How to train Come when Called to a puppy when you are COMPLETELY LOST in North America!

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How to train Come when Called to a puppy when you are COMPLETELY LOST in North America!

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73 Thoughts to “How to train Come when Called to a puppy when you are COMPLETELY LOST in North America!”

  1. Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution

    What do you think of this series so far?? 🫣

  2. FarntMan

    Do you find clicker training for come when called more useful because you let them know they’re doing well in a way that they understand? Or do you find your dogs pick up on “yes” and “good” very fast?

  3. Ellie Bradshaw

    I’ve unsubscribed to you, and tried to hide your videos from my subscriptions but you are still showing up in my subscriptions, after multiple attempts to stop seeing your content.. why is this happening?
    I don’t want to see your videos.

  4. Karen Martley

    Hello beautiful people Zak and Bree ❤️ loving this series so far..I love the dog information always but love your humour 🤩😀❣️❣️

  5. Erika M

    I’d love to see some more training with toys as reinforcement cause I can’t seem to get the hang of it for trick training.☺️


    Thanks for checking us out Zak and Bree! It was really awesome to see and meet you guys, hope you all have an awesome time and we appreciate you for giving us the time of day and the training tips for the pup 🐶🤟🏼!

  7. Katie Orozco

    I just got a new puppy and these videos are so helpful! I see a lot of the same behaviorisms from my Checo in Veronica (:

  8. TikTok VID

    *”All, everything that I understand, I only understand because I love.” — Leo Tolstoy*

  9. Lindsey E

    Very fun series. We’d like to take RV trips with our dogs. But they are both big 50-70 lbs.

  10. Maicie Tepoel

    I appreciate watching Bree learning how to train Veronica! It’s giving me confidence training my two new puppies.

  11. Maicie Tepoel

    Love the new series!

  12. Shanley Mello

    Love this series ❤️

  13. MaLu

    Absolutely in love with how this trip is going so far ❤️ that cute little mess that happened at bath time was perfect 😆.

  14. Michelle S

    My guess for her breed: chihuahua/mini Aussie

  15. Charlotte Lohner

    I think she’s part golden retriever and part cocker spaniel.

  16. WallsOfGab

    Well… it’s good to know that even a really well trained dog can still do dog things 😂 I always kick myself when my model citizen of a dog has her rough patches.

  17. Itz_Superby

    Wondering what dog is Veronica a bit much now! Can’t wait to find out

  18. Lakinther

    Love that you are going to give us more Inertia!

  19. Jerome

    Is it possible to “fix” a dog who was poorly introduced to baths, and is very difficult to wash now?

  20. The Bible Messenger

    So glad that we will have an INERTIA update!!!!

  21. Cindy S

    I’m really enjoying this series. I really love the rescue dog series but this a nice change of pace. Maybe not forever, but really nice for now. I like the updates on Inertia too. I’m looking forward tp to finding out Veronica’s DNA I hate to even venture a guess because I haven’t guessed breeds on smaller dogs too often,, but as a really unlikely guess, I’d say maybe she has some Sheltie in her.

  22. Anita Boyd

    maybe chinese crested/chihuahua/cattle dog?

  23. Jordan G

    veronica looks like a tiny duck tolling retriever to me.

  24. Jill Shuey

    I like this series. I just finished watching the Chop story and as someone who has been studying canine behavior for over 20 years and is 1&1/2 years into a rehab of a fear aggressive dog, who is a level 4 biter, whos issues were CREATED by improper handling by past owners and past trainers who were uneducated and used aversive methods, I wanted to THANK YOU for clearly explaining in your videos why the aversive methods don’t work. There are too many trainers and others in the dog care industry (such as vets, technicians, groomers, shelter workers, etc.) who use methods that actually create aggression and/or escalate it due to lack of training in behavior. THANK YOU for creating this platform to educate!!!!

  25. Minnesota Mike

    When I feed our dog, I make her sit and stay. Once I place the food down I use the “Come” command. I’m thinking that it is helping.

  26. Lisa D

    How adorable! What kind of dog is Veronica? Thanks

  27. Ms SD N

    You are so brave travelling with a young puppy. Our puppy is three and a half months and so active, not sure I’d cope with her in a caravan

  28. Carolyn Stewart

    That Texas grass is full of chiggars!

  29. Suzanne D

    I had never heard of bath training before finding your channel and consequently our 85 pound dog was never properly bath trained but he does well as long as one of us gets in the tub with him. We do lift him in but he will stay in for treats and pets now. Now I always recommend this channel to new dog owners.

  30. Judy Beverley-harvey

    Veronica is doing great coming to you & the bath was pretty good! You & your wife are so adorable together!!!! My Staffie when he was puppy used to bark at the train, I have train tracks about three miles from here!!!!!

  31. Storm Savage

    It would be the best if u could post like 1 once a week

  32. Storm Savage


  33. Dog Details TV

    My guesses for Veronica’s breed mix are Chihuahua (mostly), Basenji, Cocker Spaniel, German Shepherd, Border Collie, Xoloitzcuintli

  34. absurdistsloth

    Veronica looks like a Border Chigi to me! Or a border collie mixed with a small terrier. but then theres her cute lil chin which makes me think of a pekingese 😆

  35. Doris Young

    What a great series! I appreciate all the detail you are providing. I have an 18-month-old Aussiedoodle I’m continuing to train on come when called. You reminded me of the importance of daily training and always having treats.

  36. Lilly Ess

    This whole homelessness experience gives me anxiety.

  37. Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution

    We have been having so much fun trying to guess Veronica’s breed mix!!! Feel free to log your guess below! We’ll reveal her breed once one of you correctly guesses the top 3… or maybe sooner or later HAHA!

  38. Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution

    Did you guys like the Inertia updates in this episode? How do you think she’s doing?? I know some of you have been watching her since she was 8 weeks old!! 🤯

  39. MommaT

    I don’t think I’d waste water and gray tank space on a doggie bath! If she needs one I’d wait to go to a park that has water hook ups and do it outside in a little tub.

  40. Tsachi Granot

    All that barking. She came from Mexico, and she’s a miniature mutt. I’d place my coins there is quite a handful of Chihuahua Dog in Veronica.

  41. KyawZaw Lin

    Please suggest me, I have three puppies and they are 7 weeks. What start train my puppies and they put together same creat?

  42. Jan Hankins

    I wasn’t sure how I’d like this series when it first started, but I’m happy to say I’m loving it so far. It’s good to go on your adventure vicariously and see how the dogs react to the small space. It’s also fun to see Inertia being a “real” dog (barking at something she sees). Don’t get me wrong, Inertia is wonderful and you’ve done a superb job training her! But it’s nice to see that even the best trained dogs are still dogs–not little hairy robots. Too often, I think people expect their dogs to be just that–little hairy robots who aren’t really “dogs”.

  43. kavita deva

    I hope you take the time to really appreciate your new lifestyle. To me after 20 years in my Motor Home I could never go back to a permanent address. My Service Dog loves the adventures in RV life too. Good job Bree. You and adorable Veronica are going to have an amazing connection. In the last several videos since you have gotten Veronica it appeared as though Inertia wasn’t getting much attention. So I’m so happy to see Inertia playing frisbee and running and getting all of the love that she needs. it’s really awesome to watch her. Enjoy the adventure, see you in the next video. ❤️🐕🐾🚍🌄🐕🐾

  44. bby cherub •

    Okay, my final guesses on Veronica’s breeds, Duck tolling retriever(maybe), Chihuahua, Papillion(maybe), and Border Collie. I’m so curious to see her embark results.

  45. Emily Romanello

    Loved this episode! Inertia has turned out so well. It was really helpful to see your challenges with come when called and the bath. It’s so easy to get frustrated, so seeing how to approach it with a distracted dog was useful and reassuring. Also the importance of keeping good humor 🙂

  46. The Tulk Show

    The thumbnail tho amazing *chefs kiss*

  47. did the cat come along for the trip, I don’t remember hearing her mentioned?

  48. Jen Kirby

    Veronica is brilliant. From my recent experience, hand signals are so valuable when your old dog has gone deaf, poor lad.

  49. Mandy Luna

    Loving these.👏👏😍

  50. Mandy Mejia

    My 1.5 year old dog got out of our yard for the first time (and hopefully last time!). It was about 15 minutes before I realized it and had no idea which direction he could have gone. I walked down the street calling his name and after about 5 minutes (7 or 8 houses away) he came running out of some bushes and straight to me. Your constant reminders of how important it is to always praise when your dog comes was life saving. He thought coming to me was more exciting than his adventure at that point. Thank you!


    Does anyone have any tips on how to handle a puppy barking at his shadow and reflection? I’ve let him walk up to the mirror and smell it but then the dog in the mirror comes closer also😂🤦🏼‍♀️ it’s not a problem so far but I would like to get it more under control as I do plan to take him in stores and he’ll probably see his reflection at some point and I don’t want him going crazy then

  52. Elena Frogwill

    I’m loving this series so far! It’s really interseting how the dogs behave in this environment. I do have one question tho: how are you going to work on Veronica’s separation anxiety, since you live in such a small space? Thank you, and good luck on you journey!☺️

  53. Vansh Verma


  54. Elizabeth K

    Hi Zak, What are your thoughts on gentle leaders (leash over a dog’s nose)? We foster puppies & our most recent pups went to another agency to be trained service dogs. This agency uses gentle leaders for their service dogs & we have mixed feelings about this. Do they hurt the dog? We usually stick to a harness for our pups. It makes me sad to see these leaders on dogs… Thanks in advance!!

  55. luckycharmsone

    Hey I would love some advice. I took my dog (he is a boxer) to a trainer and they have me use a shock collar 😔. I hate using it. I have a son who is 8yrs old amd is autistic and the boxer loves to jump on him and chase him. I’m at a loss on how to get my dog to not do this without the collar. What am I doing wrong?

  56. Just Will

    What a great adventure. This is my biggest dream, travelling in an RV with my dogs.
    Did I see it right that both your dogs have a gps tracker? Very smart.
    I’m looking forward to the rest of your trip. Enjoy!!!

  57. HappyLittleTree

    Thanks for another great video! I love how you guys show us the reality side of dog training instead of being perfect at everything. This way is so much more helpful and makes me feel less incompetent when training my dogs. Looking forward to your next travel stop!

  58. Jacqueline Dos Santos

    Hi Zak! My dog tends to lunge and growl when startled. We now have an older dog too, who he does this to when our older dog puts any kind of weight on him or startles him in any way. Just wondering if you had any advice for this 🙂

  59. Wend Singh

    I was waiting so long for a new video😮‍💨

  60. Jacki Cammidge

    I see some kind of herding breed, like a collie or sheltie, and at least a smidgeon of chihuahua. Can’t wait to find out!

  61. LoafOfKitKat

    How would you say is the best way to go about introducing a new (and very jumpy) puppy to an older and resource (and people especially) guarding dog?

  62. Марина Мася

    Bendiciones hermosa Celina que Dios te cuideh donde quiera que cenilbalapp.Monster encantan tus videos.

  63. Carol Du Vall

    Yes you can… I am a disabled single women that lives in a camper trailer with my mix breed large service dog. I am successfully training him in and out of our temporary home. Remember it is a small space they still need a space in or out of the trailer to express the “ZOOMIES”.
    Just KNOW that there WILL be Arguments, and dominance will be challenged at some point. The KEY is exercise, exercise is a must for any dog in training and or a dog that lives in a smaller

  64. Siam Ahmed

    que cenilbalapp.Monster encantan tus videos. Bendiciones hermosa Celina que Dios te cuide donde quiera los mortalesq abian apreciado tan hermosa mujer

  65. Tomas

    Hai anna iam Nagendar Anna na age 42 vyn.Monster qualification m.l.t medical lab techniciane ,Srpt lo jobs unte cheppagalaru anna.with govt Jobs

  66. The Bible Messenger

    First !

  67. Legendary Senpai


  68. Nico Sejoe

    I am just watching this video.

  69. Brittany Mcdowell

    I love ittt

  70. Blessing Appiah

    Jesus is coming back repent before it’s too late deny yourself and take up your crossGreedy people try to get rich quick but don’t realize they’re headed for poverty.
    Proverbs 28:22 Jesus is coming back repent before it’s too late deny yourself and take up your crossGreedy people try to get rich quick but don’t realize they’re headed for poverty.
    Proverbs 28:22

  71. Navjot Singh




  73. applehead_mjinnocent


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