How to Teach Competition Focused Heel to Your Dog
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How to Teach Competition Focused Heel to Your Dog

The competition-style focused heel is very different than loose leash walking. Don’t make the mistake and confuse the two. You will only use competition-style focused heeling when you are competing or showing off to your friends.

This short lesson is part of the full 30-minute lesson on my site. This lesson will break down the basics of the focused heel for you. You can use this in IPO, IGP, Schutzhund as well as AKC Obedience. Like I said this is the basics of the lesson.

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22 Thoughts to “How to Teach Competition Focused Heel to Your Dog”

  1. Robert Cabral

    If you’ like to see the full version of this video as well as tons of other dog training lessons, check out my website:

  2. GallowsPole805

    Robert, Could you post a video of a work/play session where you are interacting and engaging with all 3 of your dogs at the same time? Maybe show a routine or two? Thank You.

  3. GharniLicious 124

    Awesome vid. Please can you show us how to teach your dog so specifically walk on your left side. My dog is heavy and it is hard to control her movement. She’s always banging into my legs and crisscrossing. Thank you 🙏

  4. Laura's Life Dog Training & Dog Vlogs

    Really enjoyed the full version on the Members Site. Thank you Robert and Janet : )

  5. marvona


  6. margit meesters

    My cocker does a really good heel, will look at me when doing the excersize. But there are times where there is something way more interesting in the grass and i cannot lift his head up and continue the heel excersize.

    Anyone tips? (Ps sorry for spelling and grammar mistakes)

  7. Jeena Bordoloi Deka

    Hey Robert, I love how you train dogs and it has helped me a lot to train my dogs. My dog is willing to listen to me when I say “sit” or “down” but does it very slowly. Also, she listens to me only when I have treats. I have tried to use toys instead of treats but she dosen’t seem to like the toys. Any ideas how to speed up her response to my commands and get her to like toys. Thanks in advance

  8. Kiranstar Star

    Super video next video waiting

  9. Teresa Love

    Great video

  10. Mark a

    Great video Robert. I wish the thumbs down showed what moron dink left it so we could flood there inbox with “enlightenment” lol

  11. LittleNinjai

    Love watching the full video in your Membership section. Been working on this since my boy was 5 months when I got him. He can be dog reactive and it’s been a process. Today we walked by a dog and he offered me a focused heel without me asking! Love all your training videos. Thank you!

  12. BJ Bumblebee

    Great demonstration. Sherman my gsd approves

  13. Helena

    Great video. I wonder how to you move on from this stage, though? How and when do you fade the hand with the lure?

  14. Jeannie patterson

    Beautiful instructions…

  15. Chris

    Could you do a video on commanding your dog to stand on your left, right and between your legs ?

  16. Jordan Williams Jr

    Thank you thank you thank you. Been walking around yelling heel looking like a fool

  17. Good Dog Training Services

    Treat pouch is way easier than pocket.

  18. Kamil Głuchowski

    Do some training with the small breed if you can

  19. Nowel Mwangi

    I prefer it when you do practical lessons with the dogs instead of the podcats which are still good though….

  20. abbylyn Croz

    Hello robert !!

  21. sooraj sutar

    Can u make a video of how to train dog to be guard dog

  22. Darryl Davis

    Wow I’m early

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