Husky VS Saint Bernard
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Husky VS Saint Bernard

IN THIS EPISODE, TWO OF THE BEST WINTER DOGS: Saint Bernard VS Siberian Husky. Which is more tolerant, more devoted, healthier, and more, let’s find out, and may the best win.

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25 Thoughts to “Husky VS Saint Bernard”

  1. lionel messi

    German Shepard VS Belgian Malinois Plz that would be a good video since their both military and police dogs

  2. Gladys Coprada

    Husky for me because we have a husky

  3. bala gopal bajjuri

    Indian splitz vs pomeranian

  4. Isaac Jefferson

    English mastiff vs German shepherd

  5. JeepnJae

    Great Pyrenees vs. Newfoundland

  6. Ranjita Singh

    Pitbull vs Dogo argentino

  7. Franco Corneillo

    Boerboel vs dogo argentino

  8. Burim Kzyeziu


  9. Matthew XD

    German Shepard vs Belgian shepherd

  10. Animal Movie and show clips

    Ideas for next video
    St. Bernard vs Newfoundland
    Great Pyrenees vs Anatolian shepherd
    German Shepherd vs Belgian Tervuren
    Rhodesian Ridgeback vs redbone coonhound
    Labrador retriever vs golden retriever
    Doberman pinscher vs Beauceron

  11. Tiffany Samone

    What about a harrier dog and a beagle for comparison next? Or a catahoula leopard dog vs. dalmatian?

  12. OMENAHILLO9457


  13. Stephenie Dietrich

    I have a Carolina DingoHusky mix so i can see the husky winning this

  14. Luke Antoine

    German Shepherd vs Siberian Husky or German Shepherd vs Rottweiler that would be great

  15. Omar Opqhe

    Thank you I loved🇮🇶 Bagh🤝dad 💞

  16. Chrystal Sabin

    I say the St. Bernard. Maybe compare the English Mastiff to the Great Dane.

  17. Alex P

    Who asked for these two wildly different breeds who never compete to be compared?

  18. Elvis Adonis Latcu

    Illyrian shepherd vs Caucasian shepherd

  19. PH CHAU

    Kangal Molosslus dog

  20. scarfed man

    Corgi vs Yorkshire terier

  21. ViralBe

    Hello Friends, Which two other breeds are to be compared?


    Did my friends voice change?


    Cane corso vs the world

  24. Patricia Sandoval

    huskies are 60 cm not 59 tho some can be 61

  25. Al Irfani

    Weimeraner and rhodisia ridgeback

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