How to Walk a Dog: Even if Your Dog is TERRIBLE on LEASH, You Can Do This Training Walk!
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How to Walk a Dog: Even if Your Dog is TERRIBLE on LEASH, You Can Do This Training Walk!

Training your dog to walk with you can be done in many different ways!

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115 Thoughts to “How to Walk a Dog: Even if Your Dog is TERRIBLE on LEASH, You Can Do This Training Walk!”

  1. Stacy Dozier

    Hi can you do a video on training two dogs at not pulling on the leash, I walk both my dogs and I feel like I’m being pulled by a group of huskies.

  2. Sophia Hsieh

    Inertia is so darn cute. Did you take Intertia on a plane? I really wanted to take my dog to Alaska when I visited my brother. We did get to hike all the mountains with his two dogs. Enjoy your time in Alaska. I’ve never been anywhere so beautiful. The glaciers are especially fun to explore and climb! Another beg from me to keep showing Inertia, please, please, please!!!

  3. Shane Good

    I like how you seem super humble

  4. Penelope Van Ness


  5. snakejohnfan2

    I used to watch Cesar Milan and I never nip my dog in a butt except maybe a couple times when he was very little, I used to be fan until I started watching zaks dog training and positive reinforcement is definitely the way to go, I would never hit my kids so I treat my dog like my only child which he is and he is a golden retriever, I also decided not to neuter him because he is so gentle with other dogs and I understand it’s all about how you train them, I don’t want to be judged for not neutering him but it’s my personal decision and I watch him like a hawk when he’s playing with other dogs and sniffing around, unlike many dog owners I’ve seen 😒, I’ve been to a dog park once and I’ll never go back, I’ve seen fights and my dog almost got humped, so I don’t see the reason the neuter him. Ive seen many irresponsible owners out there. Thanks zak for all your advice

  6. Nick Griggs

    Watching a dog running full speed around in an area just for the pure delight of doing it is such a beautiful thing to watch

  7. Thiago Moon

    So if I do free walks, my dog will become better on leash?
    Cause she can be a nightmare sometimes, but I do love her

  8. Accio The Akita

    Hello everyone ♥️
    Im an American Akita and this is my channel.
    I’m trying to grow it and share my experiences with you.
    I would appreciate if you would share and subscribe.
    And if you have any questions or suggestions we will be happy to oblige ()

  9. Elentarien

    I’ve recently discovered the ‘joys’ of the long leash. Its great to be able to let your dog run around and explore, while not being able to let them OFF leash. My dog loves it, and its gotten to the point that if I do let her off leash, she often just sticks within leash range anyway. (she’s a bit of a velcro dog. Not complaining!) The only problem is if they’re at the end and see something they react to. (aka running deer or running cat, in our case. 😛 Still a work in progress there.) Big dog, hitting the end of a long leash…oof. Not fun. Though she is good 99% of the time.

    With my girl, we tend to take fairly long walks anyway, and I like to ‘rotate’ the walk’s agenda. It’s always a ‘free walk’, but we’ll punctuate it with little training periods. Exploration and sniffies, then stop and play a few training games/get a check-in, then she can go back to exploring and sniffing. Someone coming, or coming to a busy area, I’ll get her to check in, we’ll do some short-leash work until we’re alone or safe again, then she can go back to exploring and sniffing. It seems to work for us. Keeps her engaged with me, but still able to explore, sniff and have fun too. But then, our walks do tend to take an hour to 45 minutes each day anyway. It works. I do the same general ‘routine’ on or off-leash. Even if we can go walk in an off-leash area, I still try to get her to keep engaged with me, and check in periodically, between her sniffing and exploring.

    Loved seeing how quicky Inertia recovered after getting startled by that plane. Can’t blame her for ducking. That was CLOSE. Wow.

  10. 1,000 subs with no videos???

    Hi zak so I have a beagle, and as many know, they loveee to sniff. Even before we go on walks, I let her “find” a treat or something like that, but even then she still pulls dramatically on walks, which I understand, but want to fix. Any tips?

  11. Wafflestraw

    How would you socialize a puppy when you can’t go outside for a long time? Also, what would be a good alternative to walking a dog?

  12. klxdy kay•.*

    INERTIA IS SO CUTE oh and btw I love ur shirt zak.

  13. Caitlin Webb

    This brings me such joy. I loved this video. I’m glad Inertia had a great time!

    BTW, I’m blind and find your videos very easy to follow, even though I can’t see them. Thanks for talking so much throughout your videos. They help me understand what you’re refering to, especially when you explain what she’s doing. 🤗 Your love for your pupper inspires me to be a better hooman for my dogs every day.

  14. Shadow Fern

    You should teach her the buttons that let her speak english!!! It would be so interesting how it effects your communication with inertia

  15. Feemailgamer

    My dog outside in my yard on a leash when I try to get her attention anyway possible 👩‍🦯

  16. Lightning Leopard

    That looks like so much fun with lil inertia!😃

  17. Vivian T

    Can you do a video about Coprophagia? I’ve never dealt with it before & I don’t know how to deal with it now.

  18. Sauzz 10

    Hi, I need some good advise on sterilizing my pup. I’m in the process of adopting an indie (I’m from India) and all the agencies I’ve approached make it mandatory to have the pup sterilized at 6-8 months (before first heat). They cite population control as the main reason. I’m not against sterilization, I just feel that maybe it’s a little archaic thinking. Logically thinking, if a pup is castrated or has ovaries/uterus removed at 6-8 months, isn’t that way too young. Isn’t it stopping the pup from proper healthy growth? I’m not against the procedure, as it is can be a preventive action taken to minimise the chance of a future illness. Will be great to have an expert opinion on this.. in the sense if it’s okay ethically, best time to do it etc..I do know of pups who’s temperament has changed drastically after the procedure, specially in bitches. They become more irritable, short tempered and a recluse.

  19. Joe Carrey

    Hey Zak, what kind of harness do you use for Inertia?

  20. Saumya Nigam

    i have gone through a lot of dog training videos on youtube and found none better than Zak’s. But with Inertia now, just let her host these videos and you will have views and subscribers shooting through the roof!!!! 🥰🥰

  21. Nata VH

    Thanks God and You for this video, My samoyed si very good with it’s training BUT leash walking is what we struggle with.I’ve tried everything. So I hope this works.

  22. Jeremy Koehn

    Zeal should consider playing ultimate frisbee. He has a really nice throw

  23. Ayurshee Haldar

    U r really awesome 😯🤩I hope I can become a dog trainer too in future..i am just soooooo madly in love with dogs🐕♥️

  24. Brett Laabs

    Can you please do a how to train your dog to get used to water or play in the water?

  25. Mohid baig

    BTW what breed i inertia
    ive watched every episode of this series and still dont know
    lol lol

  26. My Sweet Scottie

    Watching Inertia just on her free walk just made my heart SO full ! And I was shook by that plane !! I love how inertia dove and cane right back up ! Shows she is quite desensitized to new things !!

  27. Lexi Bowen

    recent geology graduate here! a lot of rocks found on beaches are parent material from the land! possibly washed down from the cliff and eroded by the ocean tides to look smooth and round. you can expect a lot of sandstone, carbonate material from marine life, and since you’re in alaska, there’s a potential for igneous rocks as well!

  28. Hamsti47

    I just adopted a new brittany mix puppy, thanks zak your training tips are helping a lot.🙂

  29. Priyansh Mehta

    Zak you should start a series called vlog of the dog wherein you vlog with inertia and caption her or something and just roam around and walk freely sharing both of your and your wife’s experiences and just do nothing 🙂😃

  30. Ezra Elliott

    I am getting a German Shepard x maremma puppy any tips

  31. Dobermann Jeff


  32. Ellen Hutchins

    Are you guys going to talk about the trip to Alaska? I’d be so interested to know how you traveled with Inertia.

  33. Elianys the piggy

    Hey Zak! I have been asking many dog youtubers this but no one is replying so I want to get a dog soon i have a guinea pig and a cat and a 10 yr old brother we need a small dog that can fit under aiplane seats 💺 and a dog that is not known much for barking since we travel by airplane 2 times a year and have had a couple long road trips as well. We really need a dog that is pretty independent since my mom is a teacher.

  34. artemesia231

    Whenever my dog runs around on a long leash it ends up getting tangled around his leg or under his privates and I worry it will hurt him. How do you keep it from getting tangled? What harness do you use? Clearly attaching to the collar could injure his neck.

  35. Shelby Lerum

    Wait did he move to Alaska?

  36. Giovanni Orlando

    She is really smart!

  37. Karl B.B

    IM just saying everything you said and teach to people about how to train dog its a lie your trainning method his bad you need to evolve yourself cause when my 4 month old malinois could walk on heel and have 87% more educate to your dog now if we see your dog now with my 13 month malinois you will kneel how his educate without treats I never use them N dever will its only teaching your do to eat even when his jot hungrier and getting more fat day to day me my malinois obey me because he love to please me not cause he whant to manipulate me to eat something I’m his best toy . So people I’m sorry but many like him train I’m gonna said 98% of people training in youtube even in real life teach wrong dog.

  38. Mitchell Tipsword

    Hi, first off love the videos. Question though, we have a almost 4 month old maltipoo who for first 3.5 months has slept basically through night every night in kennel sometimes up to 9 hours. However now decides to wake up around 1am to 3am and bark and cry even if we take her out potty and put her back still will cry/bark for about hour. Anything we should do to help or not be doing during this. Thanks in advance

  39. Ronit Wankhede

    I’m gonna get a spitz or a rottweiler or a stray dog

  40. siena perez

    ahh the best videos on youtube

  41. Norma G

    Curious if you gonna do something with fireworks to for December. My dog is 8 months old don’t know what to do

  42. Marissa Exelby

    My hometown!! So crazy seeing you in places I recognize!

  43. Marifer Hernandez

    She is so cute 😍😍

  44. Amit Hingu

    The Indian~♥~ people also loves to see you and inertia sir and we like to see ur video . How many Indians also watch hit like so that sir can also know he is loved by us ♥

  45. J B

    I would love to know how you travelled to Alaska? Did you fly? Or drive? How was the trip with Inertia?

  46. Natalie Wainwright

    I feel like Bree should do a travel vlog – I would totally watch that!

  47. frank yang

    Aww, Inertia is so cute!

  48. Min Ae Chung

    I love the way Inertia was enjoying the new environment! I gotta do this for my dog as well!

  49. Jeff Antypas and BalBee / War Thunder

    How long is that leash

  50. Megan Ihle

    I first started watching Zaks videos for training my uncles puppy, and now I just watch them to see inertia🥰

  51. Alexis Floyd

    Lovely 😍💋 💝💖❤️

  52. April Friendsea

    WoW your in Alaska!!!!!!! Its my dream to go there one day 😀 🤩

  53. April Friendsea

    I want a dog 🙁

  54. Shriyaa Madineni

    WOW!!! I’m “Early… only the 76 comment! And the 208th like! And the 1,909 view! WOOHOO!

  55. me me

    This is just one amazing smart dog .all of the hard work is because of you putting effort into it

  56. Keertisaisri Kode

    I have been following your advice and my dog is trained!!!!! THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!

  57. SoCal Supercars

    Can you talk about how you brought
    Inertia on a plane

  58. HeyIt'sBaert

    Just came back from a HORRIBLE walk with my dog. She’s too focused on squirrels and all her training goes out the door the second she sees one and goes crazy.

  59. MaePlayz_Roblox

    Does this work for older dogs- like dogs that weren’t trained when they were little, because my dog is stupid on leashes if I am being honest. I love my dogs but they need to learn how to walk like a trained dog xD

  60. Lipika Iyer

    Thank you for posting this @ZakGeorge. Inertia is so clever and lovely to watch. You train her( and other dog’s) well

  61. Sunshine the Golden Pup

    Early! Love Inertia. She helps me teach things to my puppy, Inertia is just a big fur ball! LOL! Love your channel.

  62. Mohammad alarimi

    I like this❤️

  63. BRKN glasses

    Thank you! My dog is good at tricks she can show off, but her recall and off leash needs work. Thank you!

  64. Frankie Bartlett

    Zak: I couldn’t be more proud of Inertia

    Zak 1 millisecond later: hey guys get your pet flo subscription 20 percent off by enter code Zak


    I’m early
    1.2k other people : ArE wE a JoKe To YoU

  66. Nabeela Cisneros

    Very nice 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

  67. lexip396able

    Id love to free walk my dog, but if he sees another dog, it’s all over

  68. anitha den

    I finally bought my golden retriever puppy I am going to use your videos to teach him

  69. Frankie Bartlett

    YouTube: It’s ok to notify her 25 minutes late…


  70. SmartKat

    I watched you’re videos when i first got my jack russell and i still do (she is 5 months old)

  71. Michelle gable

    We are going around the USA with our animals in a few months to get to our new house and our dogs are very nervous in cars (we will be in a rv) but I was just wondering how to deal with car anxiety

  72. Suriender Singh

    I always wished to see such a video with a smart dog and beautiful scenery thanks soooooo much zak and bree❤❤❤😊😊

  73. Creative Diamond Dogs

    First time hearing the term “free walk.” Loved that “arch” she dug! 🙂

  74. Kimberly Coltrane

    What was the temp like there?? I always think of Alaska as 30 degrees at most.

  75. bigboihazelnut

    How can I prevent my dog from eating things that she is not supposed to eat?

  76. Marisetty Shyamaj

    Finally I got the episode I wanted ❤

  77. Inshaneity

    What harness are you using?

  78. MSC

    Imagine getting pinned by Zak George!?

  79. The Young Artist


    Literally nobody

    YouTube: Let’s notify her 15 minutes late she won’t care
    Me: ahhh

  80. Freezeray813

    just in time getting a golden doodle in October I need to thank you tysm Zak

  81. The Young Artist

    Inertia is sooo smart!!!

  82. The Young Artist

    Who else is wondering where Indie is?

  83. The Young Artist

    What happened to Indie?

  84. Reginald Oheneba Atta-Kesson


  85. kiwi the parrot

    You are the best dog trainer love from India.❤

  86. Woolyy6969

    Hey Zak, I got a new dog a couple of weeks ago and he always needs attention and when he doesn’t he starts barking like crazy. What should I do?

  87. Michelle gable

    Your videos have helped me so much

  88. Grace Thompson

    My dad had a border collie when he was younger and I’ve been wanting a dog for 10 years and I’m hoping to rescue a border collie as they’re my fav. And your channel has helped me know how to look after a dog from being a puppy to an adult. So thank you

  89. Elijah Nelson

    I just got a great Dane puppy who’s 8 weeks old currently. Any tips or advice on training him, because we all know how disastrous they are. His name is Gunther!

  90. Jacky

    is it too late to do this to my 11yr old cocker?

  91. YouTube Spy

    Zak. You trick train dogs, I like your vids, but behavior wise I wouldnt follow these

  92. Droxxzy

    Bro i have been waiting for to long I love your dogs zak

  93. TheCarChronicle


  94. Kyra Grant

    How much exercise do you give inertia daily now that she’s over 1 year old? just curious

  95. Louise GUILBAUD

    wooohooooooo new vid
    love this chanel 😉

  96. Ibrahim THEpt

    They help me a lot !!

  97. Ibrahim THEpt

    I love your videos !!!!

  98. cat_planted_ lemon_mint

    2 minutes late!!! Love these videos! Thankyou Zak

  99. Ibrahim THEpt

    Hi zak !!!!! My samoyed keeps on jumping on me and biting me!!! Is that normal? Thank you and i love your videos and i am subscribed!!!!

  100. Slappy Beaver

    your content is great

  101. Ali Ali

    Love u man. Ur the king of dog trainers


    Zak what are you doing in this lock down

  103. Ralf the Labrador Puppy

    Yay my puppy is trained

  104. iicxmbee

    This helped me so much for my Maltipoo! Thanks!

  105. Komicx

    My puppies arriving on Friday let’s hope you’ve taught me enough Zak but I’m feeling ready for her


    Hi zak when I finally get a bulldog I am going to use ur videos to help me

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