How to Train your Puppy if They Won’t Listen Around the Other Dog. New Puppy Survival Guide!
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How to Train your Puppy if They Won’t Listen Around the Other Dog.

Train your new dog to listen around your other pets!

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69 Thoughts to “How to Train your Puppy if They Won’t Listen Around the Other Dog.”

  1. C Ls

    I thought you were a pup box kinda guy, who says you can’t be both🤣

  2. Dragon_Gamer 22

    Does anyone else feel bad for Inertia who’s sitting there patiently while Kona gets treats for heeling for like a second or lying down and Inertia doesnt

  3. Megan Girl


  4. ponymad_ geek

    I would love to send u my dog but i live in the UK so that wouldnt be possible

  5. ponymad_ geek

    Ooooh yayay its inertia

  6. Gina Lau

    I have 5 dogs and the 2 older ones are super good, but my 3 young ones aren’t properly trained 😩 I need help!!! The baby is 3 months old and is going to puppy school for 6 weeks next month

  7. Dragon Fire

    Why would you want to have her bite it gently. If you were to have them race for it and play a bit with the food some dogs will want it much more

  8. Bibarel !!!!!!!!

    So hear me out, while I do like singing “Old Mc Donald Had A Farm”, to my german shepard Mango when de does good things, sometimes I sing it to him during other occasions like when I make him big meals or when hes playing outside! Is this good or should I only sing it to him during certain times?

  9. Lindsey’s Posh Loft

    What can I do for a puppy that wants to bite at feet and long/loose clothing?

  10. Jim Ferry

    Kona is getting big. Still waiting for my super chewer box for my Chase

  11. Aurora Steen


  12. Creative Diamond Dogs

    I would be amazing to me at some point to see several episodes of an incredibly stubborn untrained basset hound that is already grown become a trained dog or even resemble it whatsoever. I’ve been around three such bassets.

  13. Gillsportuk

    Can pups learn tricks from watching other dogs in the household doing them?

  14. Wendy A

    I just subscribed to Barkbox! Love your videos!

  15. Annetta Latham

    How did you transition Inertia from sleeping out of the crate to sleeping upstairs?

  16. Mirko Yonathan Ciotta

    I love you videos! I just adopted my dog. it’s 4 weeks we are together and you have no idea how much your videos inspired me before i got him. now i feel like you with him. He’s a lovely rescue dog. I want to thank you for the amazing job you’re doing! really thanks from the bottom of my heart.

  17. Samantha Hu

    I’ve also been working on training with my 2 dogs and retrieving toys.. it’s definitely been a challenge. Thanks for going over these topics! I really need to channel the level of patience you have to my training 😓.

  18. Kate’s awesome adventures

    I am about to get a dog and I’ve been watching your videos for a long time they are all awesome

  19. Akanksha Pal

    Thanks Zak! This is what I reallly need right now! I have two pets and that’s like an added challenge! Thank you soo much!

  20. Talreno

    How do you do this when your older dog isn’t as trained as you would like him to be lol

  21. Dogs Are Pawsome

    Is it normal to want like 5 new puppies or is it just me??

  22. Sarah Akers

    My dog (1 yr old) gets kind of crazy on walks and she seems to do a lot better when I bring along her older more chill brother (8 yr old).

  23. 베리기쁨TV

    😍I love you🥰

  24. Post Script

    Your method for giving high currency treats has always worked for me. I trained both my older rescue and puppy with it and they’ve both responded to it wonderfully and consistently! No more hand nibbles! My hands thank you lol

  25. susan dettmer

    I’d love to see you train a frenchie

  26. susan dettmer

    Wonderful! Question though, why heel on right side? We were always taught heel on left

  27. Rajesh S

    I did not think you would’ve got another dog

  28. Fiorella Mayorga

    My dog begs everyone for food in the park.

  29. Evon Christian

    Zak, what about dogs that were strays the first year of their lives? My new dog Ginny is under socialized and aggressive. How do you stop a full grown dog from biting? These are hard bites, too.

  30. Never Let Go 💙

    I hook a lead anchor to the wall in an area where my one dog can’t see me working with my other dog.
    I have it hooked to the wall behind my recliner.
    A dog’s energy level and obedience will follow another dogs energy level.
    If one dog is chill and obeys in a snap but I work with an overexcited dog…the overexcited dogs energy will influence the chill dog and remove the chill dog’s level of obedience.
    I hook one dog up at a time and work with the other. After each training session I hook the dog I just worked with up to the lead anchor. Then I work with the other. Being hooked up to the lead anchor, puts my dog in an automatic calming routine. There’s no walking, running, jumping, etc.
    if I calm the dog down after each working and training session, my dog learns that training equals calm.
    The higher and faster you work the dog to fit it all in, without calming it down first, the harder the dog works to go after your fingers. To much activity without a calming down first routine amps up the dogs working drive.

  31. Refugio Humberto


  32. Miarije

    I’ve been enjoying all of Kona’s videos, but this one was especially great! Very nice to see you work with both dogs in the room. Also nice little update on how Inertia is doing!

  33. m_ma_belle

    Why not teach Kona a different marker word than “yes”?

  34. Jeremy Whalen

    My dog would LOVE to go to a dog park, I got her right before lockdown started, so she isn’t truly socializing with dogs enough

  35. Aisha Rudderham

    ‘that dude with the chicken’😂 can we just refer to you as that from now on

  36. Gamer Brothers

    Poor interia no offense

  37. Jaclyn Juli


  38. Navjot Singh


  39. Maya hareesh

    From India

  40. Maja Ambroziak

    Thanks for your tips and videos Zak. I got 1 year old cockapoo. Do you have any tips on recall. He’s leash walking is going great he dont pull as much

  41. Arnav_56

    Look at inertia she is so matured and well trained I remember that day when she was a puppy biting zak 😆

  42. Kaio

    Real question.. Is there a way to tell if your dog is okay with getting a new dog?

  43. Nicole on EQ

    Yesss, a way to get my puppy fix 💗💗💗

  44. crayon

    Youre truly the biggest dog training inspiration to me! I got an australian shepherd border collie mix last summer. Hes now 10 months old and is VERY smart. But for some reason, he refuses to bark. Not at the door or even other dogs. I know he can, ive heard him a few times.. But I cant teach him speak and therefore not the quiet cue, which I think with a baby in the house, is pretty important. Anyone have any tips? Or should I just leave the situation alone.

    Anyways, Im really excited to see you continue on with Inertia! She is really on the path to become a well-behaved dog thanks to your efforts!

  45. Yolivett Ramirez

    Hi 😲omg i so needed this video

  46. Guinea girl piggies.

    Thanks for the amazing videos Zak

  47. Elizabeth Fuentes


    ZAK: They made this just for you

    inertia: AHHHHHHHHHHHH!

  48. Ansli Pilkinton

    1 minute ago

  49. Jeremy Whalen

    my sister was the first view but she was on TV so I couldnt comment first lol

  50. apexhunter2k

    What type of dog is Kona?

  51. Chloey Khusumo

    I dont have a dog and i cant get one 😭

  52. Tanushree Rajpura

    1 view
    11 comment????????

  53. VlogWithADog

    Yes! I have been needed this, I am getting a puppy but I already have a dog and I don’t know what will happen! ❤️❤️❤️

  54. Khayree Jadie

    How can i train my dog to close the door? I would like to know

  55. The Shih tzu Family

    I have three dogs man it crazy

  56. Gangster 105

    I am your first viewer finally

  57. Tanushree Rajpura

    Love your videos it is helping I love videos of Inertia and Kona there are cute 🥰😇☺😇😊🥰

  58. Denny Jr

    First ☺️

  59. CinnamonToastStx


  60. Lin NiuDing


  61. Emilija Krivane

    I’m first !😃

  62. Khayree Jadie

    The doggie is soo cutee

  63. Neda Domenika

    Awww so cutee

  64. Tele Series

    Pin pls… first comment

  65. Emilija Krivane


  66. vivian StyleLife


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