How To Train Your Dog to STOP Pretending You Don’t Exist!

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How To Train Your Dog to STOP Pretending You Don’t Exist!

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176 Thoughts to “How To Train Your Dog to STOP Pretending You Don’t Exist!”

  1. Paige DeNell

    Zak: ‘Have you ever noticed how so many different dog treats taste the same?’
    Me: ‘Oh yeah, they always make the same flavors;, pumpkin, chicken, turk…’ Zak: *eats dog treat* Me: 😳 ‘ohhhh we’re on different pages here’lol!!

  2. Jesse Melanson

    Nice to know even a professional is going through the same issues we are. Thank you for posting this video.

  3. Connor E

    I love that you love dogs and shoes

  4. occasionalreadr

    How long (in minutes) are you walking Inertia for?

  5. Grant West

    Am I the only one who’s never going to use pet flow bc zak George has made me annoyed with them mentioning them so freakin much

  6. Avi Israel

    I’ve recently adopted a border collie and it’s obviously been a tough first few days.
    He’s getting so much better everyday, and it’s mainly because of your training videos.
    Thank you for the help!

  7. Amy Borynski

    Inertia is doing great! My puppy is about this age, and we are still working hard on walking behaviors. But he does LOVE water, thank goodness he’s good in quiet areas

  8. Kimberly Reynolds

    One command I’ve taught the dogs I’ve had is “fix your foot” for when they step over their leash. I’m in a wheelchair and it’s often hard for me to fix that myself. It’s just a step up from “pick up your foot”.

  9. Pujan Shah

    I would have loved to see Inertia fight the snake.Lol

  10. Brianna Cain

    My dog is perfectly behaved in new environments. It’s the places he’s been to a few times he ignores me 🤦🏼‍♀️

  11. getting serious, getting older

    It would be very helpful to see what you do when she doesn’t “come”.

  12. Kelly Smith

    Honestly, it is amazing to see how well trained and responsive she is now, when you see her along the way. So real, and so affirming of how its a process!

  13. Roux Chat

    Wow, huge missed opportunity to reinforce that down. Yes, she didn’t do it immediately but she did it. That should have been a jackpot reward, which would have really upped the odds of her doing it again and quickly.

  14. moxie433

    I am so glad to hear you acknowledge that for some dogs they wont take treats in new environments that they find really stimulating–for our new 3 yr old rescue, his #1 high value reward is getting to keep walking/exploring and he has no interest in treats on walks. i also loved the part about sometimes just having to manage your dog when unexpected things happen. some of the paths we walk are quite narrow and we cant get enough distance from other dogs to stop our pup’s reactivity. we just have to manage.

  15. bugbug C

    ive watched this since my dog was 8 weeks old, now shes almost 1 year old and im still using these videos!!!

  16. dsumner7

    Pretty King Snake!!

  17. chakky

    It would be a cool sponsorship with Petflow if they let us use your code and get a copy of one of your books free/on discount!

  18. Victoria C

    What leash are you using?

  19. Eva Grandell

    Birthday coming up? I made my two border collies (1yr and 4 yrs) a big lightly fried burger cake with liver pate roses and pieces of lightly fried liver. A given success! Then playtime with new toys.

  20. Harry Styles

    I have a 8 month old cane corsa he killed my 12 foot long python cause he was trying to bite my girlfriend oh well.

  21. emerson billings

    can you make a video of how much you feed, how often, changes in amount fed depending on age, etc? 😊

  22. Isaac Pilgrim

    I’m getting a cocker spaniel and your videos are so much help

  23. Ashlyn A

    Zak, I devoured your book Dog Training Revolution in one day. I cannot thank you enough; I feel prepared and excited to train my new puppy, whereas before, I never thought it was something I would be able to do.

  24. Sidney Berliner

    u know some people think ur bad right

  25. Luna The Doodle

    I’ve been watching your videos since my Luna was a pups. Still far from perfect but continues to learn everyday 🙂

  26. Carol Stoller

    How do I get my 9mo old Maltese to walk. She hates the sidewalk??

  27. skydogg329

    not a cobra :” probably a king snake, harmless

  28. Martijn D'haene

    Hello George here Martijn from belgium your 2 Books are only available in english? Its not that a can’t speak or read english but it would Be easier.

  29. Amit Shem Tov

    Thank you! Just to know, there is a lot of guides that can help people to train their dogs and it’s can be a great supplemental plan to your video.

  30. Digital ukulele

    she is so cute! i am working on training my dog!

  31. Toxic_imaginer & Noob75_poop

    I don’t have a dog. But maybe in the future I might have a dog?

  32. Chantal Turcotte

    I trained my puppy 5 month old with your videos and everybody tells me that i’m doing fine. So a big thanks to you Zac and Inertia

  33. Sophia Stockwell

    I love this series I am getting a puppy in a couple days and I had stumbled upon this series and it will help me so much when I train my Mini Schnauzer

  34. Kamil Głuchowski

    Actually I have a Border Collie and he can do some basics commands but sometime something is more important for him than me

  35. Hope Wadzinski

    Hey Zak! I need some advice on taking my newish puppy camping. It’s a dog friendly campsite and we would be in a camper, not a tent. We plan on introducing her to the camper before hand, but are there any other tips on being ready for that? Thank you!

  36. Megan Neale

    Hi I’m looking to get my dog into frisbees do u have any you recommend? Thanks for the great video

  37. Savana Kearney

    I can’t believe inertia knows how to do a somersault

  38. Sav and Aurora

    Where do you get you super long leads from?

  39. Creative Diamond Dogs

    Yesterday was my collie’s first birthday. It’s been wonderful to see Inertia go from what I would imagine to be like most any puppy to trained.

  40. Iliana Lyra

    My dog doesn’t come when i call him although he knows it. What can i do to fix that?

  41. Paula Sartori

    You help me relly much. I lern wery much.

  42. Jim Engeman

    How do I get my mom and dad to get me a dog I have been researching dogs for years and know almost everything and also what bread is inertia I know she’s a border collie but is she anything else???

  43. Karen Moore

    I’m getting a puppy in less than a week and I’m sure this will be really helpful

  44. Ellie Yruegas

    I love this series, i’m getting a corgi soon and i’m so excited to train her!

  45. Roman

    *Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution* sup

  46. Roman

    *Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution* sup

  47. Roman

    *Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution* sup

  48. Roman

    *Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution* sup

  49. Bob Vance

    I’m getting a little Bichon in a few months, idk, anything that u suggest in general? I’m watching ur vids from when I first got inertia, but anything other than that?

  50. Air After

    For her birthday give her raw chicken and eggs

  51. It’s Viola Rose

    I need a video on how to train your neighbours to stop making up stories about you and your dog to fill their petty little lives…but then I guess Zak deals with a lot more of that than I do…with so much class! So inspiring!

  52. tiny pebble person

    I don’t have a dog but I always look forward to these videos and never miss an episode

  53. Yoon Suh

    i’m getting a cockapoo tomorrow and i was wondering when i should train my dog

  54. EJ Wescott

    I’m getting a new westie June 20 do you have any tips

  55. Cycling Spaghetti Monster

    Hi Zak, thanks for yet another enjoyable and useful video! During the past two weeks I have been binge-watching the entire Inertia series and I love seeing what a charming and well behaved lady she has become! Yesterday the postman brought me an early birthday present: One “Dog Training Revolution” and one “Guide to a Well-Behaved Dog”. Already mostly through Revolution for the first time. 🙂 Thank you for everything you do! I already feel much better prepared for my first dog in a few months!

  56. Mary Cordes

    “I’m going to parallel park you like a Cadillac” – Love it! I follow you on IG (under my business name) and have been looking forward to this video. I’ve also been watching Inertia’s training videos. I own/operate a pet sitting/dog walking company and I offer trail walks and dog beach adventures. I use 20 and 30 foot leads and have been toying with the idea of a 50 foot lead. I assume you use nylon long leads? I love them, but I’m a clean freak too, and no matter what, I can’t seem to keep them clean. I wash them in a laundry bag, but once they’re mud stained…forget it! How do you clean/keep clean your long leads?

  57. Sapphiregriffin

    that snake is a king snake!
    hey george, how do you train your dog to “copy me” “do what I do” , imitate what you are doing, like standing on a stool or lifting one paw nut copying you

  58. Maggie

    And it isn’t very hygienic to have the leash trailing on the ground all the time.

  59. Zachery Brown

    look at that common kingsnake, stealing the show!

  60. Roman

    *Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution* remember me?

  61. Roman

    *Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution* remember me?

  62. Roman

    *Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution* remember me?

  63. Roman

    *Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution* remember me?

  64. Roman

    *Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution* remember me?

  65. Maggie

    What age do you let her off the leash?.

  66. Brad Craven

    Zak!! I need help!! My dogs are about 2 years old, and are litter mates with a tight bond. They are good girls but don’t listen well, jump on people, don’t like leash obedience, and are currently living with myself and my parents. My dad has old school training ideals and likes a firm hand dominance over animals (he was raised on a farm), and I like your idea of training far better. I just ordered 3 bags of training treats, and want to start working with them using your videos. I don’t know the best place to start, and which steps to begin training on next, or the frequency of adding steps to training them. I need some kind of training schedule. They are hardly ever separated though, so just the part where they get separated will be a big first challenge. What do I do???

  67. Lexi Rodriguez

    Hey, just curious, why do you need to say oh my god??

  68. Samantha Hanna

    Love your videos. Your location brought an ole song to my head. Alan Jackson “oh way down yander at the Chattahoochee”

  69. Mel Witte

    no one:
    Zak: eats dog treats…..

  70. Yordan Stanchev

    Ill get a puppy soon im so exited!!!

  71. mesomusa

    Thank you for all the vids you make i have a question do you show us everything you do to train your dog?

  72. CuddlyBubbles 69

    “That she occasionally acknowledges my existence.” “Thats rough buddy”

  73. PremDaBoss Is The Beast

    Nooo the video ended so quickly!!

  74. CuddlyBubbles 69

    Noooo im lateish

  75. helpfulnhappy

    Hamburger Birthday party!!

  76. Eithe

    its fun to watch a city dog experience nature for the first time.. I’m the opposite.. me and my rough collie spend most our time in the woods and country, city’s are a rare place for us to visit;;

  77. FlankerActual

    Well I mean it is a female so good luck

  78. Seashell Creates

    300th like!

  79. Bharathi Anantharaman

    Getting a Labrador soon

  80. Charlie Chidgey

    I wish he could come help me because my dog I one year old and it still bite jumps never come when called

  81. Funny Clip

    Amezing & cool

  82. Terri Johnson

    Thanks, Zac! I’ve watched about 10 hours of your videos so far, starting with the beginning of Inertia’s training. They’ve been great in helping me prepare for training my new Irish Setter, Lady, who’s coming home next weekend. I’m sure I’ll be watching more to help reinforce MY training in how to raise a well behaved dog.

  83. Katie Maiorano

    Thanks for this video! I have a 1 year old husky/border collie/foxhound mix and she is as stubborn as she is intelligent!

  84. Charlie Chidgey

    I’m getting a German shepherd puppy even do i have a golden mountain dog

  85. leanne 2020

    My dog is a bugger for turning and looking straight at us when we shout him back like he herd us but then carry on doing what he wants it’s like he rebelling or something x

  86. harroop singh brar

    I have been watching your channel for 3 years and I still don’t have a dog and I swear the day I get one I will train it all day only using your videos so I would love it if you replied

  87. tannsem 13

    Nice title!

  88. Theme Park Information

    Hi from the UK, I’ve got a chihuahua puppy and your vids helped me so much, espically being new to all this, thank you 😊🙏

  89. foxy fire

    hi i need to know where u can find a clicker

  90. Arsema Dereje

    Kinda like cats :3

  91. Tim M

    Much needed at this time 😂 my Aussie puppy is HORRIBLE at listening when he sees other people or dogs

  92. sarthak kaushik

    Hello please tell my mother to own a chow chow . We are getting a free chow chow from singapore but she is declining to own it. Please god or someone help..

  93. Natalie Wainwright

    Pet flow is overpriced and it’s not like auto ship is a totally new thing.. many other CHEAPER companies do auto ship like chewy, for example, which has great prices, and a lot of the time the brand of food you use will have a website and you can auto ship from there too. 👎🏻 petflow


    I trained him watching your speak episode he has learnt it well even without treats

  95. Scala

    Hey Zak i have a 4 month shit zu what should i do with. ( I know play with her) but like what else??

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    Still trying to convince my parents to get a dog 🙁

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    We loved seeing you all out in the woods for this video. It came out amazing and her training really shined. We’ll be watching this one again. Also excited for the birthday coming up! Thanks again for both of your hard work on these episodes.


    Inertia is like a fully traind dog

  100. Deantle Ramkellawan

    Please do a video on aggressive puppies, my puppy has become increasingly aggressive and lunges at my face to bite and bites my legs

  101. Bianca Brinzei

    Im going to get a dog. so i want to ask is it easy or hard having a dog. I love inertia ❤️

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    Zak: have you noticed your dog probably doe this
    Me: I don’t have a dog
    Everyone: then why do you watch Zak George
    Me: to prepare for when I do get one
    My mum: you know we are not getting a dog anytime soon unless it’s a Coker spaniel
    Me: if we are getting a dog it’s either a border collie golden retriever or toller

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    I have a question, should my new puppy stay in her pen all day even though I am able to supervise her at all times

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    Hi zak
    You know, I hate my self when i miss your videos

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    I have been since I woke up waiting for the video
    Zak is such a good dog trainer and Anertia such an awesome dog these videos ar so helpful
    Thank you Zak🐶

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  108. Roman

    *Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution* if you need any help i got you

  109. Roman

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  110. Roman

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  111. Roman

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    I love your videos bro, I’m actually from africa, i dont get to have all the gears but the training works, thank you

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    I love the series! Thanks for making me a better dog partner.

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    It is happening to me also so I am thankful to you ❤️😊😊

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