How to Train the 1 Thing That’s Made All the Difference in My Leash Training
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How to Train the 1 Thing That’s Made All the Difference in My Leash Training

This one thing changed how we leash train!

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101 Thoughts to “How to Train the 1 Thing That’s Made All the Difference in My Leash Training”

  1. Kate Widner

    My dog, Lela, is 7 months old now and she has been doing great with your training methods. She’s a Pitbull German Shepherd Lab mix. I’m so glad you have made these videos Zak.

  2. Jill Rhoden

    I love this so much, thank you!!!

  3. Xandra The Tibetan Mastiff

    This is 199% NOT the breed for me. Phew. More power to people who can handle a dog with that much energy. It’s like a puppy on crack. LOL!

  4. Ian Glenn

    It’s so sad Inertia is taught circus tricks rather than being allowed to run free. What a miserable life she lives.

  5. Julia Nikiciuk

    hello, my puppy is almost 9 weeks old she is also a border collie, shes really smart but shes teething SUPER bad. like she comes up to us and bites our leg. do you have any tips for bad teething?

  6. Na'riiyah Capers

    hi im getting a dog next year and i have never owned a dog my dad had a dog before he went to heaven my mom is scared of dogs so she gave it away i have been watching your vids to learn how to train my dog perfectly and i ave learned so much when i first starting i watched every video from the first to this on excited to learn even more i dont know if im getting a girl or a boy if i get a boy its name will be mylo if i get a girl her name will be mia mylo i got fron my fav youtuber mia i thought of on my own and then realized that is also on of my faves youtubers dog name is

  7. Victoria Mathai

    That trick is amazing and Inertia is so well trained! I ordered your book!

  8. Sonja Winkler

    I heard the kong toy has toxic ingredients in it😫…

  9. hgh lj

    hi zak. thanks for all is videos. but I was just wondering how to teach us dog to settle because inertia does it so well. or what ep. did u teach inertia
    thank youu

  10. tranquillum

    I need help. My dog always tries to chew on his leash when I walk him! I just want to have a normal walk with him, but he makes it impossible cuz he s constantly trying to bite it! Any advice Zach?

  11. Shelties

    That’s a very usefull “trick”!

  12. Saige S

    I love you vids!!! You have helped me soooooooo much!!!!❤️❤️

  13. Aina

    I love lure training things. I’m way better at that than anything else. This looks really cool to teach. I’ll teach it to my puppy, but not my older dog because he has knee problems.

  14. MrAwesomePantsX

    Anyone have any tips on how to START training with a 4mo old pup

  15. Zone07

    Cool! This is definitely a very useful trick. I got my pup to heal; off I go to teach her how to switch!

  16. John Mark

    What’s her breed

  17. soph m

    i got a puppy last week he had his first walk today it’s hard you make it look so easy :/

  18. Carlos

    Hey Zac who’s your main in Mortal Kombat

  19. Shreyas Singh

    Best dog training channel. Love your work and attitude zak.

  20. Nadine Buttigieg

    Hi, we got a cav puppy last monday but are 6 year old shih tzu is terrified of her. Any tips on how i can get the shih tzu to accept the puppy and not fear her? Also the puppy keeps trying to chase her (to play) which further scares her. Any ideas how we can stop that too? We ve been trying to keep her on a leash and separatedfor most of the day

  21. Jennifer Corbett

    We are about 3 months in with our Britanny pup Owen. We started binge-watching your videos in the weeks before we brought him home. And we watch a few videos every day. I can not say think you enough this is the kind of resource I need! We also bought your books in aublie ! Owen is doing awesome! I have a toddler so my pace is a little slower but I try for two main training sessions and many small secondly ones a day! Along with playing kickball (our pup loves kickball) at least 2x a day. We turned some friends on to your videos and their lab is doing much better with a little more excise! They are working on learning fetch! Thank you for these you are the only channel I am a patron on! P.s We also got a pup box with your link. At 1st I thought it was too much money BUT we save money by not picking up a toy each time we go town. And we get our on the go treats from the box also. Also, things I would have not thought to get but LOVE like a water bone or a bone with wholes to put PB in! We can rotate his toys once a week while keeping a few for training.

  22. melissa janik

    Meanwhile I’m still stuck on trying to teach my 7 month old to not bite his humans and not chase the cats lol

  23. taseer khalid

    7 min video with 2 min Ad

  24. Natalie Wainwright

    You should teach inertia to cross her paws!!

  25. Ingrid Edisen

    I almost want to eat the treats myself!

  26. BetZology

    I’m getting a dashund on the 14th you’ve helped me and future dog

  27. Paul C

    This is the best yt channel ever!!

  28. charz pak

    Wow she learned so much and so cute on how she followed ur commands

  29. _BlueAnimates_

    I bet inertia favourite bit of her training is opening the pup boxes 😂

  30. LpsCocoHearts

    i started using treats to teach my dog to walk, uwu

  31. Impulse

    i have a suggestion on a series you can make, I think it would be nice if you traveled to different countries or cities and helped people with their dog struggles and dog training, i think this would help out alot especially for me and my dog

  32. Impulse

    Hi i just wanna say that i enjoy this series as it helps me train my dog but a lot of us have different dog breeds that maybe aren’t as intelligent as border collies or aren’t as obedient. for example i have a husky and she rarely ever listens to me, even when i have her favourite treat (chicken). so i just wanna suggest maybe if you ever decided to do this series again, maybe choose a less obedient breed or less intelligent breed. idk i just wanted to suggest doing something that would help us a bit more

  33. Sophia Hsieh

    Inertia is so cute!!! How do you get a dog to tug? I have a lab/border collie and she’ll catch or grab, but the second I touch the toy/rope, she let’s go.

  34. Ramona _isnt here

    I’m getting an American Akita pup on august 16th your videos help so much thank you!!

  35. curious wiki

    My dogs are loving the dog training revolution:)

  36. LST 07

    I watch all your videos and there so good. Ps love the intro 😀

  37. Ronald Miller


  38. Leah Sanders

    I have an aussie SDIT and I have been looking for something like this so I’m able to have him switch sides

  39. Jacqueline Villarreal

    Love the SWITCH!!!🥰🥰🥰

  40. Animallover2053

    My puppy will either walk really slow or run really fast

  41. Hunter Yellow

    We are on our second week with our new black lab Remi and she is doing really great with your training

  42. Kenneth Anderson


  43. Julie Castle

    Should the dog be able to heel before learning switch?

  44. V GAMER

    Can you tell how to train the dog to travel in plain

  45. Choklad monstret Petersson

    I have a bird…. b-b-but i-its the s-s-same thing right?

    😂just kidding😂

  46. Top Cat

    Does the fact that Inertia is a Collie make her easier to train?

  47. emiliaalisa

    I have taught my 5 month old puppy to walk on my left side. I’m thinking that when it’s a good time to start learning to walk also on my right side?

  48. Ronit Wankhede

    im gonna get a germen shepherd and u made evry thing easy can I get harts from u n inertia

  49. Oboi

    i cant even get a leash on my dog, he just runs or hackles up and snarls …im at my wits end 🙁

  50. em303033

    Does Inertia stop and smell things along the road while being walked? Curious as to how far of leash do you give her for regular walking?

  51. Scorn27

    Zak love the content though

  52. Louise GUILBAUD

    Yaaaaaaaaas new video !!!!!

  53. Ishan Rocky

    I am training street dogs in my area

  54. A K

    This tric is amazing! If I saw a dog doing that in front of me I would not be able to keep my eyes off them, I would keep starring and hope to see more, and maybe talk with the owner 😄

    Thanks for sharing this video. Such a clear explanation and a lovely footage. You are my favorite dog trainer!! 🥰
    I’m really looking forward to your next video!

    Loves from your fan from Netherlands

  55. snowballs442

    Who is training who Zak? Looks like both of you are learning.

  56. young15100

    This man truly taught me how to build a strong bond with my pup 🐶 ❤

    This man has crazy patients lol

  57. Jiaan Beast

    I love ur vids

  58. sepehr bagheri

    Good for you zac
    I cant buy a dog because its really really expensive here😢
    I should pay 30 000 000 rials for a small malinois😭😭😭😭

  59. Eulita Smirnova

    I love watching these every if I don’t have a dog yet

  60. Feemailgamer

    I’ve given up 😩 my health is too poor so I’m just glad she knows some commands and usually pees outside. 🙄

  61. Rajat parakkal

    I love ur vids should I get a golden retriever? Or lab plsss reply dude

  62. Mrs Weathered

    When do you start? My dog is 7 months got her 2 months she sit down paw have trouble with stay can I start with other tricks

  63. Éverton Santos

    I am sorry for my mistakes in this comment, english is my second language, i am from Brazil, and i need help with my dog.
    I just watched one video that should teach how to correct a dogs behavior ( ) , the vídeo says that 90% of bad behavior can be solved by interacting with the dog.
    I think i am doing something realy wrong, my dog owns the house, it sleep in the couch, in beds, very often in the company of my father, it is around us all the time, we give her too much attention, but when we are sleeping, she goes to the garbage and make a real mess, it diggs the yard and bring dirty inside the house.
    Just like the dog from the video i watched, my dog also destroied a remote control, i am looking for a video that teaches how to make a dog behave when we are sleeping or when we are not at home, because she is a great dog, a very pleasant dog we it is around us, the problem is when she is alone.
    Does anybody knows a vídeo that can help me?

  64. JugglingWithBeats

    Thank you so much Zac!!!
    You have helped me so much to train my pup!thanks again🥳

  65. • Honey Rose •

    Your videos have helped me so much with my new puppy 🥰

  66. Alexander Caro

    Hey Zak George I recently got a puppy and have been watching your videos constantly thank you so much for helping

  67. Éverton Santos

    How do i make my dog behave when i am not at home or when i am sleeping?
    I woke up a few days back and te trash was all over the back yard.
    Se digg into the grass and brought all the dirtiness to inside my house.
    Can you recommend a video that teaches how to teache my Jolie how to behave?

  68. Éverton Santos

    How do i make my dog behave when i am not at home or when i am sleeping?
    I woke up a few days back and te trash was all over the back yard.
    Se digg into the grass and brought all the dirtiness to inside my house.
    Can you recommend a video that teaches how to teache my Jolie how to behave?

  69. Sarah Tassone

    one question how many people can be first to comment?

  70. Foxy Hopes

    Hi Zak! My dogs are fully grown and they’re my parents dogs
    I love to train them but 1 of my dogs look away from me when I train them. My other dog is very attached to my mum but she loves sausages (edit: he doesn’t always look away)

  71. Macie Lenhart

    I taught my australian shepherd Murphy a trick called “report” I tell her to stay then I walk away and stand there (facing away from her) with my legs spread apart a bitand say “report!” then she runs and sits underneath me! It would be so cool if you taught this to inertia too!

  72. David Wright


  73. Chief Noobie

    is this border collie i have been watching this series for longgggggg help me which breedddd is thissssss

  74. cricelplays

    hi shout out to the next video pls

  75. Paula Silva

    I love your videos

  76. Hello Hi

    I love you so much Zak and inertia 🥰❤️

  77. Ashley Parker

    how many of you like the video before you watch it just because you know it will be good

  78. steve steve

    pup box pup box pup box pup box pup box pup box

  79. It’s Alisa

    Hii💖 thx for all the tips I’m really learning with my new dog🥺💖


    You helped me a lot nice video

  81. Hund trener


  82. Paul Brownnutt

    Love your vids!

  83. Violet Laureen


  84. Elise

    I have a astralian sheppard

  85. Rxxster Gxcha

    *I am here*

  86. Chandrasingh Sukumaran


  87. Lil AA

    i love barkbox unboxing

  88. Vaishnavi Thakur


  89. Jeffrey Roche

    Does he reply

  90. Kuba Babala

    hi big fan of your vids got a dog yesterday helped a lot

  91. Orla Brady

    Thanks Zac this is really helpful

  92. pony Life Time

    i love the the dog training revolution

  93. Mia Rowe

    Omg I love your training videos. You have helped me out so much

  94. Elizabeth Getahun

    hi zak

  95. Scorn27

    Lead not leash

  96. Elizabeth Getahun

    first comment

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