How To Train Your Dog to Walk Perfectly! This is all you have to do!
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How To Train Your Dog to Walk Perfectly! This is all you have to do!

How to train a dog to walk without pulling while on a leash can take time and work. It just takes some dedication and consistency!

Are you new to this series? Get caught up with all of “The Dog Training Experience” videos here: …

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167 Thoughts to “How To Train Your Dog to Walk Perfectly! This is all you have to do!”

  1. Ashley Robertson

    I don’t see any instruction on how to improve a dogs walk. All I see is “I lowered my standards because there is no way I can get my dog to follow a strict heel position without getting distracted by every little thing”.

  2. Abbiezar slytherin

    Squirles often imitate bird calls so that they aren’t picked up by larger predators

  3. SBIlo ninefour

    I haven’t seen Indy in any of the insta vlogs

  4. Marciferous

    What harness & leash are you using here with Inertia? That harness looks far more comfortable than every one I’ve tried with my kiddo.

  5. federik80 80

    Beautiful and interesting video.

  6. Dylan C

    I hope my pit responds to training. If she doesn’t stop pulling, fixating on other dogs and people, doing figure eights, I am going to have to get rid of her. It’s becoming too much.

  7. Skating

    This video is so helpful!! Thank you so much!!!!

  8. Christina Jones

    My puppy gets so excited when going outside (to go in the car) & then when getting out of the car. He barks and whines like crazy! Any tips for how to stop this? Thank you!

  9. HonorD

    I’m new! Just got my first puppy 5 days ago. Thought I could do it in my own. Soo, where do I start?! 😭

  10. William Robillard

    Zak, I’ve literally watched every single episode. I don’t have a dog, but I can’t not watch a video with Inertia in it!! Love the new intro btw.

  11. Mateo C

    Are we ever going to get a Zak George x Cesar Millan collab??😔

  12. Raina Conrad

    How old is Inertia in this video?

  13. Melinda Neale

    What if they become distracted by another dog on a walk and won’t look away? Not lunging towards the other dog but still won’t listen to you…

  14. Zoccali

    I was needing this encouragement for leash training 🙂

  15. Evan Kellogg

    I like the new intro!

  16. Tayla's dog life!

    I cried today when I went to the vet and my dog Harley got shots becuase when they took her out on a leash she literally cried SO loud it made me tear up I couldn’t handle it I told my mom please roll up the window I’m a dog lover so I cant handle it. It’s so sad to hear them cry like that. AND THEY ARE LITERALLY SO ROUGH WITH THEM THEY JUST FORCE THE DOGS TO WALK!!

  17. Jessica Carter

    Can you teach how to train my dog to not growl and bark at people in public? These kids came up to me to pet her and she was growling and barking and I was so embarrassed 😫 she’s just so scared of everything 😭

  18. Dania Flores

    Love the new intro and she’s gotten so much bigger!

  19. adamfilip

    watched 10 minutes. still have no idea how to train dog to walk perfectly.. took 7 minutes and all I learned was that it takes a while.. and then about distractions.. at no point was there anything about getting the dark to walk loose on the leash.

  20. Creative Diamond Dogs

    My collie is pretty good at this for the most part. The “snoot ensnaring golden blade of grass” is still a problem but not as much as it used to be.

  21. Hadley Estepp

    Been watching for just over a year, started watching the day I got my puppy ( who is now a year old)

  22. firenze55

    Zak has such positive, kind energy towards his dog – love to watch his training methods.

  23. Avani Channashetti

    Can u show indie with inertia

  24. Norma G

    Curious what kind of leash you got it looks like it’s connected on your jeans

  25. Angel The Maltese

    Inertia is becoming pretty well-behaved! I have a maltese named Angel and she is very curious on walks. However, I am implementing some techniques you’ve shown and she is getting better!

  26. Roxanne McGhee

    Hi can you give me some advise i’m about to get a really cute australian shepard 🙂

  27. ღ LpsCocoHearts ღ


  28. John Lenin

    My dogs used to drag me around – but it was easy to train them not to. If they put any tension on the leash at all I’d just stop – and not say or do anything at all. Eventually they’d get bored and relax. As soon as they did and the tension on the leash relaxed I’d say “let’s go.” It didn’t take them long to figure out that if they wanted to keep exploring they need to make sure to never pull on the leash.

  29. Dulce Hdez

    Can you share the harness Inertia uses.

  30. M S

    how do I deal with a dog who is fearful and does not want to go on walks and is constantly trying to go home?

  31. Alicia B

    You guys should update your daily routine with Inertia and talk about how it’s changed as she got older!

  32. Jeffrey Roche

    I might get a springer soon any tips on training

  33. Hayley Eastabrook - Nature Photography

    A Zak George video without Pupbox or Pupford? Also awesome video…hoping a lightbulb in my 4mth old’s head will go off soon with loose leash walking!

  34. Taylor Evans

    Inertia has come so far! Thank you so much for your continued commitment to using positive reinforcement over physical corrections. Your videos have been so helpful to me and my golden retriever puppy 😊

  35. hailey white

    can you do a puppy or dog essentials video im getting a puppy in a month

  36. Min Ae Chung

    Your video is making me feel better about my walks with my mini Aussie. I have been using what I learned from your video and my walk looks very similar to how you are with Inertia. My dog is about 2 years old now. I still wonder when my dog will be able to walk like Indie. Will he ever get there ??? Please continue to update on how Inertia is doing with loose leash walking.

  37. Mahi Bagga

    Please do a routine of inertia
    And btw she is soooooo cute

  38. IslandBroYo

    Wow I feel bad for all the people who didn’t watch Zak George to train their dog. 😂😂

  39. SpaceKid

    It always seems like his dogs are almost perfect before his training my dog pulls, sniffs when I say good dog they speed
    up and this man’s dog is ALREADY my goal, I cant follow ur vids if I hv nothing to go for.

  40. Ravindra nath

    We are supporting to you many year plzz giveaway or dogs or food kit for this support to me bro I don’t have pet but I will play with my uncles dog plzz my bro

  41. Ebenezer Sengo

    I just love Inertia..❤

  42. Blessing And service pups


  43. Mike Aquino

    Can’t argue at all, these are the BEST dog training series videos and trainer ever. Realistic, humane, positive, authentic, and the bits of advice along the way are freakin gems. Inertia is adorable too. Waiting for a border collie pup this winter but I just absolutely love these videos!

  44. Christian Turk

    Hi Zak, my dog is a rescue and is around 7 years old. The previous owner seems to have taught him nothing. He has developed issues like resource guarding and tugging on the leash. Can you do a video where you “teach and old dog new tricks” like teaching them to sit and stay, and also how to deal with resource guarding?

  45. Komicx

    I’m about to get a puppy in 2 weeks and I’m so excited and nervous at the same time. Well let’s hope your videos have trained me enough thus far

  46. Eitan Marx

    im going to get a mini shnuazer and ill be using your videos to help me along, wink wink

  47. Mai snow

    My dog likes to grab the leash and and pull it and he ignores me.

  48. Vishwanath Ravi

    Zak i seriously need you to make a video about stereotypical hating on dogs.
    I live in india and here people have this fixated idea that dogs only live to bite people,spread disease or to be kept in a cage.This is really common among old people.

  49. sudhanshu pathak

    Best one ever❤️

  50. Isabelle Isabelle

    You should see when my dog sees my next door’s hen in the street LOL

  51. Fire Fox

    I’ve learned a lot from your channel, and I just got a new puppy and he’s learning fast

  52. anitha den

    I have trained my dog by watching your classes

  53. Wild Default

    Do you have any tips on training a jack russel terrier? Also what’s a good break word because ok is to common in a conversation

  54. uhh.ella_ luiza

    I don’t have a dog but I’m am planning to get a puppy soon but these videos are really good!!

  55. Irma Adkins

    I need boyfriend 💋💋💋💋💋💞💞💞💞

  56. Rozanah Wirt

    Thanks for all you do

  57. Shriyaa Madineni

    I love your videos Zak! Inertia’s has come a long way. I like all of your videos and subscribed to all of your Channels, instagram and all! Keep up the great work!

  58. Sandy West

    while on your vacation visit me in tillamook oregon ha

  59. Sadie D

    I always allow my girl to stop and sniff unless we have somewhere to be in a hurry. She needs to read her pee mail – I think pulling them away from a sniff must be like us being stopped listening to great music, or only hearing halfway through some gossip.

  60. Free Bitcoin

    I love ur vid man

  61. snowballs442

    What do you feed your dogs?

  62. MSC

    Imagine getting *pinned* by the best dog you tuber ever?!

  63. MSC

    But like for real, *pinned*

  64. Stan Lee

    hey great videos
    but i have a rhodesian ridgeback who has anxiety have any tips to start training her

  65. Loretta Gravelle

    When we rescued a puppy and our cousin took her, this was the ONLY video we recommended. They watched all of them. It worked out great!

  66. Miska's Universe

    Zak, the new Intro, the Alaskan Edition is great. The bark at the end is perfect. She is doing so well in the training!
    Also how is she doing with the agility?

  67. That Climbing girl

    Let your dog sniff on walks. This guy is a joke of a trainer. The fact that he doesn’t even give vocal corrections is stupid. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don’t fall for the positive only trap. Balanced training is way more effective. Corrections save lives. So he much rather that a dog die, than get a correction! Like WTF. Everyone leash walking isn’t that hard to teach if you start doing it when they are little.

  68. Nirvaan Sahu

    Which breed is inertia I’m curious pls reply

  69. Aysu Uykun

    I’m getting a border collie next year! I’m already so excited. I learned so much from your videos. Your videos are the only ones that really document every aspect of a dogs training and life. Thank you for everything ❤

  70. Jay Bee

    Inertia is a year old and still pulls and your a trainer? Damn … that’s some expensive training. How many lessons until the dog heels nicely? Or is able to down/stay?

  71. Sophia Hsieh

    Inertia is so much fun to watch! Have a great time in Alaska. Watch out for porcupines though!!!!! My brother and i were camping and the dogs had gone to do their morning business. Suddenly we heard some barking and thought there might be a bear near by. Poor Yama (Husky) came back to the tent and had quills all over his muzzle. We were hours away from civilization, but we managed to hike and eventually drive to get some cell reception. We drove 5 hours back to Anchorage so he could get them removed.

  72. Random gamer but maybe bad vids

    I’m moving now so I can get a dog very soon 😀

  73. Vishwanath Ravi

    you right there mister have a beautiful dog

  74. Anna Trunkfield

    Loved this video! Very informative

  75. Hello Hi

    I love your vids so much! These really help me and my dog Munchkin!

  76. Brian Thompson


  77. tranquillum

    I just got a new pup, thanks so much for all you do! 🙂

  78. Elizabeth Rincon

    I notice you walk Inertia on a hands-free leash… do you have any recommendations for one? Once my dogs’ leash manners are better, I’d ideally like to take them running, and a waist leash seems easier for that (one for me, one for my husband, obviously, since it might be tricky managing two at once!). And it might actually make leash training a little easier, since I’d have free hands for rewards, etc.

  79. Marketa Smerdova

    I really like your channel but you are promoting kibble like its the BEST FOOD FOR DOGS. Stop please >.<. Its not true. I am not saying its killing the dog or you cant feed like that. Its easy and safe (for some ppl who are lazy to read a lot of stuff in order to feed B.A.R.F.)to feed like that and i get that. But i dont understand why you would promote kibble so hard when you want the best for the dogs (i get that probably they sponsor you but still your approach is just....making it sound like its the best for the dog when its not) :C anyway luv Inertia and ur videos

  80. Pin Anims

    Why is it so bad to have your dog sniff and walk ahead as long as they return on command and don’t tug? My pup walks ahead of me because her natural pace is a little faster, but when i tell her “Stop” “Stay” “Come” “Leave It” etc she listens. In my head, the walk is for her, not for me, so I don’t mind her exploring a little as long as she is obedient and comes back when I tell her?

  81. Hitesh Thakker

    Is Inertia spayed?

  82. klxdy kay•.*

    Love the new intro skits! 💜 ur series!!!

  83. RyanKona4

    i know it looks nice or it’s easier when your dog walks right next to you but not letting them smell, slowing them down or forcing where they go is extremely rude. dogs don’t see as good as humans but they smell WAY better than us. so if you try to get your “perfect” dog to walk like that it’s like taking your child, blindfolding them, dragging them down the street, making them randomly stop and sitting down just because than expecting them to listen and not try to run ahead or rip the blindfold or have a tantrum. now think about not letting your dog sniff or take a break to listen or explore. you would NEVER do that to your kids so i don’t understand why people do that to their dogs.

  84. Hanna Hu

    omg, im kinda early! Zak, can you say hi?

  85. Souvik Ganguly

    Sir from what age can we start giving treat to our pet

  86. Claire Santiago

    2:32 I like that😍💋 💝💖❤️


    Thanks for posting helpful videos

  88. Time Health Fit

    I’m grateful to know you i just liked and subbed, want to be youtube friends?


    Hi I’m might get a American bulldog and Zak has helped me train my other 2 dogs

  90. Ramesh ramola


  91. Swim Yo

    are you planning to get another dog soon?

  92. Erwin Jansen

    What would you do if you can’t get your dogs attention with treats? It’s really hard getting his attention especially when there is another dog.

  93. Harley Humbert

    I’m getting a new puppy in 5 weeks and I’m so excited!! But a little nervous. a puppy seemed kind of out of my comfort zone but your videos really helped me figure out where to start! I’m feeling much more confident! Thank you for everything you do!!!

  94. Jill Brady

    Need lovely 😍💋 💝💖❤️

  95. Constant _ fair

    This works so good

  96. Greyhawk Reborn

    Another excellent video Zak! Please continue with this series. Along with your books this is an incredible guide for raising/training a pup.

  97. Srabon Louis Costa

    Hi !!
    I am one of your biggest fans.
    I don’t have any dog but I love to watch your videos. I had a long cherished dream to own a dog as a pet but my parents didn’t allow me😔. But I am preparing myself with the help of your videos, so that I can train my dog 🐶 in future .
    Thanks a lot for teaching us so many things about dogs .
    By the way, Inertia is the smartest dog I have ever seen.

  98. seva joshi

    See, my dog walks VERY slowly and stops every second to sniff a blade a grass for a couple minutes. It generally takes about 25 minutes to get up and down our small street with about 6 houses.

  99. luke muscat

    zack i have a problem where my dog wont learn leave it she just makes it into a game of tug. Can you help pls

  100. ItsCloverYT

    I’m having trouble for my dog to stay or even train her to do anything! My mom didn’t let me near her duringn her puppy years to train her, thats why she’s usually scared or energetic- but never listens or calms down. I’m currently training one of my dog to sit and lay, and its going well. I’m actually following your Roll over tutorial. But my other dog is just difficult to train, do you have any tips? I’m not giving up on her, but I just need some help or tips :3

  101. Jacky

    anyone else watching these videos even tho your dog is trained?

  102. Naomi F

    My problem with the harness is that he can pull so hard with it, it’s hard to hold him. But I still use it on the long lead and when going into the city for example where he’s waaay to distracted.

  103. Kay Kay Hung

    Thanks for this video! It really helped!

  104. Victoria rose

    Could you do some puppy haul videos i find those super interesting

  105. Edgy. Kate

    hello Zak! I have a 4 month old belgian malinois and he gets bored real quick whenever i want to train him. I tought him some tricks but he gets really frustrated whenever i start training him to heel. I tried it in the house too but its not working… help? –

  106. runningrock124

    Zak, are you against prong collars? Or are they an OK line of communication if used safely and properly.

    my 7 mo old 65# GSD was pulling pulling pulling and I gave it an honest month of work to try to lure him to walk with me, stop when he pulled, walked other way, etc.

    I got a prong collar 1 week ago, he hated it for 2 days, and now walks great! and i mean great! I just hope it will eventually translate back to the harness after some time wearing it.

    EDIT: I guess I can try exercising him more beforehand, but that always isn’t an option

  107. gotbordercollies

    Why Alaska?

  108. Dark Harvest

    My dog will grab the slack in the leash with his mouth and walk ME. Lol.

  109. Abi Goodrich

    You helped me and my family train our puppy so much! Thanks!

  110. —o—

    Hey I have a 7 month gsd and I can’t spend a lot of time with him because of my schedule he stay with my dad and mom that doesnt know how to train him and I really can’t leash walking him he will start to leash pull to a point where I need to run with him so he doesn’t choke

  111. Dog lover likes dogs

    Wow nice vid I am getting a dog soon nice info

  112. Nick HOLLAND

    I Want My Dog To Be Good, Follow My Rules And Be Kind…..I’m Working On That And Watching Your Video Help Me Alot 👍👍👍

  113. Freezeray813

    yo best you tuber uploaded again 😉

  114. Naomi F

    I thought the walks are the main exercise source? Especially if you don’t have a yard. Can the dog walk without exercise once she’s leashtrained?

  115. eshaal malik


  116. Louise GUILBAUD

    i’ve watched all the videos with inertia like a gazillion times 😉

  117. Yash Nalawat

    Please try this training on lebrador or a golden retriever

  118. Lester Gene Broas

    I just leashed walk my beagle puppy. Had trouble with sniffing and leaf biting

  119. Akhilesh Joshi

    Hi sir I have a German shepherd puppy of 1 month 15 days after his first vaccination he puppy bites much and he also bites clothes and don’t listen commands until I have a treat in my hand,please gave a solution . please.please

  120. Geet Nandre

    Tried to teach my dog fetch but she is not taking any interest in the toy what should I do pls reply

  121. The Golden Otty


  122. alyssa

    Do you believe that every dog is trainable, no matter the age?

  123. Grace Scott

    Omg did u see inhertas toung?!? SO CUTE!!!!

  124. Kobraz

    I’m thinking about getting 3 dogs, golden retriever, white retriever and black lab Doberman mix, do these dogs do well together?

  125. Tiger Tomlinson

    Can you do a boxer video

  126. Sophia Pelaez

    We might get a dog and i want to know whats a good dog for the first time and good for families

  127. Tiger Tomlinson

    Hi my dog is a boxer and is really gull of energy and we can never go on walks because he runs away and pulls my arm

  128. Seago Gaming

    Zak what treat pouch do you use? I’m looking for a good one for when I hopefully end up getting a dog

  129. Macie Lenhart

    omg this is the perfect video!! my golden retriever puppy paisley is a terrible leash walker!

  130. The Young Artist

    What happened to Indie?

  131. Puppy Love

    Leash walking is definitely quite tough to teach your dog, so, thanks for the video Zak❤️

  132. The Young Artist

    Who else loves this series

  133. Louise GUILBAUD

    this is by FAR the best dog training chanel on youtube

  134. The Young Artist

    Hi does anybody know how long Zak has been a dog trainer for, I’m just curios. Thanks in advance

  135. Mariana Pappageorge


  136. Livie Bills

    How did you get inertia to not have to have treats to do tricks

  137. Eliana Tam

    Hey Zak I am a pre teen can I still train dogs? It is really hard

  138. Joy Cranker

    zak, I love the new intro.

  139. Victoria rose

    I’m getting my rottweiler puppy in 11 days and your videos have helped me so much 💓

  140. Livie Bills

    Love you videos

  141. The Young Artist

    Who else doesn’t have a dog but watches these videos anyways?

  142. Muggsy Time

    Thank youuuu!!!!!!!! I wanted to teach my doggo to walk!♡♡♡

  143. Gaming Legends FreeFire

    Hi. Inertia is great

  144. Anshey Ala

    Third i guess

  145. The Young Artist

    How are there already 16 comments when he just posted!

  146. It’s Viola Rose

    I have never had an issue training a dog on leash until my current puppies who are CRAZEEEE. They won’t take treats outside, I can exercise them for hours and it doesn’t matter, we’re training 3-4 times a day just to get them bored of the neighborhood so they stop pulling. Neither of them is a “walk with a person” breed, but their recall sucks so off leash isn’t happening… Even I’m frustrated! Lol

  147. Marisetty Shyamaj

    Early ❤

  148. Nada Halawa

    She’s so cute!!

  149. Adasha Amazing

    Early! Love your channel!

  150. Slappy Beaver

    I love your vids!

  151. R3N On Keys

    hi i just got a puppy golden she nips and bites a lot i got a c licker but she still bites even when i train her

  152. geeky me

    Never Miss Your Video

  153. Seago Gaming

    First 10 wow

  154. Ralf the Labrador Puppy

    Thank you my puppy already knows that I hope yours to puppy ore dog

    My puppies name is ralf how about yours ?

  155. MattEhx

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  156. Michelle gable

    I love you! I love this channel we just got a new puppy and this series has helped so much

  157. insanity gamer

    I have a gud idea just be nice to your dog and treat it to be nice and sit or other tricks INSTEAD OF WATCHING THESE ANNOYING VIDOES!!!

  158. Louise GUILBAUD

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