How To Train Your Dog to Walk on Leash WITHOUT Embarrassing You!
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How To Train Your Dog to Walk on Leash WITHOUT Embarrassing You!

Training Kona the dog to walk on leash without pulling!

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79 Thoughts to “How To Train Your Dog to Walk on Leash WITHOUT Embarrassing You!”

  1. Niko C

    Can you train a dachshund? If so that would be awesome

  2. Navjot Singh


  3. Lydia Atkinson

    Can you do a video to get puppies to stop chewing furniture

  4. Youssef Bouzir

    I have a 3 mois old belgian malinois and she cant stop biting me and she becam dangerous and my family told me to get rid of her.
    Can u pls answer me 😟

  5. Maxxen

    You in the intro that you only have 3 weeks to train her but it has been a few months now. How long are u actually going to train her?

  6. Elizabeth H

    I have a hard time with leash training my four and a half month old golden retriever. Sometimes he just stops walking and wants to go a certain direction I’m not comfortable going (I.e the neighbor’s yard, closer to the highway we live by). I’ve tried luring him with a high value treat but he absolutely refuses to budge. I’ve tried calling him and being really excited and even trying to run to get him to come but he will NOT budge sometimes. I let him sniff the air or whatever has his attention for a minute or so to satisfy his curiosity but even then he doesn’t respond. He has gotten a little better but it’s still a struggle. Any suggestions?

  7. David Finney

    Your pupbox link isn’t working from here.

  8. d

    The owners are gonna come back to a huge dog lol no longer a tiny fluff pup

  9. yap yeah

    Zak,i m beyond grateful for all the content you put out there! How do you create distance from a distraction that surprised you without pulling them when they are unresponsive to treats?Thank you so much!

  10. JD Smith

    Inertia is such a good name for a high energy dog!

  11. Margaret Kuhn-Conroy

    Wondering how many days..hours you spend to get the dog you are training to do the activity?

  12. Estevan Felix

    Does anyone know any trainers that do videos like this. I love zaks method of training and video style, but I can’t seem to find someone like it, so any recommendations?

  13. Dragon King

    Hey @ZakGeorge great content

  14. Joshua

    Love these series as doing a new approach it will have its on and off days while teaching Lily a shihtzu at the age of 3.

  15. Josie Riley

    You are so imspiring!

  16. Eleanor Zepeda

    Ok I have a serious question. I have a 2 year old 95 pound black lab and I have been trying to train him to walk nicely on a leash and not lose his mind when people come in the door. He LOVES people and is not food or toy motivated. I have tried EVERYTHING. I’ve taken him to trainers and they just gave up. He is the best dog with just me and my family and everyone else hates him because they think he is mean. I have tried everything and I don’t know what to do.


    I am Watching You on my TV. 🙂
    I like your Training Videos. 🤍🐶

  18. Hawks Floyd

    My dog won’t stop looking cute

  19. Investing with Silvia Manent, CFA, CFP

    I’m getting a goldendoodle puppy next week and I’m trying to learn the most I can so I Can be the best dog mom!!! So happy I found you and your book!!!

  20. Rosanna Chapman

    I have a little dachshund mix and he’s doing great with your training methods! I have family members who still believe in showing your dog force and they’ll comply but I’ve found that my puppy seems to love training and listening to me instead of being fearful when asked so to do something

  21. Chiannachan

    My little one is now 4 months old and doing quite nicely – thanks to you 😀 though…. uhm. I’m 100% sure that he’ll start being an asshat soon XD

  22. Henry T

    Your next Project should be shelter dogs and your subscribers could be their forever homes.

  23. Silerss

    love your videos. could you leave a link in future videos for treats you use? it’s hard to find good honest suggestions for “special” training treats.

  24. CinnamonToastStx

    Once again awesome and helpful vid

  25. Minna Kaaretsalo

    Dud you have video on how to go pass other dogs? I have big dog, 10 month puppy, she loves other dogs and dont want to go pass but creat them even they dont. Help!

  26. Animalsperspective

    The title is everything 🙌

  27. Sharon McGuire

    I have a German Shepherd, that will be a year old next month. She doesn’t do too bad on the lead, I would really love to see some training for older dogs thank you I love your episode I have learned a lot since she’s been a pup.

  28. Lucifer

    you are just great

  29. Katie Goodrow

    Hey Zak I have a question.
    How to socialize a puppy with other dogs and environments in the middle of a freezing winter during a pandemic? I feel like we’re missing out on a lot of exposure early and how that will effect him in the long run!

  30. Dez Martinez

    thank you for the amazing content!! has definitely helped me with my own pup! what harness do you use?

  31. Mystiek Melody

    These videos are so helpful, and have such great ideas! Thank you!

  32. Richard Filipek

    Hey Zak I just found your youtube channel and it is great! I just got my first dog and your training tips have been helping a great deal. I have one question for you. She is a year old, pitbull mixed with a lab (mostly pit). She is a sweet dog. The one thing I have no clue on how to change is her putting her teeth on people. Not in a bitting or nipping way at all. Just like she is trying to get your attention or something. Do you have tips for this?

  33. Elena Leon

    I don’t care how my dog acts, he would never be an embarrassment 😒😠

  34. Kalob Nichols

    I put things into the ball toy that she can take out

  35. pro charlie

    Next time can you do a bigger dog please

  36. Samantha Hu

    Mini puppy heel! Lol

  37. john ducie

    I love ❤️ kona

  38. Avalon The Scorpio Empath

    Love the fit today, especially the kicks!

  39. john ducie

    Le Kona the Irish doodle

  40. john ducie

    Nnonono I’m late

  41. Paul Brownnutt

    The pup is so cute!!!

  42. leslie tromski

    I love your series. I have a 12 week old puppy and am sitting here laughing at your leave it. I am so glad you leave real life in your series. With babies and that is what puppies are it is some times one step forward 2 steps back. The reward in staying with it, even on days when they don’t remember anything, is they grow up into well trained adult dogs. Thank you for all your advice

  43. koni baloni

    You should do an episode where you show all the tricks Inertia knows.

  44. Sarah Akers

    I swear you read my mind or something you always post the video I need 😂

  45. asiana pai

    how yong ur poppy my friend

  46. Daily Pets and Viral videos

    Oh nice❤️….great i have also Many pets.I usually Upload 5 to 10 videos On daily basis ..❤️❤️❤️


    Thank you so much- this series has been so useful.🤩

  48. Reshma Thomas

    Kona is such a sweetheart ❤

  49. FishBro Mollies

    Getting a golden doodle in a couple weeks thanks for teaching me so many things!

  50. M0r73n

    What breed is she?

  51. JustTired

    I need help: I train my golden retriever puppy without treats because my family says that the dog will always be expecting a treat when I say a command. She’s 5 months and we have been working on “sit” since she was 8 weeks. Sometimes she still doesn’t listen, when she does I say “good girl”. Overall that the only command she listens to. We also give her treats at random times. Should we keep training her without treats? What’s your opinion?

  52. The Lion Queen

    Hi Zach I love your videos. I have a question… If I work a 10hr night shift would I still be able to have a puppy or is that impractical?

  53. Healthy Homestead Chick

    We have 2 8 week old puppies. We are binge watching trying to learn everything we can. We listened to you book on Audible before we brought them home. Can we train the 2 together at the same time? It seems impossible at the moment. 🙂

  54. Aruntamilselvi selvi

    Hi Zak I don’t have a puppy but I still love your vids

  55. Adhav Ashok Prabakar

    he i want to teach my dog fetch but he does it only two times and gives up please help me

  56. Lucy Ann

    I got a puppy, and this series has helped me so so so much!! Thx Zak

  57. Star Sisters

    Wow awesome kona’s so well behaved I love ur videos Zak So exited for more vids Your videos are very informative and helpful

  58. Void jolt

    I’ve learned so much from you

  59. Jenna Duffy

    My dog pounces when trying to teach her to crawl.

  60. oksty

    Great video keep it up ^^

  61. smitty 1084

    Anyone know what harness that is?

  62. Wagging Tails Dog Training

    Kona’s gotten so big! Your amazing Zak!

  63. random gen

    I am so grateful for you Zak! This has really helped and a lot of other families out there!

  64. Dipankar Roy

    hi love ur vids they are really fun and helpful bc i might be getting a dog so ty

  65. Daily Hannah

    These episodes are so so helpful! Are you going to teach kona to be off leash?

  66. Ty Novak Aviation

    0:57 Tries to camouflage in grass as log

  67. Guinea girl piggies.

    Zac I just got a new puppy and this series is really helping

  68. SavedYsaa

    I’m early!! 😅

  69. Joy Cranker

    can’t wait to see Moira.

  70. SDA Sermons with Joel A Ang


  71. Aurora

    Thank you for so much help with my new standard poodle. Your videos really help!

  72. Ty Novak Aviation

    Such a cute puppy

  73. Beast Like Bentley

    I’ve learned so much from you! Honestly, thank you so much for putting out such good content.

  74. kanushi goil

    this really helped! thank you so much!!

  75. Rafay Shaheryar

    Amazing. Really needed this video

  76. lizzy_ the_great

    First 😳
    Anyways thanks for the video 😀

  77. Megan C

    Exactly what I needed 😅🐶

  78. Aurora Steen


  79. Beast Like Bentley

    Great video!

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