How to Train the FIRST 5 THINGS to ANY Puppy! Reality Dog Training
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How to Train the FIRST 5 THINGS to ANY Puppy! Reality Dog Training

The FIRST 5 THINGS I’m training this wild rescue puppy 😬

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What were the first things you taught YOUR dog?

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87 Thoughts to “How to Train the FIRST 5 THINGS to ANY Puppy! Reality Dog Training”

  1. Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution

    In case you need to catch up, here is a playlist with ALL of Biscuits’ episodes in order:

    We hope you’re enjoying this series as much as we enjoyed filming it! Let us know what you think and give us your requests for future videos here!!

    We cast Biscuits because of all of your comments 🙌 What do you want to see throughout her series?!? We still have a LOT to cover with her….. 🤯🕺

  2. The Animal Channel

    Is Biscuit half lab half chihuahua

  3. Darlene Bergantzel

    OMG! I really want to adopt her, but I don’t live in Alaska.

  4. Patricia Fletcher

    Koda haz gotten so big

  5. Hookem Jim

    I love your channel but I think you should check out shield K9 channel

  6. Linda S

    Are we guessing her breed mix yet? If yes I’d like to put Jack Russell Terrier out there and maybe… lab?🤣

  7. Dink18

    How long do you wait before bringing your dog around other people/outside with their vaccinations? I’ve heard 16 weeks but I feel like Zak does it before then.

  8. Connie Drake

    Ok, what about the dog who will only eat off the floor?

  9. Saiyuki no Inu

    Since I’m incapable of turning off my vet tech brain- do you worry about parvo when taking young puppies out and about? I’m sure they’ve probably had some vaccines but at 13 weeks I wouldn’t imagine they’ve had them all..?

  10. Wayne Vaughan

    Great series on Biscuits’ training. Taking notes and watching. Some good laughs in this video. Reference the Direwolf. So I wonder if the king of the north used your training for Ghost? Also the snowflake Reference made me laugh. Thanks Zak and Brea.

  11. Fiorella Anthuane Chirinos


  12. TyrannicalTrix

    To anyone watching, PLEASE don’t use this style of dog harness!! It’s extremely restrictive to the shoulders. Go with a design that allows the shoulders to glide along the rib cage. And, hey, Zak, look into this! It’s kinda an unspoken thing when it comes to harnesses that should be taken pretty seriously.

  13. Karen Feathers

    Zak & Bree,
    Thank you “training me” how to train my new 10 week old rescue puppy,😊🐾💞
    I have learned so much in just 2 videos!!

  14. Marcela Gurdian

    I loved the moment Zak pulled out the tiny pink frisbee! LOL!

  15. Ashleigh Ping

    As much as I love tiny dogs I don’t think I could ever have one, I’m disabled and can’t bend down very easy so training would be a nightmare! This series is really making me reconsider though, she’s so stinking cute 🥰

  16. S L

    Oh man, I’ve got an unexpected foster puppy arriving next weekend (first puppy ever), so I’m going back to every video Zak’s ever put out on puppy training… plus the Biscuit series to tie it together.

  17. mary avila

    As I’m distracted 
    watching this “puppy training” video. My Frenchie puppy just tore the stuffing out of his new bed. LOL

  18. Mary Cast

    Help me train my Husky puppy. He’s a nightmare!!!

  19. As You Wish Dog Training

    Socialization is so important, so I’m glad you covered it, I also have a suggestion for a future RDT (Reality Dog Training) series. Maybe you should try training a Service Dog Prospect like getting the Service Dog Prospect in a position to pass the CGC tests.

  20. Where there is Love

    Biscuits loves you already !

  21. M

    This mans ad placements are genius 🤣

  22. Skye ID

    I wonder if she is a Chihuahua mix. She’s so tiny!

  23. Ellies Inspiration

    Is there anyway I could nominate a dog in need for your next series? I doubt he would be chosen but this husky owned by someone I know is anxiety overload along with his aggressive behavior towards certain triggers that I am still unaware of. He has never been in a actual house, his owners are looking for a new home for him, and nobody is willing to adopt him. Even the humane society wont enter him into their programs. He is not my dog but I wish to help him and if anyone knows of any way that he can get a 2nd chance at life plz let me know.

  24. Jen Kirby

    Inertia is so kind and absolutely lovely natured.

  25. Georgia L

    Watching this makes me feel even more sorry for all the dogs who have owners that still buy into those torture collars thinking it’s the only way to train

  26. Jenny Bozynski

    I love the frisbee you are using with Biscuits. Could you tell me where you got it? I have a toy poodle that loves to fetch and I can’t find a small enough frisbee for her. btw, Biscuits is darling!

  27. Fay Flemister

    Great video

  28. kibrika

    Argh, maybe I rejoiced too soon at seeing the series I wanted on small dogs. I had already started to feel resigned to it being ok that I can’t have a dog right now. But a small dog is so much closer to the kind of dog I want, so my resignation is fading. I want a dog! (But I couldn’t deal with one at the moment.)

  29. veganforlife

    inertia is such a beautiful personality! so playful and trustworthy with biscuit

  30. Sapphiregriffin

    Do more adult dog series!

  31. Cheryl Fritz

    It’s amazing how quiet she is in public

  32. Tim Hart

    “Biscuits is on a roll” Hah! Zach made a pun.

  33. Alyss Kuriyama

    Solid video yet again! I wonder what breed Biscuit is.

  34. ozpaws

    she is just the cutest puppy!! I can’t wait for the rest of this series.

  35. Hildia

    Do you have anything for choosing and training a psychiatric service dog? I was just approved and struggling with beginning the process. I really want to try to use a rescue dog. Thanks much.

  36. StrangeDuckling

    Zak and Bree, I would love to hear your opinions on the Hunger for Words experiments, where owners are training their dogs to communicate via voice-recorded buttons (such as FluentPet)!
    I’d recommend checking out the channels hungerforwords and What About Bunny, among others, as they have been incredibly insightful about the thought processes of dogs. Personally, I find these experiments incredibly interesting and overall _monumental_ in the study and understanding of dog psychology and intelligence!
    I’d even love if maybe you guys could give it a try (maybe with Inertia?), since you already have dog training under your belt to help you with the button training.

  37. Taija Leslie

    The joy when Zak brought out the little frisbee. 😂😁😁 That made my day!! As always excited for another series! 🐾

  38. Erikabb7

    OMG, that small frisbee! Biscuit is so cute and I love this series!

  39. New Californian Mapper

    LOVE Biscuit :DDD

    great job ty for your treasure trove of info

  40. Gerd Berg

    Zap hi I would think that promoting a food change , you need to have a video on food transition methods .
    Be cause if peeps just change just like that , you and I both know poop problems will be part of it !

  41. lol

    The baby frisbee is so adorable!

  42. Lindsey Cloutier

    I love seeing the progression of your leave-it training! Thank you for demonstrating that it’s okay to change/rework methods to avoid teaching via mistakes and move toward teaching through successes.

  43. LarinaValarin

    I would love to know more about that little frisbee! My Pom is 10 lbs now and I would love to try and teach him frisbee but I haven’t been able to find one that is small and light enough!

  44. Maryanne Gay

    I love watching your series. I am wondering where to get Biscuits’ harness. I think it would be perfect for my chihuahua mix.

  45. jonnamaestro

    Im getting a border collie pup in 6 weeks! These videos really couldnt have come at a better time

  46. Kay

    The baby frisbee 😂 Too cute!

  47. Creative Diamond Dogs

    Rough collie at 23:56? Mine loved rug corners and socks as a puppy. 😂

  48. RebelBart67

    If she was flown down, could that explain her fear of airplanes?

  49. Kaja Melwińska

    Ok Zak Biscuit is super cute but i need to know how big is she going to be

  50. Karli Rose K

    my husband wants to get a dog for our farm but I want to be able to train whatever dog we get before we decide to have a farm dog. this is so perfect because I want our dog to have good social skills and be able to listen when we have guests.

  51. karen Eaton

    Love this series, we are getting a new puppy this summer, definitely appreciate all the training methods I am learning.

  52. Cookie Lady

    Biscuit is so adorable. My puppy is about six months old so we’re a bit ahead of where you are with Biscuit but I’m still finding the general training tips helpful. TFS. ~ Betty


    So interesting!! Looks more difficult with a small dog where we might be tempted to pull them etc. This is going to be a totally different experience for us viewers (Chop – Biscuits) 😁😁

  54. Alex Gnatiuk

    So much for your positive only! Leash correction surely isn’t positive.

  55. Here This

    That 30 days puppy course is great , we have tried it . 🐕But I think these small breed puppies are easier to train . 😄

  56. Daz Dealz

    Any Updates on George Coming?

  57. Maria Matusiak

    Hello Zak, did you ever work with aggressive dog?

  58. Julie L

    Great video! Thank you ☺️. I just love her sweet face and personality 🥰.

  59. Danielle Jones

    Biscuits is too adorable!!

  60. LIam Driendl

    I’m getting a dog this summer so for reaserch I have been watching u I went back all the way to your first training ep 1 dog vid with your did

  61. Random Random

    Im happy to announce that- thanks to your videos my puppy is potty trained 💙💙💙

    I was worried with him during the winter weather, but I followed the advice from your videos and he quickly picked up on going potty outside ~

  62. ♡CasuallyCrazyLuna♡

    I have been asking my parents to get a puppy for 5 years now! I’ve watched your videos uncle Zak, and I am trying to prove that I am old enough and responsible enough to get one! Thank you very much!!

  63. Peter French

    she is so cute and has a great owner 😀

  64. Mary Sheahan

    Bravo Biscuits! What a good girl ☺️

  65. Gretchen Davis

    She is adorable

  66. Jordan Oliveto

    I’ve never been so early and it’s fun to see the views go up 😂

  67. Jaxs Strickland

    Thank you for doing a video with a puppy I just got one 2 days ago she is six weeks old. I saved her from a horrible living situation. My other dog is having a hard time understanding she can’t play rough with her and getting really freaked out when the puppy cries when she plays to rough with her any advice??

  68. Dakota Ronquillo

    I’ve watched just about every video you have in the last few months to prepare for our new Christmas puppy, we’ve had her just under a month and she’s smarter than every dog I’ve known following your advice. It’ll be awesome to watch this series as we also raise our new fur baby 🙂

  69. SDA Sermons with Joel A Ang

    Wow first to watch and like

  70. Mr. Panda the Sheepadoodle

    Zak and Bree are still the #1 trainers out there, and their content and training videos keep evolving to another level! So educational and fun to watch! Thank you both ❤️🐼

  71. Three Hornet Playz

    I have just got a German Shepherd puppy and this series is helping a lot! Thanks Zak.

  72. S1ippy L3mons

    So cute! You got this !

  73. Laura Legends

    I don’t have a puppy ATM but I don’t care 😂 Love these videos

  74. Bree George

    HI GUYS!!! Just wanted to say hi 😆🙌 I hope you like watching these videos as much as I like filming them!!!

  75. Cosmic Cre8or

    Love ur vids zack!

  76. Maggie Mae

    Inertia: “Here we go again.”

  77. Eden Mullett

    I was almost first then I deleted the comment. Love you Zack. Not literally

  78. Kyojuro Rengoku

    Can’t wait for this series

  79. Fishing With Chris

    Great video keep up the good work

  80. differencemaker

    Hi what breed is this pretty puppy 🐶

  81. Eden Mullett

    No. Second

  82. M.B.I

    I love biscuit wo much

  83. Ava Bay

    I just got a new puppy so this is super helpful to have everything we need to know in one video!

  84. Eden Mullett

    First. Love you Zack. Not literally

  85. Maja Ambroziak

    I’d love to see how you train an emotional support dog ESA

  86. Jacqueline Daut

    First! Love you guys

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