How We’re Training Our New Puppy to BE BRAVE… NO MATTER WHAT!

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How We’re Training Our New Puppy to BE BRAVE… NO MATTER WHAT!

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47 Thoughts to “How We’re Training Our New Puppy to BE BRAVE… NO MATTER WHAT!”

  1. Janine

    When our dog was a puppy we played youtube clips of thunderstorms and fireworks while playing with him and while he was in his crate sleeping. We gradually increased the sound until it was quite loud. Worked a charm and he’s now 18 months old and has zero fear of either. Veronica is adorable!

  2. Carin Somers

    My tibetan terriër is 15 weeks now, when she is scared or unsure she first tries to run away but as I have her on a leash she cant so she does the next best thing ,she sits and observe the situation . When we are on a walk I just walk on without talking to her and she walks besides me . Our main issue we have with her is the puppy biting. It is not possible to cuddle with her at all. She tries to bite your hands immediatly. We tried redirecting to toys she is allowed to bite in, we tried saying no and walk away, nothing really helps and when it gets to bad the only thing we can do is put her in her carte.

  3. mamameo

    Inertia peeking through the window during frisbee training is too adorable. 🤩

  4. Patrick Youngs

    Do you think that light on her back may have been affecting her vision?

  5. Jennifer Hill

    Did you see that when that dog barked in the distance on your walk and Veronica reacted Inertia came over and comforted her.

  6. Yoga Life and Wellness

    Excellent, excellent video! Thank you for this. it’s good to see how you deal with a puppy not interested in training. This entire video is full of valuable information. Thanks to both of you!

  7. Anna Stewart Cleaver

    What brand of harness is Veronica wearing?

  8. Szonja Szakacs

    Why dont you ever let off lead Inertia? Isnt she recallable? Im just curious:)

  9. Mandy Luna

    “It’s just the World”. That was so cute. You got this Veronica!!😍

  10. Alicia Salvato

    Are you guys going to do an Embark dna test on Veronica? It was so fun for me to do that with my street rescue dog. He is 5 breeds!

  11. Julie S

    Where did you get the light for the harness/collar? At midnight last night, my 2-year-old decided she needed to bark vociferously at a kid’s car left out in the neighbor’s yard. I love how you and Bree are partnering in the training and videos. You make a great team!

  12. lethe.archive

    inertia’s face when you said ‘not naming any names’ 😂

  13. Neale Smith

    Very interesting! We also have a big dog, a small dog, and a cat.

  14. Dmitri Reavis

    What do you do when your dog’s main currency is other dogs?

  15. kavita deva

    Hey Bree, I am really enjoying you being so involved in this video. You’re a breath of fresh air. I hope you will continue this trend for awhile. By the way who makes Veronicas turquoise harness. It looked like rough wear or kurgo but I can’t tell. Would you please let me know, I love that harness. Thank you guys for a really nice video, very enjoyable.

  16. squanchy

    has ur cat got a health condition? , looks overweight and considering u take so much care into ur dogs health and well being why not your cat?

  17. Zach Henderson

    I’ve got a six month old mutual of some sort… he gets really excited when he meets people, and he’s usually pretty gentle. But when he’s on a leash or in my fence, he’ll bark at people. I don’t think it’s out of fear or even a territory thing. I think he just wants to play with them, and being on the leash or behind the fence is frustrating to him…. even though he’s part husky, he doesn’t really bark anywhere else…. HOW TO STOP THE BORK PLS!

  18. Owen McCarthy

    Is there a way to teach a dog that something is optional, like teaching them the word “cuddle”, while also letting them know that it is acceptable for them to choose not to cuddle if they don’t feel like it?

  19. Cath Unsworth

    This is a lovely video. I felt you sold Inertia short though, in those last minutes. What I saw was Veronica reacting to the barking, then seeing Inertia wasn’t bothered, so she felt able to abandon that to go be with Bree. Please don’t underestimate Inertia’s job in teaching Veronica how to be a dog.

  20. vvvdeannavvv

    Inertia waiting for her turn @8:26 haha

  21. Sandra Pandalesque

    “you want to go check it out and see what it’s like?… It’s just the world” one of the cutest most comforting philosophical quote ever 😀

  22. Price Cloud


  23. Danielle Meuleman

    One technique that has really worked with my pandemic, naturally skittish dachshund-Jack Russell puppy is to “charge up” the word Friend. Once I did this I say it before I see something (usually strangers and bigger dogs, when he’s on leash) and it does seem to catch him before he gets fearful and is more willing to see that thing as a friend, rather than fear

  24. C Gallo

    I can relate to this – Bree: “you normally pay attention to me, why not now?” I have asked that very same question soooo many times. My dog Brooklyn is a rescue, we’ve had her 5 months and she’s about a year and a half old. Starting from scratch with her as she did not know ANYTHING when we adopted her. Watching the previous different training series’ with older dogs, then with Biscuits and now Veronica is helping me to train Brooklyn even though she’s not a puppy anymore. A little harder to do as she already had some undesirable habits that have been challenging to overcome (think George, Chop and Moira). I really enjoyed Bree taking the lead on this video, I hope it continues. Having both Zak and Bree explaining different parts of the training sessions was nice.🙂 Thanks!!

  25. Vansh Verma


  26. WallsOfGab

    Covid has been super hard trying to get my dog used to the vet – we haven’t been able to go in with our dogs until very recently, and it’s STILL only one person at a time. Only with an appointment, and you have to call before you enter. :/ There’s gonna be a lot of work to do when everything’s fully open with all our scared 2 year old dogs.

  27. Joan Lynch

    There’s a rabbit on the hill behind you at 0:45.

  28. cinnamongirl622

    Shameless plug @ the books 😂 Adorable…all of you! 😁

  29. Carmel O'Driscoll

    Another great video. I really enjoy watching your training methods, so natural and easy going.

  30. Xanthe Delves

    Wtf was that at 17:35 middle left of the screen??? Was it a wolf 😟

  31. Cian Redmond

    Why is inertia on lead in the free walk I thought she was fully off leash trained

  32. Karen Feathers

    “Fear Periods-Barking At Other Dogs-You Are From Alone”
    Every week your video has amazing & practical advice!
    It’s like you are watching me walk my puppy in Sacramento, CA 🤣

  33. Navjot Singh


  34. Jeff K

    Wow my Aussie needs this, she runs away as fast as possible from anything she’s afraid of. You should have seen her when she saw a horse.

  35. Denzter Nilsen

    Haha, I love Innertia intensely watching the frisbee training with Veronica from the window

  36. Jen Kirby

    When I got Marzieh she was 8weeks old. I put a Martingale collar on her and put her food in a metal bowl. Big panic. She hides freezes and shakes when she hears 2 iron metal things knocking together. I changed the collar and the food bowl straight away!
    Things were going great until the day I took her to the vet last year. We were walking along a narrow pavement when a series of empty lorries went by with cranes on the back. The cranes made very loud metal noises and Marzieh did the full panic. I wasn’t expecting noisy vehicles to go past. I wasn’t able to work on this until last Friday which was her third birthday. The world famous Appleby Horse Fair is happening so I took her to where a lot of traffic was going by. There were a few big vans which made her wary. But the very scary thing was horseshoes clopping. I worked on the problem with treats and I got her to the point when she looked for the treat instead of diving for cover!

  37. Xanthe Delves

    We might be getting a new dog, is it better to get your first dog from as a puppy from a breeder or an older dog from a local rescue center? 🤔

  38. Sophie Jordan

    pausing the video at Angela’s debut to say this: I love Angela. What a cutie!

  39. Ryan Moody and Lola the pug

    Hi Zak and Bree, I hope your both well, I love you guys and love your videos keep them coming Inertia is so sweet with Veronica I loved how she put a paw on her as if she was cuddling her brilliant video as always ❤

  40. Here This

    Do You already know what breeds Veronica’s ancestors are ? Is there any difference between her and other puppies You have trained with how to teach them and ho they are learning best ?

  41. You know who

    Is it just me or does Veronica look a lot like Brie. 😀

  42. Me smart

    I need to know how to make my puppy a little LESS brave. She’s a danger to herself 🤣🤣

  43. rklover13

    I have been watching so many of your and Victoria Stilwell’s videos to work on desensitizing my reactive adult dog. I appreciate the content you provide.

  44. The DOOM Slayer

    Quandalious Mingle Pringle Dingle III

  45. T.O.E.G.Y.

    My new puppy is 5 months old, would this training still work for her or would I need to take a different approach.

  46. Arthur Flagey Petric

    First View!!!
    Helful video

  47. player7829

    Your the best dog trainer you helped me learn a lot about dogs

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