazing girl. Great addition to your family – congratulations!

    This little one is a free spirit. Can I offer a few names to consider? ❤ Ginger…. close seconds Sienna, Skye, Clover, Saffron. [Sorry, I love naming pups and cannot resist]

    Thank you for your continued dedication to training the humans who take on the tough puppy cases!

  120. Casey Saslawsky

    After watching your live updates, I’ve been so excited to see this first episode! Along with lots of reading, your channel has been huge for me with my new puppy. One question – I notice in this episode that’s you’re giving her lots of different chews throughout the day. Do you ever limit her chewing time? My pup gets 10 minutes with her bully stick every day, but if that is an unnecessary limit, I’m going to buy some tendons and yaks on pupford!

  121. Rikardo

    Finalyy new puppy❤

  122. Sebastian Shammer

    “were not having a baby”
    alright, i got got. Are you a mindreader?

  123. Rhonda Dudley

    That is a GREAT NAME

  124. Here This

    😄 A jackpot-reward for just sitting . That’s what people say is a spoiled dog ! 😂

  125. Margaret Fleming

    Can’t wait for episode 2. Veronica’s a lucky girl as are both of you. She’s adorable.

  126. Mia Pulchritudinous

    Aww She’s absolutely gorgeous!! and she’s hit the jackpot to have you guys as her owners.

  127. Anatol Hafner

    can someone tell me what breed this dog is

  128. Brenda Guthrie

    She is so cute; definitely some Chihuahua in there. Lol, she acts just like my chihuahua mixes.

  129. PresleyUSA

    Congrats on the new pup!!! I look forward to watching her training and growing!!! 👍🏻💕

  130. Nyasha Adler

    Oh she’s so cute.. All the best

  131. Dog revolutions 101

    So exited to see Veronica’s journey!!

  132. ladybug and catnoir

    Good luck with the puppy

  133. Mary Derleth

    We have a new puppy and I’m so thankful for your videos! This approach is working so much better!

  134. Sweetheart Care Bear

    I have 5 dogs.

  135. Sweetheart Care Bear

    We have plenty of dogs and puppies in Los Lunas, Mexico you could adopt!!!

  136. Jen Kirby

    I love the way she jumps up onto Bree. She definitely chose Bree!

  137. Drifting Unicorn

    Aww, the video is finally out! Its been fun watching her adventures on Instagram so far but now we get more puppy training content! Cant wait for the dna results! Life changes? Hmm, are you moving?? My puppy also barks at people, and i haven’t solved it yet.

  138. ♡︎Abby And Macy♡︎

    A New adventure Belgians! Good luck!

  139. The Sweet Aussiedoodles

    So excited to follow along on Veronica’s training and development!

  140. neopode

    Veronica <3

  141. gotbordercollies

    Any idea what breed she is?

  142. R. Durante

    I am excited to see her training because she seems very high energy. Even for a young puppy in a new environment.

  143. M L

    I adore the puppy and can’t wait to see the adventures unfold!

  144. Capri Joelle

    Its super cool you got a new puppy

  145. Jaxs Strickland

    Yesssss a new journey with y’all 💖💖💖

  146. Jazz-Mine Ray

    She’s adorable!!! I needed this today, my family is planning on adopting a dog soon, so this series is perfect and right on time!

  147. curious wiki

    Omggg so exciting!

  148. Vanessa Rigby

    I am sooooo here for it!! This is exactly what I need in my life right now.
    Just got a puppy. Someone we know got a husky pit bull mix puppy and was going to give him up after only a month of having him. Said he couldn’t deal with him. Not my first dog, but I’m excited to get to know him and teach him everything about the world!

  149. Katie C-G

    She’s so gorgeous

  150. Navjot Singh


  151. Itz_Superby

    Hii Zak remember me??

  152. As You Wish Dog Training


  153. themagikalwizard

    And another journey begins! Good luck with everything!!

  154. Gwyneth T

    Hi I love your videos!!! And your puppy is so cute!

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