Humane Pet Shop - Saving Shelter Dogs - Podcast Episode 39

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Humane Pet Shop – Saving Shelter Dogs – Podcast Episode 39

Humane Pet Shop, Bark n Bitches in the news. Saving shelter dogs and adopting them to loving homes is what this pet store has been doing to the tune of more than 7000 dogs saved from shelters. Recently this shop has gotten some bad press with animal abuse allegations and issues with their permit through LA Animal Services and business license departments.

In this podcast I weigh in on the abuse allegations, dissect the video from the news, I talk to Shannon the owner of the shop and offer some keen insight.

This is a great podcast for any dog lover, animal lover and anyone who is concerned for shelter dogs and doing the right thing.

#metoo #dogs #shelterdogs

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36 Thoughts to “Humane Pet Shop – Saving Shelter Dogs – Podcast Episode 39”

  1. Pamela Bratton

    To me it looks like she tossed the one who was being aggressive.

  2. leia

    Hi Robert, hope you don’t mind me asking another question 🙂

    My collie puppy is 7 months old now, and still has that zoomie puppy energy a lot of the time. Even when she’s not actively playing she’ll do endless circuits wandering around the room sniffing and investigating things. I try to make sure she has burned off her energy with obedience, trick training and either fetch or Frisbee.

    We practice calm behaviour every day, and she can settle for long periods of time on cue.. It just doesn’t seem to occur to her on her own. I’d like to know if there’s anything I can do to encourage her to chill out.

  3. Barbara Quinn

    I’m not sure how I feel about the actual incident but impounding the rest of the dogs from an organization that does such incredible work finding homes for unwanted dogs is ludicrous. It’s a perfect example of “cutting off your nose to spite your face”.

  4. Jeff K

    Never open a business in the State of California. Worse than that is open a business within city limits of LA or San Francisco.

  5. Puppy Trainer

    You can separate dogs with throwing the dog ,she could have just picked the dog up and remove if you have dog just walk.

  6. Anna Freed

    Thank you for bringing common sense to a tricky situation. You have common sense and compassion, even for the Shelter dogs. Thank you, again!

  7. Star Catcher

    There is no redemption here for people. The young woman acted fast and was probably anxious to stop fight and thus dog got kind of tossed. It wasn’t the best way of handling it but she did not have malice. I wish we didn’t throw the baby out with the bath water.

  8. Mojo

    most shelter dogs are in the shelter as they have major issues– i value my family way to much to get a shit dog when you can buy a quality pup— you cant put a price on your family

  9. begley09

    You know what I have found in the past? People who dont believe in correcting a dogs behaviour end up having really bad aggressive dogs and are the first ones to start pointing fingers. Their is a HUGE difference from correcting a dog and abusing a dog.

  10. mehrad bb

    You are so so so right dear robert

  11. Valerie Donndelinger

    @27:20 “… non-removable secondary contact” ❤️❤️❤️

  12. Jack Oneal

    Well Robert,
    Unfortunately this is not about humane or not. It’s all about this girls numbers on YouTube, and not the humane numbers of saved sheltered dogs. How nobody else can see this I cannot understand. Anyway I hope it is resolved soon and Barking Bitches gets back to saving these worthy companions

  13. lilGomez96

    Hi from the UK, the animal nut nation lol, I have a working West German line shepherd and have experience with dogs and I love your work Robert! As for this podcast, I can instantly see what happened in your friends store and I think your right, the employee acted in the moment and she did the right thing to protect not only all the dogs involved but the people there to. What a lot of people don’t understand, that in a multiple dog situation, if it isn’t nipped in the bud immediately, then a mad uncontrollable multi fog fight will break out and multiple casualties will arise, ok that employee may have not done the very best thing but it was, in the circumstances the right thing. I am very sad that the other dogs were returned to shelter and the very excellent work your friend has achieved called into question, hell from what I understand of the us fucking puppy mills get there licence in shocking conditions! Well done you, Robert for supporting someone that clearly has the very best intentions and is undoubtedly an animal lover.

  14. Jane Allred

    Robert, one of the things I enjoy about you and your very videos is that you are consistent in calling out the BS in the dog world. Keep up the good, solid commentary and being the voice of common sense and reason

  15. ali renfro

    Why are Americans so sensitive? These dogs are being given a chance to be adopted and not blow torched alive while hanging for human consumption. The woman who posted this video I’m sure has done nothing to improve the situation of any animal but got her few minutes of drama on social media. I’m going to hunt down your friends shelter and send her some money.

  16. Tony J

    Why don’t these animal activists go to the puppy mill itself and go to battle with mill owners. Instead, they pick on a situation they know nothing about because its an easy target that gives them 30 seconds of fame along with media attention. Don’t they realize this store is doing something excellent. I personally know at least 10 people that adopted rescue dogs from private rescue organizations rather than a shelter because the dogs were fostered, socialized and kept in real life situations.

  17. oldgamerchick

    This incident has made me so 😠. I posted it on my FB before I watched your video. I am going back and telling my FB family to share this on their FB pages. This is a travesty of justice. Thank you so much for this video.
    Ms Michal 🙃☕😠🇺🇸🐶🙏🙏💖💖💖💖

  18. Protector K9

    Can you please make a brief video on how you make youtube videos. Like equipment and software. How did you get the news video in your own video .

  19. Candy Gross

    So sad that her business is taking this hit over that one incident…. I’m so over “outrage culture”- everyone has to walk on eggshells or you are done for.
    Bless this woman’s heart, I hope she gets back up and running soon💙

  20. Lydia Hutchens

    Robert, let us know if there is anything we can do for her

  21. Joseph Godin

    The employee did what she had to do. You have something that could get out of control very fast. It never is pretty when you got something bad brewing. I broke dog fight before and you do what you need to do because one might get killed if it goes to far.

  22. Whisper Gray

    I think blame placement on Petstores for selling pets is backfiring. Those dogs where never filling shelters.. it’s always been dogs people can’t handle, or owners that can’t afford to bail out their pets- or won’t because of their legal status.

  23. jmenta77

    People these days, especially the younger generations love to criticize and in turn get attention for themselves. Thats what happens when the government agencies are ran by liberal idiots and let other liberals and their emotions influence them. Will be sharing this on facebook to get the word out.

  24. Perfect Weather

    Activists always judge an industry or a company by the one employee they needed to reprimand or let go. They hold an unfair view of the world around them and it hurts other people and animals more than they would ever be willing to admit.

  25. Bonnie Blake

    Why was the girl filming the fight instead of doing something to stop the fight. Some people are looking for their 15 seconds of fame on YouTube. Yes, it is sad that there was a fight. Yes, only one person tried to separate the dogs. She chose to use her hands to move the non aggressive dog. Would you instead pick up and move a dog that is biting? It was hard to watch but the fight stopped. The girl who tossed the dog was not focused on wanting to hurt the dog. She separated them exposing herself to the least risk of injury, with the least amount of physical contact. Someone should offer to take the girl who filmed to the rendering barrels of euthanized dogs and cats

  26. Raymond DeFlaviis

    Robert, from what I was viewing online, the management at her rescue store – caved into public pressure. Twitter users appear to have encouraged the prosecution of the girl in question.
    Correct me if I am wrong about this.
    Shop owner Shanon von Roemer informed viewers that, “The employee is no longer with us.”

  27. R E Malm

    … The sad thing is, some people can’t stand other people doing “Good” or they judge who the “Right” person is to be allowed to do “Good” …

  28. Gascoigne

    Most people haven’t dealt with dog fights. If all those dogs had gotten into it, it would have been ugly. Lucky it wasn’t big dogs. The dog isn’t hurt. Hurt feelings maybe. Dog fights have to be broken up in a split second.
    Dogs can beat the absolute shit out of each other and be fine. They aren’t delicate.

  29. Kurulus Osman

    Hello Robert Cabral,
    Your videos are suprising me each and every day. Your content is really helping me.

    My question: 1- How to be firm with your dog? (Just like what you are doing to your dogs.) 2- What should i do to show the dog that i am the leader?

  30. Grimm Munro

    Robert,what do you feed your dogs ?

  31. XimerTracks - Sub To Me

    Robert Cabral

  32. Mumbomich

    My very first reaction when I first say the pet store situation was, ‘week… so many dogs in a confined space! Something’s going to happen here.’ Some dogs can go off, even if well socialised, by just being touched on there rear end in a closely packed environment. While I agree with you to a certain degree, after running a free-range dog minding business for many years lookingafter all sizes of dogs, I would never have dogs that close together in a confined area, ie, surrounded by counters, people etc. Maybe a lesson for everyone. I think this should be conducted in a separate part of the shop so fewer tensions exist on both dogs and staff, not to mention lesser trained customers.

  33. Lilamac Guinness123

    Great podcast love the topics very interesting 🌝🌞🌝🌞

  34. elisa Tigon

    And yet….so many people immediately ask for ‘help’ about which shelter to send the dog that they just ‘rescued’. Just to dump the responsibility to already busy hands….

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