How to Teach your Dog to Walk on Leash
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How to Teach your Dog to Walk on Leash

How to train your dog to walk on a leash without pulling! 😮😮I’m glad you guys are enjoying the video!

You can get the best dog leash for dogs that pull here:

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    😮😮I’m glad you guys are enjoying the video! Get MORE dog training tips and examples on instagram! @zakgeorge Download the app and follow me there! I’m very active on instagram! I do live shows and post new videos all of the time!

  2. Facts with Friends

    we just got a gsd his name is simba and is a monster

  3. Brittany Frana

    Ok but what if my dog is actually bad lol

  4. BrianTooFlyy

    My dog will take the treat after stopping next to me but then continue pulling again. Smh

  5. Brie B

    Bernese Mountain Dogs are SO cute. They’re literally my sister’s favorite dog. Sadly though they don’t live long. Like 5-7 years on average b/c of bad genetics and irresponsible breeding. Sadly, it’s’s a breed that probably needs to be retired and mixed a number of generations for hybrid vigor. It’s only going to get worse if the AKC keeps demanding them to be purebred.

  6. utsav redu

    Its a fuckin lie bullshittt

  7. The BB and CE gang Best friends

    My dog pulls to the point she’s choking herself and I don’t know how to get her to stop doing it

  8. Cuneyt Yazgan

    hi everyone for tips and secrets education of dogs guys follow me @t

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    Zak is fucking awesome

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    did anyone notice what a good dog sunny is

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    You have either had her hair trimmed or shes a swissey

  13. Isabella Rose

    Bernese mountain dogs are Beautiful. I have a bernedoodle :p

  14. Riah Saulsberry

    False. My dog is the cutest.

  15. Carmencita Tirado

    my dog walks me

  16. Hacker Man

    Does this work with puppies?

  17. Ten Gi H

    Ceasar millan uses prong =))

  18. LightningHits2x

    Dog breathes:
    Zac: LET ME TELL YOU HOW GREAT “insert ad” IS

  19. Casondra Burnard

    wow people really poppin off in the comments section of such a wholesome video

  20. Edward Valley

    My dog always chokes himself it’s hard he’s a Maltese poodle 😢

  21. Ice Liz

    My dog doesn’t love to walk. I carry him most of the time 😢

  22. mitchell stern

    I see in all these great videos you feed the dogs 60-100 treats. I’m getting a cockapoo puppy in just a few days and was wondering are those training treats that you feed them a lot in these vids kibble or are they actual dog treats that you feed them hundreds of?

  23. Pedro Nascimento

    Zak just goes “look at me”. Meanwhile I could be literally dying with fireworks shooting out of my body and my dog would still ignore me.

  24. Martin Stensby

    This is a commercial. Awkward…

  25. Ghoul Hands

    This guy fucked biscuit

  26. Ghoul Hands

    This guy fuck dogs man.

  27. Lead Farmer

    I swear to god these nationwide commercials make me want to stab myself in the ears

  28. Chris Carroll

    Take that well behaved dog home and show this with a dog that pulls hard and will NOT except treats outside when distracted.

  29. Fayco Garibay

    Can you like use a dog who actually pulls cuz it’s so frustrating trying the same techniques on my puppy who pulls a lot

  30. Nicole Redman

    What if the dog is not interested in treats?

  31. Mcmyou1

    We got my our dog a few months ago, her old owner has dementia and we took her in. Thing is she’s 11 and completely death. She barks and growls at other dogs and stops every second to sniff everything. Will these work if she can’t hear me?

  32. Hannah Jeffrey

    😲😲i seee duckkkssss i love ducks

  33. Lena Cenatiempo

    These videos are just to give hope. Watch videos that show the bad behavior and then the behavior change within one session with only speed up editing. You can only get that with training tools this guy is poopooing. Not all dogs respond to 100% positive training. You need a consequence at most 5% of the time.

  34. Karon Bihari

    We live in NYC & have an adorable 4 month old rescue (Long Haired Chihuahua &Terrier mix).Every street is busy & distracting plus we live in a smallish apartment. She pulls on leash like a Mack truck at only 5 pounds. Really need some help teaching her to walk in this insanely busy busy distracting (people not looking & on their phones/cars/trucks/delivery bike guys/loud noises, etc, environment. Thanx Bunny

  35. Nazarettos

    What if I have two dogs that I want to train. I got two beagles, when I walk them I got special double leash.

  36. D Springer

    Serious. give me a break this is okay but you try that with my cattle dogs they will take you for a walk well more of a run. set the collar higher up on the neck base of the skull you have the collar back like that their instinct is to pull.

  37. steven baltazar

    Is there a video for when your dog walks behind you and stops from time to time. I let my dog sniff at times but sometimes she stops for no reason. She won’t walk in front or by my side. She’s 2 years. Help 😕 please

  38. Mystiek Melody

    They are all great!

  39. Dmitry Granicin

    This method also works with humans! Set up clear stimulus and response you want, and then immediately reward if you see your desired response.

  40. Beth Frolik

    Omg Sunny 😩😍

  41. Sarah D

    Why are your thumbnails so creepy?

  42. Pat and Sandy Trierweiler

    I am very fortunate to have a smart dog (Aussie/border collie). She learns very quickly but,… is more self-serving than interested in pleasing. So, I train her…and then, ( sometimes) in a week, she refuses to continue. Useful commands like “look at me, sit, come, heal, ring the bell, tug of war, & leave it” are tolerated but playing fetch, lay, quiet, play dead, and other tricks are quickly learned but abandoned due to annoyed dog. She still knows the training. Maybe I am asking too much but why isn’t my dog more into the training. Better treats? PS…. Dog really isn’t really very stomach oriented,… not really food oriented (weird right?). Maybe a disputed dominance outlook?

  43. Mr Harris

    Bark box sucks… and no they don’t… I sent multiple pictures and they didn’t send me anything … I ended up having 2 a month for both of my pitbulls……. don’t buy the box…. go with someone else….

    Plus my pups DESTROYED every toy and ‘Kong’ chewer in a matter of minutes…. go buy ANY treat that will give you the attention you are seeking from your dog….. con artist…. I’m not a pro at all but this is a joke….

  44. greanleaf

    You look like a ai on a screen in the 80 but with better graphics

  45. kathryn jansen

    Love your u tube broadcasts, wish you were in Australia, and your products. Now working with my spaniel on talking and find this so helpful

  46. jane doe

    There are seeming legitimate sites on the regular web that purport to be for ok purposes, but our sources tell us that there are many (ahem) websites that are sado-domination “dog” solicitation sites. These sites emphasize the entrainment of animals (which, for sickos, refers, to their human subjects they debase as dogs and other animals.)

  47. Luke McFarland

    Did the 716 people who dislike this video I take it you can train a dog better?!? 🤔

  48. videon Mode

    Me: “Stop pulling so hard, you’re choking yourself!”
    My dog: “Don’t you fucking kink shame me!”

  49. Sue

    I tried asking for help and was ignored. So wrong, so wrong. It’s really sad

  50. andrea bustamante

    I wish I could have a bark box

  51. Crybaby

    My dog wants to bolt out the door at the beginning of the walk, but after it he’s calm as ever and walk with no tension by my side

  52. FlamingoSalad

    How do I get my dog to pay attention to me after I cum inside of its asshole?

  53. TheEvilferret69

    This 2 mins of Disguised Infomercial every episode is killin’ me

  54. Dan Wood

    Helpful content. Thank you. But a little bit too much sponsorship.

  55. jonathan martinez

    you’re amazing

  56. Nicholas Pompeii

    you have multiple videos with this topic in the title so idk what to watch but its not your shit bye

  57. Sandra Wiklund

    What if the dog doesn’t take treats because it’s so distracted and pulls? 😂 Really trying hard with our 16 week old pup, he’s still a little scared outside and we are out often 🙈

  58. NoNoiseCo

    Your not teaching shit.. That dog already knew how to walk on a leash

  59. Hudson Harder

    At least she doesn’t t bark

  60. blu E

    I had to get one of those collars with spikes on it and a harness. She sometimes escapes out of both lol but over time she’s gotten more tame 🙂

  61. Electric Wolf Pup

    Our labradors tongue once turned purple due to his pulling; I hope this works lol

  62. Cali Mullin

    I have a Bernice mountain dog

  63. Sabrina Ayrton

    He doesn’t have any videos with dogs that are poorly behaved. My beagle pulls through her collar to the point of choking. How am I supposed to start? It’s pretty aggravating when he starts with an already well behaved dog

  64. Turts vids

    my dog is sniffing trash allways 😑😑😑😑😑😑😑

  65. Black Shadow

    Haha he is focus on food in your hands ….so cool …hahaha

  66. sabrina anjum

    instructions unclear i just drowned my fish.

  67. Cookies&Milk

    My dog is an exotic bully and he loves to just run alot and so he pulls me for no reason and he is soo strong omg. Check that breed out its an exotic bully and see if you like them

  68. Aidan Ward

    This is why I use a harness

  69. Melina Arellano

    I need a training video with a dog that ACTUALLY pulls. Biscuit is such a well behaved dog compared to my dogs 😑

  70. Cody Sean

    How the hell do you get a dog to bark on command?

  71. carlosmagno

    if you dont walk him for at least a month, thats the real reason why he pulls, he’s excited and felt relief, but when you walk him everyday until he’s tired, he will behave on himself even without treats

  72. Hope Her

    I can’t even get my dog to walk straight. 😂😂😂 But I kinda enjoy it because he’s a puppy but it’s time to make him learn how to walk.

  73. eilish debrun


  74. Storm Angel

    Just tried with my dog, it works perfectly thank so much even ignored other dogs too. X

  75. Binoj Kc

    U r lying it doesn’t work at all😫😭😭😡😡

  76. Deryl Atem

    1:11 He yeeted that toy like it was nothing😂😂

  77. omaima

    My malinois dog get so exicted when she is out to the point that the treats doesn’t even have any effect on her i don’t know what to do to get her attentions without treats

  78. Richard Miller

    I love skipping thru all your ads!! 😄😄😄😄😄😄

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    Well he tried to take on a rotweiler while we done this learning experience

  81. nuwavghost

    Biscuit is a super mellow dog compared to the bucking bronco I’m trying to walk with. The only way to control him is to pin him down.

  82. ChillingAcid

    You don’t walk dogs, they walk you

  83. Michael Brown

    I have a Brenda mountain dog her name is Heidi she is a puppy

  84. ahwho cares

    Putting a dog on a leash is slavery

  85. The Trash Lord

    My new puppy is a Bernese mountain dog Husky mix and he also loves eating dirt 😂😂😂😂 i feel the pain of being like oh no please dont eat the dirt

  86. Faith M.

    How about using the “Focus” command instead of the “Look at me” command. It’s easier

  87. ThaGinger31

    I’m just starting my page .. i also train.. come check me out subscribe and hit the notification button if ya like what ya see!!

  88. Drew white

    I gave it a like, I don’t have expert in back of my name and it’s a good way to do it but as an owner of Berners for the last 20 years I can say it’s so much easier with a choke. I don’t know why so many people are opposed to the choke.

  89. TypicalGachaGirlSav YT

    If I throw a toy at my Bernese mountain dog, she just looks at it, the looks at me, and lays back down and goes to sleep 😂

  90. Yourparenting Sucks

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  91. Vigilant Dr. Dolittle

    Right. But it isn’t important to give a lot of treats. You can do it with (let me think): None?

  92. TarTarus Zelus

    My advice use a harness put the leash between the front legs then off to the side it creates a little discomfort when the pull so when the start to simply stop walking untill you get them to sit then continue with them short leashed and to your side not in front of you they pull because they want to lead to the next destination you just need to assert and show the direction decisively. 👁

  93. The Dragon with the Girl Tattoo.

    My boxer pulls so hard he will drop from choking himself.

  94. Jordan Barnett

    I use a prong collar and an e collar for my Siberian husky and it has worked wonderfully. I’ve gone from her pulling me off my feet to her being at complete attention at my heel off leash haha.

  95. Ivana Smith

    hii my dog pulls on the leash what do I do

  96. Jon-andrew McGaw

    Staged . Celeste is angie with her clothes changed

  97. Suhani Rampuria

    Wait up ! Zaks comment has only 4 liked and look at others bro! I love you ! You trained my dog so well!

  98. Viktoria Brown

    Hello Zak. Love your videos. I have a question. My husband complaints that our dog Kira bighting at his feet during walking her. Well she does it playfully. He walks her out to pee and while they walk she tries to jump ahead and bight playfully at his feet like if she tries to trip him over. Its annoying. She tried to do it a few times with me but i cut it out right away. She listens to me a bit better. She is still not a good lish walker. She is already 2 years old. She pulls. I want to fix it. But how to also cut her bad behavior with bighting at my hubbies legs?

  99. Kristen Deason

    Ohy goodness, the way the dog was looking at the lady trainer… So sweet😍

  100. lanadel bae

    I wish he could come train my dog lol

  101. LooLoo Taylor

    this helps a lottt THANK YOU

  102. little tiger

    Very glad this dog isn’t a puppy. All the videos on YouTube are with puppies. I have a 4 year old dog and she can’t walk on a leash…

  103. Judith Jimenez

    I am SO of appreciative of all your knowledge that you share on your channel. Thank you for inspiring me on the continued training of my dog. I have been pulled down 7 times due to my dog’s excitement when she is on a leash. I am so grateful.

  104. Sheriberry641

    This doesn’t actually help you walking your dog.

  105. Seesawyngi

    Me: Look at m-
    my dog: Jumps , breaks my nose acts crazy

  106. Evrn Ç

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    My chow chow is to stubborn and pulls to much when I put him on a leash to go for a walk

  108. Nadia Kushnir

    My puppy is 15 weeks old (she’s a toy poodle) and when I try walk her, she walks right between my legs or right behind me, rather than by my side or in front of me. Any tips on how to train her out of it?

  109. ralixoxo

    Sunny was spectacular

  110. Tory9242

    I have a question of other thing, is it good or not to let the dog see himself in the mirror? And what happens, and what do they think? Please answer me I am so wondering about this

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    Wasting most of the time advertising for treats and toys!!!!

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    How come my Bernese Mountain dog isn’t friendly I mean is the same breed

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    Great video! –

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    cutest dog ever seriously. not to take away from all the other cutest dogs ever. i just got a pup and he looks like a german shepherd husky. can someone with more knowledge check him out on instagram @dorfenburg. he is light tan with a big white chest patch with black borders is probably around 45 pounds and not full grown with sky blue eyes and some big pointy ears. he looks so cool. i have to know what he is. will be much appreciated. i will follow your pets!

  119. Sue Edwards-Catt

    My dog won’t eat treats on our walks.

  120. Paul Smith

    This dog seems calm, or like it already had a grasp of walking on a leash. I just adopted an OEB, 1.5years old, and she was never introduced to a leash by the original owner. She freaks out when on a leash, and I’m afraid of creating a negative association. In fact she is kinda scared of her shadow. Lol. Any advice for dogs that have passed puppyhood and are just now being introduced to walking on a leash?

  121. Noor Pannu

    My dog runs very fast

  122. vertigohan

    Can you do the same w 2 dogs at the same time? My puppies are 3 months old. The male does ok. Walks beside you but the female pulls the leash to hard and sometimes the male follows her.


  123. Austin Koren

    Lol that golden retriever not even looking at the bernese so well trained

  124. Foxy Plays1

    I have a Bernese mountain dog too Her name is bear and she is 10 weeks old and she’s huge

  125. Ieva Cegelnikaite

    I ended up with my dog not eating his food for days, as he’s just waiting for all those delicious treats on training sessions… wether that’s walking on the leash, or staying, or coming to me, or sitting by the side… anything🤦‍♀️ and if i don’t have treats, obviously he’s not interested in following the commands 😀 any idea how to change that ? 🙄🙏

  126. Rule This Roost

    My puppy isn’t doing it her name is tinsel

  127. Magic Spells713

    I have a rottweiler and as soon as we step out the door he starts pulling but what works for me is if I start jogging a couple of minutes to get him a little tired. After that he’s walking right beside me doing great. Also I don’t use a collar I use a harness it’s much better, it gives you alot more control.

  128. Bill W

    Do you have a video on how to stop dogs from digging in the yard for bugs?

  129. Laura Wubeler

    I have a three month old puppy that we thought was going to be 44 pounds but just learn it’s a bernese husky mix so now were looking at a 100 pound mark! I’m trying to get the training In early so that he wants to make good choices when hes older and your video help alot thank you!

  130. Leeny Loves

    Wow that golden kept his eyes on his trainer the whole time, so well behaved

  131. Arunachali raper


  132. lovely babe

    My dog doesnt want to walk where i tell him too and thats the problem he doesnt pull me

  133. Veena Lohiya

    My dpg just sits in the middle of the road and doesn’t move… And also really resists walking and doesnt go too far from home….. He is 5 month Labrador

  134. Anonymous

    *Oh… I Thought He Said Bird Box*

    I’m not gonna bring memes into this😂

  135. Bobby Bro

    Hey, if you want to introduce a dog to a cat, what you want to do is share their scent, so you can help with this by putting your cat in your dogs bed and your dog in your cat bed, similar with toys. Once they know each other’s scent then hold the cat and let the cat and dog “talk” do this often and eventually they will just bond and be fine together.

    If this does not work and they are still fighting then you might want to let them talk through glass if you have access or a cat door, then let them talk through that, once the cat is ready then she or he may go through the cat door, once again do this often.

  136. Selena Juarez

    thats all fine and dandy Zak but I need a situation where the other dog (the golden) is with someone inexperienced and the dog is lunging forward while another is trying to learn. we can’t always have another trained dog to work with.

  137. Clif clivanz

    In my experienced cesar milans way better than this

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    More like bird box
    There is something wrong with me

  140. Boopiester

    My two dogs (one siberian husky, one american akita) pull towards every animal they see. Whether it’s a hare, a deer or whatever. I’ll try this.

  141. Nick K

    My bernese, Booker, is so stubborn, Biscuit looks like an angel compared to my dog haha. Hes only 5 months old so we’re working on it! He likes to bark at other people walking for some reason. He’s so friendly but seems scary when he barks

  142. QFGJ

    I need help guys, i try to walk my dog but he won’t make it out the gate. He sits and refuses to go any further than the gate. He is about 5-6 months old and is a German Shepard and retriever mix and is big for being so young xD

  143. Sprout The Rottweiler

    I tried same things on my rottweiler puppy and he is doing great in his day one. He is just 7 weeks old and have learned walking on the leash. Previously he was biting the leash. Thank you again.

  144. Equii Diana

    I just finished to walk with my dog, I really needed this video!
    I adopted my dog 2 weeks ago and he is almost 3 yo
    He is very playful and curious, so he pull a looot mostly when we pass by houses with dogs or just dogs walking
    I really hope this helps

  145. Sidney The Animal Lover!

    Thanks Zak. Will try this.

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    My dogs are very friendly and playful, that they jump on everyone and always launch forward to other dogs. It is hard to control them, and I feel embarrassed because people think I’m irresponsible, is there any advice?

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  161. Tanya Haskin

    Love this video, but I think it’s a little unrealistic. Biscuit isn’t hyper and pulling like a lot of dogs who need this training…

  162. Bebe Smith

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  163. Heather Elzinga

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  166. kariwattsup

    Let’s add that dogs, like horses, know when they are being handled by someone who knows how to handle them with loving authority. If they sense you don’t have the ability dogs and horses will work you like a boss

  167. Nicebedmayi Slytherin

    Gosh I love your videos!! I’ve been binge watching your videos in preparation for my puppy I’m getting a week before Christmas! Is it possible to make a video about tips for owning an Australian Shepherd? Either way, thank you!!

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  172. Helene Oldeide

    Great advice! I’ve usually trained walking in leash by completely stopping walking when the dog pulls (so they learn they have to walk back a little bit if they wanna get anywhere) and then use a shorter and shorter leash until they walk by my left foot. It has always worked, that is until I got my newest foster puppy who is terrified of cars (I have reason to believe she has been hit by one as she’s currently being diagnosed for a knee damage by vets and her tail is deformed). Because of this, she goes bananas on walks so my regular methods haven’t worked at all. All the other dogs have understood that we need to walk in the same pace while she is so distracted by her surroundings often combined with fear, also she’s barely able to focus on me on walks. I’ll try this method and hopefully Barbie will learn to ignore her surroundings a little better 😄

  173. Isuru Senevirathne

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    beacause my dog always jumps on me when i wake when i go to sleep when i come home when im eating when im relaxing

  177. Maverick Hargrave

    I’m learning to apply this, but with my huge dog. She’s twice as big as Biscuit. The biggest problem in this case is that people around are always terrified to see a huge dog pulling the leach like crazy in the street.

  178. Melanie Adams

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  182. Jaz Nikole

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    This is great! your methods are spot on! Can you do a bit more on training shiba inu breeds? from researching online it seems tey are one of thr most toughest to train. Perhaps with your method there might be some things that need more special attention than other breeds of dogs? im asking because i really want to adopt one. at the moment i have a golden/husky mix and a pure husky. Cheers

  186. Shanta Gupta

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  187. Rickyt

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  188. JeffPlayzz


  189. pissed off chameleon

    Use a prong collar. They are not inhumane and they are more safe than regular collars. They train dogs easily

  190. brittanyshephard92

    Are there any videos for dogs that plant their body and refuse to walk when they dont want to go that direction? Or on the walk home. He is a year and a half and has just started this.

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    2) she felt she was being trapped because I kept her on a tight leash to avoid her chasing cats, birds or anything that moved
    My dog has social anxiety, which means whenever she sees a dog, she’ll prick her ears in interest , but instead of pulling to get to them, she’ll walk beside me and then lie down and stop once they’re in full view. If the dog is smaller she might slowly creep forward and then carefully stand up to greet them, then it’s all ok! But if the dog comes over her shoulder height, that’s it. She will lie down and let the dog sniff her and then wait for it to leave and I have to bend down to stroke her and calm her before we can set off again. Having social anxiety also means she is really bad in crowds . I am a runner and she is the perfect dog for running but I often do races and a 5km on as Saturday that involve crowds of up to 100+ people and the first time I brought her along , she ran in every direction and screamed. I found that a loose leash helps them relax and not feel trapped, especially if you have an anxious dog which are prone to panic attacks or if they have social anxiety. A trick I also found is that harnesses are THE BEST THING EVER for a dog owner who has pup who pulls. They don’t put a strain on their throat because I would find a load of redness around my dogs neck when I walked her with a lead. Another GREAT thing is an extending lead. BRILLIANT for the beach, training or just your everyday walk. I walk my dog off-lead when we do our daily walk as it’s a quiet forest and not many people go there, maybe two or three people a day. However, in the weekend I like to walk her in the park, so she is on lead most of the time until I get to this huge bare area full of grass with no distractions. Extension leashes are great because it mean your dog has a little more freedom and you don’t have have to sprint beside them to keep up! Please remember I am not a specialist or have any qualifications to give training tips. This is just my opinion and advice that worked for me. Every dog is different and while probably no one is going to use or read this, different dogs use different techniques when training. Don’t forget to find your own tricks! I use downhill fetch, where I throw the ball from the top of a hill and my dog has to run downhill to retrieve it and it tires her our easier as she has to run up the hill too! Have a great day❤️

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