How To Train ANY Puppy To Walk on Leash PERFECTLY!
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How To Train ANY Puppy To Walk on Leash PERFECTLY!

Puppy leash training is so fun!

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48 Thoughts to “How To Train ANY Puppy To Walk on Leash PERFECTLY!”

  1. Chopper

    “Your new puppy survival guide” most appropriate name for taking care of a puppy

  2. he he

    My doubt is that why you don’t have so many viewers … You have many subscribers🤔

  3. he he


  4. Vidhu Dashora

    The whole “make them think its their idea” notion is ground breaking for me. My little puppy Arlo is very assertive and vocal, being a 14 week old goldendoodle I expcted nothing less haha. This is a great tool, I want to see how I can influence positive actions in a way in which it makes them think its their idea. Anyone have any additional tips? Or maybe you Zak George!

  5. nathan borbas

    you sould see my puppy he eats a ton of food

  6. Ashlee

    I’m gonna have strong back muscles doing the heel trick with treats. My puppy is so short lol

  7. Trxpzz

    I’m getting a golden doodle on Thursday and I’m really exited

  8. Creative Diamond Dogs

    The books are great, and yes, potty training is loads of work albeit you will get lots of exercise. 😀

  9. Marjaneh Marjani

    I don’t have any puppy but I like to watch Zak,Kona and inirta.🐕🐕

  10. Marinel Frencillo

    I’d like to see more videos of Kona please..can you please extend your training with Kona?😄

  11. jimthebear2

    My dad is getting his puppy tomorrow. I can’t wait to use all these techniques

  12. rlake13

    I have a new 4year old pit, she is completely well behaved & listens very well inside. but on the leash I have no control. She doesn’t respond to any treats (not even steak, she’ll spit it out), she is so excited during walks that she is walking on 2 legs choking herself out because she wants to go full speed. I can’t wait to use some of your tips. Oh yeah great video

  13. Diane van Velzen

    My 10 year old Border collie X Australian shepherd mix eats as fast or even faster as Kona there. I bought a special bowl for him to slow him down, but it doesn’t help a lot because he’s so smart. After a week he knows exactly how to get his kibble out of that bowl.

  14. God's family garden

    I am having such a hard time training my half bluetick coonhound. He understands the command but he refuses to do anything without a treat even simple things like sit.

  15. Shaun Roberts

    What treats are you feeding in this session. I really like training videos. Very nice thank you for sharing.

  16. Qaicky

    My dog chugs down the food

  17. Chris F

    Since Kona is only 14 weeks old in the video, should she be walking in public spaces without her 16 week vaccinations? Just wondering because I’ve heard different thoughts on this. Also thanks for these videos, they have been so helpful with our puppy

  18. Dogs Are Pawsome

    You Da Man Zak! Love the puffy mic! 😆

  19. SuperHero LOVES Akita’s

    My dog is probably around 135, possibly outweighs me and he’s be giant muscle. He’s five in May. I prefer to use an exercise leash that attaches to my waist so he cannot get away or me lose my grip which the latter is my concern more so. He THINKS he can fly when chasing birds, although I cannot fly. He goes TOWARDS moving cars. I’d like to see what you do with a large dog that’s not obedient. 🤔 Let me also state I LOVE DOGS. More than humans.

  20. Charity Blackwell

    Be careful the areas you walk in lol 🙂

  21. Luka V

    You’re training helped me prepare for our puppy! Thanks for posting your first 24 hrs with a puppy video! It was every helpful! Keep it up man!

  22. Maja Ambroziak

    Thanks Zak after using heel command for 2 months my dog walks nicely on leash and don’t pull.He also learned how to watch me on walks.He’s a cockapoo and I love him.

  23. Nicolas Goosen

    Are you particularly strict about whether your dog should walk on the left or the right?

  24. The Gaming Nature

    We like dogs

  25. Charlotte Gore

    Any tips for a jack Russell puppy? I’m just about to get one. Great content thank you.

  26. Angelina Villarrurel

    How do u train a pup on look at me?

  27. CinnamonToastStx

    Your vids are helping a lot thank you

  28. Ajay Mishra

    Finally in 12 second

  29. J-s

    can even walk enertia on leash

  30. iris

    my puppy gets distracted by “air” 🙃

  31. Sarah Akers

    Thanks for all the videos, Zak! How can I get my dog to stop chasing my cat?

  32. Brooks Equine

    Why does Kona have a Kennel with no soft place ?

    Dude … you talk too much to people and not give enough energy to this nice young dog .

    SIGH ….

  33. Alice Koval

    I’m also trying teach a dog to walk nicely and all your videos really help. Thank you!

  34. Zazza YT

    Perfect timing

  35. Aurora

    My dog keeps running off, and when we try to catch him. He stares at us dead in the eye, and runs faster. Are there any tips for this..?

  36. Katari Surya

    Dog lover

  37. Ty Novak Aviation


  38. Star Sisters

    Awseome was soo exited for your vids very informative and helpful
    Kona is adorable as always

  39. Megan Girl

    Hey Zak, I just met my Golden Retriever puppy yesterday and we are picking him up on March 21st, his name is Rusty and you have really been a great help for me and my family to be prepared for our brand new puppy!

  40. Hazel’s Hamster Haven

    I really needed this video, my 12 week old puppy, always chews on her leash when we’re walking and tugs on it. It’s really frustrating!

  41. Ty Novak Aviation

    0:00 tells dog to be cool… wt

  42. lila k

    to whoever is reading this have an amazing day!❤️❤️

  43. Four Seal

    I got a puppy and can’t wait to teach him all the tricks I’ve seen here

  44. Alice Koval

    Kona ❤️

  45. Adrian Dolewski

    I’m getting a shih tzu in a month😁

  46. 100KSub Without Any Videos Challenge

    “Congrats to everyone who is early and found this comment” g

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