How To Train Your Dog To STOP BARKING at EVERYTHING That MOVES! Continued...
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How To Train Your Dog To STOP BARKING at EVERYTHING That MOVES! Continued…

Train your dog to stop barking at people, dogs, bikers, joggers, and more!

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115 Thoughts to “How To Train Your Dog To STOP BARKING at EVERYTHING That MOVES! Continued…”

  1. self directed soul

    How do you hold or restrain your dog in those moments when she is really excited, lunging and pulling. What commands are you giving? Thanks!

  2. vinni3c

    What kind of monster wouldn’t taste the food they give their dogs?

  3. Nick Griggs

    I did the same type of training. On our morning walks, we pass by a known pair of dogs. One of them Oliver loves hanging out with while the other is a barker for pedestrians and dogs walking by. Oliver would pull towards the dog wanting to pick a fight. We kept walking by every walk by daily and at first, I kept him as far away as possible to have Oliver walk by with no pulling. Each day we would move just a little closer and finally, after two weeks, we can pass their house on the same side of the street and Oliver just keeps walking by while ignoring the other dog who is still a heavy barker.

  4. Gloria Granderson

    Can you make a video about socializing an older dog with people? PLEASE!

  5. Anne Terry

    Very relevant to us! My dog has always been a little nervous around bridges on the trail by our house, but recently as we approached a bridge, a huge group if cyclists was coming. I kept her off to the side to let them pass. She didn’t get reactive, but the noise must have really scared her. The next time I was walking her, coming from the opposite direction even, she stopped about 100 ft away–so far that it took me a while to realize that was why she stopped (I checked her paws for thorns thinking she was hurt!). It’s going to take a lot of conditioning to get over this one! I might even try walking her in her thunder shirt, since it seems to reduce her anxiety.

  6. Tryful ツ

    I need help with my dog. He keeps barking and biting his leash, He keeps biting when I try to put his collar on. And he keeps marking instead of peeing. One time i took him out 9 times one day, and he Had a big accident in my room. his pee was brown and it was a lot. when I teach him something like sit, I come back 10 or 20 minutes later and start to train him to sit, and he forgets everything. he just wants the treat, I need help it’s stressing me out, i don’t want to take him back though. 🙁

  7. Deena Nelson

    Ok Zac – I really need help getting my Aussie Emma from barking at my neighbor. She will alarm bark when someone is walking by but stops when out of sight. When she sees them from the window of my office she goes nuclear in her barking and I can’t get her to stop or redirect until they are no longer in her line of sight. My neighbor, however, is a whole other level of barking. Any suggestions or training tips? The neighbor has done her best to block Emma’s view into her yard but my deck gives her an eagle eye view into their yard. HELP!

  8. Alberto Oceguera

    I dont know this dude has his own dog training program but doesnt have a trained dog. Just because a dog can do lots of tricks doesnt mean they are trained

  9. balanced

    Dang over a year old and can’t even do this. I been saying all this time u can’t train her under high distractions. All those fancy tricks don’t do u any good if u can’t even walk next to a other dog or bike etc.

  10. Ads-oc

    Where to you stand on giving your puppy home made dehydrated treats? Such as beef, chicken, sweet potato etc.. We unfortunately don’t seem to have as broad a selection of freeze dried treats over in the UK.

  11. Chris N

    You make the best dog training videos on youtube, or ever so far as I can tell. My friend asked for tips and I sent them here at once.

  12. Simply Sharon

    You can come train my puppy now she’s six months and I had her since she was one month and she’s driving me crazy.

  13. Eli Caton

    In the beginning you were saying that it’s good to “manage” rather than train in those situations. What are some good tips for managing that wont take away from the training process? Meaning like should I turn him away and calm him or keep him there and continue to comfort as they pass ?

  14. L Rogers

    I really needed to see this today. Thanks as always.

  15. Noah & Atlas

    Zak, the inconsistency in your communication in this video is so frustrating 🥵🥵

  16. Rich ard

    Poor dog. Life spent doing tricks, when she should be enjoying some freedom.

  17. Cory Steiner

    Just Subscribed and just welcomed a Rescue last Sunday. She’s generally pretty good, but I’m now a student of training. Would you say that training is more of a constant mindset than specific exercises? Thanks.

  18. Rebecca Rampa

    I have a rescue we got in January. He is a sweet boy but unpredictable. He can be mildly “annoyed” when someone one around and then settles and is ok, but I have had him go crazy when someone come around. He charged after our UPS guy and he is here multiple times a week. How can I get him to ignore people?

  19. Jamie Johanson

    Super informative & helpful, as my dog & I are struggling with his reactivity

  20. Louise GUILBAUD

    hey zak i’ve been watching your vids with ineryia since the beggining and your advice is so helpful thanks so much i’m gonna get a dog soon !

  21. Brielle Joy Smids

    I really appreciate that you show us these incidents , because I am soon getting a dog and really want to be prepared for when I get one !!! This is more appreciated than you’ll ever know ! Thank you Zak and Bree !

  22. Brielle Joy Smids

    His shoes are one of my favourite parts of the videos ! LOL

  23. Sreenath S

    Are u plaining to start international delivery? At least to EU?

  24. Creative Diamond Dogs

    Pretty sure I’ve seen NomNom before. The food looks a lot like what I make for my collie.

  25. Reverse Droxxzy

    Your vids help alot

  26. Cecilia Rodriguez

    I like to make my dog’s food myself!!

  27. Alexand Aguilar

    We adopted a dog a month ago and he’s already made huge strides thanks to Zak’s tips! Keep ’em coming 🙂

  28. Desaree Q

    I have a 5 year old shih Tzu that barks at everything how can I break his bad habits

  29. Maia Gregory

    But does she bark at the mailman 😂

  30. Shmoovin

    Nice video Zak!

  31. Roberto Aguilar

    Maybe letting her get used to a bike (walking near one, jogging close to one) could help when a bike comes out of nowhere as an extra to this good training.

  32. classicalmusicjunky

    Where do you find all these super well behaved dogs that walk past you during training. I can never find training situations like that. Everywhere I go there are dogs that bark and jump at my dog passing by and humans that just don’t care.

  33. Cara Carlson

    Super helpful! I’m glad you’re setting a good example for others! Thank You!


    Who else read the title as “How to Train Your Dragon to Stop Barking”

  35. Pandamonium 1992

    I binge watched so many of your videos prior to me getting my puppy and it was honestly life changing… 2 years later and my girl Roxie 🐶 is the most loyal, well behaved and sweetest best friend I’ve ever had! Thank you!!! Your videos are so so easy to follow and remember 🙌🙌👏👏👏

  36. cloud bxrry

    I’ve been watching your videos since before I got my puppy and since my new pup arrived you have helped so much thank you!!❤️

  37. Emzy HippoZimmer

    Okay, now what to you do with a dog that screams and barks at nothing?!

  38. Monkey Face

    How about training a three years old Chihuahua? I paid top money to have a dog trainer help me stop Lexie from barking at everything and everyone. She even barks at my mom when she goes to the bathroom in the middle of the night. The trainer told me some dogs are untrainable and he gave up, but did not give the money back.

  39. HockeyDylan

    Zak your videos help me so much to prepare for my puppy!

  40. Google User

    My dog acts exactly like Inertia in this video. (She’s not aggressive and always wants to play with other dogs, though she is afraid of bikes and cars) We rescued her a year ago, and she was not properly socially interacted with and did not get to experience new things. Your videos have really been helping us and while she isn’t completely calm yet she’s behaving significantly better.

  41. Kamna Jain

    76th comment Btw I love your channel and have subscribed.

  42. SimplyEmily94

    These videos are very helpful, and I plan on watching all of them, multiple times, for future dog training, but I don’t suppose you have any advice for a blind, 6 year old Mastiff/Great Dane mix that barks at every little sound due to not being properly trained/socialized initially, do you? Lol

  43. kIoudie

    I just wish I could do this more with my 6yo Aussie rescue Zephyr. AZ is getting HOT, get home at 9am can usually get an hour in at the park across street before it gets unbearable. What makes it extra hard to socialize is that by 9am lots of people have already stopped walking their dogs due to the heat. Always enjoy watching your videos love your positive personality, thank you.


    This video is not for me my dog doesn’t like to bark

  45. Peter Flynn

    This is brilliant – real training – real world – real dog struggling to get it right. Just like my 8mth old collie cross dog….

  46. Jen D.

    I just have to say, if you had decided to adopt a Rottweiler or another powerful breed, you would have been drug across the bridge and the sidewalk. It’s great that this is working for your dog (a Border Collie), but this wouldn’t work with strong dogs that are actually aggressive. Trying to be physical (holding the harness) with a dog that is physically stronger than you is asking for problems. I used to do what you’re doing in this video and it made my dog’s problems worse. My point is, purely positive does not work for all dogs and I want to put this here as a disclaimer for anyone with a powerful, dominant dog, and are struggling with these issues.

  47. Gabriella Del Castillo

    I noticed my Doberman puppy only bark at certain dogs and I thought it was the breed/size? As I did further research doberman males can have SSA Same sex aggression. He only barks and lunges at males. Very helpful video I need to work on reaction he’s only getting bigger/stronger

  48. Rajesh S

    I have a new puppy. Can I have a few tips.

  49. Maggie

    I think she needs a proper off lead walk in the park, this should have started a long time ago, when a very young puppy. She seems frustrated she can’t run around the park, like the other dogs. She doesn’t seem that sociable with other dogs, bikes, etc. The long lead for a dog that age!? She should have built up some dog friends in the park by now, that she can run around and let some steam off.. Border Collies need so much free running and this dog doesn’t seem ever to be off the lead. Just some thoughts to why she is so barky and a little nervous.

  50. Lisa Essex

    How would you break a dog from barking at people and dogs out a window??

  51. Glen

    dogs hate joggers lol

  52. veena torke

    what is the breed of inertia

  53. Kartik Katiyar

    Hey zak i request you to wear mask as a deadly virus is spreading all over the world

  54. hamed mohsen

    How come he doesn’t wear masks and goes out side

  55. Gros Lait

    nice dog food


    Brilliant- very helpful – thank you 😁

  57. Bill Rand

    simple take that stupid harness off use a slip lead and correct ffs

  58. Kumar Vaibhav

    *What breed is Inertia* ?

  59. PrimeGhast 1

    Zak do you still live in New Orleans because I would love to meet you, you have been helping me so much

  60. Weronika Jaruzel

    I got a 4 months old puppy and I’m really struggling with her potty training and biting, she never wants to go toilet outside no matter what, can someone help me with that please

  61. Gabriel Preciado

    So glad my boy Butters doesn’t and isn’t much of a barker.
    He definitely barks when he senses peoples energy but I’m usually okay with it because he picks unfavorable people .
    I try my best to keep him from becoming a barker, I know his triggers thankfully.

    Hey I’m early enough that haters haven’t down thumbed!

  62. Rruuddiipp Ppookkhhrreell

    Everything is so helpful

  63. Realistically Dazed

    Great Video Thanks 😊 I needed this for my dog as she FREAKS Out when she sees Wheels (bikes, baby strollers, Skateboards etc) im trying 2 give her Exposure & DeSensitize Her👍😊I Needed this Video. Thanks 🙏 So VERY MUCH ❤️🙏👍😊🇨🇦

  64. Lucy Cardwell

    1:01 “this tastes a lot better than most of the dog foods I’ve eaten”
    Zak George 2020
    I’m not surprised lol!

    Does anyone else get so excited when Zak posts. Inertia and Indie are so cute!

  65. Martrie Bush-Williams

    I have a 5 month old mini schnauzer who was so easy to train at most everything else but still struggling with barking at All things

  66. Docmcbotter

    Thank you so much you helped me convince my Dad it get a dog and now I know how to train it again thanks so much

  67. Iselen Favour

    when are y’all showing inertia to jump rope😍

  68. Nika Rostohar

    this is SOOOOOOO helpfull. my dog barks at people ALL the time

  69. Natalie Wainwright

    Can you put it in words please? How do you train your dog to stop barking at other things? Walk around and feed them treats then when they bark hold them? And my dog will stop barking?

  70. Marisetty Shyamaj

    Ur videos help me to train my dog very easy sir

  71. elegant_seal_ eating_mulberry_yogurt

    What do you do when Inertia has to be alone at home?

  72. Blaze varghese

    Sorry Inrtia

  73. Avery Colbert

    My dog Nova her puppy biting has got out of Control especially at play time…she will bit so hard! I have watched all or your puppy biting videos and they have helped a little do u have any other advice on what I could do??

  74. Dilakshi Perera

    I’m getting a new puppy tomorrow and I started watching videos like this weeks ago

  75. Blaze varghese

    Hi I love your videos and intrtia is so well trained

  76. IKT SinguruCalin

    Not sure but i’m preety sure that this will help:))

  77. Laura Legends

    I wish I got treats when I’m being a good hooman 😓

  78. Natalie Wainwright

    When Bree was left with inertia, Intertia didn’t bark at bikes or other dogs. We all know she would have barked if she was with Zak. And also, what is the training here? You aren’t saying “this is what you should do to stop your dog from barking” you’re saying “I’m gonna walk around and feed her some treats and tell her to stay when a bike comes oh now she’s trained and will ever bark at anything again!!” This is not “training” because after a year she still isn’t trained? What the heck? You’re a professional?

  79. Yeva DIY

    I’ve been wanting a dog and my mum finally said we MIGHT get one but I know I gotta be prepared and you are the best with that as you do great with dog

  80. xEmpty.Abyssx

    She seems to be doing sooo well
    I love watching this series<3

  81. Ali TheGamer11

    Just amazing!
    Im speeechless when he uploads a new video.
    He’s the god of dog trainers
    I have a German Shepherd dog whos about 4-5 months!

  82. luke muscat

    Thank you

  83. Puzzles and More

    This videos will be great and kept will really help me! Thanks for this video!

  84. Henry Nongrum

    Hi July i will get a dog i am a kid and i live in an apartment which breed is best for me ?

  85. Power Full

    Love this series!!

  86. Dc Sims

    Ooh I’m early ish

  87. Andrew Jewitt

    My dog is pretty good for the most. But same as you, when another dog is interested he LOOSES it. But every time we go for a new walk he ‘resets’ no matter how much of this kind of training we do. Your videos help a lot

  88. krishna jadhav


  89. Technical OK

    Hello sir

  90. *_n i c o l e_*

    Inertia always listens anyways❤️ love her to bits x

  91. Chandrasingh Sukumaran

    Yeah before 10 minutes

  92. Animish Gaming


  93. CuddlyBubbles 69

    “Surgical training” uh oh that doesnt sound good

  94. Daily dose of YouTube

    I’m 268 and I’m proud

  95. Husky Fluff753

    Love your vids zak . This is a problematic topic for me and my pup and this advice really helps.

  96. Zoë Furlow

    Love your vids keep up the good work

  97. Andrew Nguyen

    ThankYou So Much!

  98. Suus

    Hi, early, when i see you’re vids pop up on my phone I drop everything and go watch 😂

  99. Tamta Chokheli


  100. Joelle Muqattash

    I love ur videos thank u

  101. Chocolate Cupcake


  102. CuddlyBubbles 69

    The likes are at 14.

  103. Daily dose of YouTube

    I’m so early!

  104. CuddlyBubbles 69

    Hey Zak, in november i will get to play with my grandparents dog, but he is blind and deaf-ish. I hope he will recognize me!


    fourth comment!

  106. 10,000 subs With no video’s

    Eeeee I’m so excited for when I get my dogs

  107. Sophie M

    Very helpful love your Chanel
    Thank you

  108. Ashlyn A

    Just finished your two books—thanks Zak!

  109. CuddlyBubbles 69


  110. Robert Duffy

    Thx this helped my dog soooo much!!!

  111. Giannhs Private

    I got a husky about a month ago and he is a fast learner vut i have some difficulties

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