How To Train Your Dog To LOVE Being Alone with Furbo Dog Camera
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How To Train Your Dog To LOVE Being Alone with Furbo Dog Camera

How to train your dog to be alone and reduce separation anxiety!

Furbo can help you train your dog to be happier at home through its Full HD camera, 2-way audio, treat tossing, and barking alerts!

We have loved using our Furbo Dog Camera for years and I think you guys will too.

If you decide to get one, let us know what you think in the comments!

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117 Thoughts to “How To Train Your Dog To LOVE Being Alone with Furbo Dog Camera”

  1. tєєђєє

    ZAK DONT SAY THINGS LIKE will people even need dog trainers anymore? OF COURSE WE YOU! The energy you bring to dog training is the best example that all dog parents should follow.

  2. 1K subs with no video

    Who is better?

    Like dogs
    Comment cats

  3. 1K subs with no video

    No one

    Dogs: making our lives better

  4. jared donaldson

    so i just got a little beagle 13 weeks old now. recently we have been making her stay outside during the day but she wines and cries lots. when i take her inside she pees and then starts going crazy. how do i keep her outside full time and let her sleep inside during the day? also how do i stop her from whining all the time. is it just for attention?

  5. Bonkers

    1:35 Me when I try to beat box


    Thank you! My 11 week old puppy is currently showing signs that might become separation anxiety further down the road.

  7. ryan jones

    All treats and fun things should come from Zak, not a machine.

  8. My Weird Life

    Sounds great! I have a puppy right now. She’s 14 weeks old and I think she has quite some seperation anxiety/isolation anxiety. I haven’t been able to go to a trainer because of corona. And this machine is too expensive for me right now. What can I do? She starts going crazy when she can’t even see me…

  9. Khanya. Nolz

    Every time I go to work my heartbreaks because I’m leaving my dog on his own it’s so heartbreaking

  10. Callum Stopforth

    I’m getting a Cockapoo puppy next Tuesday and I just want to say thank you for preparing me so well

  11. party track

    So many videos! !!!!!!!😍😀👏👏

  12. Jaana EnKerro

    So its normal for dogs over a year old to whine in the crate/room? I was hoping for my puppy to be fine with it at around 8-10 months old. He’s 4 months now and we’ve been able to work up to 40 minutes alone and semi calm.

  13. Tim Payne

    I have a question I hope you can help answer. I just got an awesome new German shepherd pup, Ruger, he’s now almost 11 weeks old. I have a 6 year old female Siberian Husky, Nika, that just doesn’t like Ruger. She’s not mean to him at all, she just ignores him or just walks away from him every time he tries to interact with her. He is absolutely in love with her though. She is such a playful dog but will not give Ruger the time of day. Is there some advice you can give me to help me get her to at least acknowledge his existence?

  14. Shelties

    Could probably also be used for training to not bark when the doorbell goes

  15. Doctor Crusher

    My dog would grab that contraption and chew it to pieces.

  16. Stella

    Hi Zack i’ve watch the progress with Inertia, but still can’t figure out how you taught her to go around you, when you throw a toy or tell her to heel ect. It looks really neet 🙂

  17. Miles Davy

    Zach I need help teaching my dog how to stay by my side when I walk. She always wants to sniff around and then she won’t move after that.

  18. Marietta farrow

    I have a Furbo for my Service dog. I love the fact that even when I am out if someone strange is around him it not only dispenses treats but I can see if someone is trying to hurt him or just to ease anxiety

  19. Shmoovin

    I remember my dog having awful anxiety, took a while to get out of him.

  20. Gracefully Unraveled

    I love the sound of Furbo impersonation that you did 😂


    Dogs 🐕🐕🐕🐕

  22. Hannahdoesart

    sad… this was basically just an ad

  23. Govany Gaid

    I have a question: can you potty train a dog in a week or two?

  24. The Bearly Sisters

    Hi Zak! I’m Looking to find a dog and I’m not sure what crate to buy. If you could, please give me suggestions? If It’s in a video, sorry.

  25. Sophia Dunikova


  26. Felicity For Now

    I have a dog too

  27. Dogs Are A Womans Best Friend

    Not everyone with a dog has enough money to buy the technology things you have.

  28. kIoudie

    I wonder what a Malinois would do to that thing? XD

  29. - risingsvn -

    Hello zack! Have you done a video on crate anxiety while owners are away? When mine were younger, they hated the crate ( they still kind of do, but they are better now ) could you do a video on how to calm down your dog in a crate when you are at school / work?

  30. siddhesh sawant

    Imo furbo might encourage barking for treats.

  31. Liv Vernazza

    Love you channel Zak I love training dogs and hope to go into a profession when I’m older I’m 14 from the U.K. and would love to do police dog handling or something including dogs

  32. Princess Linkk

    I got some pupford treats for my Husky after refusing several store bought ones, expensive ones mind you. And she loves em. I love the quality and quantity for the price. And so does my Naga

  33. Cecilia Rodriguez

    Now you need to train me to love being away from my dog!


    My dog just sleeps until I get back home. Sometimes I have to stay at school for longer and all he does is sleep for that entire time I wish he would get up and play with his toys and do something

  35. Tellos World

    Zak …. we are not all rich like you and we can’t afford that cool camera

  36. LuCy

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️ thanks.

  37. 09TypicalGamer

    I love how Zak isn’t using force to train Inertia. I’m getting a puppy in 6 weeks and I really want to train her like Zak.
    Like for cute puppies!

  38. Linnie Colt

    Hey, Zac. I just adopted a dog and she have some problems I hope you can help me with. She is almost 4 years old and she haven’t been outside for 1,5 year. She is agresiv to other dogs, very angry, and towords people she dosen’t know. She howl when she is home alone. She dosen’t like it when you try to cut her nails. She is smal and a mixed breed with some terrier in her and other things I don’t know. Do you have som videos that can help me with older dogs?

    love from Norway

  39. kibrika

    OK, but how do I help my neighbours dog not be a barking alarm clock? 😀

  40. Music Style16

    That is really cool my dog always starts to cry when we leave home

  41. CuddlyBubbles 69

    Dog netflix but you can control it

  42. tailwhip

    Hi im 15 and i need help convincing my parents to get a dog the main reason they don’t want to get one is because they work a lot and they think I’ll naglect it but I won’t i watch most of your videos and im super excited about training a dog even though I know I will mist likely fail a lot but I’m determined I’d really appreciate it if some of you help me

  43. Star Wars Temple of the Jedi

    Please get back to me as soon as you can

  44. CuddlyBubbles 69

    “Oh my goodness, does that mean people wont need dog trainers anymore?” *clearly distressed face* oh no no no no we love ur vids even if we dont need em

  45. Nakai Kativu

    I was wondering if you are still doing 30 day perfect pup. I have been waiting since it came out to get a dog and now we are finally getting one.

  46. Star Wars Temple of the Jedi

    Hello I’ve been having a really hard time potty training my dog Stormie I’ve been using all your tips and tricks on the potty training videos but she’s still has a really hard time please let me know on how to hire you

  47. Samiya Touseef

    Hi I will have a dog when I am 15 years old

  48. CuddlyBubbles 69

    Me: turns on notifs, “now you will notify me”
    Youtube: sure
    Me: great!
    Youtube: that isnt my job.

  49. Royal Wolf

    Who are the six people that fav ethos a thumbs down they surly don’t know what there doing

  50. Teigh-Anne

    The code didn’t work unfortunately…

  51. Emma Dealey

    Love the proactive approach.

    This is pretty heavy on the sponsorship. Would love to hear other tips that work in general.

  52. Marisetty Shyamaj

    This is too good sir

  53. luke muscat

    This hanel is so underated it should have 20 mil subs already

  54. Danny P

    Is taht an old locker as a storage table?

  55. Blossom Swirl

    Dog cameras really sound great but I think the petcube bites might be more helpful! (Also, it looks more advanced.) While I am watching this series for research I was wondering how you guys managed Inertia while not home. Say at the grocery store or at work. You have told us in this series that you have another job that isn’t training Inertia but you didn’t say what it was or how you dealed with leaving her as a puppy alone.
    (Also, Zak can you test the gobone? I would love to hear your options on that?)

  56. Jasper Hicks

    How are you so good at training your dog

  57. GrandisSilva

    I really needed this today! I so want a dog, but I work and live alone. I’ve been researching a lot, planning to work with dog walkers/daycare, and even contacted a breeder about waiting lists, and received a fairly blunt reply explaining that it wasn’t the right breed and I’d basically be driving it mad. It was really upsetting.

  58. Parth Kulkarni

    she seems sad in this one

  59. Ha731mad K

    Is it okay to leave 2 dogs alone for a long time in a day to help with separation anxiety?

  60. mindfruit

    Would you ever consider doing giveaways of Barkbox, petsmart, dog toys or chews, or other helpful training equipment? It might help some people who don’t have the biggest budget.

  61. Mark Meyer

    im getting a golden retriever in 6 weeks can you help?

  62. Freeda Roselin

    Zack but I am in India will pet flow will come

  63. Louise GUILBAUD

    does anyone here know why dog breeders dock some dog’s tails please someone ?

  64. Power Full

    This is better than Netflix
    -Zak George 2020

    And by the way, how old and what breed is their dog Indy???

  65. Collins Jeff


  66. Joelle Muqattash

    Does she have separation anxiety??

  67. Suus

    Who disliked 😭

  68. Suus

    A great video, like always.

  69. Louise GUILBAUD

    come on guys we all agree that this has got to be the best chanel around right ?

  70. Daily Blogs

    Great vid you’ve helped me train my dog.

  71. The Siberian Gang

    My dogs would be so confused and paw at it like a cat 😂

  72. SuperSonicGoldens

    Furbo looks nice but it’s 200$

  73. Lexi Rodriguez

    Cool video Zak! ☺️

  74. Creative Diamond Dogs

    I’ve seen this before. Pretty awesome looking camera.

  75. Gloria Granderson

    Zak’s shoe game is low key FIRE

  76. Animish Gaming

    My puppy tore my jeans 🙁
    He bad boi

  77. Nada Halawa

    “ it’s better than Netflix “ 😂

  78. *_n i c o l e_*

    Omg I’m the hundredth like!! Love inertia and your videos have helped me so much ❤️

  79. Puzzles and More

    Dogs reacting to furbo
    Inertia: calmly waits, goes to the food, and loves the device
    If my small dog does:jumps up and down so much,tries to bring the machine down to bite and destroy it,barks the whole time,pees everywhere,and gets scared when the food shoots out!

  80. The Animal Pack


  81. Blaze varghese

    Zak do yo have a tiktok account and if u do can out tell me your name in tikrok

  82. League Of the Legends

    Hi Zak. You both are making great progress. I’m a fan.

  83. Jesse David

    Cute dog zak

  84. Gwyn Gable

    I use furbo for my cats on vacation and cutest dog ever

  85. Ancel Benton-Huddleston

    thanks zak george, love your videos

  86. ISeeChase2

    5th viewer!

    (Late comment)

  87. krishna jadhav

    already trained mine to do

  88. Alannah Maria

    Omg plsssss notice this, i am getting a dog in 4 months and these videos are litterally life savers

  89. Jesse David

    I thought I will be the first one here

  90. Joelle Muqattash

    Can u do another video but without the camera bcz in my country we dont have such things

  91. Seashell Creates

    50th like

  92. • choco milk •


  93. Anya Freeney

    I am getting a golden doodle

  94. 10,000 subs With no video’s


  95. Taylor G

    It would mean a lot to me if you said hi to me. My name is Taylor

  96. Ancel Benton-Huddleston


  97. hunde metropole

    Love inertia she is such a cutie🐶♥️👍

  98. Electro 9

    Yo Hats Off To Zack For Making Such Amazing Videos for dog owners (Ps:)He is A Sneakerhead Too …. Wearing Nike VaporAir Max In this Video and I’ve seen a couple of Air Max 90’s)

  99. Joelle Muqattash

    I rlly love ur videos u help me so much
    Pls like my comment

  100. Nada Halawa

    Anertia is so cute

  101. Flerken Master

    Woah I’m super early!! I love your videos! 🙂

  102. The North Mist

    The very moment I saw this, I clicked.

    (I got a new surprise Rough Collie puppy named Copper for my birthday! I wanna learn what I can)

  103. Vaishnavi Thakur

    10th comment ❤️ ❤️

  104. Lydia Bug

    im early yay!!!!!!

  105. Midnight Galaxy

    Are electric dog fences good or bad?

  106. Rani Yerra

    Wow I am sooooooo fast👏👏👏👏👏

  107. Nada Halawa

    Yay another video 😊

  108. Its_SliXX

    Me being the 19 view. Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!! I was here when it was only posted for 26 seconds!

  109. Karolyn Luo

    Early! Your channel is helping me get ready if I get a dog!

  110. Lucy Cardwell

    I didn’t even realise how early I was lol! I sure do click fast when Zak posts! Inertia is so gorgeous! Also, 0 dislikes, let’s make it stay that way!

  111. Chloe Marilyn


  112. Malachi Roblox

    Can you teach my dog not to jump on us

  113. Star Dreams

    Thank u for your advice!!! 🙂

  114. Puzzles and More

    Who else clicked right away!

  115. 20kCones


    “( zak ᴄᴏᴍᴍᴇɴᴛᴇᴅ ᴏɴ ᴍʏ ʀᴇᴄᴇɴᴛ ᴠɪᴅᴇᴏ ɪᴍ ʟɪᴛᴇʀᴀʟʟʏ ᴄʀʏɪɴg)“👩🏿‍💼

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