How To Train Your Dog THIS AMAZING Trick!
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How To Train Your Dog THIS AMAZING Trick!

Train your dog how to do this trick! Hold an item with their paws!

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104 Thoughts to “How To Train Your Dog THIS AMAZING Trick!”

  1. Bob Vance

    I’m picking up my little Bichon frise puppy on Thursday!!!!

  2. Flirtinqq

    I’m getting a corgi puppy in 2 weeks and I’ve been binging your videos for the past week

  3. Ramon Mayo

    Zak how do I convince my parents to get a dog

  4. Elentarien

    Hmm. I should teach this one to my dog. She likes to sit up like that anyway. The ‘say please’/’sit pretty’ trick is one SHE started offering on her own and she’s only perfected it as she’s gotten older. (I, of course, captured it and ‘named’ it. But it was ‘her’ natural trick she liked to do, so I didn’t actually have to teach it to her at all. lol) She already likes to do variations, as well, such as ‘sit pretty’ with her paws on my knee and waving. So this might be a fun challenge for something else for us to do with it.

    I agree with you about taking the training in short bits here and there and falling back to something more familiar if you sense they’re starting to get frustrated at all. In general, I like to keep my ‘training sessions’ short, as in 5-10 minutes at most – and no more than 3 repetitions per ‘session’. If my dog doesn’t get something, move on, come back to it later. Or, even if she does. Don’t want a good trick to get boring to her.

  5. Xandra The Tibetan Mastiff

    Yeah, but how is that reactivity on the leash coming along?

  6. Michelle Michael

    Great job Inertia! She is so smart!

  7. Dona Simmons

    Yay Inertia!!

  8. Erin Darter

    omg your the best dog trainer on earth

  9. איתי בן חיים

    Dog training gone clickbait lol

  10. Abi M

    Low key terrifying 😂 this dog is smarter than me

  11. Lexi Rodriguez

    Wow!! That trick is so cool! Inertia learned it so fast. ❤

  12. Heather Arman

    This was so awesome. I was cheering out loud every step she took! 👍👊👏

  13. Tensepolecat69

    that trick looks amazing

  14. Just A Glitch

    I wish I had a dog,but everybody probably does after this

  15. Jacqueline S

    Wow. Amazing.

  16. Andrew Yang

    I love your videos! I might get a dog and I am jumping between Border Collie and Siberian Husky

  17. Sarah Garner

    She is just so dang cute!!! Esp doing that trick 🥺🥰

  18. Rachael Feinbaum

    I think he is slowly teaching inertia how to be a human lol

  19. TOP GAME

    I have a great friend, a trained dog to play with

  20. Ddj S

    What breed is she?

  21. Alexia ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Dog Lover

    Zak is really helpful and Inertia has grown so much since she was a puppy.
    Zak is helping me train my Jack Russell Terrier called Dash

  22. cricelplays

    I’m really amazed to inertia

  23. Wolf Vosje

    I tried teaching my dog this trick a while ago but instead of him grabbing things it now looks exactly like he is doing the gangnam style dance lmao

  24. T3mp0

    Hey Zak, I am going to get a dog in a month and I dont know what to choose.I stay at apartment.I want a playful dog for beginners and preferably a small one.Can you please suggest me a dog ? Thank you!

  25. Eimear Pigott

    Can you make a video on how to stop your dog from chasing cars because my dog us always chasing cars and im terrified he might get runover.

  26. Freezeray813

    OMG I am getting a dog in October and I am going to teach him this Im getting a golden doodle keep up the great YT vids

  27. klxdy kay•.*

    If I get a dog I’m 100% using ur videos for training

  28. Elizabeth Orlassino

    I just got a golden puppy about a month ago and shes a literal dream because of your videos!! she literally knows like 20 tricks already. thank you!!!


    I want a dog but I need more subs

  30. M B

    I love how Zak always asks his wife whether she saw what inertia did. Of course she saw she is filming you the hole time.😂
    I just love your channel. Greetings from Europe

  31. Rozanah Wirt

    Is she talking yet!

  32. Rozanah Wirt

    I love what you do and inertia is tons of fun!

  33. ToastedChocalate

    She do be kinda trained though

  34. Miss Mercedes

    He makes this seem so easy

  35. The piano guy

    *Which breed this dog belongs to ?? Who want to know this like here👇*

  36. snowballs442

    You two have done it again. Good job to both of you. Always enjoy the way you work with your dogs.

  37. Allison Miyake

    This is awesome! You explain everything so well! Thank you!

  38. Carol angeleena

    ur so good at dog training i trained my dog by watching ur vids and my dog is good at every trick

  39. Point Blank Period

    Omg she is so smart and adorable!!! I also love how you train with consistency, patience and love!!!💞💕💞

  40. Riane Louw

    I just got my pup 2day and im so happy

  41. Ronit Wankhede

    U made every thing easy

  42. P

    Now she can receive your amazon packages

  43. Husky Fluff753

    Your videos with inertia make my day so much better 😊

  44. Lizzy Lizzy

    Ok, I do not have a dog (or plans to have one). But seeing you teaching this dog everything …….. (watching this serie a few months now). It’s time to subscribe… love what you’re doing!

  45. kazu anzai


  46. Eve Lyne

    Will it also work on puppys

  47. Michelle gable

    I love to training it helps me so much

  48. Cecilia Rodriguez

    My dog is strong and tuff like a SuperChewer dog. However, due to his lack of teeth, we stick to Bark Box.

  49. marae castaneda

    What an awesome trick. I taught my puppy corgi how to play dead based on your video and it worked. It has become her trick for everything. She uses it to get a treat evefy time and she does it to get out of booboo’s lol! I hope i get to teach her how to sit pretty and hold on to objects too. Your videos are super inspiring and helps inspire me to continue to build on that communication with my puppy. Thank you!

  50. Srinivasan Aravamudan

    Where did you adopt inertia?

  51. 7D s

    Inersia while holding toy soo Kawaiii

  52. Srinivasan Aravamudan

    How are venus, alpha and supernova?

  53. Suriender Singh



    How cute! She is learning fast! My border collie is healing from TPLO surgery, at the moment.

  55. asif raza

    Plz tell that how to convince your parents to buy a Dog

  56. Emily Boever

    That’s such a cool trick I really want my pup to learn that trick!

  57. Manikanta Varanasi

    Which is better a female dog or a male dog

  58. Lobsnag Tsering

    Who else do not have dog 🐕?

  59. Esteban Quesada

    I have watched so many videos of Zack in the last couple of weeks (I got a new puppy) that now when I hear him say “yes”, I feel something in my stomach and begin to salivate

  60. Nati4323 Play

    Love your videos. I use them to train my border collie puppy❤️

  61. Yara's art

    My dad is returning my dog bcz he cant pee in his place his been with me for 2 years 😔😔

  62. Jesse David

    I have 2 cute female dogs that are big and bold

  63. Oh Deer - Sabrina

    Do you think it would’ve been easier to train her with something softer than a box, like a plushie? It seems clunky and slippery (tho in hindsight it’s good to get her used to more difficult stuff I guess)

  64. vishnu kumar

    My labordor is 2 months now but is not barking can please help I don’t know what to do 😭 my cousin’s dog is also 2 months but she barks so well . Plss help me sir . please reply 😣😣😣

  65. Kelsie Rothwell

    it seems like Zak gets a new bark box every week

  66. Alejandro Perez

    Super cute trick!!!

  67. Ishan Rocky

    Zak, you are the best dog trainer I’ve ever met. I am 13 years old and want to be as good as you by practicing with street dogs

  68. CuddlyBubbles 69

    Most of the time when you upload im in the truck so i have to watch with subtitles

  69. Henggao Cai

    I love it

  70. Xynazayyan Khan

    bye love your videos

  71. Theo Parkhill

    Watched this a minute after it came out!

  72. Equestrian _

    She is the cutest 🥰🥰🥰

  73. Nomita Thakur

    Hi zak I had a doubt..Does seperation anxiety music work??
    Thank you

  74. Deadonline YT

    Man I remember when this channel was booming and now it’s dead it sad

  75. CuddlyBubbles 69

    Friendly reminder: like this video

  76. Techandrishi

    I wanna a like from you pls.

  77. Jack Greenwood

    I have a staffie x Patterdale female, she’s so hyper and we take her for long walks on an old airfield with a 50metre lead i found. Otherwise, she’ll go for the rabbits

  78. Hayley Wargnier

    My favorite thing about bark box/super chewer is they will replace any toy at any time no questions asked and free of charge. My pup tore the burly birdie up in seconds so I just requested a tougher toy!

  79. Deena Marianne

    Zak ur dog ( inertia ) is so dawn cute 🥰

  80. Atomic Knight

    My dog turned 1 today YAY

  81. Epik Ethan

    Hey Zak do you know any tips to finding a dog breeder, I cant find one ANYWHERE and the ones we do find, we contact then they try to lead us to a scam.

  82. Anushka kumari


  83. Kiran Kaur

    Hi I think Inertia should have a channel 😆

  84. Hari Chand

    Hey Zak …you’re the only trainer I watch on YouTube to teach my boxer. Thank you for these videos .

  85. Grace Limbert

    I just gotta. Dog and I binged watched all your vids I have a German short haired pointer puppy all thanks to you I love u ❤️❤️

  86. Puppy Love

    Your vids r really helpful Zac, thank u soo much

  87. CuddlyBubbles 69

    Hey zak im getting a shepherd dog in a couple years he(r) name is Lex(i) thank you so much!

  88. Zaxy Glumisik

    Hi Zak my name name is Zak to

  89. AD J

    Can you give like for me

  90. Glomonkey!

    I love these videos ! My dog learned to stay…for a few seconds because of you !!!
    Wow you have 2.9 subscribers! That’s amazing!
    I feel like you need two things in life to be successful on YouTube FAST God and connections.
    I got God just need the connections lol

  91. Amel Bougrouz

    I dont know how people could put such lovely animals in shelters

  92. Tarlochan Singh Shergill


  93. Damian Zelayandia

    Yeee hi

  94. amanda milembamane

    3rd comment

  95. Fef Summer

    38 seconds omgggggg

  96. The story of why

    To every dog owner :
    You may be some random person to the whole world but for your dog…. you’re whole world ❤️

  97. Draco

    To The person reading this:

    Have an amazing day And I hope you’re dreams comes true one day😁

    My Dream is to have 40k. I been struggling to get there😉

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