How to TRAIN a Distracted DOG using REWARDS and CORRECTIONS
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How to TRAIN a Distracted DOG using REWARDS and CORRECTIONS

How to train a distracted dog using rewards and corrections. Will and Red have been using clicker training for a while and ran across a hurdle when away from home. Red would check out and not pay attention to Will’s commands. In this video lesson, you’ll see the proper timing for corrections and rewards and a big transformation in Red’s behavior.

The full 22+ minute version is available in my member section:

One of the biggest hurdles facing positive-only training is a dog’s prey drive. Here you will see a dog that has a higher degree of prey drive and nothing besides a fair correction gets him back. With the guidance of balanced training and well-timed corrections and rewards, we see a dog transformed from a disobedient dog to a very well-behaved dog.

There is more to this lesson that will be posted in future videos, but you’ll get the idea that a balanced dog training approach is the fairest, most humane training methodology.

Thank you, Will and Red for sharing your training with all of us. We’ll see you back soon.

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43 Thoughts to “How to TRAIN a Distracted DOG using REWARDS and CORRECTIONS”

  1. Melodee McCullough

    Great video. My pup is super distracted and I’m going to try these tips! Thanks for the info!

  2. MaaanuS

    You can clearly see how a correction works right here. And the dog didn’t got hurt nor offended, he learned.

  3. Anand Lagali

    How long will this kind of marking the behaviour with a treat be going! Will it be every time the dog comes to me even if its been 2 years since I started marking this behaviour!?

  4. Mark angelo Carrera

    What breed Red is?

  5. Kingdom K9 Training Academy

    Robert—Thank you for your integrity and properly training dogs without bullshit clutter. You have helped me train about a dozen dogs and most recently, my police k9 GSD mascot….she will be 7 months next week and I implemented the 2.25 HS collar at 6 months…after proper leash pressure, inside training, etc. We are progressing greatly…..shes intense, hahaha…you’d love her and I have some hockey gloves you can wear too just to be safe! Wink! Stay honest and genuine sir! Love from Vermont..come stay at my guest house anytime and check out my crappy videos if your bored!

  6. Stuart and loopylunatheboxer

    That’s not dog training! That’s witchcraft! Amazing 👌

  7. Robert Bovasso

    I think a lot of people that think the leash pop, prong, e-collars are cruel, one don’t know how to use them and don’t understand they are all used as basically attention getters.

  8. Xitaris

    Is it just me or is this another case of a trained dog (in progress) with an untrained owner?

  9. Derek Edwards

    This is so foundational. Thank you Robert

  10. rockabilly3333


  11. BJ Bumblebee

    Absolutely wonderful demonstration. Nice to see you Robert on how you work with a dog owner wanting behavior education and modification. The dog knows you are alpha when you have the leash and he wants your rewards

  12. Alysani01

    How would these correction work on a dog that has to be on a harness? I have a small terrier mix and if he pulls on a flat collar he will be coughing for the next 10 mins. he has a harness that i can use a front or back clip.

  13. kickn-aDead-cat

    My son just picked up a rescue at a shelter in pa. . The sweetest German shepherd I’ve ever seen. They found him tied near a highway in Kentucky his feet were melted to the. Asphalt. dehydrated lost a lot of weight. Big patches of hair missing all over his coat. The vet thinks hes around 6 to 8 years old. I don’t believe this dog was mistreated at all. My theory is he got lost and someone tied him to the Pole near the highway to keep him from running across. just left thinking someone would come along to pick him up. Fortunately someone did but it was like a week or so later. This dog had a good home he is so friendly loves other dogs loves other people loves kids My son had him over my house today and he played with my 2 dogs. Feel bad for the people that owned because they obviously trained him to be a sweet dog. He has had him for a month now and the dog is looking better but his feet are still bleeding. The vet has him on antibiotics and he should be fine hopefully in a few months.

  14. Perfect Weather

    Very helpful, thank you

  15. Doug's Dog Training and Day School

    Training a dog and priorities. Build a Necessary Foundation with your dog prior to teaching obedience.

    1) Engagement
    2) work on Behavioral issues
    3) Then Teach obedience commands

  16. Gabriel Németh

    Hello there, amazing video as always! I want to ask if this somehow can damage the dog’s neck?

  17. Jordan Rakei Management

    Hey Robert, great video. Just one question…Is this possibly damaging in any way to the dog? Constant yanking of the neck? Particularly at 8:25.

  18. deepan j

    My dog not stepping down from stairs. Can u please help

  19. Milena Taylor

    This is really good stuff. Now, I go outside and practice with my dog! Thanks, Robert. Btw I like the owner’s energy. Seems like a chill dude. Oh, it may be irrelevant, but what kind of collar was he using, I couldn’t exactly tell?

  20. nm moore

    Great, thanks. Clarifies timing, etc.

  21. Brosev the Dog

    Excellent 👍👍
    Nice seeing a non professional use your technique!
    Thank you

  22. Fishme7

    Hi Robert. Thank you for all your videos! they are awesome and the best iv come across. All very simple, logical and straightforward.

  23. Cis

    Would you do this with an older puppy too? Like 6 or 7 months old.

  24. Hari Nandakumar

    I am new to pet . I would like to buy a Rottweiler puppy. Please let me know will I be able to train it well by following the same you do

  25. Jeannie patterson

    These videos can’t get more brilliant than this!!! This is simple but brilliant! This is actually fabulous!

  26. Boboc Ionut

    Good video, my dog has about double the pray drive Red has, this is useful

  27. Freddy S

    You’re work is amazing. I can watch your videos all day man! Thank you so much for sharing so much of this content here for free.

  28. Ruth Acheson

    Real world training…thanks Robert. Is he on a prong collar?

  29. Noel de la Rosa

    This is exactly what I’m going through now with the 15 month old BM I just adopted last week! 🙏 Thank you!


    Good training thanks Robert!

  31. Ryan Snyder

    Great 👍 training

  32. Bob Mardigian

    The dog is smart, knows who the boss is (like just about every dog). The problem is getting the owner to be a boss without feeling guilty- that’s the hard part…

  33. Magearon

    Very helpful! I love the videos where you train a client’s dog. What a beautiful dog! I wonder what breeds make up his mix. German shepherd and pharaoh hound maybe?

  34. D ツ

    Really a fantastic episode. You have taught 1000’s by patiently explaining the necessary but simple concept of dog engagement to us in 10 minutes. Thank you.

  35. Frøken Norge

    Nice little dog hes got there, hope they will do great in the future

  36. Gardenrabbit356

    Nobody wants to show the leash correction part of the process because it isn’t fun or flashy but without it the dog never has a chance to change its mind

  37. attic1 project

    This is exactly my puppy’s problem. When we’re at home he follows me around, does heel nicely and many tricks on command, sleeps in his crate but on the walk I can’t get him to pay attention to me. Thanks for the video!

  38. Anthony psara

    this was great and really helpful my little mut has the same problem I’m going to work on this tomorrow

  39. Colin2020

    Great lesson👍👍👍

  40. xpudsygaminx Diverse

    Would love to see more of these types of videos

  41. sepehr bagheri

    Why didnt share the full video ????

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