How to use an E Collar properly - Dog Training with America's Canine Educator

How to use an E Collar properly – Dog Training with America’s Canine Educator

As always THANK YOU for watching, In every video I answer every one of your dog training questions so doesn’t forget to leave your dog training questions in the comments below!

E Collars are an effective tool in Dog Training provided that the user does the research on How to use an E Collar properly.

You can get your E Collars from here:

If you think E Collars are some form of torture Thomas explains why those misconceptions are incorrect. Thomas discusses prong collars and E Collars in terms of situational applications.

Like any other job, the effective use of tools can make your life much easier.

As always we thank you for watching!

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157 Thoughts to “How to use an E Collar properly – Dog Training with America’s Canine Educator”

  1. Lisa

    Congratulations! You’re featured on Ivan Balabanov and Chris Fraize’s FB pages!

  2. Mr. B

    “With the ecollar it’s not a correction it’s a communication” this is a joke.

    1. Mr. B

      Hahaha “because he’s a great dane he’s gonna lay down everytime I ask him to do something … that’s ok” lmao

  3. Steve Kowalski

    This is dangerous, and he is not informed on very much relating to dogs.

  4. Emilee Mahar

    You have the dog training community up in arms right now. This is not how to use an ecollars.

    So you’re attempting to associate the stim with many different commands? You do realize there is no direction right?

    You’re attempting to positively associate an uncomfortable sensation. No matter what level it’s not comfortable.

    You’re marking yes and giving no reward? Why do you think putting your face in his as a reward?

    1. ETERNALE24

      @Emilee Mahar Thanks, I will do more research. My buddy is not just a dog handler though. He is a dog trainer for K9 detention on bombs, narcotics, ammunition, guns, etc. He’s been a Detective Sherrif and K9 trainer for 30 years, he hasn’t hurt a single dog. He even picked up the new contract for the new LA Rams stadium to start training all the K9s, so I’m sure he knows what he’s doing.

    2. Emilee Mahar

      ETERNALE24 Absolutely not. I’m not going to teach someone how to properly use a remote collar system over text, let alone on a dog I have never met before. Your buddy is probably a dog handler not a dog trainer. Huge difference. If he’s training dogs he should be educating himself more before he ruins a police dog.

      There are many other trainers out there to responsibly use remote collar systems Tyler Muto is one. If you’re interested in learning more I would do your own research.

    3. CT _

      Hi, I am a big fan with e – collar too! They are an effective training tool.

    4. ETERNALE24

      Enlighten me, because my Sherrif K9 buddy uses e collars on all the LA Sherrif K9s to train, and has told me side to side with what this dude is teaching. I’m about to use it, but I had no knowledge in what you’re stating and want to be well informed on all levels

  5. Joshua Scott

    Hi UCA,

    How long should one use the E Collar for? Is this a permanent tool or is this something that you will not need after training for a long time?

  6. Val B

    Tragically, e-collars are illegal to use where I live (Australia). The Aussie RSPCA also spreads extremely negative views on prong collars on its websites and completely neglects to mention any of their benefits.

  7. Carrie Shin

    Once you use an e collar, how long does it need to be used? At what point can you remove it and have the dog understand from the training?

    1. boooshes

      Usually, the close work you see here is to introduce the ecollar and train the dog to know what the stimulation means. The big advantage is that this form of communication can be used when the dog is off leash. So the goal is to be able to use the ecollar forever so that you have a remote mechanism for communication and control without a leash. Most modern trainers are NOT using the collar to train the dog then dumping it when the dog is trained, but instead are taking a trained dog and using the collar to be able to communicate and control especially when off leash.

  8. squattoilet

    Sorry did he keep saying Pavlonian??

  9. The Online Dog Trainer Review

    There’s so much information within this video. Brilliant work , sir!

  10. Kelly Eileen

    What e collar do you use?

  11. ahappyimago

    Just get to the training man I get it the ecollar isn’t a torture device

    1. Moongoose McQueen

      ahappyimago he has to explain or there would be a ton of people calling him a monster and complaining with no education.

  12. The Wooden Witch

    “Because he’s a Great Dane he is gonna lay down anytime I ask him anything to do something”

    My Fawn Dane will not sit, he stands or he lays down.

    1. Justice True

      It’s not because he’s shutting down and confused, noooo couldn’t be that.

  13. Emma Lee


  14. Austin Jay

    What age can you start training a puppy with the e-collar? i see different ages on different websites? Love your videos. We just got a 3 month old german shepherd and her training is going well. She does not always respond when off the leash outside.

  15. David Spencer

    Incredibly excellent tips

  16. Maria Imbarrato

    I’m a firm believer in the e-collar. But what if it’s an equipment failure?
    What if my remote or collar fails?

  17. Bonnie Hundley

    Porcupines are simply squirrels with dangerous pointy spikes.

  18. peace and love

    The yellow dog is sooo big.

  19. Calvin Tran

    In Operant conditioning terms the collar is used as a negative punishment (removing a stimulus to remove a behavior; removing the gentle shock and removing the behavior of standing), then using positive reinforcement (good boy or a treat) to encourage a behavior (sit) once he does the good behavior.

    1. M S

      Negative reinforcement not negative punishment. You are removing discomfort to positively reinforce a behaviour. However I do not agree with the way he is using the collar.

    2. Calvin Tran

      ​@Lauren Gieger Your perspective and logic is correct. My perspective is referring to the video when he mentions the “hot lava” and it keeps the stimulus/shock on until the dog stops doing what he doesn’t want him to do. Ex: he keeps the shock on until the dog sits. This is a negative punishment; removing the stimulus to stop a behavior.

    3. Emily C

      Lauren Gieger yes exactly. It’s not a punishment so much as an annoyance. I just recently found his videos and they have worked wonders as I have a dog that was severely abused by previous owners with the collar/leash and if he is corrected with a leash, it sends him into almost like at ptsd flashback. Having another tool to use without triggering his past experience has been extremely helpful

    4. Lauren Gieger

      Interesting perspective but I respectfully disagree. I would say this is actually Negative Reinforcement. Removal of stimulus to promote/reinforce a behavior so that is it more likely to happen. Out of all the quadrants of Operant Conditioning, -R is probably the most difficult to explain. The best example I’ve heard is the one of comparing it to a situation we often face in our vehicles. We’ll be in the driver’s seat not wearing a seat belt, and that annoying alarm starts to go off. The alarm in this scenario is the stimulus. To make the alarm shut off, we buckle our seat belts. Buckling our seatbelts would be the behavior. So the action of buckling a seat belt to shut off an alarm, would be the removal of a stimulus to reinforce or make a behavior more likely to happen.

    5. Emily C

      Calvin Tran it is used in the same sense that you would pull a leash until your dog got to you when practicing recall. Or another instance in which you would use a leash as guidance

  20. Christopher Allen

    Am I the only one that sees a photo of Dwight in the background? Cool video!

  21. Alejandro Bello

    Thank you so much for this video!

  22. Josue Martinez

    My pup is 3 months it’s a goldendoodle, is that too young to start that e collar ?

    1. Abby Wetmore

      @Robert California Dude I sure hope you didn’t…

    2. Nunya Bidness

      Robert California Wow you’re an idiot.

    3. Nunya Bidness

      Josue Martinez They are not recommended for puppies under 6 months of age

    4. Abby Wetmore

      It depends on what you want from the puppy. Like, if she’s having barking problems sure, but on an extra low setting and with plenty of desensitizing, but if you want off leash training i would start her getting used be being far away with a 50ft long line until she’s a year old, then start with the long line and e collar and faze out the long line.

  23. Lisa M

    Ok, so I have a stubborn little yorkie….a lot of the videos I watch are bigger dogs that people do the training on. Do u think the same rules apply to the smaller stubborn dogs?? I just bought an e-collar to train him to stay in the yard and not wander over to my neighbors. I haven’t started the training with it yet. I wanted to educate myself on how to use it with him first. Btw, this is one of the best videos I’ve watched that explains how these are really supposed to be used 🙂

  24. Maria PERILLI

    you are awesome…best trainer on utube. I wish you were in my area!

    1. Justice True

      Seriously?? Please look harder.

  25. Darlene Boyd

    Are there any particular brands of e-collars to use for an active 85 lb. GSD. Love this dog and would love to talk to him when he is outside and we are inside.

    1. Hayden P

      Ecollar technologies mini educator. One of the few that can actually go low enough and be consistent. Avoid the cheap ones, they tend to be a strong stim even on low numbers.

    2. Sean Im

      sportdog is what I use. my only complain is that it seems like I am replacing the collars every 2 years. I mean ok, $140.00 x 2 dogs per 2 year isn’t too bad. I’m pretty sure if I spend at least $1400.00 per 2 years for starbucks strawberry frappuccino lol but still, just saying.

  26. Darlene Boyd

    Would love to wifi my GSD.

  27. Karol Moscufo

    I have a rescue pup she is a Lab. She is 2 yrs old. I am trying my hardest to get her to stop jumping on me, the table, and others. I am thinking about getting this training collar. Will it work for this? She also barks endlessly. Will this collar work for that as well?

    1. boooshes

      It’s better to use the collar once you’ve accomplished the training rather than hoping it will be a new means of correction that works better than what you’ve been doing.

    2. Nunya Bidness

      Karol Moscufo Yes they are perfect for those issues

  28. Lori Terpstra

    What an adorable Great Dane!! He looks like my Max from childhood. 🐕 ❤️ 🐕

  29. Wendy Durham

    So, you ask him to sit, but he won’t do anything until you press the e-collar? You say ‘place’ but he won’t start to move until you press the e-collar? How far down the line do you have to wait until he responds to just your verbal instructions and you no longer need to rely on the e-collar?

  30. Sandra Mass

    Hi Tom! I have. A few questions. I have an 11 month old GSD. She does amazing with commands in the house. As on as we go outside, no matter how high value the treat, she will not listen. I’ve been working with her for weeks and she just has so much energy (even after walking her and playing fetch). I’m thinking about using an e collar(the kind that just vibrates). Would I use the collar inside even though she’s following commands, or just outside when she doesn’t want to listen. Also, do I just tap it once or tap it a few times until I get the desired behavior? I love your videos and wish we lived close enough to bring her to you.

  31. melanie carmen

    Good way of explaining for owners to listen 👂 with the dogs dish they can hear as to what their pet feels, and yes I use one and it’s fantastic the whole family young and old can communicate with our Rottweiler with less confusion and frustration = happy 🐕🐶= happy owners… 💜 💜 💜 💜…

  32. 299 999 views

    what happenned to old good whistle?

    1. Kevin Bedy

      299 999 views do you drive a horse & buggy to work? It’s called improvement.

  33. Danielle Leblanc Boyle

    Thank you so much for your videos! We just got an ecollar and I am watching as many videos as possible before I start using it. Your explanation is wonderful!

  34. Smfle

    What e collar do you recommend

    1. Jackal

      the absolute best e collar is the mini educator!

  35. Samantha Hayes

    how do I know what setting/level to start with? In one video you do a 3 I think this vid was a 4. Just wing it around 1-5 or??

    1. Alondra Del Real

      I saw another video explaining to start at 1 and increase ONE setting up until the dog acknowledges the sensation. And say yes, good boy/girl when they do acknowledge it

  36. NNan SSee

    What kind of e-collar is being used … name brand??? I have a few and they deliver a heck of a shock on the dog ….. its either my dogs (standard poodles) are super sensitive – but i think the collars i have delivers an electric jolt … have put it against my skin and it shocks the heck out of me – i would be fearful if i had a heart condition or if my pet had an undiagnosed ailment it would hurt/harm/kill ??

    1. boooshes

      If you cannot turn the stimulation level down far enough to not feel it, you have the wrong equipment. Some low cost e collars are too coarse in the adjustment. Like if the slowest your car would finish 25 mph, it wouldn’t be very good.

    2. Jackal

      the mini educator 300 is best. it gives a very blunt zap and has 100 different levels. super stubborn dogs might respond better with the 800, but most dogs do fine with the 300.

  37. Michelle Eatherton

    I was really hesitant to use a collar like this but after adopting a 6 year old dog with multiple behavioral issues I view this differently. She needs the training to make her a successful member of our family. I truly appreciate you putting out this free content. You clearly care about animals and I have certainly come around to this through education.

    1. Thelma Beans

      no u cant handle your dog and choose for the simple one but the worst for the dog, what if ur mom train u with electricity? “not for a shock uh!just for a stimulation” of course..(and if she did, that not the dog fault)

  38. andrew luna

    Anyone can help me, I’m tying to train my pug but every time I take it off he seems to snap out and act out but when the e-collar is on he’s all nice like an angle no more rebellion. Any feedback would be appreciated, be critical

  39. Dan Smith

    You can counter condition behavior with food to a certain extent but sometimes food won’t work. The stimulus outweighs the dogs primary need for food. So the e collar comes in handy. Great explanation

    1. G3ck 0

      You do not counter condition a behavior. You counter condition a reflex response (such as an emotional response to a stimuli).

      There are 3 tresholds to think about when working with a reactive dog : the perception treshold, where the dog sees the object but doesn’t respond with fear or stress signs, the aversion treshold, where the dog starts to show off fear and/or stress signs, and the reactivity treshold, where the dog emit perceptible reactivity behavior like bark, lunge or bite.
      To make it simple, counter-conditionement takes place between perception and aversion. Over aversion is r-, over reactivity is flooding. If the dog is close/over reactivity treshold he won’t take food obviously.

    2. skbahauddin skbahauddin

      your dog for this trainning collar, you can use that for dog is very usefull. you use it to.

  40. Barbara Wickstrom

    I need one! Thanks. 👍👍😀

  41. Onur Oncer

    what are some e collar brand recommendations?

  42. Mr.Teddy &co

    But what if the dog does not come? (Recall with e collar) If I may ask

    Wanna maybe use a e collar to upgrade my Beagle’s recall

    1. MendTheWorld

      I’m just starting to research how to use an e-collar to train my recent rescue NOT to harass our cat, and how to come when off leash, and found essentially nothing useful here. When our dog gets off her leash there is nothing accomplished to get her attention, whether it be with a tone, a vibration, a mild shock or a military brass band. Perhaps if I could transform myself into a herd of sheep, that would do the trick. I guess I’ll need to look elsewhere.

  43. Marcelle Kessler

    If people can train lions and bears in the circus with out shocking them then why you cannot train without the collar? I has to hurt a bit in order to be effective if it feels like a vibration that the dog wont lisen so that is bullshit when you say its harmful no it is it hurts enough to stop your dog and you are a better salesmen for the collar than a dog trainer what you doing is verbally telling the instructions how to use a e collar but you your self is not showing how your train but how you press a button to electrocute the dog.

  44. Patricia Carranza

    Need some advice. I finally got my 10 year old pit bull to walk next to me using a prong collar and correcting. He is totally fine until he sees another dog, other dogs just ignore him. He cries, barks and I correct and put him in a sit and keep calm but he Still cries and yelps even after the dog has walked far away. So if there is any advice that would be great

    1. Audra Welsh

      You can correct the bark with a print collar, And then pair it with a look command and treats. So correct till he stops barking, saying like “no look” and then treat once he looks at you. I find my dogs will stop barking but won’t look at me, and in that case I “annoy” her by tapping her on the forehead above the eyes. Gently mind you so your not hurting, but it’s a bit uncomfortable and so he will eventually look at you to make you stop. The next time he will look at you faster. I find Petco is a great place to work on stuff, or going to the dog park and working outside of the fence.

  45. margaret sibbits

    Can you use a e collar to stop a fog from pulling on a walk

    1. Jacob Taylor

      margaret sibbits better off using the prong collar for that. My dog use to pull and sniff everything in sight on our walks and now I’ve got it so she doesn’t pull and only smells things if I release her from the heel command

  46. Jonathan

    You have changed my mind with reward based training only to balanced training with my dog after watching your videos over the last few weeks. I think some dogs are fine with reward based training only but some are not. Different tools for different dogs. I have seen such a big improvement with changing to a prong collar with the techniques you have shared but his off leash is really bad. He is a husky shepard so he has that pray drive with anything that is moving, he does not listen even if i had chicken or steak in my hand. Once he zones in on a person, a dog, nothing I can do to get his attention until he decides to give it to me. I have been doing reward based training only with him since day one and it has made a good foundation but I have run into a wall with effectiveness after almost a year and half. An e collar seems like one of those tools I have been misinformed on just like with a prong collar. Thanks for sharing. I can’t wait to see what we can do together.

    1. Justice True

      ShepHERD…. and of course food doesn’t matter when in high arousal. You have to work up to it, and deal under threshold. That said, there are way, way better ecollar trainers to look to for learning about it.

    2. Andrew Sanchez

      ive trained my dog without the e collar with just rewards but im still gonna get an e collar for the safety of my dog

    3. Upstate Canine Academy

      SOOO HAPPY FOR YOU!! Thanks for letting me know!! Best of luck!!

  47. Greg Collins

    Thanks for the video. 14 mins could have been 5-7 without losing any information. Some people might need that much repetition though maybe

    1. Rv4 Guy

      If you find it slow then just play it back at 1.5 or 2x speed.

    2. Audra Welsh

      Greg Collins yeah, 5-7 minutes is just fine. But you’d be really surprised how long non-dog people take to pick stuff up! It’s crazy. And then they’ll be like “yeah makes sense” then ask a question that you just talked about for 5 minutes.

  48. Shaq Jackson

    what do you think of the mini educator ?

  49. Toréa Rodriguez

    Thank you for explaining the different modes at 09:53, super helpful!

  50. Sarianna Saarenheimo

    Dogs have been trained before e-collars and will be trained after them. I don’t care what’s the explanation or if it’s a matter of “using them right or wrong”. If you can’t train a dog without electricity it says more about you than it does about the dog. For goodness sake… I’m so happy that both e-collars and prong/spiked collars are illegal in my country.

    1. katemunstr

      Some dogs don’t have years to be able to change their potentially dangerous behavior. They could be euthanized based on their behavior. If you’ve got all the time you need and are an educated trainer, sure, you could obviously avoid prongs and e-collars.
      I used to believe these tools were painful but after education from this channel, I understand their purpose.
      Judging people based on one side of a situation is ignorant.

    2. amen breaks

      You are So right! People who use e-collars and spiked collars are losers. They demonstrate they can’t manage a dog normally.

  51. The Night King

    Toim KISS Keep it Simple can;t you see you lost your customers lol! The kid is tapping his foot and thinking about a pizza!!!

  52. mfstudio

    Very informative video. At least now i know how to control my dog remotely. Just bought the dogtra 640c version.

    1. Upstate Canine Academy

      Thanks so much for watchingg!

  53. Horses1234 Lucy

    How can you tell which level your dog feels it at? I want to get one for my dog who is good off leash but not perfect and also use it for obedience. And so I’m not sure how to tell which level she would feel it at

    1. boooshes

      Also, most dogs will give some sign that they feel it. It can be subtle, like looking up or to one side or freezing momentarily. If you know your dogs normal behavior and pay close attention, you should be able to notice it. Start low and slow pay attention, but like Tom says, most dogs will react below a 10 if there is good collar fit.

    2. Upstate Canine Academy

      Good question, a good start would be between 4-7 on major e collars. You have to make sure you buy the right collar!

  54. Jarred Green

    What would you do if the dog didn’t listen? My dog understands all of the basic commands however, sometimes I’ll ask him to come and he just looks at me like I’m crazy. Do I just tap until he comes, or do i raise the stimulation a little each time?

    1. Upstate Canine Academy

      Great question, yes at that point you can raise the stim!

  55. alissa del castillo

    Just wondering, would this be able to keep my dog from attacking my cats?

    1. Emily C

      alissa del castillo it could. I would reccomend you look more into the uses of e collars and how they are used for training. Maybe also contact a behavioral trainer in your area to give guidance

    2. Emberz Nebula

      No. You need to work with training.

  56. Dee Dee Armstrong

    What is a good e collar? I also have a Black GSD, Zoya is 5 years old and was a police dog in training in Czechoslovakia and failed a test and a couple brought her to the states. They used the old shock collar on her and they had it so high they damaged her hair follicles that where the shock collar was it turned her hair white. I have her now and she is dog aggressive. Which is fear aggression. Which e collar do you recommend?

    1. The Night King

      He sells Dogtra as in the large advertising in the video and the collar and remote he is using.

  57. elsie christensen

    Which button are you using?

    1. princesshockey

      He’s using the stimulating one, the one which you would consider a “shock” if it were turned all the way up. (The others would be vibrate and sound, or at least on mine those are the other options). When you turn it down super low, its more like a tingle or an itch, that’s what he is using.

  58. Dan Smith

    Teach, train, proof. Steps during shaping behavior. Is the end goal with the e collar in the proof phase to extinct it out or use it minimally to ensure the e collar continues to mean something to the dog.

  59. AwesomeSauce81

    I’m looking into buying a e collar but I don’t know which one to buy. Do you have a preference?

    1. Upstate Canine Academy

      Yes E collar Tech mini educator or Dogtra 280C

  60. Leslie

    Hi I have a question . If I use the e collar the way you have instructed will my dog only listen to me if it feels the sensation of the collar while given a command ?? Because you basically condition them to think the sensation means you want them to do something for you … so if they aren’t wearing it wouldn’t that mean they won’t listen ??

    1. Leslie

      Upstate Canine Academy ok ! 🙂

    2. Upstate Canine Academy

      I will soon!

    3. Leslie

      Upstate Canine Academy could you link the video that shows that? I can’t find it on your channel . I need a video that explains the touching from afar part because I don’t understand .. thanks for the reply by the way

    4. Upstate Canine Academy

      Leslie yes and no, this is only the introduction video, so at first yes you want the collar to mark you. Then you can use it to tell the dog you can touch him/her anywhere with out without the ecollar.

  61. Allen Szykula

    How the hell do equate a gentle leader with a prong collar. I’m sorry but I have been working with dogs for about 10 years the e collar and prongs are used at the end of the road when all the lesser tools have failed to teach a dog.

    1. boooshes

      So I would agree with Tom here. If a trainer sees the prong collar and ecollar as a last resort, corrective measures only, then they are missing the fact that they can be used as just another form of tactile communication. Different dogs respond differently to food, praise, touch, and all types of communication and training.

    2. Lani Poisson

      @Allen Szykula I am new on the forum but have experience as someone who was introduced to the e collar for the first training with my rescue pup. She had 4 lessons and was able to sit, down, place, heel and come. This video helped me understand even more, but I was taught all of this from the pro I had hired. I don’t see how you think this is a last resort method. Seems to me used properly it is the best thing as NO other method would work if your dog were not near you and you needed to get their attention. So even if a gentle lead worked, what good would that be if your dog was not near you?
      Also, having my pup learn so quickly we were able to go out and play in public areas very early on and I felt safe knowing I had control over her. We are able to visit others in their homes and she is always welcomed. I enjoy taking her to public places that are dog friendly as she was is so well trained. I hardly ever have to use the collar if she is near me. I still have to give her reminders when we are out walking at heel as she likes to be in the “lead” and not directly by my side which I think is better.

    3. Allen Szykula

      Never said I didn’t. it’s better to form a strong foundation before working an e collar. I know of three or four trainers in n.y. state that would say the same thing .build your foundation then if necessary use the e collar to back up the command but not to teach the initial behavior.

    4. Upstate Canine Academy

      Allen Szykula sorry to hear you aren’t utilizing tools 🙁

    5. Allen Szykula

      Sorry to hear that you use the most aversive methods for training first. E collars and prongs are and always should be last resorts for training when a handler or dog can’t get the training goals accomplished with lower pressure methods. And yes I have a list of trainers that and behaviorists that will support that. And yes they do use e collars based on dog behavior. And will train first with treats and then add the e collar in later as a secondary reinforcement .

  62. Cara Carlson

    My issue is I’ve done the 1-3 sessions with my dog, but when she gets out no matter if I use vibrate or stimulation, she does not come when called. I end up chasing her three blocks down just I make sure she doesn’t get hit by a car. Maybe we just need more and more work? She does not recall unless she feels like it

    1. bell158

      I would take a step back in training. Get along lead, start training to come when called with baby steps, but then they are on a lead so you can still encourage and guide with that. You are attached so you are still in control. Figure out what treat or toy is your dogs currency and use that to encourage the correct behavior. I imagine you could use an e-collie with the long lead to teach him or her what you are trying to communicate. I’ve never used one myself..

    2. Upstate Canine Academy

      Yes its not easy to do at all, this is what makes the ecollar so difficult to use for the everyday dog owner. I would suggest hiring a pro trainer to help!

  63. Steve Marcil

    What is the brand of e-collar you are using? Also how do you get a dog not leash protective? Example. I have a Redbone/ Belgian Malinois mix. Dog park and my yard she is good. Take her for a walk on leash and she loses it towards dogs/ cats and people. She has an e-collar on but just ignores the vibration/ stim.

    1. Goz2Fast

      I actually bought a stop bark high frequency sound emitter for my dog who was losing it every time he would see another dog on a walk, he would lunge, pull and bark at every dog he would see. I hit the noise maker, only dogs can hear when he would start up…it took 2x and he has completely stopped the behavior. Dogs function on what is comfortable for them…if it becomes uncomfortable, they won’t do it.

    2. Upstate Canine Academy

      You are welcome!

    3. Steve Marcil

      Upstate Canine Academy thank you very much

    4. Upstate Canine Academy

      I have 2 companies I would suggest, e collar tech and or Dogtra.

  64. Laura's Life Dog Training & Dog Vlogs

    Hi Tom. Dogs feel lower levels then we feel as their skin is much thinner then ours. The epidermis of a dog is 3 to 5 cells thick where ours is 10 to 15 cells thick. So for us to feel what the dog does we need to triple the level for us. Very informative and used correctly I have no issues with using remote collars when required. Thank you 🙂

    1. Trolley The Troll

      Thats what he said…..smh fool

    2. Upstate Canine Academy

      Thanks Laura!

  65. Kayla Lanagan

    your e-collar vids have been helping our family so much…thank YOU! i have been looking for sessions 4&5 on your older e-collar breakdown series…are these on youtube?

    1. Upstate Canine Academy


    2. Kayla Lanagan

      Upstate Canine Academy great! thanks. we have done LOTS of research and you have consistently provided the most practical, consistent, common sense material. thanks for all the time you put in to reach out to all of us with how busy you are. LOVE your podcast, too. best of luck!

    3. Upstate Canine Academy

      Thanks so much! I would use a long line and low levels and you cant mess that up!

    4. Kayla Lanagan

      Upstate Canine Academy awesome, thanks. just trying to get a better picture of how to approach this when they’re officially ready for open fields/trails, etc. getting there!
      keep up the amazing work, it’s making a difference to a LOT of people and deserving dogs.

    5. Upstate Canine Academy

      Kayla Lanagan I never got around to them but this is pretty good start! Thank you!

  66. Cityof Oaks

    Great video. If you haven’t already (I’m a little behind in watching your more recent videos) will you address choosing the best brand of E Collar?

    1. Cara Carlson

      Any opinion on the Petfinder E collar?

    2. Upstate Canine Academy


    3. Cityof Oaks

      Thank you!

    4. Upstate Canine Academy

      Cityof Oaks either dogtra or e collar technology!

  67. Doug H. in VA

    ‘back in the day’ was the early 1990s and I had a single button Innotek ‘shock collar’ . That was the term and it had dip switches inside the receiver. An e-collar is a substitute for a long leash, as described by Jeff Gellman. It is only for already-known commands. An e-collar is not for punishment. Presenter keeps breaking off a sentence and hurrying the explanation.

  68. Kortney White

    Great work!!! Truly a fantastic explanation of what the e collar is and how the process is supposed to work. Thank you

    1. skbahauddin skbahauddin

      Thank you very much,dog for this collar is good you can use it.

    2. Upstate Canine Academy

      Kortney White thanks so much for watching! ::)

  69. Upstate Canine Academy

    You’ll also notice I’m not making him go back into a sit after he downs. Why? Simple this a young Great Dane that really has no desire to work and I’m okay with that. They main focus in this training to help this dog understand the ecollar communication to enjoy a safe off leash life. So if he downs when I say sit, I’m okay with that with THIS dog under these circumstances!

    1. boooshes

      @Christopher Wong the dog should be trained and compliant to the commands before you introduce the collar.

    2. Valhàla

      I was really puzzled when I saw you did not correct him. Thanks for sharing the explanation and the advice in general! It was a very useful and informative video – as always! 🙂

    3. Lucy A

      What brand of e collar do you prefer?

    4. Christopher Wong

      you mentioned disobedience to commands. what happens if a dog on an e-collar doesn’t listen to a command + e-collar prompt at all? (whether it be place, come, etc)


    I have a question…
    Let’s take Sit as an example. If the dog listens and sits every time when asked, do we still need or should we still tap the button for the next time we ask ?
    The thing behind this is “do the dog needs to have a e-collar all his life, or once the commands are understood and well executed, the e-collar becomes “useless” and can be removed ?

    1. Kristine Graham

      @Upstate Canine Academy Hi Tom,I have a very reactive shepard/ boxer mix.I currently am using the mini educator ,I understand it is different for every dog.Are there things to look for from the dog ,to know they finally get it.I feel like I am repeating and repeating ,and I don’t see signes to move forward?

    2. Diy Music Biz

      Upstate Canine Academy oh I know, would just love to see more 😂🤣

    3. Upstate Canine Academy

      I have many on this channel

    4. Diy Music Biz

      Gotcha. I have 2 pits (kinda stubborn) I’ve been working them with the mini educator, wish I started their obedience training on ecollar but better late than never (3 years late lol). Would love to see more training with leash and dog reactive dogs utilizing ecollars.

    5. Upstate Canine Academy

      With mine, it only took about 2 weeks for them to realize they didnt need leashes but like you said it may take another dog 4 months!

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