How to teach Your PUPPY to COME When Called – Best Puppy Training

Come is the most important thing you will teach your puppy, and you want to do it in a fun and motivational way.

In this video meet Nancy who had a big scare with her dog Ozzy a few weeks ago.

She could not get Ozzy to COME when she called him no matter what.

Watch the full lesson (20 minutes+ more) at:

In this video, you’ll see Ozzy learn the come command in just a few minutes without any corrections or force.

This is a simple lesson that can be taught to almost any dog and almost any age.

But it must be reinforced and that can be done through games.

The basic lesson is super easy, fun, and fair for your puppy or dog to learn.

In this video, you’ll see the dog grasp the concept in less than 6 minutes.

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4 thoughts on “How to teach Your PUPPY to COME When Called – Best Puppy Training”

  1. Awesome video. I adopt a female Weimaraner puppy this week. Will have to sign up for your online courses. Thanks RC

  2. I am really loving these live training videos with the owners….gives me a idea of how i should interact with my dog

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