How to Train 3 RIDICULOUS Dog Tricks FAST!
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How to Train 3 RIDICULOUS Dog Tricks FAST!

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167 Thoughts to “How to Train 3 RIDICULOUS Dog Tricks FAST!”

  1. ClaireRock

    I’m really thinking about getting my own dog (I’m 14 years old). My parents say that it would have to be an outside dog. So I am thinking about getting a husky. I just don’t know if I should train the dog and make the dog sleep outside for the first couple of weeks or if I should keep the dog inside for the first couple of weeks and then get the dog used to sleeping outside. I need answers please.

  2. occasionalreadr

    Thank goodness you are still working on her reacting to other dogs!!! So am I (Mine just turned 1) and it was making me feel really insecure about how we were doing. I feel better knowing you still have the same problem. Mine just thinks he has to run over there and play with any other dog he sees on the street and he gets quite riled up about it. He pulls and barks in frustration and everyone probably thinks he is a horrible, naughty lunatic. What makes it really difficult is not having a dog park etc to go practice at, so we have to try to train based on random street encounters which is not ideal at all.

  3. Dooly C

    Zac always makes everything seem super easy!!!!! I am gonna try and see if it is easy for me and my doggy too ♡

  4. Freya Keogh

    can you make a video explaining the difference of your terms wait and stay?

  5. certifiedm

    The 2nd picture in the thumbnail 😍😍

  6. qt Rythm

    Hey zach when Anertia got her shots did she get sick or have stomach problems?

  7. T B

    Hey Zac LOVED this video I just have a question about my dog Blue he’s a Blue heeler Aussie mix he is really crazy so I was wondering if you have any tips for me?

  8. Eve Hello :D

    That’s adorable

  9. Noah & Atlas

    I know Zak won’t be intrigued by this, but maybe someone else will. I know Zak is always talking about engagement and focus from your dog. but at 8:39, you missed an opportunity to mark and reward for disengaging with her surroundings! You say you lost her, but she looked for a split second and then GAVE YOU UNPROMPTED EYE CONTACT!!!! You should’ve acknowledged and jackpotted that!!! that was great work from Inertia!!! AARREGGHGG

  10. Noah & Atlas

    Zak! Try bowl work/hind end awareness exercises with Inertia! She’d have a lot of fun with it

  11. Gisel N

    How do you teach heel? Do you have a video?

  12. Caroline X

    you know when its a good treat when zak eats it haha

  13. Shmoovin

    Nice video Zak! Still enjoying seeing inertia grow with time!

  14. April Josue

    The frog followed by the box was so hilarious and adorable😂😍Inertia is so smart!!

  15. cz fam

    My dog loves training

  16. Sofía Vélez

    I just finished binging this series and got an insane amount of puppy fever

  17. Vilashni Mottian

    I always enjoy your videos! Super fun! Inertia is sooo cute 🙂

  18. David Orlenh

    What happened to bb8 your Alaskan kleleye

  19. John Allmond

    Hi Zak George I am a big fan, I am 12 year old, and I subscribed to you and you are my favorite YouTuber. I have a 10 week old beagle puppy, and you have helped me and my family train her. Could you reply to this comment?


    Can you do a video training old pitbulls I have one who is really goofy and stubborn and won’t stop looking at the treats and won’t listen or sit

  21. sherralyn caylor

    I watched a police dog do the between the leg walking at a high level. It was awesome to watch.

  22. hamed mohsen

    Zak I well get a puppy that’s a golden retriever just yeah anyways can you please do a how to train your dog to get potty trained

  23. Chantal Schot

    I’ve also taught my dog to stay or walk in between my legs, it’s not only a fun trick but also very useful in crowded areas when you want him to keep close to you! Also, Inertia is just absolutely beautiful and so smart!

  24. APEXBOYV 2

    How can I contact you for some help with my dog

  25. Avery Colbert

    I use 30 day perfect pup ( pupford) and using all the tips and tricks u give in your videos. Thank u sooooooo much it has helped me a lot.

  26. Yashna Blauw

    You know, I did spot that spelling mistake you made there, Zak👀 Glad you saw it too😂
    Love your videos btw! Been binging this whole series❤

  27. Parmeet Kaur

    Love this series!!!💖

  28. Idamaria Laine

    Hi, love these videos, but haven’t had time to watch all. So do you have one where you teach the still stay?

  29. Lexi Rodriguez

    Wow, awesome tricks!! Inertia is such a great dog! You’ve taught her so many cool things. 😄

  30. NicKy 01

    I started teaching my 4 year old dog some tricks that I saw on this channel and even tho most of this month was rainy I managed to teach her to lay down, roll over and turn around. Now I plan on teaching her to balance something on her nose cuz it looks awesome!

  31. AmazingSkylerTime

    Are you near Mississippi?

  32. Robin Kumar

    Love from INDIA ( Faridabad )

  33. Alyssa Rice

    What breed is inersha

  34. Mikaella Marquez

    Is it morning for them because its already midnight

  35. can i get 200 subscribers

    You are the best trainer so far

  36. Unlucky_ Mist

    What treats do your recommend for 3 month old English bulldog that doesn’t add to much weight to them? And Love the series it’s helped me with my puppy training Lots!

  37. APEXBOYV 2

    How can I contact you for you can help me with my dog Monty

  38. iisunxsunsetii :3

    Who else watches this but doesn’t have a dog-

    Also just wondering, are Shih Tzus a good breed for children 11+ ? Please reply 😀 I need to know!:

  39. Fiene van Dijk

    This could also be useful in crowded places, so you take up less space
    (Edit: the between the legs trick)

  40. rekha Deol

    My dog knows to balance on head but i will try out this also 👍👍👍

  41. Kyle Zimmerman


  42. blue star

    😍😍 so stinking cute! Love love!!

  43. Dalia Baldor

    She’s grown so much!

  44. Piera B

    Inertia is brilliant! And of course Zak too. Wow I wish to have a dog this well trained in my life! TY for inspiring!

  45. Jacob Bourgoin

    That bass drop in the intro will go down in history as the biggest bass drop

  46. Nora Alonso

    What food is she on?

  47. Dakota&Blessing ServiceTeam

    My 5 month old is fully offleash in a dog park environment with birds and squirrels… granted I’m a professional trainer but aren’t you also?

  48. Brooke Buckman

    I have a question how do you transition from giving your dogs treats to not when they do a trick

  49. the weird meow

    1:58 zack DID YOU JUST EAT IT?

  50. Mbeya Mumma

    You help me sooo much with my dog

  51. Sarah Taylor

    I love seeing the bark boxes! They’re always so awesome 👍 I also keep up on Instagram and she seems to be doing well with the walking between your legs. If it were me, I’d fall 😂

  52. the weird meow

    love your channel zack! getting my own pup in a couple of weeks!

  53. franka franka

    Hii ❤️

  54. the weird meow

    This is the only channel where I actually dedicate myself to clicking like the flash

    Also I want one of those pup boxes myself lol

  55. Aurora

    These tricks are so adorable! 🤯

  56. The random show

    53 minutes I’m watching this

  57. Aardappelsoepje

    This genius YouTuber Liam Thompson just taught his dog how to write. No Joke. He’s not the best dog trainer ever but defenitely check the vid out cause it’s genius.

  58. Avery Colbert

    I got my dog a couple days ago and she knows how to sit and she is leaning her name ‘Nova’

  59. bbyskittles91

    After I taught my puppy spin in all went down hill. She learns fast, but not shes like “Roll? Ha! I’ll stick to the spin. That’s fun.”

  60. The random show

    I’m early almost 1 hour after

  61. Ruth Njeri

    That’s very nice and helpful 👍👍👍

  62. Creative Diamond Dogs

    Always good to have two videos in a week. Loved the box balance at the end. 😀

  63. Ingrid Edisen

    excellent and compassionate trainer!

  64. Teagan

    Hey Zak loved this video! I recently got a Australian shepherd puppy (8 weeks old) and she doesn’t really seem too keen on staying in her crate at night, I’ve done lots of crate training but she is still very anxious and nervous whenever she is put into the crate. I followed your crate training video, it was effective but it it didn’t totally work, she still cries and whines at night. I don’t want her to be afraid of the crate. Is there something that I’m missing?

  65. Cecilia Rodriguez

    I love dogs! (But mine the most!!!)

  66. RRBcrafter Games

    Love ur videos zak!!! 💗

  67. Zia Parke

    any border collie tips?

  68. katherine sage

    your videos are so helpful, thank you!!

  69. Just Mari

    My dog is really energetic and even when we take her for a walk she is still hyper how do I get her more calm

  70. mbot

    I already have dog but your vids make me want another one

  71. blue beluga

    Awwww Inertia is sooo cute with that frog on her nose :3

  72. Yogi.Teacher. Sara

    I love when you balanced the bark box on her head 😂 She’s probably like what in the heck is this guy teaching me to do

  73. fount leanne

    This is really beautiful.

  74. Stephanie Garcia

    Can you post another daily routine with inertia

  75. Mukund N

    I love your vids, we are going to get a dog on July 11th and you are giving amazing tips, we are getting a Goldendoodle. And he is. A bo y

  76. Baldavier

    As she’s a sheep dog how do you make sure she gets tonnes and tonnes of exercise every day ?

  77. luke muscat

    So coll ths

  78. Piano 57

    Hi. By no means is this a critisism of you or your training methods. I wondered when you think a dog is ready to be let off lead in public areas and how you judge the right time. Love your videos

  79. Legend Of101

    Thank you so much for this series they been a great help.

  80. Winnie Cobb

    I love your videos I hope I can get a dog soon!

  81. Aditya Sreejit

    Epic vid

  82. Ween McWeen

    I just can’t get over how adorable Inertia looks in the intro when Zak is giving her a bath!!!

  83. Dance moms super fan

    Who else clicked right away with you saw the title.

  84. Alexis Ray

    What kind of leashes do you use

  85. Ritzcrackker53

    How can people dislike this

  86. Lilla Szücs

    I just taught that “under and walking” trick to my old dog few weaks ago. He’s really not used to learning new things, since my dad trained him when he was a puppy and stopped years ago. But if there’s food involved he does almost anything. 😀

  87. David Denzel

    I liked all 85 first comments ,
    This guy is awsome

  88. Joice Mou

    Zak is EPIC, His videos are so helpful! Im learning so much from his channel, When my parents get a new bigger house, we are getting a dog! EEEk

  89. Charli

    legend says he wont reply ! 🙂

  90. Noemi AB

    Inertia is so cute and she has learned a lot. I would love to have a dog, and this really helps to prepare. I’ve been subscribed since day one and I wish you guys the best.😍

  91. Silvy Tigro

    Inertia is so cute and smart! 😀😍

  92. bob wilson

    I pay for YouTube premium to avoid commercials. I just quit a subscription from another favorite youtuber for doing his own commercials on EVERY upload. I’m about done with you, too, you greedy bastard. It sure isn’t like you don’t already make enough money with 2 million subscribers.

  93. Monica Sanchez

    I love ur dog sooooooo much she us sooooo cute.❤❤

  94. Lina K

    I hv short legs so I could never do the trick with her looking up at me ha! 😊 👍

  95. Lucy Cardwell

    I hope this series never ends!

  96. Noemi AB

    Hey Zach, do you prefer Barkbox or Pupbox?

  97. Lina K

    I can see why you named ur dog, Inertia. 😳😁

  98. vaiju Jadhav

    I’m 13 years old a huge fan of yourselves ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️👇🏻

  99. MintyCodes

    It’s been a while since I’ve watched this series, and Inertia has grown so much, I only remember her as a tiny puppy!

  100. vaiju Jadhav

    I have been watching your videos from six months now and I really love it and I’m soon going to be getting a new dog my parents are finally agreed to get me a new dog and when I get home I’m sure i will post his or her picture and tag you

  101. Sophia IsTheBest

    I’ve been wanting a dog for as long as I can remember! I’ve been watching your videos and researching to convince my parents. You have helped so much, and they have started to think about getting one!

  102. tiham tasfia gaming

    Can you plz teach inertia how to do this trick

    Dog writes his/her own name

  103. Kwadwo Ansah

    Nice one

  104. Quantum Toast

    Who hating on puppers

  105. leo trigoubovich

    Inertia’s coat is so nice also all of the tricks she has learned in the past year are so cool!

  106. Louise GUILBAUD

    omg i’m so early zak i love inertia she’s ADORABLE thx to you i’m getting a puppy golden retriver soon wooohooooo
    love ur videos keep up the good work !

  107. Kamna Jain

    It was posted 10 min early.

    Wait……… I was early!!!!!!!!!

  108. Yuquico ociuquY

    What’s a good age to start teaching these tricks?

  109. Annie L

    This video isn’t just adorable but its super helpful TYSM Zak!

  110. Kristy Jacques


  111. E Reed

    I watch from the UK and I applied Zak techniques with my 10 week puppy and in 5 days she has mastered seat, down and up, we are now working on look at me and leave it! Of course as Zac says our doors is more challenging but his teaching is so great!!!! I wished Bark box was in the Uk

  112. FarrahParksLife

    Who else clicked soo fast!!

    btw I’m a small youtuber xx

  113. Sofija Subotičanec

    She IS so cute

  114. Oh Deer - Sabrina

    _”Inertia is kinda long LIKE A SCHOOL BUS”_

    That might be the weirdest comparison I’ve ever seen lmao

  115. Macie Lenhart

    i’m having a problem with my golden retriever puppy. she is sooo bitey any tips?

  116. Power Full

    Hi Zak I don’t really know what to comment cuz I’m early
    But I would just like to say that this series has helped me
    I got a new puppy a month ago and I started training her and I am getting good results thanks to you

  117. Deacon T.V.

    Who else just loves inertia and zak and Indy

  118. Sarah Tassone

    Zak thank you for making these videos they are the best I watch them and i Don’t even have a dog yet.

  119. Raymond Sutton

    I am getting a cockapoo soon

  120. Emma Hoffmann

    Hello! Recently my family got a border collie puppy. I have been wanting one for a while and I have been watching these videos from the begging. I just wanted to say thank you for the helpful videos and I can’t wait for more to come!

  121. torrie wood

    i constantly refer my clients to your content, thanks for being so great. But I do believe its spelled ridiculous.

  122. Martha Cuerdo

    So cute!!😍😍😁

  123. Raymond Sutton

    That frog is so cute

  124. Ray Ray!!!

    Omg that dog is so cute 😍😍

  125. Samir Samtani


  126. Emilia The Husky

    Watched just to see the dog😎

  127. Hannah Kurian

    Hey Zak! I’ve been following you and Inertia from day 1…I love you guys and the channel soo much and wanted to thank you for the help! Wish you guys the best!!❤❤


    5 minutes ago! inertia is the cutest!

  129. Sarah Tassone

    fastest i have ever been and still 29 comments too late.

  130. Anna Bernasconi

    You have helped me so much. Thank you!

  131. Grace McPeak

    Did he just say she was as long as a school bus 🚌

  132. Marco Balladares

    I love your videos

  133. haydeltae


  134. Animish Gaming


  135. Jennifer Corbett

    I think a video showing/talking about all the moments that didn’t go as planned would be helpful ! I almost said when things went wrong but I know that is not a good way to look at it lol

  136. Rachel Farrell

    Does bark box deliver to Ireland?

  137. Pixellia

    This is the only channel where I actually dedicate myself to clicking like the flash

    Also I want one of those pup boxes myself lol

  138. Suus

    Love you’re channel and I’m getting a puppy next year! 😃 I’m so glad my parents sayd yes and I’m gonna train the puppy. Thanks for everything bc of you my parents sayd yes!!

  139. Sqippy

    I really want a German shepherd or a husky, are they great for a family dog?

  140. • choco milk •

    oh god., I clicked so fast that my finger hurts now :/

  141. Rainbow Cat25

    The intro is so cute you are amazing and stay safe stay strong

  142. Husky Fluff753

    Hey zak just wondering if you have any advice for helping an extremely nervous pup
    Love your channel and I got your first book 😁

  143. krishna jadhav

    I want to train my dog to train other dogs

  144. krishna jadhav

    Ur a genius

  145. *_n i c o l e_*

    Ridiculous. But awesome video love inertia ❤️❤️

  146. Evy Altizer

    Where did you get the name Inertia?

  147. 7D s

    What inertia given you in fathers day

  148. Tahmid Alam Sourav

    Can you please giveaway a dog to me I am obsessed about dog but I don’t have one

  149. Nada Halawa

    I clicked so fast I almost broke my phone
    Btw love ur vids

  150. Daily dose of YouTube


  151. Ayla Docken

    First person!!! Recently just started watching. We might get a dog soon, so wanted to learn. Thank you!

  152. Nia and Surf

    Awww she is sooo cute!!!

  153. Daily dose of YouTube


  154. Puzzles and More

    Who else clicked right away!

  155. snt big tank114


  156. Nada Halawa

    Omg it was so cute with the frog awwwww

  157. ᴍᴀʏ ᴋᴇʟ


  158. Movation Is Key Save a life


  159. Colton Tarrant


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