How to Train Your Dog to Do What the Heck You Want!
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How to Train Your Dog to Do What the Heck You Want!

How to train your dog to understand you whether you’re speaking to them or using hand signals.

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131 Thoughts to “How to Train Your Dog to Do What the Heck You Want!”

  1. ReApEr

    I wish we had the box thing subscription in my country.

  2. blue beluga

    Thanks! This will definitely help a bit in the future with my future dog I will be picking up soon 🙂

  3. Oaktree Lady

    I think my dog may be insane. He doesn’t act like other dogs I’ve had and I’m getting very frustrated with the way he acts when people come to my house. He’s 16 months old and a Glen of Imaal Terrier. Jumping and barking (he has a scary, loud bark) and being a general pain in the neck. I wish I could have you work with him!

  4. Keller Ayra

    My dog barks at me when I make him do the same thing over and over. He gets annoyed. I usually do it once in a while to give the two of us a laugh. I enjoy annoying my kids, but they are getting older and busier.

    With the current state of things I have forgotten play and be silly during training. Thanks for reminding me

  5. Abbie7301

    Another great video. I need a treat pouch and I like the one you have -would you share a link to it please ☺️

  6. Axida Borjigin

    You have helped so much with my new puppy !

  7. Cecilia Rodriguez

    It is a great idea for your dog to learn both hand and verbal cues just in case your dog goes blind or deaf in his/her life.

  8. Ana

    My dad just got a black bi aussie (Molly) and she is super smart already. Any tips for starting training, teething, or any suggestions on a pup box or a bark box?

  9. yvet diy

    Side note I still don’t understand why people want there dogs to ‘lay dead’

  10. yvet diy

    From trainer to trainer. I think you should be honest with your audience. This breed is very good and easy to train. These dogs want to work for you 24/7. I say this not to discourage other people who are training with their dog or puppy. This is not an average dog.

  11. Zoë Daly

    Love these videos!! Binged the whole series lol! Getting my Dalmatian pup in 10 days so excited to teach him everything I’ve learnt 💗

  12. balanced

    Dammm. Why cant you have your dog under control in a high distraction or even do tricks. Dang what type of dog training is this?

  13. Devil_Jarr

    I love your intro so much

  14. Mini meadows Stables schleich

    700th like! im a huge fan and im getting a standard oodle puppy soon!!!

  15. Erin MacDonald

    I have a mini dachshund puppy. He understands and responds to “sit” as long as he is on grass or carpet, but will not sit on tile floor. Any advice on getting over this hurdle?

  16. Nora Alonso

    What dog food are you using?

  17. DJBoogEDown Presents

    I’ve got a new puppy he’s 10 months old never been trained like the owner said..smh He does sit but that’s it. He is crate trained and house broken which is nice. He’s a American bulldog boxer mix he’s about 75lbs I’ve had dogs in the past but not this old to start with, my rotties I had at 4 months old and it was easy to train them ya know..He evidently ruled their house and he is very stubborn doesn’t like to listen either any recommendations? Imma watch your videos and see if I can use any of your training:)

  18. Chasity Noth

    I want Zak to train my children 😩

  19. Shelties

    I really love your videos, you have such a positive way of training Inertia

  20. Olivia Locke

    he should have more like 100 Million subscribers

  21. DarkessVsLight Niana

    The dog just did a routine when you just command with your voice and I know so because she was about to get at two feet before you even told her so.

  22. KG

    Hey Zack George! Me and my dog have been having an issue lately. He is terrified of fireworks and whenever one goes off he shuts down and looks for a place to burrow and hide. When he is shut down, he will not go outside to relieve himself and is reluctant to accept treats. Recently, 1-3 fireworks have been going off randomly in the evenings, but not every evening. We do not have warning of when they will be shot off, but they are causing my dog considerable stress.

    We have been allowing him to hide in safe places (usually an interior closet). 
    He is a 6 year old Carolina Yellow Dog rescue we have had for 3 years now, and he has had this fear the whole time.

    Do you have any advice?
    Thank you!

  23. Ritzcrackker53

    I am getting a golden retriever in 100 days I cannot wait to get one, I am preparing rn

  24. Kriselda Flibbypoe

    I love Zak’s intro! The relating of Inertia’s name with inside out/positive dog training in really clever. Thanks for all the great videos Zak, I’ll be adopting a puppy in 4 days, and your book and videos have helped tremendously! ❤️

  25. Veronica Marciano

    Also if you are watching these videos and disregarding what Zak says about these Pupford treats (sure he’s sponsored by them or a partner… whatever)… don’t! My pup LOVES them as much as he says. They are such good treats!

  26. Ruth Pine-apple

    Really helpful thanks! I love how she comes and stands by your side- dis you teach that behaviour or she just does it naturally? Or is she going to “heel” position ?

  27. Liv and Lovey !

    I got a puppy 2 days ago! She DEFFINATLY needs to be trained!

  28. Life with the Browns

    To train a dog 🐕 dose it have to be a 🐶 puppy

  29. The slender ninja

    I got a shih tzu puppy 2 days ago, it’s really hard to train them😔 please make a video with a shih tzu puppy

  30. sudhanshu pathak

    Inertia is the best thing on youtube

  31. Luka Henrie-Naffaa

    I just graduated from middle school and my mom is getting me a dog as a graduation gift so I have been bingeing this show to get ready and prepare. I love your videos!!! 💖🐕

  32. Maria Harrison

    I want a dog soooo bad and I found one im in love with but my parents are so hard to convince


    Make a video on how to teach your dog to hold an object

  34. Tom Wiech

    I lured my dog to play dead with a finger gun and slowly stopped moving my hand

  35. Modest Justin

    My dog only listens when I have treats lol.

  36. Gustavo KS

    Another great video zak!!!!

  37. Harsh Goyal

    Bro youvare awesome butbolz font use tiktok

  38. Darla Earnest

    I AM GETTING A DOG FOR MY BDAY!! thank you for helping learn how to train dogs 🐶🐶🐶🐶

  39. Space

    Gage O’Brien

  40. xXBright WolfieXx

    My Cockapoo wont play with her toys at times, and she won’t sleep if we don’t feed her before she plays, she keeps on ringing the potty beel.

  41. Kairi Stevens

    I have a dog she will just walk like a human with you without even asking her

  42. rekha Deol

    Please help me my dog with out a treat doesn’t listen.😭😭

  43. Neville Gumba

    how old is she I am new

  44. Gaming twins

    I love ❤️ ur vids

  45. Freya Keogh

    I love how even though play dead was one of her first learned tricks, you still get really proud and excited when she performs it🥰

  46. sangairuten

    Omg how’s she sooo cute? Honestly I’d just cuddle with her all the time and not train her at all and yeah probably that wouldn’t work well hah

  47. Matthew Green

    the more I watch this channel the more I want a dog. Just counting down till my life is suitable.
    Out of curiosity do you know if it’s possible to train a dog for multiple things? I’d love to exercise a dog by training it to do mushing but I’ve been told if you want a mushing dog they can’t be obedience because they need to be hyper all the time? I’d love to see you try and teach Inertia left and right like you do for mushing.

  48. Jungle Drone

    Hey I’m tryna get a puppy any breed recommendations for first time owners?

  49. Can I get Subscribers for some reason questionmark?

    My dog trains me

  50. TJs FunNstuff

    Hi Zak ! I love your videos and I watch your videos all the time.I live in Asia so could you recomend some treats ?!?!?!

  51. Ruth Bates

    I went on a trip and bought a bag of cheetos and shared it with my dog, I keep the empty bag and put healthy dog treats in it. The crinkle of the bag is a big trigger for her and it really gets her attention!

  52. Dance moms super fan

    I dont have a pet but this was still helpful 😆 😆

  53. Its_SliXX

    Who never watches the video and skips straight to the comments!🤫🤫

  54. Chicken_la7am ——

    When u don’t have a dog but still watch his videos💕😭

  55. League Of the Legends

    You and your dog are doing real good. A fan.
    What should I do to have a dog? My parents are not allowing even though I am great with dogs.

  56. Life with Zunash

    Hey guys .. have a look at my channel .
    Need your help

  57. Shmoovin

    Thanks for the again, solid tips Zak!

  58. prathamesh pund

    Honestly i really whanted u to train my dog but its not possible because iam from india and ur from United States

  59. Iva Lena Ivankovic

    thank u for this video,im getting a puppy this week,im exided and scared at the same time😂

  60. Pastel gamer

    wow i have had my dog a week now !!!

  61. Janice Kim

    Do you prefer a extend-a-leash (the leashes that grow the more your dog tugs) or a regular lead?

  62. Sarah Taylor

    So if I understand correctly, the hand signals can be whatever work for you and your dog? Because with being disabled, I don’t think I can do all those whenever we get a boxer pup. Thanks! Good video 👍

  63. Gvr Prasanth

    Inertia got snitched on 😂

  64. Rusty Shackleford

    Beautiful Dog! Border Collies train themselves. I have had over a dozen breeds. I have two 4 month old Border Collies and they are by far the easiest dogs I have ever trained. They are incredibly intelligent, wish I had gotten them years ago. Try teaching those “hand signals” to a bulldog.

  65. Malhar Junior

    That intro song never gets old.

  66. iixaylin !!!

    𝚃𝚑𝚎 𝚏𝚒𝚛𝚜𝚝 𝚝𝚑𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚝𝚑𝚊𝚝 𝚖𝚢 𝚍𝚘𝚐 𝚕𝚎𝚊𝚛𝚗𝚝 𝚠𝚊𝚜 𝚝𝚘 𝚠𝚊𝚕𝚔 𝚘𝚗 𝚝𝚠𝚘 𝚙𝚊𝚠𝚜

  67. AKMichele Perkins

    You are my favorite dog trainer

  68. Bekhzod Abdurazzakov

    She is one of the most beautiful and intelligent dogs ive ever seen!

  69. jason gaming

    I love your video😀😀

  70. Funtime glamrock dark fox the wolf

    I maybe get a puppy

  71. Paula Sartori

    I love inertia!

  72. jason gaming

    I have a dog name pugo my dad and i are from Asia and my dad will never buy any treat’s or equipment for him I really care about my dog Zak if your reading this pls help us train my dog pugo

  73. M Reed

    One of her favorite treats are treats my dog have never had before.

  74. MC Blakemore

    I love seeing Inertia learn; it still amazes me how focused she is — even after 3 years, I cannot consistently get my dog to look at me when I say her name!

  75. Shreyas the Noob Gamer

    Inersia was so small and now she is so big and cute

  76. Lydia

    My dog was really well trained until she became deaf because I only taught her verbal commands not hand signals…

  77. Pookieyuki

    Been following from day 1, we stick mostly to verbal! A huge help for me was putting my hands behind my back and pulling my shoulders back a bit to be sure I wasn’t inadvertently giving any other signals.

  78. Dina

    I love inertia 🥰 she’s so cute and talented I’ve been seeing you since along time and when I saw her I notice that she ibas inproved a lot 😀


    Straight up, zak should have like 5 mill, he’s so good at his job!

  80. Ndeu Shaanika

    I have been waiting for you to post a video!!! Finally!!! I love your videos very very much, I also love Inertia 😍😍, and I’m also gonna have a dog soon!! ( I hope).


    watching from beginning and one of your biggest fan

  82. Dogmembers

    I love this channel! Thank you Zak you inspired me to start my own dog channel!

    Check it out and leave some feedback 🙂

  83. Titisha Das

    what is inertias breed please reply zak

  84. btangels05

    You two are doing AWESOME!!!

  85. CuddlyBubbles 69

    If inertia was my dog, i would be like, if anything happens to inertia, i will kill everyone in this room and then myself. (Meme ya kno)

  86. Charity Blackwell

    As a old fashioned trainer with a firm hand I thoroughly enjoy watching him use his positive method with his delightful dog. ❤️

    I ❤️ inertia


    My dog would just do all the tricks he knows if he can’t understand what I want him to do, he thought he was playing charades with me 🤣🤣🤣

  88. btangels05

    I adore you two! Where did you get your treat pouch?

  89. Animish Gaming

    Zak you deserve millions more subscribers

  90. Omar Mohammed Kamal

    A i have a wolfdog how to take care

  91. Alex H

    What kind of dog is she

  92. Nada Halawa

    I have been watching your series since the beginning and have been watching every week! Huge fan!

  93. CuddlyBubbles 69

    Those small barks are so cute!!!

  94. krishna jadhav


  95. Hope Wadzinski

    Hey Zak George! I just got my new black lab golden retriever mix puppy yesterday! We will be using your videos as a guideline😁 do you have any tips on bringing a puppy camping?

  96. The Doccc

    Thank you, you helped me teach my English springer spaniel how to shake 🤗

  97. Iselen Favour

    My dog’s really lazy. She’s more like a cat than a dog😂

  98. BlueSky KNIGHTS

    Can you do a zoom meeting and help people train their dogs

  99. CuddlyBubbles 69

    Les gooo

  100. Brooke Gaming

    EARLYYYY and what’s up Zak I really want a dog I have been begging my mom for years now. For the first time in those years of begging she is actually noticing. I have done a bunch of research and have been watching your videos they are so helpful and awesome!! My mom mentioned a dog she liked. A Bernese mountain dog. They are beautiful dogs and I have watched videos about them. They seem great overall accept for their health. If you can, do you know anything about them you think I wouldn’t?? I saw they only needed 30 mins of exercise but if you want them in top condition to give them 60-90 mins. What would you recommend for exercise?? 30 mins. 60 mins. Or 90 mins??

  101. Erin L

    Do you have any tips for car sickness. My puppy is sick in the car every time I heard ginger helps?

  102. The Animal Pack

    Hi zak love your videos!!!

  103. Bill Rand

    what a waste of time all the important stuff he is shit at,,,all this is is advertising for whatever he gets paid for selling,,,he’s prob the worst actual trainer on here,,,all you need is a reiable recall an instant stay and a heel,,,all can be done before the dog is 3 months old,,,

  104. Alina

    Early… kind of!

  105. Mathew K J

    This notification thing is rigged, I got a notification just now, and there are already 💯 people who watched this when there are actually only 1 normally

  106. Zoë Furlow

    Early love your vids

  107. Heidee S

    That thumbnail is gold 😂

  108. CuddlyBubbles 69

    Inertia is awesome!!!!

  109. Saanvi G

    I’m early! I have a 3 month old bernedoodle who is crazy!

  110. nolan 14 the best

    I love your new dog and please have a great day please like this coming you are an awesome guy I love you men say kisses to your wife I love you man please please like this comment I really love your new job and I watch the last video you all the time with grey I learnt so much from me and I also want to learn so much from this and I think I have to thank you and have a great time time

  111. franka franka

    i love you’re videos❤️

  112. tessa_is_weird_

    I have a 10 week old puppy. This is really gonna help!

  113. Kaden Taylor

    I would die for Inertia

  114. Autumn Starr

    hi early

  115. luke muscat

    Thanks so muh for teahing us

  116. AnonAmos !

    He is a puppy 12 weeks

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  118. 10,000 subs With no video’s


  119. CuddlyBubbles 69


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    I wish I could take my dog there

  121. tessa_is_weird_

    Does he respond if ur early?

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    Hey! Do you know what to do if a dog won’t stop biting or nipping?

  123. قناة الابداع

    Best dog trainers

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  125. AnonAmos !

    I got a puppy a week ago

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