How To Train 2 Tricks in 1 Day!

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How To Train 2 Tricks in 1 Day!

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138 Thoughts to “How To Train 2 Tricks in 1 Day!”

  1. Tyler Summers

    Hey Zak I was wondering if you have any advice for training a puppy with a calmer demeanor. I just got him yesterday and he will play a little bit but he is definitely a lot more food driven. I have been working on some of his basics but I’d like to get him started on fetch and just kinda chasing the ball/toy. I’ve tried a bunch of different toys with different textures and whatnot but nothing seems to stick

  2. Ace and my royal world

    Can my dog have a shout out? Scottie and shine

  3. samantha wallace

    How do you introduce a male dog to his litter of puppies??

  4. Andre Correia

    How has showering been? And nail trimming too

  5. Charity Blackwell

    Love this series …inertia has many friends

  6. Impulse

    can you pls make a video about training a husky puppy to stop biting

  7. Kamil Głuchowski

    I love your videos and I appreciate your work. lastly I have owned a Border Collie but he was so aggressive and the only one thing that I learnt him before put him down is sit. Now I think about buying Cocker Spaniel I hope he will be ok

  8. Katie T

    What a sweetheart! I trained my 5 yo gsp from your videos. She is the most amazing girl ever! You have such a great training style! How do you care for your girls teeth? I’ve not had much of an oral routine for Lexie but she is getting a lot of buildup that doesn’t come off with a toothbrush.

  9. Sam Sim

    I was wondering what type of dog Inertia?!

  10. Andre Correia

    Little Inertia with the frisbee on her mouth is the cutest thing ever.

  11. Help me get 10k subscribers

    I wish dogs never die😣

  12. Brooklyn Riffle

    I keep watching your video and I can’t wait to get my blue heeler puppy I have no idea when it could be in years but I’m still happy I’m getting my dream dog I love your videos thanks for all the tips 🙏🏼

  13. Lux Cxntrol

    Rumor Has It the zak will heart your comment if you ask him

  14. Jesell Estrada Parra


  15. Jesell Estrada Parra


  16. Josh Vicente

    2 days in a row YESSIR keep up the good work

  17. ¡dora! ¡dora!

    can’t wait to get a puppy, you tought me so much!! ❤

  18. Tiger Girl

    My best friend’s mom taught their havenese puppy to walk on her hind legs within the first week of getting her

  19. Oscar Updyke

    i LOVE border collies and your videos!

  20. Tiger Girl

    Video starts at 2:01

  21. Rashmi Sagar

    I love inertia

  22. Shmoovin

    Hey, She learned to stand on her hind legs quick! Good job Zak!

  23. sherralyn caylor

    I’m just curious, I come from England where sheep herding trials are a big thing. Of course it’s always border collies. Have you ever considered introducing her to sheep?

  24. Hooda Jamil

    She’s sooo cute when she does the “hide your face” trick😍

  25. occamai

    Can u please do one on how to make a good interaction with other dogs?

    Also, i just wanted to say your videos REALLY help, thanks!!

  26. Morgan Shock

    Me and my brother are going to have a dog show, and we each have to train our own dogs. These videos are really helpfull

  27. Ava Rodriguez

    The dog my mom had as a kid knew how to walk around and dance on his two hind feet 🙂

  28. Constance Barrett

    Good job inertia how sweet is she

  29. Creative Diamond Dogs

    Beware the Narwhal! Very nasty creatures they are.
    On a different note, I have worked with my collie on standing on her hind legs for a while now.

  30. [̲̅M][̲̅i][̲̅l][̲̅a][̲̅R][̲̅o][̲̅w] Boss

    Hey! So I notice that you don’t usually pet on Inertia. Do you just not pet her on camera, or is it normal for you not to? If it is intentional, what’s the reason? I’m getting a puppy in the next month or so and I want to learn as much as possible so I’m prepared and ready, and your videos have been super helpful!!

  31. Cara Carlson

    Whenever a squeaker goes off in a video, my dogs stare at me like I’m hiding a toy.

  32. Mia Isabella

    Thanks for your videos they really help me when I want to teach a new trick to my dog

  33. Ainsley

    What kind of dog is she?

  34. Tiffany Wairiumu Kariuki

    Change hide face to I surrender

  35. Vilashni Mottian

    inertia is soo beautiful and smart!

  36. Bill Rand

    i would spend more time training recall, walking to heal properly without excuses and a stay than this complete waste of time shit,,,your supposed to be a trainer, the dog is 1,,,and its embarrassing to see,,,how these people can think your in anyway a trainer when ypu spout this rubbish is beyhond me,,,you just sell crap to gullable fur baby owners !!!!!

  37. Dave M

    Thought it was weird seeing bark box stuff at petco. Even weirder seeing petco stuff in the bark box. Lol

  38. Tiffany Wairiumu Kariuki

    I have litterly mastered his intro cause I have been binge watching to train my dog

  39. Jan Hankins

    Please remember your dog’s breed! Walking on hind legs is a cute and wonderful treat, but probably not appropriate for some breeds–Basset Hounds, Dachshunds, and giant breeds. I would never try to teach my Great Danes and Irish Wofhounds to walk on their rear legs.

  40. Paula Sartori

    I love inertia!!!

  41. Moreth the Mad

    Pupbox still doesn’t ship to Germany… I feel discriminated T_T T_T T_T T_T
    Loved the video and Inertia is getting so extremely smart <3 I love her

  42. Trevor Smith - Doggie Dojo

    These are such great breakdowns. Love that you also vary your enthusiasm and reward for the amount of effort she performs. Great as always! She has grown up so much. Thank you for sharing the process.

  43. Caroline x

    hi Zak! Could you do a video on how to introduce your new dog to other animals such as rodents or birds? I’m getting a new dog, but i’m worried that my guinea pigs and my dog wont get along. Thanks!

  44. Gaming twins

    OMG 😱 u liked my comment such an Honour 😃

  45. Gaming twins

    Can u make a video off showing my last comment

  46. Obi Wan Kenobi

    No pup box in the Netherlands

    I’m sad…

  47. Wendy Krieck

    Zak, I love your enthusiasm!


    My puppy can stand for 3 or 4 sec but only if she see a butterfly

  49. MC Blakemore

    I think Inertia will be a one-dog circus before she’s two — what an amazing dog

  50. Louise GUILBAUD

    hi zak i love ur vids soooooo much and it also puts a smile on my face when i watch ur new vids. keep up the good work !

  51. rajesh menon

    Hey Zak can you give me a heart

  52. Gaming twins

    If your dog is outside how do you get into not fall in the swimming pool if he can’t swim

  53. Waxzac

    Love the vids bro

  54. Gaming twins

    I love ur vids

  55. vj v

    Hey buddy…….Thanks a lot man…….. just saw your video yesterday on how to teach a dog to fetch and drop………tried it today with my pup………he is totally loving it……You are Awesome !!!!!!
    And also now i feel that my pup is more interested in engaging with me when i call him…..:)

  56. Della Tuttle

    Please reply what age should we try to teach this? First one. Your videos have already taught my 4 month old puppy to shake

  57. two wheele fun

    what harness do you use???

  58. Noah & Atlas

    Zak, genuine question: why do you not use a clear duration and terminal marker with Inertia? “Yes” is a terminal marker but it is often followed up with “good” or “good job.” Clear markers are vital to communication. I know you know this, but is there a reason you don’t use consistent markers?

  59. JuanAntonio

    It’s amazing the way Inertia learn new tricks 👏😃😃

  60. Natalie miniaturka

    My dog is 3 and literally doesn’t know any tricks what do I do?

  61. قناة الابداع

    Thanks so much zak

  62. 2027: Montserrat Sanin

    Inertia is so smart and she loves learning new things

  63. Gwyn Gable

    She loves training you can tell

  64. Dog Vlog

    This video was amazing this YouTube channel is really helpful for dog training!

  65. Pixellia

    My pupper started wanting to walk on hind legs at 10 weeks!

  66. Nina Camilleri

    what breed is inertia?

  67. krishna jadhav

    Inertia is so cool

  68. Nada Halawa

    Love the new trick 😊!!

  69. geetika deol

    I see your video’s and your video’s have always helped me to teach things to my dog. Thanks soo much

  70. Pixellia

    Yes Zak, everyone loves them *WHALE-NARS*

  71. Kirithik Kirthik

    Pls giive your Number pls pls pls 🙁🙁🙁🙁

  72. Pixellia

    Such a smart cookie! Lol

  73. waf·

    I taught my dog to do that years ago he fell backward and split his skull

  74. CuddlyBubbles 69

    Ok i will tag you on instagram with a photo (when i can get to my grandparents house)

  75. Titisha Das

    im getting a golden R love your videos love you

  76. RRBcrafter Games

    U should do a loyalty test intertia is soo
    adorable btw

  77. CuddlyBubbles 69

    If your dog knows stand, you can teach it walk and walk backwards

  78. Suus

    Am I the only who has binge watched all his vids and telling my parents to Chek out this channel in the hope we can get a puppy?😂

  79. Kayan Zahreddine

    because of you i m gonna get a dog

  80. New Forest Pony

    My dog is loving the more advanced tricks now that we’ve got a brilliant relationship and we’ve both mastered the basics. Training never stops. Brilliant video.

  81. KE!D

    nice video! i have watched all the videos of you training Enertia and enjoy them. I can’t wait for the next one!

  82. Caroline Seabeach

    My dog loves tricktraining! And he’s super smart, but he struggles with doing it in public still 🙈 I’m so bad at advancing him as well, but we’re slowly getting there!

  83. CuddlyBubbles 69

    Omg my grandparents dog knows hind legs but they still need a treat for it eh thats how we give them treats

  84. Isaac Pilgrim

    Your videos help so much help I’m getting a cocker spaniel in 10 days

  85. CuddlyBubbles 69

    Rip i was too late i was playin outside

  86. Riddhi Singh

    Hi I just got a puppy and we don’t want him going on the carpet. Do you have any tips on how to stop him from going on the carpet? Any tips would help. Thanks!


    I literally left my breakfast with syrup all over my hands to click that notification to watch this

  88. Teagan

    Okay just to clarify, Intertia is a Border Collie while Indie is an Australian shepherd? Loved this video Zak! Keep it up!

  89. ETHAN Ethan

    These videos help me so much with my puppy, thank you!

  90. tiham tasfia gaming

    Can u make a vid about teaching inertia bringing things

  91. Aurora

    Inertia is literally the cutest 😊

  92. Sophia Brikho

    awsome tricks! i might be getting a dog and have been binge watching all your videos. you videos are soooooo helpful. thank you

  93. party track

    Just wow😍
    She is so smart

  94. Avery Colbert

    Thanks for all the videos I’m getting a dog in a week and and this has helped me get ready for when she come keep it up.Also I love the new tricks so amazing.

  95. Alber bero

    Wow she is soo smart loved it

  96. gopinath yadav

    And if anyone supports me… please like that comment

  97. Zia Parke

    I am getting a border collie soon 🙂

  98. Joice Mou

    Yes we need to get that core strength, everyone SIT PRETTY! xd hahah

  99. DJ Playz

    1,201th. Also I got a pitbull puppy a couple months ago and I’ve been watching your puppy trying videos and it really helps. He knows how to sit, stay, lay down, jump up, and sit at the door when he needs to go out. Thanks for the informative videos! 🙂

  100. 10,000 subs With no video’s

    Zak if u read this can I have some tips to get my dogs to be calmer in my house
    (For when I get them)

  101. gopinath yadav

    Dude Zak, as I live in India, I wont be able to contact you….in that would be nice if you took online classes every weekends and I’m not sure abt that, cuz of the time system… would actually be helpful if that was possible…so if you can….. please mail me in

  102. James Wood

    I’m getting my first dog today

  103. Joice Mou

    I love ur videos!! STAY SAFE!

  104. Tyler Wetzel-Haynes

    I’ve watched every video of Inertia so far!! I get my border collie Leo in 8 days❤️
    Edit: you should do live training sessions! Or just a live in general!

  105. Nazanin Heydarian

    Our family dog does jump squats while she stands! Shes a small dog

  106. Kirithik Kirthik

    Can u give your number my name is kirithik.s and i am from India

  107. Caroline Scott

    Can u please show how to teach your dog to back up? My puppy just doesn’t seem to get it and when she’s focused on me she refuses to move from her sit

  108. Savana Kearney

    Me: Watching Youtube
    Also me: Sees notification turn on
    Me again: Sees Zaks video
    Bye Merrell Twins and hello Zak

  109. Theel

    I love these series! It’s been helping me with my border collie puppy!

  110. Kirithik Kirthik

    I found all your video very usefull it is very easy to train my dog

  111. Oisin omg

    Just heart this plz

  112. Ween McWeen

    I think that Inertia is the one who appreciates the sponsors the most 😅

  113. Annie L

    I loved it when zack said narwhal XD

  114. Epic Magma

    Where getting a dog today

  115. Marisetty Shyamaj

    Your videos are very helpful sir

  116. Macie Lenhart

    you have helped me make my new golden retriever puppy sooo good!! she is such a smart well behaved puppy!! i have had her for 5 days and she already had mastered sit and lay down!! thank you so much!

  117. Annie L

    Inertia is adorable <3 i love all your vids!

  118. The Animal Pack


  119. David Denzel

    I am early

  120. Nomita Thakur

    can you pls make a list on Top 10 apartment dos

  121. Xx Myštîcalł mîsty xX

    Aww inertia has grown so much! Thanks for the good content!

  122. Vaishnavi Thakur

    Hiiiiiii,can we please get a teach your dog to stand and walk on hind legs

  123. Suus

    Btw I love you’re content and you’re the best dog trainer

  124. Megan Shobert

    This has taught me so much about raising my dog thank you 😀

  125. Suus

    Hi Zak, I wanna ask something I have an older dog who is really sweet and calm but when se wants me to pet her she gives me her paw and sometimes she scratches me by accident, how can I stop this behavior?

  126. Monster Girl

    I was earlyer then my notification

  127. Ancel Benton-Huddleston

    thanks so much zak george i cant wait to teach these to my dog

  128. hunde metropole

    So great👍♥️🐶

  129. Josh’s Reviews & Vlogs

    I found this video very helpful my dog with such a joy to peoples eye with these tricks! she loves walking on hind legs lol!

  130. dam sand

    Inertia is so interested in learning new tricks!

  131. esake fikadu

    more more love it

  132. Lightning_Is_My_Middle_Name! Lightning!


  133. M N

    I love you Sam you’ve helped us train so much and our dogs were in heat on the same days

  134. Vonvon

    Eyyy another great content thank God

  135. Kalung Tamia

    Always wanted to do this.

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