How to Train Your Puppy to STOP BITING, Watch How Long it Actually Takes!
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How to Train Your Puppy to STOP BITING, Watch How Long it Actually Takes!

How to train your puppy to stop biting!

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152 Thoughts to “How to Train Your Puppy to STOP BITING, Watch How Long it Actually Takes!”

  1. Liv Vernazza

    Love all your vids Zak ! I love dogs and training them you have helped a lot and I enjoy watching with my dog Harley and me from England ! Keep it up x 👍🏼😁

  2. Danny P

    Hi Zak, can you go over your procedures for getting your dog ready for their first grooming? I’m sure Inertia is reaching that time.

  3. Emma King

    I think you are the only puppy training coach that has worked for me and my puppy !!

  4. Brooke Gaming

    I’m watching this because I really really really really really really really really really really (I could go on) want a dog. My mom said that we don’t have the time now but I’m still trying to convince her

  5. Hector Lozano

    Thank you so much for this video Zak.

    I have been doing all your tips. She still bites, but now mainly when we play instead of just because. A few licks. But I began to feel it was not sticking, so this helped me stay engaged and encouraged.

  6. Joycee Juarez

    My 7 month old dog always wants to bite me, not my husband, specially when I go to sit down in the couch. I’ve found that she thinks we’re playing, but she bites hard. I tried getting up and ignoring her, and putting toys in her mouth so she’ll want to bite that instead but sometimes she won’t want the toy and will want to bite me instead. Help!

  7. Lily Schulz

    Me having a 1 year old golden who stopped puppy biting a while ago watching it anyway bcs it’s Sam George 👁👄👁😂

  8. Simone Mendonca

    We just got a German Shepherd Czech line a couple days ago and your videos are so helpful!!!

  9. Manya Sood

    Aww she’s so cute but.. da biting thoo

  10. Red 04

    How do I deal with a puppy who hates their collar and hates their leash?

  11. Red 04

    I just got a puppy who is 10 weeks old. He’s very sweet but will nite everything and everyone. I found this super helpful!

  12. queen maliyah

    Hi hello how were you im trying to teach my dog to stop barking at dogs can u help me pls

  13. Kayla Gonsales c;

    Can you give a tutorial to how to teach a dog how to do a handstand or a hug

  14. Kayla Gonsales c;

    My puppy, Pomeranian mixed with terrier is 4 months old today, and he does NOT understand what no means neither, so I have bites and scratches everywhere

  15. Sharon McHugh

    Hi Zak, for the most part my gsd pups biting is more or less under control. But on the days she seems to be in real discomfort with her adult teeth coming through there are moments where she seems so frustrated with the discomfort that she doesn’t seem to hear anything else…IV been focused on leave it look at me and then giving her a chew toy normally…but how did you ease things for Inertia on those real painful teething days???

  16. kogami 574

    Zak: how many times do I need to tie my shoes?
    Inertia: YES 🐶

  17. Mia Waters

    This video is so perfectly timed for me and my new BC puppy. Thank you! 😭❤️

  18. Isabel TR

    Thanks for the video with extra info 🙏🏼! We started with your advice with our 10 week old corgi and the (flesh) puppy biting is getting better already 😁. Now it’s mostly shoelaces, and our pants when moving but it’s great to see that even for experts it takes some time and patience ❤️.
    Something funny she does is to bite the leash to play and start running when she’s tired/wants to go back home. Has someone else seen that behaviour 🤔?

  19. eemmzz

    I love that you’re showing how long bite inhibition can take. Our GSD was super mouthy for the first few months and then at 10 months it came back for a while it was such a nightmare! Thank you for showing people a much more realistic puppy biting video

  20. Amos Pagan

    Yes I’m having poblem with my pit pup 11week bite me is frustrating sometimes 🐶

  21. Anna Daniel

    The dislikes are inertia’s ex boyfriends

  22. Anna Daniel

    She’s so big now I remember when u first got her 🥺 your videos helped my puppy soooo much

  23. Paige Miller

    Did you dog lose a tooth yet


    What a fabulous explanation of this ! Thank you ! 😁

  25. Bella Brockhill

    All go add Bella Brockhill

  26. sri kanth

    Awesome training 👌👌

  27. Brielle Joy Smids

    Zak , YES YOUR SHOES ARE AWESOME ! Yes , we know you love them ! I love them ! It’s always entertaining to see what cool you have in your videos 😉

  28. Christina Queeno

    Love these recap videos as we brought Pax home Thursday.
    She definitely doesn’t respond to “ouch!”
    Watching this video after an overly rambunctious play session time out. (And she is back to sleep lol)

  29. MarvellousAsh

    This video reassures me so much! My 9 week old (10 weeks tomorrow)Husky is terrible with biting/mouthing atm. Gives me hope that it gets easier… though I may not have much of a arm left by then 😂😂

  30. Alex Arrindell

    Just got an American Bulldog/Lab mix puppy from a foster and he is amazing your videos and books have helped so much! Thank you 🙂

  31. Алёна Клыкова

    Hey Zack! Love your approach and your personality! I’ve got one question though. Where do all these toys go, after they are not played anymore?

  32. Brielle Joy Smids

    looking back on this…. is it weird I miss the old house ????

  33. hattie gore

    even just petting my puppy he bites so hard :/

  34. Feemailgamer

    Ok how do you stop grooming biting 😅 she’s not like aggressive growls just chomps on the hand. I did the slow introduction to the tools and concept but it didn’t seem to work 😩

  35. Diana A

    Zak, I’m on board with all your training techniques and love all the videos. Loyal follower for 4 years! BUT…. please let people know that the biting phase could last much longer. The first four dogs I raised had puppy biting phases of 3 or four months. A standard schnauzer, two shelters and a Golden Retriever. The current one, another Golden Retriever, was a different species entirely! Puppy Biting did not resolve until 8 months!!! He was insane, and we called him a piranha, when we weren’t crying over our wounds!! We did everything you show, and we tried so hard!!! I think there is a genetic component here that can’t be disregarded. Now this dog is 3 years, puppy biting long over (but not forgotten!). However, he is still a mouth driven dog. He is tough on toys and was way harder to keep safe from eating inappropriate things. He is also very “licky”, which is certainly better than biting, but I can see how it evolved. I just want you to acknowledge that some dogs are really going to be tougher with this so that owners do not give up. Eight months was just such a long time and way more than we ever expected, both from our previous experiences in raising dogs and every training video out there.

  36. Jaana EnKerro

    My 4 month old puppy knows not to bite flesh but when he can’t help himself when we’re playing he will take a bone or a chew in his mouth as not to be tempted to bite flesh

  37. Alekhya Jagadeesan

    i got a puppy and your videos helped a lot .

  38. Ashwin Potluri

    Love your videos, Please keep it up! ( Cause I am getting a puppy)

  39. Rahina Joshi

    Does he not monetize his video ?

  40. bunnyfuzzybunny-Roblox

    I’m wathingall your videos so I’m ready for a puppy

  41. Alexis Ray

    I’m getting a lab mix in two weeks! I’ve watched this series 3 times through lol

  42. A Person

    Hey Zak! I have school in a couple of weeks and won’t be in the house. My family will also not be there. It would take 5 hours to come back to her. What do you recommend I do to distract her and keep her in her crate? (She’s an 10 week old puppy)

  43. **

    I have two puppies who love to bite my ankles and bark at me when I try to leave. But if i just totally ignore them they are nice and quiet and well behaved and I can walk out of the door with no problems. But, sometimes that it so hard because they are so darn cute and I think it is super hilarious when they chomp down and bark in protest.

  44. Inês Corrêa de Sampaio

    My 11 year old dog is completely ignoring the new puppy we got and barks at him every time he tries to get close… I thought it ws going to be easier because she’s so friendly but its feels she’s a bit depressed. The puppy went into her bed and now she refuses to sleep in it! Do you have any tips? Thank you

  45. Kate Wallace

    😂 just dropped the puppy off at puppy boot camp!!

  46. arqbox3d arqbox3d

    The first 3 minutes antes advertising. A little too much!

  47. Brielle Joy Smids

    Dont know if anyone cares… I am definitly NOT first But I am in the fist hour of comments ! 😉

  48. Matthew Garawitz

    I’m getting my puppy throw august so I’ve been bingeing your entire series non stop

  49. Top Cat

    Can I us bitter apple to help biting?

  50. EllieB

    Still so sad Pupbox/Barkbox isn’t available in the UK 💔😭 Thanks for another great video! Picking up my pup on Friday!

  51. Valentina Allet Trein Kautzmann

    I love your videos and your channel❤️

  52. Valentina Allet Trein Kautzmann

    Thank you so much! 😊

  53. Victoria Gaming!

    I got a puppy and her name is poppy and we only watch u for the training

  54. David Orlenh

    Here in the first hour

  55. Finlay Burrows

    I NEEDED this video, i just got a border collie and he’s awful with puppy biting, thanks for this vid 👍

  56. New Life Midwives


  57. anubhutirattan

    Hi Zak, I have a 2 months old Beagle. What can I give her as treats to use for training? Can I give her tiny bits of chicken Salami?

  58. Mariah P

    Will my dachshund puppy ever stop trying to look for small pieces of food on the floor and how should I over come this other than cleaning the floor 20x per day. Love your videos!

  59. Obi Wan Kenobi

    My dog was around 8 months when I got him and your videos still helped me a lot… much of the training helps for dogs of any age!..
    My doggo still bites when we play but he just goes for my jacket or sleeve… still working on it… kind of my fauly since when I say stop he just gives me this innocent look… and then 10 seconds later we playing and he is biting again

  60. Rachel

    Any advice for indiscriminate eating? Got a 6M old husky puppy that LOVES dirt rocks and grass and it’s a real problem

  61. Spirit Fox

    I love your shoes 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  62. Sonja Eckmann

    I followed your tips when we got our German Shepherd girl (especially the redirecting and biting a toy instead of hands etc.), and as a result she still looks for a toy to bite and tug on when I get on the ground. She’s three years old ☺️

  63. Shayslait

    Even if you don’t have a dog yet your just thinking about getting one your just here to learn and talk about how cute inertia is.

  64. h is for hello

    It took 3 months for my chihuahua mix puppy to stop actively biting my fingers omg it was so painful, I wish I had this video back then, even now we’re struggling with a lot of these problems at 9 months. It probably has become a habit at this point 🙁

  65. Julia Abdalla

    OMG, I can’t thank you enough for this video. I recently got a puppy and he has been tearing our fingers off. Thank you so much again for this video. It is really helpful.

  66. ᴏᴜʀ ᴅᴏɢs ʟɪғᴇ

    Nice really helped

  67. Lori Manha

    My puppy won’t stop biting my older dog. We redirect when she bites us, but my lab is almost 11 and the sweetest dog ever. I have tried everything and have even yelled and smacked her on the nose when she really hurts him.

  68. Auburn Girl0013

    Is this effective with adult dogs? I’m one of those people who believed my dog would grow out of the biting phase. She’s almost 5 years old and still play bites my hands. She bites other people’s clothes. Thoughts?

  69. MelRose

    I have a heeler puppy! Adorable. But now 4 months and still flesh biting. I notice a difference, I just hope it goes away. I redirect but often he just barks and barks because he can’t chew on me. Thanks for posting this!🙂

  70. Maya Valluvan

    Thank you so much for this vid

  71. Restoration DE

    Your content is pretty good. Can you stop by my channel and make friends?

  72. Dan Kelly

    “If it existed, she was going to bite it.” Sounds like my Frenchie. Her favorite things to bite, besides food, are my fingers.

  73. Jazz vanO

    I tought my maine coon cat how to sit and do paw from this channel 😂😂

  74. Kira Moraes

    I have a Border Collie pup that my dog actually gave birth too! So Ive known her from day 1! And since day 1 I have been watching your videos because you are amazing and so is Inertia! I really want to train Bandit to do the Stall Trick <3

  75. Tecno Tips

    i got a new puppy and you are helping him a lot

  76. Debra Jouglard

    My Shih Tzu is 3 years old. I adopted her in March. She was abused by her previous owners. She will growl at you if you try to pet her and bite if you put your hand near her. She hates the leash and will not allow you to place a harness on her. Any suggestions on how to break her of this. She plays good with my other Shih Tzu and if I get a toy and play with her she does fine. How do I get the agression out of her without paying thousands to a dog behavioral person.

  77. Amelia Sebastian

    Your video’s are so helpful can you train my dog😂😂 no but really can you? Oh and can you handle a 6ft 4 dog? His name is bruno mars! By the famous singer! ❤❤ i love him but can you please please please!! He really needs training 😓 /OMG THX FOR THE HEART THAT IS MY FIRST ONE EVER!! I LOVE YOU YEYYY!! I’M SO SO HAPPY!!

  78. Jazz vanO

    We are considering getting a spaniel, and this channel is what is helping my parents realise that is you put the effort in, dogs can be tought what is right and wrong 😂😁

  79. noisyanjali channel

    This would really solve my puppy’s biting problem… Thank you so much! Love from India 💕

  80. Kari Salmon

    You all know how much the man loves his shoes! 😂. Not only great training information, but the best entertainment out there❣️. Thanks Zak!

  81. FortLite MBs

    I love you so much. I needed actually teach my dog this. Tysm i will teach her

  82. ka

    Zak…………..Has Canine in his blood

  83. Dakota&Blessing ServiceTeam

    just ignore they will grow out of it or you can redirect into a toy or just lightly correct it… not rocket science

  84. Emily Muscat

    Hi I have a 16 week old golden retriever and one of his main issues is scratching people is there a good way to train him

  85. Aditya Vaidya

    Please make something about motion sickness.. my german shepherd is trying to cope with it.. would love to see how to help him out in this situation

  86. Llama Cebu

    My puppy constantly bites at my junk when running in the backyard


  87. Ramakrishnan Nair

    I can’t find any of those pupbox thing in India please suggest what to do👏👏👏

  88. Gagan K

    Can you do something for her heat period if she hasn’t been spayed?

  89. Natalie Wainwright

    I notice how you edited out the part where you stick the treat in her face for like 3 seconds before she lets go of the shoelace, nice.

  90. The Bearly Sisters

    Thanks Zak! You ARE the best at teaching people you’ve never met before. Well some you have met but still, look at the comments most of them really thank you! I don’t have a dog but I want a puppy!

  91. Dragon King

    We tried EVERYTHING to keep our puppy from biting, and NOTHING worked. The only thing that worked was patience and time. Once our puppy reached the six month marked he stopped biting.

  92. Natasha Underwood

    I have a 9 week old dalmatian puppy and I am surprised to say she doesn’t have a puppy biting problem. She seems to know what’s too hard and if I yelp or say ouch she stops. She loves chewing her toys and if she goes for anything else she redirected to a toy. I love your series and keep going back to old videos when I hit a problem. Our main thing to work on is her patience and waiting 🐾 so going to watch how you trained leave it and stay. 😊

  93. FantasyFaithシ

    Hello im 9 years old and i have a dog. Ur vids hav helpd me train my dogggy to be a good doggo! Im now who always trains him! Hehe mum cals mee a good girll!!

  94. Kelsey Fletcher

    Thanks for taking the time to put together this compilation! It’s very encouraging to look back and Inertia’s progress as I’m in the thick of it with my baby shark. 😉

  95. Srinivasan Aravamudan

    Zak, do you think border collies are good for first time dog owners?

  96. Kristin Lovecchio

    Zak we have a 17 week old Berner. He is intense with the biting and we follow your ideas. He’s still bad with biting but got better. Still hasn’t lost puppy teeth!

  97. Aditya Vaidya

    I actually added your playlist today morning.. its really good..👍🏻👍🏻

  98. Pixellia

    This is my favorite video already just by reading the title

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    Definitely takes around a year

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    I bought a labrador puppy one week ago, thank god hes only 1 month old otherwise i would have scars all over my arm lol

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    I might get a standard poodle puppy within about the next 1-5 years, i am really excited for it UwU and your channel will definitely help

  103. Marcus Burks

    We have a 10 week old Mini Australian Sheppard and we are knee deep in puppy biting. It’s frustrating, but these videos are super helpful in coaching us in the realities of this phase. We got both of your books and watch your videos almost every day. Thanks for the help!!!

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    My puppies bedroom wont be any of the three things you mentioned, it will be a BARN

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    I just got a eight week old puppy

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    *Inertia at ten weeks already bigger than my 6 yr old dog**

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    Thx. Its helps a lot😊

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    Zak if you see this I just wanna say that I lobe your dogs and they are very cute and one day when I get my dog I’m going to train my dog from your videos ad do you think I should get a Maltese dog ? 🦋❤️😊

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    Great video! it helped A LOT!!!

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    This made training my dog Ozzy so fun and easy thank you from me and my family

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    Iv got an 11 week old border collie. While he’s awake he is biting something – often a fellow family member! This video has come at the perfect time thanks!

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    If only this video came out before my mother got the expensive vibrate collar

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    I love this channel but I wish inertia was my dog

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    I have a 4 months old puppy and she has stopped most of the biting and it makes me so happy! She is so smart and knows sit, down, paw, other paw, heel, almost sit pretty, right side, left side and stay! Your videos have helped so much!

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    I don’t have a dog but I will get a golden boy soon so I’ll get ready right now thank you for all the tips really loved it ❤️

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    Just kidding … See the video 😂

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    Been really enjoying these past few episodes of the entiree year’s progress on behaviours. Thank you and keep up the great work!

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    Does he respond if your early? Edit: Omg thank you so much Zak!! You are the absolute best!!! I watch all of ur vids because I have a new puppy ✨

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    And finally it’s here
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