How to Train 3 Tricks I’ve NEVER Taught to a Dog Before!
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How to Train 3 Tricks I’ve NEVER Taught to a Dog Before!

How to train dog tricks! Seriously, I’ve never trained these before!

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93 Thoughts to “How to Train 3 Tricks I’ve NEVER Taught to a Dog Before!”

  1. Doug Sharp

    Do you have a video of showing how you get Inertia to keep her mouth open while you brush her teeth? Our Ruby will let me brush her teeth but it is a tiny bit of struggle only because she likes her puppy toothpaste. 🐶🦷🐾

  2. Lima Echo Numismatics

    That thumbnail is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen

  3. Kayanna Rosavet

    I have a 7 week old puppy he’s a chihuahua and a poodle I’m trying to teach him how to sit by luring him with treats but he just doesn’t care. If he doesn’t get the treat he just find something else to mess with please I need some advice should I wait until he’s 8 weeks?

  4. Cian Redmond

    Zak my dog is reliable 65% of the time what would u recommend doing

  5. Victoria Mathai

    I can’t wait to train my dog these tricks! Thank you!

  6. Mishap & Me

    Hahaha I tried teaching the conga to my pup and she just looked at me like, “are you kidding?”

    We managed it by the end of the session though. Collies are so smart!

  7. Nora Alonso

    Now I want a dog!!!😭

  8. Creative Diamond Dogs

    Would love to see someone do the conga in a dog competition 😀

  9. Joice Mou

    Love ur vids!!! :DD

  10. Elaine Schellinger

    Inertia should have Instagram highlights where she’s holding tasty foods or absurd objects in strange or public places lol love this!!! Going to try this with my chunky girl this afternoon.

  11. Pratham Kaul

    One day , Dogs will be as equal as humans and they will worship Lord Zak George….

  12. cia

    I love him He is so cute thought my neighbors puppy many things and want to get my own ☺

  13. Mathangi Ananthakrishnan

    I like the portrait of Indy. It is so funny.

  14. Fabiana Guareschi

    How do I reward my dog if she’s scared of being rewarded? She was rescued from a very abusive household and even though she’s learned to trust us a little bit and will sometimes come ask for a pat, she hides when we call her or walk on her direction. It’s been 2 years of showering her with love and improvement, but SO far from being able to train her… I wanna stimulate her brain and give her the self confidence it brings, but how????

  15. Kylee Liden

    I want to see these tricks when inertia is great at them as well. Maybe in another video

  16. Kylee Liden

    These tricks are soo cool. Love your videos Zak

  17. Mohammad alarimi


  18. Alba Mena

    Hello, I have a very serious problem at home… I have two dogs, a young one and a 7 year old one. We recently found out that the older one is diabetic… Above all the problems that this brings, we also need to give our dog a calm environment. But our youngest dog is too hyperactive. She screams like hell when she doesn’t get what she wants and that stress out our other dog. We need to go for a walk 2 times a day but every time we start preparing ourselves for that the youngest dog start screaming… And I don’t say barking because that’s not what she does… She screams. When she wants something, she start screaming. When she sees birds on the other side of the street and wants to run to them… We don’t let her, so she starts to scream. Same when she sees a dog, or a person, or maybe for no reason at all… We can’t have this “no-stress” walkies that our vet asked us to do. And if we take only one of our dogs… The youngest starts screaming like hell and we need two people to contain her because she is too strong. We tried with treats before and it didn’t work. And now, we can’t even use treats anymore because the other dog can’t have any. We don’t know what to do anymore. When the young one start this “I will scream till you give me what I want” session she doesn’t care about anything else, no treats, no distraction, nothing. What can we do?

  19. Sayantika Malakar

    I love your videos Zak! You are my favourite youtuber!

  20. _BlueAnimates_

    Inertia really good at staying still you should turn that into a trick

  21. Miss Mercedes

    Inertia is smart as hell…

  22. stripeytapir

    7:55 That is some MAJOR side eye from Inertia XD

  23. snowballs442

    I  was laughing too hard…both of you deserve a treat.

  24. Tania Caetano

    How often do you brush Inertia’s teeth

  25. Wendy Arthur

    That was so much fun to watch! Inertia is just too adorable for words :). I have learned so much from watching your channel and am helping my daughter train her dog and I love doing it :). Thanks for all your hard work and taking us all through all the steps to become good trainers for our own dogs 🙂

  26. Jackysutarrodetierra

    She didn’t look all that happy with the first and third tricks honestly, maybe that was working too fast. Ears were back, pupils seem dilated at times and I even saw a whale eye a couple of times.

  27. Courteney Deleon

    Woow woow 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

  28. Maria Shahan

    where did you get that super long black leash

  29. Nick HOLLAND

    I Have A New St Bernard Puppy And It Is So Stubborn That I Did Not Have Control Over Him Sometimes.
    Can You Give Us A Tips To Train
    Stubborn And Lazy Puppy Like St Bernard🙏😁

  30. Zoe Baldozier

    Hi zak I was just Curious do Puppies actually listen when they are older my puppy is a border collie And she only does commands with motions

  31. Dubu Disaster

    I just wanted to say that INERTIA’S WHITE PAWS ARE SO CUTE!!<3 And her white tip on her tail!! Inertia's fur combination is very unique and cute.

  32. Emilia Chape

    I use “go investigate” to let my pup know he can go sniff around or look. He’s always so curious to see whats inside a box or even inside the tub. So I have this cue bc it makes it fun, like we’re out exploring the world. And he loves it. It allows him to do what he wants to do, which is investigate, and I know he’s doing it under my supervision. Rather than him going looking for things inside boxes or things like that on his own.

  33. Na z

    The conga lina was so cute! Any way to do that or something similar with a small dog?

  34. LpsCocoHearts

    i taught a 12 wk old puppy 3 tricks, should i stop there and give her a break, or keep going?

  35. Macie Lenhart

    the rug that’s in the room with the paintings of indy and inertia we have in our living room 😂

  36. Hari Chand

    You’re the best trainer Zak !

  37. Macie Lenhart

    I taught my australian shepherd Murphy a trick called “report” I tell her to stay then I walk away and stand there (facing away from her) with my legs spread apart a bit and say “report!” then she runs and sits underneath me! It would be so cool if you taught this to inertia too!

  38. cat_planted_ lemon_mint

    Funniest video ever!!! LOVE this. Inertia is such a GOOD dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And holding food in the mouth without eating it?! She showed so much restraint.

  39. mine crafty

    LOVE IT do you train other peoples dogs

  40. Claudia Clark

    2:32 I like 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

  41. LazyDazey

    Hey Zak I’ve got a question, Did you Spay Your dog?

  42. Alana Tracey

    Getting a puppy in 13 days and have really been enjoying these vids

  43. Suriya Narayanan

    Im half an hour before yay!and also your dog is soo cute!!

  44. LpsCocoHearts

    intertais so cute!

  45. LpsCocoHearts

    im finally somewhat early 😅

  46. Fairy Tale

    just a small request, but can you do a go through of your heel training?

  47. Lacy Beavers

    You should have a segment on teaching her or Indy to use the sound boards. I’m not sure what they are actually called but it’s so neat. I would love to teach mine but I’m not really sure how to approach that. Both my pups are crazy crazy smart and training them to do anything is so so easy but I cannot get them use to pushing buttons that actually mean what they want.

  48. Fortnite

    I have a mini labradoodle she’s 5 months old 😍

  49. Pixellia

    “There is one lifelong goal that I have…”
    And that is to teach

    *how to do a conga line*

  50. sushanth methre

    inertia is which bread?

  51. Vincent Ly

    Do you have a video coming up about brushing your dogs teeth?

    Just rescued a 2+yo border collie and we’ve been obsessed with your series. Do you have any tips for getting your dog used to teeth brushing?

  52. Splash

    I’m getting a dog soon and I know how to train it all thanks to u ty!

  53. cz fam

    Hi I have a Australian Shepherd named rocky he is 5 months old and knows lots of tricks

  54. Freezeray813

    Thank You so much I have been watching all your vids


    Hey man please tell me I want a German Shepherd very very much
    But my parents only want other dogs specially Labrador
    Because I am am years old

  56. Janice Kim

    my corgi loves to grab the end of the toilet paper and runs all around the house trailing the TP until the entire roll is ripped off

  57. That Climbing girl

    Zak can you please make a video on why you think balanced training is bad/why you have Never told Interia No. We use balanced training with our two dogs and we will use it with our puppy that we are getting in a week. Our corrections are vocal we also use body pressure and pop the leash. Rewards are food, toys(if the particular dog likes them.) and prais. Balanced training is quicker and teaches a dog boundaries a lot faster, the dog also learns that misbehaving leads to consequences. I know a lot of people are against it, but the results speak for themselves. By the time our cocker spaniel, miniature poodle mix was a year old he was off lead in all safe settings had good leash manners. Without balanced training our dog would take advantage of us(we followed zaks advice in the beginning it was a disaster). He had no boundaries, no manners, as soon as we started using vocal corrections he changed into a completely different dog for the better.

  58. Glitch Man

    I want to do the conga line 🙁 Imma hold Inertia’s hips

  59. TARR* Rachel

    This is awesome! Funcheaporfree just posted a good dog owning video. Led us here. My 10 year old would love to teach our pug/ Chihuahua tricks. He has a ton of potential both kid and dog. Haha

  60. Trc W

    Thank you for your videos. Literally, I watch them just because they are so positive. Rather than watch news or other negative things on YouTube I watch Zac George, lol. We do have a new dog, so it helps for sure, but your videos help me feel happy too! ♥️ Thank you for that!


    I watched pretty much all Enertia series it helped a lot in training actually completely

  62. • Honey Rose •

    I’ve watched all of inertia’s journey! I only started watching your channel about a month ago because I got a new puppy 2 weeks ago and I’m so excited to teach him cool tricks like these ones you did for inertia!

  63. Pixie 009

    I have already asked this on a previous video but I am going to ask again

    Can you do a video where you vlog your day with inertia, all your training sessions and time lapses of her sitting in her crate also her going into the garden and daily walks. I would love to see hours of raw footage of inertia that I could skip though and learn from.

  64. Joice Mou

    I love ur videos!!! EEEEK Im getting a labrador puppy in October, its going to be born on the 19th of August!!! EEEEK I LOVE TRIANING! i feel liek training is so cool, bc it increases ur bond and its just so cool to see what ur dog can do. it helps then with safety too liek obedience training and other tricks.

  65. The story of why

    I think you can train a cat too

  66. Legaim

    Thanks after 7 years you had not leaved your channel today after I had suddenly watched your video thanks please don’t leave your channel

  67. Sri Nilojan

    I am also going to buy a puppy ang train 😁😁😁😁


    this is the earliest i’ve been! 3 mins!
    i have watched almost ALL your videos because i’m getting a new puppy! 😀
    You have really helped me!

  69. Angel Tresa Abraham


  70. Jazz vanO

    She is the cutest 🥺❤

  71. Jay J

    I don’t think she can be considered “New” anymore… 😒🤦🏾‍♂️

  72. Bl4z3ing W0lf

    Not First ✋

  73. sepehr bagheri

    My god….
    14 coments in 3 minutes

  74. One Two

    What kind of breed is inertia?

  75. Puppy Love

    Thanks for the vid Zac. Really helpful 😘😘

  76. Steve The Kitty

    I wish I had a dog to put these cool tricks to use

  77. 100K Subscribers Without Videos Challenge

    Literally 99% won’t see this but if you do, God bless you, stay safe and have a wonderful day.🙏 efgf

  78. Michele Pierantozzi

    your dog is so good I wish i could have one just like her keep up the goodwork

  79. Iwona Helinski

    So cool!

  80. Jazz vanO

    You are incredible, I cant believe a dog could do that!!

  81. shambhavi shandilya


  82. swami nehe

    inertia is one cooperative puppy

  83. Puzzles and More

    Anyone going to talk about how Zac and Mark Rober started their videos at the same time!!

  84. Xynazayyan Khan

    hey i really like your vids i was thinking to get a dog now i am sure i want onr

  85. Jamilet

    Omgggg thats so cute😭😭😭

  86. 1k subscibers with no video


  87. Draco

    To the person that’s reading this:

    You’re amazing stay blessed stay safe and Stay healthy during quarantine🌟🍎

    *(OMG MrBeast just commented on my recent video I’m literally crying and shaking)*

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