How To Train Your Dog to NOT LOSE Their MIND When You Go Anywhere! (EP: 11)
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How To Train Your Dog to NOT LOSE Their MIND When You Go Anywhere! (EP: 11)

How to train your dog to be good anywhere!

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67 Thoughts to “How To Train Your Dog to NOT LOSE Their MIND When You Go Anywhere! (EP: 11)”

  1. Lana Huzjak

    Gosh she’s a fast learner !

  2. T. Kodera

    Great video as always!!
    Even though I don’t own a dog but still enjoy watching your content.
    I’m kinda curious what were the similarity and differences of training Kona and Inertia.
    Inertia seemed extra energetic and Kona is more or less calm.

  3. Vishal K

    Zak didn’t have to flex on us with the Tesla like that

  4. Sophia Guerrero

    hey zak!! Do you have any tips for stopping my puppy from biting me, I try to distract and redirect her but she keeps biting and rips my clothes.

  5. Karla Santoro

    Kona did a fabulous job! I’m impressed she didn’t pull on the leash. Most of our walks are down country lanes and through fields, so I’m using a 30′ leash. Tucker will heal when we are in the yard.
    Question: when we are returning home from a long walk, Tuck will suddenly grab the leash and jump to get more out of my hand. It’s awful. Now I stop and we don’t move forward until the spell has passed. It takes several minutes for him to stop the antics and start walking again. Any ideas?

  6. Denise maloney piren

    The “come home” date for my new puppy is about a month away. I have usually gotten rescue dogs but this time I went through a reputable breeder because I will be owner/training this little ball of fluff to hopefully be my mobility service dog so I had very particular needs for the breed, size and health of this puppy. My standard poodle girl will hopefully succeed with the 2 years of training she has ahead of her, especially with the challenge of socializing and having lots of interesting experiences during COVID.

  7. kathy mcrae

    What harness do you use?

  8. The Gaming Nature

    My friends dog had a litter of puppies and they are boradors
    would a borador be a good pet.

  9. Jaela Saad

    Hi Zak! What harness do you use for Kona?

  10. Guadalupe Knippen

    This was a very fun video. My brother just bought a Shiba Inu. These tips will be very helpful. Kona is beautiful, what type of dog is she?

  11. Jocelyn Rivera

    Wait it’s past 3 weeks 🤔🤔🤔

  12. David

    When was this filmed? The trees are full of leaves.

  13. Latada

    Question Zak? How to you feel about the Educator micro? I have a 6 mo. Old Bichon Frise. He just will not leave the cat alone. I have tried everything! You name it I’ve tried it! I just ordered it so I thought I would ask you before using it . Thanks Zak. Thank you for everything!

  14. Sergey

    I see you don’t use clicker with her, while you used it with your own dog. Is there any particular reason for that?

  15. Janet Myrick

    I have both your books and I look forward to your videos. What I ESPECIALLY like about your approach is that it is gentle and grounded in reality. The idea of training from the inside out IS revolutionary, and I love that it is based on trust and conditioning rather than on domination, and fear of punishment. With your videos you give us an example of the patience and persistence needed to train one’s dog successfully. Good job, Zak!

  16. Alesha Zeigler

    Does anyone have a mastiff puppy mines hate going on walks I give her treat she just seat look at me 😩😩😩😩😩😩

  17. Dinamathi R

    I remember this spot in inertia training….On that day it was raining🤔🤔🤔think so

  18. ashley white

    Love your videos!! I have American Bully puppies and they are pretty wild & I love getting tips & tricks from you to help me train them!!! Thx so much!! 🐾🐾

  19. Jaysha Camacho

    Zak! I love your videos. What pouch do you use for treats? Please and thank you 😊

  20. Courtney Stiner

    how long do you have with Kona

  21. Forrest Leaves

    I just don’t understand why the owners of Kona are not taking her out and let her get used to her surrounding and bond together… why do they give this time out of their hands? Mind boggling…

  22. dan kelley

    I made a 204 vid playlist and 99% of it is your vids

  23. Gianna Herrera

    Ur vids are so helpful!

  24. Jude Vicious 333 Hannah Lopez

    That cliff hanger though!!!

  25. Corgi Love

    Thanks for another great video!

  26. This Horse

    Do you ever sue clicker training?

  27. The one an only Grace

    Hey zack I know I said my friend got a new dog and I was wondering do u have any tips I can give her

  28. Kiki H

    I got a labradoodle puppy and all of your videos have upped my confidence to train him!! Also I love your books!

  29. Kevin Shea

    Zach looks about 70 in that thumbnail lol

  30. Roblox N’ Random Stuff

    kona is such a teddy bear

  31. Bizzical Mcbizz

    Thank you so much for the tips I just got a new golden doodle named Sadie she’s 2 months old but um she’s not here yet she’s coming Wednesday

  32. Samantha Hu

    Kona is overall a pretty chill dog. My pups are hyper AF lol.

  33. Flynn Molina

    Hi Guys 😍💋 💝💖

  34. 엉뚱발랄몰랑이

    I have a standard poodle. When I go for a walk, it is hard to run around. Need training.🤣😂

  35. Simon Angelus

    Hi Mr George thank you for all the amazing videos so helpful. Do you have any advice my 🐕 gets worked up when she hears something that she can’t see,eg gardener next door does not seem to settle very quickly. Thx for evey thing.

  36. Serena Jaiden

    I’m Alone 😍😥

  37. Buzz Barks

    I have a 4 year old Westie and he still needs training…LOL

  38. Bluecat Collections

    Getting my first pup tomorrow and binge watching all your vids is helping my anxiety and im so grateful for the positive vibe of your channel!!

  39. Sarah Akers

    I could tell by the title that this video will be a lifesaver for my crazy dog 😂

  40. Joe Byer

    Hi Zak! We are adopting a puppy today. Thank you so much for the Kona videos and your books. They have been very helpful in preparing us for our new dog.

  41. rose corner

    I have a question, whenever I try to put my dogs harness on, he runs at even the sight of it. How do I teach him to be calm and sit while it put it on him?

  42. mano CandiAmed

    Very nice 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

  43. The Nerd

    This is a very helpful series! It deserves more than 99 likes!

  44. Tina Ward

    Great video I have taken away so many ideas to train my husky puppy when I finally get her in January thank you

  45. Navjot Singh

    Love you guys 😍😍

  46. Éverton Santos

    Zak, my syster is about to move in to a new town, and she is letting her dog here.
    Her dog have a separation anxiety, and i watched your video about.
    But you said that we need to trained the dog for weeks, but you didn’t show the ending result, i didn’t see the dog after trainig without the separation anxiety.
    Did the training worked.
    And another question, how can i possibly teache a dog not to suffer with the separation anxiety, dogs will just miss the owners presense, if i pick up one dog without any bounds with me, how can he miss me when i gone, so i can so i can teach him how to distract himself to relieve the separation anxiety if the dog don’t feel this anxiety when i leave?
    Sorry if i wasn’t very clearly with my question, english is my second language, i am from Brazil.

  47. Kevin Basarab

    Love the Doodle 🐩❣️ ty for your info it it always Handy useful info that can also apply to people socialize! 🎯🥳✌️

  48. The Proverbial Hater

    @ 9:59 Me: Look at Kona eating her vegetables… Such a good dog; nice dog… Wait?!

  49. Reagan Mohamed

    Fantastic 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

  50. கமென்ட்டர்ஸ் படை

    German shepherd lovers..!👇❤️

  51. PetrulaDentGame s

    Hello zakgeorge I want plis to do a vinteo how to train a 4 months rough collie puppy how to train her in the leash because I the first time of i have dog

  52. Arnav Jain

    i love my dog but his agression towards other dogs doesnt do, should i consider neutering

  53. Joy Cranker

    So awesome 👌

  54. Anshee Langur

    I love you videos they really train my dog really well and to stop biting thanks♥️

  55. Rxmors

    Got a beautiful golden doodle and am so looking forward to your vids

  56. Randy Armstrong

    Great job

  57. Tanushree Rajpura

    Kona is sooo cute. I love your videos sooo much and thank you.🥰😍😍😇😊☺😊

  58. Bacon578

    This is the best!!!

  59. It’s Enny

    Yes 👏 I love your vidss so much

  60. Jumto Nyori

    I just adopted a beautiful mutt this week. Looking forward to the journey ahead with your videos!

  61. Arjun Sivakumar

    early! yes!

  62. ジkenjì

    I’m finally early-
    i know I’m not first of anything and its not a big deal of something but im proud im early-

  63. Alysha Gaming

    This is going to help me a lot thanks❤️

  64. Emily Moores

    Signed up for 30 day perfect pup last week! It’s absolutely amazing I’m so impressed. Thanks for all the help Zak 😁

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