How to Train a Distracted Puppy
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How to Train a Distracted Puppy

Training a puppy will often test your patience. In this lesson, number 4 for Max and Joey, we start to see that Max doesn’t always want to do what we’re asking. There are many puppies like this and those of you who have one, know it’s not easy. Not every puppy is willing Malinois or Border Collies sometimes you end up with a stubborn Akita. Well, this video lesson will help you better understand how to deal with a stubborn dogs because they need love and training too.

This entire series will help you see Max from Day one all the way through his training. His successes and challenges.

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15 Thoughts to “How to Train a Distracted Puppy”

  1. Robert Cabral

    check my online dog training lessons at:

  2. MrShaneDiesel

    99p by gonna oh u p)

  3. tinkalinks

    Omg Max is my dog’s twin! Exact same coloring and distractedness. My girl focuses better and she’s the wild child. I needed this. My Akita pups sit so crooked I’ve been wondering how I can fix it!

  4. Laura's Life Dog Training & Dog Vlogs

    Watching the difference in drive between Ciggy the Mali pup and this Akita pup is incredible. It really does show the differences in breed drives. Great work though. Thank you : )

  5. BangHammers

    Stoops wouldn’t tell me how much youre taking these guys for by telling them they have “aggressive” or “distracted” dogs

  6. Jannell Meagher

    We too with guide dogs in training use a wall at home, fences outside or store walls when out and about to fix the sit. Excellent, Robert!!👏❤️

  7. Mizzkie

    The way Max’s owner says “Goood” is like ASMR. LOL
    Love his voice.

  8. Morgan B

    Any tips on how to keep my dog focused on me while im training her outside? She loses interest the moment after i give her a treat for doing something, and its hard to get her to come back to do the command again.
    This video helped, but not the specific problem im having

  9. Dreamgaits

    This is a good video showing how important having good handling skills is in dog training. Nice job conveying this to the puppy owner. People training is just as important if not more so than dog training. A dog trainer needs to be a good people trainer too! Nice job. Beautiful pup.

  10. Dreamgaits

    I do wonder how wearing a mask affects the communication with dogs. I am raising a litter of puppies now and wear a mask around them off and on just so they are socialized to people wearing masks.

  11. Choo Momma

    Why is this bloke wearing a mask outside? Why is this bloke wearing a mask full stop? Apart from restricting your oxygen level and increasing your carbon dioxide, they do nothing! Asymptomatic means Healthy! Sad. No wonder the puppy doesn’t respond! Can’t see your expression!

  12. Shannon Davidson

    His praise tone is so spot on.

  13. Liz Walke

    Thank you for sharing. This was great.

  14. TheBlackAvatar

    My Akita does the same thing thank you I needed this

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