How We’re Training the FIRST 3 Things to OUR NEW PUPPY

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How We’re Training the FIRST 3 Things to OUR NEW PUPPY

First things we’re training our new puppy! Thank you BARK for sponsoring this video! ✨ GET BARKBOX: AND SUPER CHEWER BOX: ✨

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83 Thoughts to “How We’re Training the FIRST 3 Things to OUR NEW PUPPY”

  1. Troy Winslow

    Hey Zak my malinois has a new habbit that whenever I let her out of her kennel she bites me aggressively this started up in the last couple of days and no matter what I do redirection/food/toys she will continue to bite me for a good couple of minutes. I don’t know if this is separation anxiety or what.

  2. Child of the King

    Zak, these videos just make my day. And that Star Wars ad was a huge hit. Got me laughing hard.. I can hardly wait for the rest of Veronica episodes to be on YouTube

  3. Shannon Antinori

    Veronica is so sweet. I can tell she already loves you both!

  4. Julie S

    Watching this brings up a question I’ve been dealing with – how do you pay enough attention to an older dog when you have a puppy?

  5. AJ D

    Hello! I’m here from Kikopup, who is the only trainer I follow on YouTube.
    She said you (and Bree?) are also a positive reinforcement trainer and I hopped over to see for myself.
    What a cute puppy. The video was funny and informative and I really like your attitude/approach to training and I’ll definitely be checking out more videos.

  6. Fabricio Osuna

    Amazing trifolium repens near the beach! That’s a beekeeper’s version of heaven.

  7. Kristen Johnson

    Sign me up for more of the Bree and Veronica show! That was my favorite segment!

  8. LightStar88

    Veronica is so smart and precious! 💗🐶💗

  9. SkyeTheGoberian

    Hi Zak, absolutely love little Veronica!! I’ve literally been watching since the start and you’ve helped me so much with training my dog, Skye! I was just wondering if you have any idea what sort of breed Veronica is, and if not would you do a DNA test?? X

  10. Alisha L

    I love how Bree is becoming more involved in front of the camera and with the dog training! Also, the star wars ad in the beginning was amazing

  11. Jennifer Hill

    I noticed you were saying “here” to get Veronica to look at you and Bree was saying “look at me” can she learn two different commands for the same thing.

  12. Lehla Quartz

    That SW Bark Box ad was really clever and cute. You’ve convinced me to give them a go!

  13. Paul Archer

    another great video, we are getting a Manchester Terrier puppy in four weeks, I am really looking forward to putting what you are teaching us in to practice.

  14. Alba Pedrerol

    She reminds me so much of my dog🙈🙈

  15. Arjan

    Since when do dog trainers get puppies to train? this dude is so full of shit! Get a real and big dog from a pound and try to fix its problems, until that you are not a dog trainer. I am more of a dog trainer than you by what I did the last year. Got some real dog issues? go watch beckman dog training.

  16. Haley Bunker

    The coyote is beautiful and gorgeous!🥰

  17. Haley Bunker

    They are both beautiful and gorgeous!!🥰🥰🐕‍🦺🐕‍🦺🥰🥰

  18. StaceyTheDM

    This was the best Zak George ad I’ve ever seen! Keep up the good work!

  19. Creative Diamond Dogs

    Zak George, the only person to survive a light saber to the face. If those were storm troopers,hiding behind a rock wasn’t needed because you wouldn’t have been hit anyway. 😂😂😂

  20. Adam

    love 4k dog training

  21. Jill Kalaniopio

    She is so cute!! Veronica I mean

  22. al ex

    I always find it interesting and cute that puppies will always be on their absolute best behavior their first day or three. Then comes all the nipping and barking and zoomies and general quirkiness… it’s like they realize “these are my humans now and they’re stuck with me so I can show my true crazy and silliness and there’s nothing they can do about it.”

  23. Erika Schimmel

    Adorable and I love your videos!

  24. Emilee Leonard

    I wish that you would open a dog rescue and rehabilitate “at risk” dogs for new homes. It’s be so great for the community and honestly I can’t imagine anyone better or more fitting for the task! Wonder if this is your life changing endeavour!!

  25. Drowned Rat

    I love Veronica’s ear curls! My Aussie mix knows our whole neighborhood well now, and anything new, like yard decorations, gets her to doing the scared “woo woo” bark. Once she has a chance to approach the strange new thing and give it a thorough inspection, she’s done. Too funny!

  26. Julia Jellonek

    Piranha or puppy 😂?

  27. zakirac55

    Great to see Inertia. How about some more tricks by her?
    Veronica is very sweet. Jumps like a bunny…

  28. Pup 2 Pal

    Thank you so much Zak for all that you have done! I have watched your videos for years and you have inspired me. Your videos are really good!

  29. Lakinther

    We NEED an inertia episode once a month or so

  30. Linda S

    I love Veronica! Sporty dog extraordinaire. Her spazing out followed by perfect impulse control reminds me a lot of a working cocker spaniel!

  31. FarntMan

    Love seeing Brie get half the episode training Veronica. Quite a dog training partnership!

  32. Suzanne Roos

    Loving this new series! How old is Veronica again? ( In this video)

  33. Here This

    😊It is quite a bit hard to train a play driven puppy . I need to watch this series very closely , my little one is acting like Veronica ( though being two years and 50 pounds 🙄 ) .

  34. R. Durante

    Veronica is a delight. She is bright. Even though she is really high energy her intelligence enables her to focus. I think having Inertia will be a wonderful bonding friendship for life. I am excited to see how she progresses. Thanks for being such great teachers.

  35. Cindy Tanner

    I have a foster 4yr old dog who has no basics do I train him like I would a puppy?

  36. Karen Feathers

    “Scents in the wind” & “Lawn People”- Fantastic training tips for these 2 issues!
    My poor 7 month old “Baby Shark” 😄 puppy has been a victim of my uninformed training!
    HUGE Thanks for another great video! 🐾💞 to Inertia & Veronica

  37. Louise B.

    that’s great veronica likes the frisbee – did you know that before you got her?

  38. Drifting Unicorn

    I love playing frisbee with my small dog, I learned from Zak’s videos ☺️ but we use a small disc. My girl was very nervous of other dogs when she was really young, now at almost 9m old shes better, still afraid of new people though but i’m still working on it and shes slowly getting better. Zak is the best trainer! These videos help us a lot. Velma the toy poodle puppy says hello to Zak, Bree, Veronica and Inertia 💖

  39. Xsabelle

    What Kind of Puppy is Veronica 🥹 she’s so cute Omg

  40. Cathy A

    Ok I am sooo jealous- I just got a new puppy- a toy Aussiedoodle 7 days ago and I am so exhausted. It’s just me (although my sister came over yesterday so I could have a shower- believe me, I needed it) and I have quite bad chronic back pain due to a car accident ( broken back and 3 spinal fusions over the years). My last 2 dogs were border collies but I knew I am no longer able to keep up with 5+ hrs of exercising my dog plus mental exercise daily- I also did not want a couch potato or I would never go out., So a new puppy for a week, alone (well he has met /played with at least 50 people so far- my last dog was very well loved by my neighbours and all the kids (some now in their 20’s and moved away- they brought their younger siblings to meet the new puppy). I love watching your videos and am doing everything I am suppose to. We are both getting quite bonded to each other – he knows come, wait ( to come out of his kennel- in fact he keeps jumping back in to get more treats), sit, down, us getting ok at knowing he is not allowed off the grass, and I can’t say he is housetrained because I take him out at all relevant times so he never has has any accidents yet…being only 3lbs he chews or at least grabs EVERYTHING, so teaching him leave it is going to be necessary and hard to do- I’m going to have to pick my battles at first…he is sleeping right now so I’m watching a few of your videos again to see what I need to focus on next..I’m planning on puppy socialization classes in a few weeks , which is so much earlier than it use to be with my last girl 14 years ago..anyways, wanted to write this to you whether you read it or not, it makes me feel just a bit less thanks for the great videos- Cathy from Canada

  41. Cecilia P

    That Star Wars ad was so fun!! And Inertia playing dead to get treats was hilarious! This is so helpful as my husband and I are looking into getting a second dog now that our first is a couple years old. I used your videos for our first and was curious how to train a new dog when I already have one in the house. Thank you for all your hard work!

  42. Emily Romanello

    Fun star wars beginning! Inertia would make a good Jedi 🙂. It’s helpful to see the pace of training for a new puppy and the frequent breaks to keep them from getting overwhelmed…also not insisting on focus when they’re encountering new environmental stimuli. She’s a smart little piranha 🙂

  43. MaLu

    Being as patient as Zak is , is so important. We tend to lose our cool quickly when something does not go as planned but in a situation where the puppy is probably seeing things for the first time, we have to stay calm . It’s not because it’s normal for us that it’s the same for them after all

  44. Courtney Breaud

    I was waiting for this video. I’m getting a puppy in a few months this is so helpful .

  45. fiddlemandogirl

    Veronica has the cutest frizzy little ears! ❤

  46. MaLu

    It’s very sweet their interactions, inertia and veronica. All love ❤️

  47. Jorge Herrera

    Hi Zak, I am noticing I accidentally trained my dogs to not growl when uncomfortable. I am learning how to properly train them and I made this beginner mistake over a year ago. I got another dog and the older dog trained the little one to start doing the same. Can you make a video to fix this and get them to again growl when uncomfortable rather than snap their bite?
    Thank you 🙏🏽

  48. Talia Knowles

    I enjoyed this video a lot! Seeing how you interact with Veronica while out on your free walk reminded me of how I train. I like to ask the dog questions as I am training and always wondered if it was confusing to them. On some occasions I know it is, but seeing you talking to Veronica on your walk just showed me that it’s not a big deal. I really liked the lay out of this video too. To me it’s more realistic, seeing both you, Zak, and Brea (sorry if I misspelled her name) training Veronica throughout the day. I am super excited to see how this video series progresses and to see Veronica learn! She is learning so quickly, and I was smiling watching her try to contain her excitement and hold her sit/stay to get let out of the crate.

  49. Debbie Shulman

    Do you cover your crate? What brand crate is that?

  50. Ryan Moody and Lola the pug

    Hi zak and bree brilliant video again I cant wait for more are you going to do a breed reveal for veronica I cant wait if you do keep up the awesome content

  51. MaLu

    The drama in the beginning is the best omg

  52. MaLu

    She is doing a great job and it’s very cool to see her training 😄 inertia and veronica of course are the stars ! You make a great team ❤️

  53. Shanley Mello

    Thanks for these extremely educational videos.🙂

    Veronica is so darn cute and smart and Inertia is such a sweet and good big sister ❤

  54. MaLu

    I love how sweet bri is! She talks in sweet I can’t even explain

  55. Yui Suzu

    Why don’t you ever cover the crate?

  56. Elisa Toto


  57. Jen Kirby

    Puppies do learn from copying big dogs. Marzieh surprised me by obeying commands directed to Jasper that I had never taught her.
    Inertia is wonderful. Some dogs would be jealous.

  58. Itz_Superby

    This series gives me the vibes of when I was watching your first episodes of inertia

  59. dobrila jovovic-schultz

    Any video about soft biting during play? 7 months old.

  60. Tanvi Yeurkar

    I love the patience you take while training dogs!

  61. Jacki Cammidge

    I’m seeing (and hearing) some Chihuahua in her.

  62. pup girl

    is this video extremely overexposed/bright for anyone else? it is normal in the preview and i don’t see any comments about it. i’m in google chrome on a mac. it is basically unwatchable 🙁 other videos on youtube look normal

  63. Blue Pitbull TV

    Wow thank you so muchh for this i enjoy this vodeo and learning from you @Zac thank you again more power to you and your dogs..

  64. Sally Malloy

    I like your yellow leash for her! Is it biothane? I am so wanting an easier to clean long lead.

  65. Vansh Verma


  66. Jaclyn Elise

    It just hits different knowing you’re keeping this one! Even more exciting. Veronica and my Olive would be little bffs for sure!

  67. Lucinda Darby

    Love Veronica learning loads as usual. Thanks Zak and Brie. Keep up the good work! Just so you know we have a specialist helping us a bit with Sandy. Positive Reinforcement of course. She said if I hadn’t done what I had with him so far it would have been a very different story! So that’s thanks to you!! You have saved and changed another dog !! 🐕 😀😃🙂 xx

  68. Easter Fools

    Now I just want to see Inertia featured in a movie. Star Wars, a lassie reboot, whatever. Inertia has what it takes, I’m sure.

  69. Rojia Gangmei

    Good job 💯👍👍👍👍👍

  70. Heather Venkat

    My nickname for my puppy when she was teething was Miss Piranha lol Thank goodness she is over that phase!

  71. Pietra

    3:37-3:38 inertia😂

  72. An Autist

    you may want to take down the video and blur your phone number on the dog’s collar as its readable at some points like 7:42

  73. Karsten Topp

    Blanche is now almost three years old and – thank God – the piranha phase is like more than two years gone. Thank God. Border Collies are formidable piranhas ….
    My solution is to – whenever they start to bite – squal loud and freeze. No pulling away as that will entice the hunting drive, just freeze and squeal. Didn’t took me long to teach my dog that biting isn’t fun for me…

  74. As You Wish Dog Training

    Love the Star Wars ad! Inertia and Veronica are getting along so well!

  75. Scarlett Woodbridge

    Love your videos thanks for amazing content ♥️

  76. Capri Joelle

    The beginning of the video is so cool

  77. Sweetheart Care Bear

    I have a new puppy too!❤️

  78. Navjot Singh


  79. The Supreme Stream


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