How to Train Your Dog When They ONLY Listen SOMETIMES!
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How to Train Your Dog When They ONLY Listen SOMETIMES!

Train your dog to listen more consistently! I’ll show you how I’m training this for my dog!

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78 Thoughts to “How to Train Your Dog When They ONLY Listen SOMETIMES!”

  1. Dakoder II

    @2:45 That’s a look of love.

  2. aunpaidintern

    My dog, his owner, does not listen to me. I’m tons of fun and he just pals around and ignores me. Surprisingly he listens to my mom and brother.

  3. Benjamin K

    I am getting a new dog and I like going hiking what should I take with me on hikes.

  4. Stuart c

    Sounds like people just going into auto pilot

  5. Navjot Singh


  6. kina

    wow i’m really impressed! the last video i watched was where inertia was a puppy! i love to see how she is doing and what kind of new tricks you taught her! lovelovelove

  7. Evvie Williams

    I love the Inertia😍 How did you think of the name?

  8. Bety Granada

    Love to see videos with the pretty’s and smarter Inertia❤️❤️❤️❤️

  9. Ilja Berkenveld

    Hey zack! Love this new video! I am currently working on teaching my dog how to fetch, but she doesn’t want to come back to me when she has the ball. I think she is afraid I won’t give it back. Anybody got tips?

  10. LemSaGamer

    Also I have questions, what should I use to reward her, treats are too fattening

  11. LemSaGamer

    Is there any way you can meet with me and my dog

  12. Joshua

    Definitely needed to see this as Lily the shihtzu is 3 years old. She can listen to come stay well at times and her potty training was well but now having to back track and start fresh again as she is making more accidents than usual

  13. Benjamin K

    you should make a video on things to buy for your new puppy keep up the good work.

  14. Ele 2NY3

    Your videos are very helpful!!!

  15. N7Mith

    She has to down first to roll over. Try crouching, stand and sit after downs for a while.

  16. CinnamonToastStx


  17. Sonia Sandoval

    Inerta grew so fast!…. So did Kona

  18. CRuiz

    Started following you about 2 weeks ago. Very informative videos. Picking up some good training tips with my 15 week Aussie. Definitely want to get him to master frisbee. Thanks.

  19. Fiene van Dijk

    Did you guys temperament test Inertia when looking for a puppy? I’ve watched the entire series so far and to be honest I’ve never seen any video whatsoever on the topic of how you chose Inertia? Maybe a kind internet stranger could direct me to some obscure video or their Instagram

  20. James R

    Zak, even in 380 pixels, you had amazing hair. I am at total head shave at age 35, so…

  21. Bruno Rivera

    Hey! Exactly 3 years ago, you posted the video called “What To Do About Your Dog’s Separation Anxiety”!

    WOW!! Does time go fast!

  22. Chrisplayz HD

    I would be watching this video but my dog ran away 3 days ago and my mom says someone stole him

  23. Ms. Oliver’s Life

    My dog does that too!!!!!! I say lie down and he rolls over!!!!! Ha ha ha!!! Soooo cute.

  24. Rosamond Bailey

    Also I absolutely love your videos!! Inertia is an amazing dog 🐕

  25. Rosamond Bailey

    Stupid question: How do you know how many treats to give your dog so they are still hungry for their food? I don’t want to over treat them.

  26. Wei Zhu

    I’m getting a new puppy soon……these videos have been helping a lot! Thank you so much!

  27. M Lopez

    2 weeks till we pick up our puppy. I hope we develop a strong connection with him like you have with Inertia

  28. Chanah Yin

    Hi Zak, I really want a Shiba, but I’m not sure how much they actually shed during regular times (non-shedding season) and if Shiba puppies also shed a lot

  29. Asher Iyer

    Who else is binge watching this series during covid times…i am great job Zak

  30. Jenny Bozynski

    You are an amazing dog trainer! I love to watch your you tubes. I am trying to train my 5 month old toy poodle. She does a sit and lie down and shake really well, but won’t come when called and won’t stay.

  31. Vortex

    Love your channel and thank for the info!!!

  32. Cassidy Thompson

    I’m so excited to see the rescue dog series! Of course I’m super impartial to Inertia but we have a rescue dog and I’m excited to get some great tips!

  33. Creative Diamond Dogs

    Those frisbee performances from years ago are great to see.

  34. Ronan Randomness

    Do you recommend getting a harness over a collar?

  35. KUTUP 95

    Sorry Zak I am a little bit late

  36. Vita Kravchenko


  37. BRJ Momma

    My dog assumes that every lay down is cross paw

  38. George Raiden

    What is your dog breed btw shes so cute

  39. Joy Cranker

    Love the videos zak.

  40. Charlotte Irvine

    we are getting a puppy in about a week, these videos as well as the ones with kona in have really been helping!

  41. n m

    India 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳 needs video for indian spitz

  42. Anton Vitchenko


  43. Gabo Silfa

    You inspire me to be a dog trainer

  44. Leo Rojas

    Starts at 1:47

  45. john ducie

    U should do a live vid

  46. john ducie

    Yaaaa knew vid

  47. Davide Cerullo

    Been a while since I last saw one of your videos Zak. Great to see inertia again, she has grown up so nicely 😍

  48. BigJonny13

    wHaT ZAk dID sHOwS?

  49. Margaret Kuhn-Conroy

    Please show how you train to catch frisbee

  50. Star Sisters

    Inertia has become so well rained she’s awesome and sooo cute love your tips and tricks Zak awseome concepts really helpful

  51. Raz Miller

    like so he can see this
    love the videos I watch every one

  52. jojoata Batata

    you should make an episode answering your subs questions in comments

  53. Baldavier

    I thought I was bad being too playful when training dogs? It’s instinctive and I’m trying to be more strict … :/

  54. Maja Ambroziak

    Thanks my dog only sometimes listen too. I tried everything for my dog to not pull any other ideas. I am thinking of getting a non pull harness. Any tips ?

  55. Winter Osterhout

    This is such a good video

  56. Abraham Acosta

    *When your starting to run out of material*

  57. Mike S

    Girlfriend and I are getting our first puppy today, your videos have been so inspiring and informative!

  58. Adrian Alexander

    I love when dogs have a favorite direction [like with circles] where they perform better. <3

  59. The Gaming Nature

    Again I love how inertia sits at the table with Zak.
    Also inertia should start a youtube channel about reviewing dog food


    Thank you so much ❤️
    I think that this will help me to train my pet ☺️☺️

  61. Anjola Owomoyela

    Do you remember me zacky

  62. Anjola Owomoyela

    I liked again

  63. xanelle lacerda

    Great videos, Zak! It really looks like you know your stuff, and love your dogs!

  64. Aisha Rudderham

    im glad u continue this series 😊

  65. Daniel Gonzalez

    Ive been waiting for a video like this thank you so much

  66. Tanushree Rajpura

    Love your videos it is helping and amazing, interesting I love watching your videos🥰 🥰😇😍☺😊😘🥰☺😊

  67. nabeel wani


  68. Reeti Thakkar

    Yaa only 1 min

  69. zoku

    Great video as always

  70. Raz Miller

    can i get heart

  71. GG Bxttxrfly Roblox

    I. Love your vids

  72. Lol XD

    Wow this is when your early and don’t know what to say

  73. Lizards Lore

    Thank you so much for your videos they have helped tremendously

  74. LDS ramon

    Thanks for uploading

  75. Abdullah Ismail Khan


  76. 100KSub Without Any Videos Challenge

    Claim you’re “early people” ticket here d hy

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