How To Train Your Dog to Be OFF LEASH Without a Shock Collar!
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How To Train Your Dog to Be OFF LEASH Without a Shock Collar!

Off-leash training without using an electric collar!

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149 Thoughts to “How To Train Your Dog to Be OFF LEASH Without a Shock Collar!”

  1. Jordan ray

    Hi zak and Bree, just wanted to say how much I appreciate this video and how you work so hard to show people how to train our dogs without aversive tools. You guys rock!!

  2. SavedCity

    How old is she here?

  3. Alice Koval

    I love when he makes videos with inertia! She’s doing so well. ❤️

  4. Yarn It Out

    Where did you get the indoor agility course?

  5. August

    How do I train my dog to roll over? She’s a 12 week old labradoodle, and already knows sit, stay, shake (with the appropriate hands!), speak, lay down, up to get on the couch, and pretty good at bell training for potty. But she REFUSES to roll over. We tried doing your treat trick to get her to turn her head and body into a roll, but she won’t. She tried assisting the roll, but she won’t do it most times even assisted. She keeps putting an elbow out to prevent the roll. We can assist roll her about twice before she starts shaking like she’s scared, so we just avoid it now.

  6. Daniel Nicholl

    Hey Zak my dog Lexi run after cars not slot but will tug on lead any suggestions

  7. Shelby x

    She’s come sooo far!! Such a good girl!!

  8. Martin Jensen

    What length would you recommend for a longer lead? 3m, 5m, 10m, more?

  9. Jen D.

    I don’t use a shock collar. I use an e collar, he’s trained to recall when it vibrates so if he can’t hear me because of wind or any other reason he can at least feel the command. In my opinion it’s very irresponsible to let your dog off leash if you don’t have a way to effectively communicate (aka, not your voice unless you can whistle very loudly, because that’s not enough pressure to bring them back into focus). with them from a distance (whistle, e collar, ect.) Long lines are fine, if you’re not using something to communicate to your dog from a distance please do not let your dog off leash, I can’t tell you how many dogs have come rushing up to my dog. I was playing frisbee with him once and another dog came running up to him with the owner screaming their head off in the background, I called him then tapped the collar and he came running back before anything bad could happen.

  10. Grez1000

    My dog does pretty well listening to me other than when other dogs are involved, once he sees another dog he’s gone!

  11. Chloe the Shorkie Poo

    My dog Chloe escaped the dog park and I had to run after her and I’m glad you made this video and I will try to train her off leash.

  12. Priscilla Limardo

    He hasn’t been off leash yet we’re kinda scared lol but training with a long lead

  13. N7Mith

    Start young. Let them go off leash in a forest/controlled park. Hide behind a tree when they’re more interested in something else. Let them panic for a second when they don’t see you anymore. Call them and let them find you. Rinse and repeat. This trains a pattern where they lose you when they stop paying attention to you and that pays off later.
    Also train them on-leash to always check in with you before meeting a (reasonably) new dog, and only approach slowly and respectfully. This comes in handy when going off-leash, but mostly it’s proper etiquette. I screwed that up big time and I paid the price for years.
    Use freedom as a reward (in controlled environments) that they earn when they behave well, and lose when they misbehave. Don’t make the freedom a novelty that they only get access to after 6 months or so. That’s when you get situations where you let them off leash for the first time and they run away because they’re finally free. Make it an integral part of their life that they can earn and lose based on behavior (and of course only in safe environments).

    But what when they’re hunting something and don’t listen? Then you haven’t trained the leave it command enough in high stress environments. I recommend working up to throwing a ball or frisbee and making them leave it mid-throw. Fetch is excellent for this type of training, because it taps into the prey-drive.

  14. Britt Steenkist

    Maybe it’s an idea to make a video about other breeds than working breeds tho..

    The past training video’s included a Poodle mix and a Border Collie, both breeds with a high will to please.

    I own a Dalmatian puppy and a Leonberger and they are so much more harder to train and keep engaged with me while training. So it’s not always fun to look at breeds that do tricks in 4 training sessions.

  15. Andy Feenan

    What type of frisbee do you use with your dogs? My 7 month Jack Russell pup is really getting into it and trying out different frisbee types. Thanks

  16. CinnamonToastStx

    Lettts gooo another dog training vid

  17. Sara and Friends

    Ok, I won’t use a shock collar, I’ll use my e-collar instead. (Two very different things!) 😄

  18. austin kha

    Anyone have tips for a puppy that doesn’t really like puppy brand food? He likes the adult version of the dog food I give my other dogs but hates his made for puppies.

  19. austin kha

    My 5 month Aussie keeps biting my furniture, and my hands. it’s been about 3 months of constant redirecting and rewarding soft biting. I’ll admit he has gotten better but when he gets super excited, he goes back to biting, which is again calmly rejected with a soft “no sound” anyone have tips for this?

  20. panzertoo

    Spooked from the line poor dog

  21. panzertoo

    The lack of engagement is startling

  22. Tiger O'Donoghue

    Thank you so Much Zac and Inertia this is exactly the video I have been searching for 🙏🙏🤍🐶

  23. Hugo'stheBoss

    Thank you for your great videos! This video is a perfect example of how you can train dogs without aversive tools or methods. Even breeds that are less obedient and people oriented than Inertia (border collie) can be taught using respect, love and their favorite currency!

  24. Hugo'stheBoss

    What harness is Inertia wearing? I’m looking for a good one for my pup! Also, my dog isn’t big on playing with toys. I’ve tried so many things like flirt poles, different textures and types, animating the toy, playing with it by myself…I’m not sure what to do!

  25. Cameron

    Lmao use a e-collar not a shock collar

  26. Elena Geppert

    I have two dogs. One is a Golden Retriever, so she’s perfectly fine off leash. The other is A Goldendoodle, and we’re still working on off leash with him. He’s not one to just run away, it’s just he gets too distracted by other dogs and people. That’s one of my favorite Golden (and retrievers in general) qualities, (That poodle part is giving us the challenge though lol) that they are just naturally very good off leash! You don’t have to put a whole lot off effort into training them to be like that.

  27. Megan Greene

    I have never seen a dog sitting in a chair and eating at the table like a human.

  28. Bucket List Boomer

    I have two senior, small dog rescues I’ve had for about 8 weeks. They were both kept in a floor-less cage outdoors with little human interaction. They are indoor dogs now. In the beginning, they would run away when I went to hook a leash to their halters. They also were not house trained. Now, they are almost house trained. Because of them being confined together in a tiny cage, lying in their own waste, I invested in a play yard to put around their crate and the crate door stays open,that way, they don’t feel so confined when I must confine them. I have learned SO much watching Zac George’s videos. They now are learning come and sit and I am using a long training leash for the younger of the two. The older one (who may be the mother to the younger) is a bit slower to catch on but often mimics the younger who is also alpha of the two dogs. This is my first time owning a bonded pair (always one dog at a time before) and first time have rescues from a cruelty/neglect case. I love them dearly.

  29. Drei Vlogs

    So Konan series is done?

  30. Billy bob

    This is fine and dandy but what about hunters?

  31. Rylee Parnes

    My Mini Australian Shepherd, Sieben, would not do well off-leash. Although I’m teaching him some tricks and we are in an advanced class in my dog training class.

  32. panzertoo

    That this guy has no ability to understand you can put a phone pager in the collar and it’s not a shock collar but he’s too clueless he’s a goof

  33. Samantha Hu

    Inertia has become such a wonderful bright young lady 🥰

  34. wowalinbie

    Nothing wrong with e-collars if you know how to use them. You should get a good trainer to teach you if you want to use them, otherwise don’t.

  35. George Raiden

    What breed is inertia?

    Btw she is so cute

  36. TahaKhanDoThis

    I have a question?
    I am researching for a puppy and noticed some people don’t teach stay, is this better or not because it teaches the dog fewer words?

  37. Hawks Floyd

    My dog won’t stop being a dog when I want him to be a dinosaur.

  38. Dhruv Mahajan

    Where is Kona? 😔

  39. Cey Karch

    My dog is a German Shepherd that is almost 9 months old now… he still pulls when on the leash and he sprints at any moving object he sees on our walks… I’ve watched your videos on how to stop that behavior but it’s not working:(

  40. Jonny Morgan

    Hey zack, so I’ve been walking with my neighbors dog maya for about 1 year now because I cant have my own and over the last month I’ve really started training her stuff like heel and shes getting really consistent with it. I have huge woods behind me and I always let her run free and she really listens and comes as soon as I call her.. But that stops the second she sees a rabbit because she just runs off and chases it and I always know that she comes back even if it takes a few minutes but its really annoying knowing that theres always this big distraction that prevents her from listenening 100% of the time. Any tips on training her to come even when she sees a rabbit or other dog? Anyways I really love your videos! They have really tought me a lot so thank you!


    I don’t even have a dog, I just love to watch Inertia 😍

  42. curious wiki

    First with 2.6k otherss

  43. Austėja Janickaitė

    the information I always miss in such videos is what do to when the dog does not come when called? should I just like pull her towards me with the leash 😀 or just ignore and continue walking, but this could give a wrong impression to a dog..

  44. Malinda Kelleher

    I’m not one to say “training a Border Collie is easy” because they have their challenges too, but training a Border Collie to recall when you have a Frisbee in your hand is a lot easier than training a beagle to recall when a rabbit is running in the other direction. I like the phrase “train the dog in front of you”. My beagle/husky mix has awesome recall and we did all the long line stuff first for a year. Introduced a collar because at the end of the day, her prey drive is still ridiculously high and I need to have a backup. When she sees me pull it out, she gets so excited (as opposed to when she sees the harness, she hides under the table). Certainly indicates what is more abrasive to her. Last weekend she was 15 feet ahead of me when 8 deer ran across the path. She held her stay perfectly. So maybe I could just not use it and say she doesn’t need it, but I guess the question would be, how could you ever ever train every scenario you might encounter ?( because dogs certainly know and act different when that huge long line is attached). How could one ever feel 100% confident that a dog bred to chase small animals will choose you over genetics every single time.
    Also I still reward heavily for every recall. I see so many people do what you do and recall and then ask for sits, downs, tricks, etc and then reward. Shouldn’t the value be placed on the recall

  45. Yanthe Moerkerken

    This is my dream! My dog is almost 11 months old. A super smart dog. It is our first dog. When I look back I defenitly should change my training. Now I have a lot of problems with walking on a long leash or off leash..I don’t now what to do or how to fix it😅

  46. Ronan Dudhia

    Does anyone know where we can get a long lead like the one he used in the video cos the max I can find is 15m

  47. Olivia G

    While I do think this method of off leash training is helpful and works, I think using an electric collar is also very beneficial. To be clear ecollars are not the same a shock collars. I only support high quality ecollars, the mini educator and dogtra are great options. Obviously no one should be using these tools all willy billy. I always recommend doing copious amount of research before using them. But when used correctly they are amazing tools that provide consistent communication to your dog. My dog is about the same age as inertia and she can be completely off leash in most environments with her ecollar. She gets very excited when I put it on her because she knows it actually gives her more freedom. Balanced training is the way to go for me

  48. Matthew Powell

    Subtle flex having Inertia perform about 30 tricks in 30 seconds

  49. Kieran Williams

    I have only started watching I’m trying to train my dog I think this will work I’m going to start to tomorrow! :3

  50. Kelly Pope

    I learned about the long leads from your videos and they’ve been so helpful! Disclaimer for those of us living in areas where it rains A LOT; Your hands will get SO DIRTY because of your soaking wet lead dragging through the the wet grass and mud XD

  51. Brooks Equine

    You talk an awful lot .
    It’s not for your dog but rather your VIEWERS .

  52. Cristine Montpetit

    I definitely got a long lead because of your videos with Inertia and my puppy is loving the safe freedom

  53. Brooks Equine

    Somehow , if you were to work cattle or horses … you would fail .
    Sorry but you are talking to mostly Tree huggers ….
    Please correct me if I’m wrong .

    BTW , This is from the “Kohler Method of Dog Training ” .

    Nothing that you do is new …

  54. Brainpointv

    This is another video i need…my family keeps talking about using skock collars on my poor 6 month old puppy.

  55. Lynn Mcfatter

    Yesss! 😄 I can’t wait to use these tips! My GSD is ready for this challenge now… or should I say “I” am lol 😂 let’s face it, dogs are truly training us in the process of training them as well.

  56. William Brito

    It’s funny how I feel proud for Inertia even tho she isn’t mine lol

  57. jordan warren

    Lol ima doggydogdogdog UwU

  58. James Imtawohl

    getting a puppy in the summer, thanks to the dog training experience i am totally prepared

  59. JOY TIAN

    She’s so beautiful ☺️

  60. MacKoryrmyc Hunter

    My dog is deaf do you think I should always keep him on a leash or try to teach him off leash with a vibrating collar?

  61. Neha Jai

    Can u do a video of the dog training of acting to other neighbors or other people that they are not barking at them and showing some love to other people and not getting angry at them…….plz

  62. McKenna Speakman

    I’d love to see her do this with other leashed dogs walking around or wild animals going by.

  63. Neha Jai

    Hi zak george, I love all ur episode 💗. Your channel is awesome 👌 👏

  64. Ryan Pierce

    Great Video! i don’t even have a dog but still watched lol

  65. Athena Adventures

    My dog is alright when off leash. The minute she encounters another dog there’s no stopping her to say hi. It is annoying but more annoying when the owner of the other dog wants to get into a heated exchange. It’s a dog park what can you expect buddy

  66. Bruno Rivera

    To the 10% of people reading this…


  67. TransformK9training

    There are MUCH better methods to teaching a recall without an e collar then this… mind you his dog is well over a year old and still isn’t off leashes trained!! In my program I have a two week off leash training program!!!

  68. Bazil the rat

    Well, she isn’t much of a new dog anymore!

  69. Ashley Moore

    My dog is great off leash and on

  70. nic19las

    Why a long lead instead of those retractable leashes?

  71. Morgan Haynes

    I need to know did you guys keep working on “tell me a secret” with Inertia?! Can we have an update if so?! It’s totally adorable

  72. Kayla Kessler

    So, I Adopted my husky/terrier mix, we’ve had her for almost a year now. We do not trust her in unfenced areas. We have an extendable leash, that goes out to 16 feet, and when I say “come” or “this way” she comes, and I don’t have to tug on the leash, she just comes. She does really well in a controlled environment. She also picks and chooses when she listens. So her behavior is unpredictable. Do you have tips for her stubborn behavior?

  73. James R

    Zak’s call to Inertia at 4:40 was probably the most stressed I’ve heard Zak. Like, “oh no, is she going to take off?!”

  74. Karen Widaman

    Refreshing to hear training advice without mentioning the “shock collar”! Thank you!

  75. Will Laycock

    I’ve had my 9 year old Jackchi rescue for about 6 months and off the lead she is great when outside our local area/park. She comes, stays etc when out and about, but the couple of times I’ve taken her off lead locally, she’s away! I’m not sure why or what is different to her… Haven’t done it since! She may be a bit old to learn new tricks (😉) but she’s worth it!

  76. OwlBug1

    Yeah your right you shouldn’t use a shock collar never do that use an e-Collar instead their great 😊

  77. Derek Algeo

    Do you have a video on how to teach your dog not to be territorial when people come over to the house?

  78. Eszter Takács

    I love your videos and almost solely relied on them when training my puppy since August 2020! However, off-leash I have been doing a different way, as a puppy (young age) they follow you instinctively and I live near the forest so we went for walks in the forest and I made sure that I changed directions very often and quickly even going among the trees to get my puppy in the habit of having to FOCUS on me wherever we are! That being said, since he hit puberty (about a month ago) he has lost me out of sight twice (still trying to come back but it’s much more difficult in a dense forest), and I realize that he is much more interested in small animals than he used to be (I could recall him every time from hunting yet but I don’t want to be overly confident about it) so since then I am also using a long leash that I let drag on the floor but I can still grab if I feel him loosing focus! I hope we can get back to off-leash soon, it’s very special to walk in the nature with your dog with only mutual trust bonding you together.

  79. Jonah Parkinson

    I’m glad there’s another video about Inertia.

  80. Gunjan Misra

    Hey Zach. Love from India…

  81. Brandon Chamberlin

    You should take her to a dog park and update on her progress with that.

  82. James Vick

    Is it enertia or inertia?

  83. Mohan Gautam

    Damnnn this is goal and my GS pup doesn’t stop biting…tried everything 🥺🥺🥺


    Bro try for Guinness world record you can definitely break the records with your excellent dog👍

  85. Beckey the shitzue

    Thank you thank you so much Zak for the dog training videos because of you my dog is well behaved and she is only 3 months thank you once again. And also can you do video of traveling with your dog it would be great help plsss

  86. supersnailboy

    I have a borer collie and without these videos, I do not know what would happen!

  87. Magneto 42 brick films

    Your dog is so well trained👍

  88. Wagging Tails Dog Training

    Zak, I’m trying to train my pup to fetch Frisbees, but we haven’t been able to fine the “perfect” frisbee. I would really appreciate it if you could maybe either respond to this comment or make a video about that. Thanks 😊

  89. BigJonny13

    she should be in the kennel club

  90. Ena Grant

    Zak we live on a farm and have a ton of fenced in fields and my pup can still slip through the gate. She is only 5 months old though so she isn’t the most reliable.

  91. Vivian Nguyen

    I wanted to try Nom Nom for so long but they don’t ship to Canada 😭

  92. Nikil Kumar

    lucky dog, lucky master. ofc, also applies to every family that takes good care of their dogs!

  93. Molly Boyle

    can you help. btw we do have a long leash

  94. Molly Boyle

    my dog is really bad at recall because my parents don’t care that he runs of but it makes me anxious when I call him and he just compleatly ignores me and is 100 yards away.

  95. Tuka Bashir

    Has inertia ever ran off and ignored you?

  96. Ena Grant

    OMG when I saw the community post I didn’t know it was Inertia!

  97. Brandon Chamberlin

    Zac do not slam ecollars. They are just another tool. Just say you don’t prefer them. They are also great insurance. When used properly.

  98. Ella Tasch

    I don’t have a full fenced in backyard, I will bring my labrador on a 20ft lead, and she does pretty good with recall. I have not taken the lead off, I am afraid she won’t listen, maybe that she would run. But she is doing great with the long lead!!

  99. Georgia Baller

    It’s so lovely seeing a professional dog trainer with an almost 2 year old dog that still sometimes struggles with certain commands, makes me feel not so bad when I struggle with my pup he’s 5 months old and is getting really good at long lead recall without distractions

  100. Vishruth Salla

    Wowwww 😍

  101. BigJonny13

    what happpend to BB-8

  102. Ольга Митрофанова


  103. Hailey Welman

    Can you do an update with Angela?

  104. RGR paws

    How pawsome this is! Amazing job! 🥰💛

  105. Igor Lukash


  106. Vivaan Modi

    Can you pls get a hug from inertia in next vid pls

  107. Dylan Fiddler

    I trained my collie in 3 days how to walk off lish

  108. Tanushree Rajpura

    Love your videos🥰🥰 😇☺😊🥰😘😍🥰😊😊love seeing Inertia. I love videos of Inertia she is cute and smart. 😘😘😘😘

  109. n m

    Check out my new YouTube channel pocox gaming prodigy

  110. ShockBug

    Hey, can you make a video about how to travel on a plane with a dog? 😊

  111. Lizmayra Garcia

    I have 2 1 year old dogs and I could never trust them to be off leash

  112. DA - 06GS 785225 Walnut Grove PS

    is it just me or dose it say 0 views

  113. Liv B

    I taught my dog off leash training when he was six months and now he is perfectly behaved

  114. Gleb Astashov


  115. john ducie

    Also yay knew vid

  116. ClaraPlaysTheGames

    What are your opinions on flexi leads? We love the long leads but they can be such a pain to haul around.

  117. john ducie

    I love inirtia

  118. Cody & Taurus

    I have a shiba, does this still apply? lmao

  119. Navjot Singh

    😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 3 million reaction pls Zak

  120. Devina Plays

    omg i so early

  121. just anonymous

    Bro where are you lemme send my pup he’s aggressive naturally cos he is a caucasian

  122. Wagging Tails Dog Training

    I LOVE this video!! It’s amazing that the biggest dog trainer YouTuber on youtube not only DISCOURAGES negative reinforcement, but actually ENCOURAGES positive reinforcement. Thank you Zak, you really rock.

  123. Alexander Matienga

    Thanks for the great vids zak

  124. maya

    love u zak and FIRST

  125. ZandarMaskYt ¿

    Im getting dog in 20th February and this videos will help me! Thank you for this training videos! ☝🏻☝🏻☝🏻☝🏻

  126. 2000sub Without any Videos

    Congrats to everyone who is early and who found this comment gr

  127. Alexander Matienga

    This is like the first time I have been early

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    yess im early

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    Second place

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    India 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  131. C C

    Love that it’s WITHOUT a shock collar or “e collars” like call them what they are shock collars

  132. Dror Weitz

    Waited for this video since 2019!



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  135. Aisha Rudderham

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