How To Train ANY DOG To Listen OFF LEASH!
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How To Train ANY DOG To Listen OFF LEASH!

Train any dog to listen to you while off-leash!

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80 Thoughts to “How To Train ANY DOG To Listen OFF LEASH!”

  1. The Golden Otty


  2. Chaos 139

    Got any tips on how to introduce a dog to a cat?

  3. Chaos 139

    I’m picking up a havanese pup this arvo and I’m exited to train him

  4. spyk

    wonderful! She does a great job!

  5. Filip M

    I felt that last part. My puppy was so good in following me when young. Now that she’s six months she’s still good but there is a small tendency not to listen sometimes, which makes it frustrating. Going back to the long leash until she’s “back again” 100%!

  6. Porter da ridegeback

    you should do a master class

  7. Rebecka T

    Did he say milk, SALT and lime juice when he read the ingrediense of the treat bag? 1.19!!! Becuase if i herd right then either he’s the most stupid and none knowing dog trainer or he’s forced to show that product. Or americans in general just don’t care about what their dogs eat, because salt and cause really bad problems like throwing up, cramping, passing out, stomach issues and sometimes death

  8. Raising Up Aussies

    Inertia was so good!

  9. EdSpaghett

    Do you live in alaska

  10. Harry Potter and more

    Who else doesn’t have of a dog but still watches these vids lol!

  11. Angel Becerra

    Can you train my dog ??

  12. Ben Nash

    quite interesting to see that she doesn’t have that “drive” and “obsession” that have collies have especially real farm breed ones. when mine has his Frisbee a dog could literally walk up to us and he wouldn’t pay it any attention .

  13. Creative Diamond Dogs

    Amazing the difference between a dog that has been trained very well and dog owner who portrays himself as very knowledgeable of dogs but who’s own dog refutes his portrayal. Like 585 😀

  14. Shane Tape

    I got two golden retrievers and ones a puppy and the other one is the mum and the mum will not listen because we moved houses and gets lost we can not find her it’s so hard but yesterday she killed 3 chicks!:(

  15. njoro dogs

    Hi zak am a dog trainer from Kenya and I really need a mentor you can check out my YouTube channel njoro dogs…I really need some help

  16. evancarmi

    Will you do a video on how you flew with Inertia? Tips and such.

  17. xxellaxx

    this is so useful! i take y dog to the base ball field once a day to play ball(i do have a backyard but the base ball field is bgger and more room to run and less smelly distractions) and i cant close the gate and sometimes he runs out of the area we are in and runs around in the grassey part right by us but he comes back after i call him a few times but i dont wanna cal his name several times!

  18. Rishika Pandey

    But really she is too fast learner and Zak is really good trainer

  19. Norma G

    Did you made a video of let your dog sit or down when they are far away from you

  20. Molly Dog

    No offence but I’m not a trainer and my lab, golden retriever, poodle mix has been of the leash since we got her at 2 months

  21. AnLe Dancing

    Hey Zak, I ❤️ your Videos. Been watching since you got Inertia. And it really helped me with training my then 5 month old puppy. Could you do an advice-video about „ugly“ dog appearances? Like „what do I do“? An off-leash dog attacked us out of nowhere and since then, I‘m on edge every time we‘re outside, which sadly projects on my dog and I don‘t want him to develop any insecurities 😬

  22. Apryl’s Page

    My husky has a look that lets me know that he’s about to run amuck off leash. Even in our fenced yard, he doesn’t listen unless I make him feel like I don’t want him to do something. My spitz is never a problem

  23. Jaana EnKerro

    I feel like my dog is the opposite. Maybe I’m not understanding something but he gets to be off leash only in a forest so when we are at the closest forest to our house that we go to often he goes a lot further to explore but if we go to a new forest he stays a lot closer because I think he’s afraid of getting lost. The closer he stays to me, the more reliable he is. So in a sense I feel like he is more reliable in a new environment in this specific case.

  24. Oreo & Pari

    Very nice video… Plz watch my ShihTzu funny videos…

  25. Blaze Fairchild

    I was a little worried about her for a while but she is doing great & I forget how young she still is. What a sweetheart 💕

  26. Did Jesus have a cat?

    I love the training content but feel like I’m constantly being “sold-to” on this channel…

  27. Kidus Tsegaye

    Anyone getting puppy in a week

  28. I don't know

    I got a border collie in January and inertia is why I wanted a collie

  29. Tiffany de Groot

    I love your video’s! I learn so much from them. Can you make one about how you teached inertia how to get in position? And also the switch? I’d love to learn that to my pup

  30. Patty J.A

    I wish I could live in a place with areas like that (big but with fence), it would be much more easier to train my 8 month old puppy off leash. Last time I tried, she run away and crossed a very busy street. Luckily it didn’t happen anything but now I’m scared to death to even try…

  31. David Ericks

    This is what McCann dog posted last week. Almost the same I like their videos better.

  32. Marissa Marrero

    My Aussie is sassy! 😅 he doesn’t really listen to me like this. We are working on it.

  33. Yanthe Moerkerken

    My dog is 6 months. I think I learned the “off leash thing” a little bit different/ wrong. He’s running away from me when I call him and he don’t listen to diffent commands. I don’t no what to do anymore.. Do you have some ideas?

  34. andrea sweeney

    I have been teaching our Bailey based on your videos , Bailey is a great dane mastiff. She is digging how do I stop that and wrestling in the house while barking?

  35. Uzma Wilder

    You can get more info about me on my channel 😍💋 💝💖❤️

  36. Tintin

    I broke into my local football field for some controlled off leash training and now i’m in prison.. cheers zak

  37. Jade Hilterbrand

    I just got my border collie puppy 2 days ago!

  38. Simran Khurana

    i dont have a dog but my life depends on your videos…love them

  39. Bibo Bibo

    I love u sooooo muchhhhhhh

  40. Awurama Nimako

    Zak…I love your training sessions so much…I saw one of your videos and since then I’ve been addicted to all your vids…I searched for your name once and I saw this guy named @GoXxLy and he’s a massive hater I don’t know why…anyways the point is rock on zak🤙

  41. Brianna Bickley

    Hi Zak! Love your videos. How long is your long leash? Looking to get one for my pup

  42. AsintheDaysofNoah

    I’m looking for service training for my dog who is almost 2. I’ve had a few surgeries and I need help walking across a street. Any suggestions?

  43. Srinivasan Aravamudan

    I’m so early I don’t know what to say and Zak does inertia herd your cat?

  44. cz fam

    Hey I’m the first to dislike 👎 jk love 💘 💕 😘 you Zak

  45. Kasey Musgrove

    Where did you get the lead? Or what length do you use? This would be great for my stubborn French Bulldog 🙂

  46. cz fam

    👋 guys Mr beast commented on my newest video 📹 😊 ☺ 😀 ❤ ✨ 📹 😊 ☺ 😀 ❤ ✨ 📹 go see for your self

  47. David Ely

    Great channel. In 2 weeks we’ll be picking up our puppy from the shelter. Your content is giving us the confidence to train Penny correctly. Thanks Zak!

  48. Victoria _

    My dog listens to me without a leash but when its on leash it protests and is stubborn

  49. Mirko Yonathan Ciotta

    I simply love your videos! It’s hard to get a dog where I live in Berlin, but I already started to learn from you how to have a good and worthy relationship with my future dog. Thanks for what you’re doing. I hope to send a comment soon telling how’s going with my new dog!

  50. NYA Cuddles

    I ❤️ Inertia!

  51. Alex Delacruz

    Hi Boys 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

  52. Ali Ali

    The king of the dog trainers is BACK🔥 🐕 🐶

  53. nuha adnan

    My dog doesn’t like food outside. I tried to play with him or giving him huge cuddle etc. But no matter what I do he doesn’t listen to me .even when he responds to me he doesn’t look at me . Do you have any advices might help . Thanks


    Yay I’m early

  55. German Shepard Is Love

    Dogs 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  56. Llamanator 703

    I really want a puppy but I have asthma and need a purebred. I cannot find a dog :((((((

  57. Kumkum Jaitly

    Hey i am thinking of adopting a dog so what do you think is the best breed of small dogs

  58. Llamanator 703

    Hey Zak! I was just watching you this morning 🙂

  59. Renesh Motiani

    Thanks for the video your training really helps🙌

  60. Yash Nalawat

    Zak you are grate

  61. Shadyy

    Didn’t work for my cat

  62. Hachi The Husky

    Bet you couldn’t train me Zak, I give my owner more than a handful 😂😂

    … it’s not that you wouldn’t be able to train me – I’m just a huge goofball 😆

  63. Daniel Vasquez

    I got a labradoodle puppy so this channel is going to be great for me

  64. Slappy Beaver

    Great Content!

  65. Jeffrey Roche

    How do you train a dog to enjoy swimming

  66. MSC

    Imagine getting pinned

  67. Isshaan Goel

    Wow Zak I love the Dog Training videos with inertia.

  68. Dominic Rifelj

    Love ur videos

  69. Angel veliz

    Hey inertia!

  70. Chilled Music

    Dude to u play Minecraft

  71. geeky me

    i wish i would be first …..

  72. Keera Can't Animate

    My pitbull puppy is getting taught based on this

  73. Adept

    I’m on the way to pick up my border collie puppy right now!

  74. Jessica Pennington

    Love your vids

  75. Rainbow Cat25

    Hi I love your videos keep up the good work

  76. Katherine Nybo

    You have helped me train my dog thank you

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